Dream Girl In The Window
Every once in a while you meet someone who has a mutually intense focus on sexual pleasure...

This one's for you, Beth...:)

She joggles my mind, her smile pales the sun,
Her body's got curves that change lanes on the run,
She can make any stallion lose his cool, sheer fun,
She giggles when she winks, what a masterful cum on...

So, I'm laying in bed doing my exercises, you know, those jelqing exercises that make you wrap your cock around your wrist and stretch it out four times its natural length.

(Actual results are based on how long you've been at it. I've been cranking on this unnatural phenomenon for over twenty years. Why? may ask! I lost a girlfriend for not measuring up to her idea of HUGE. Now it's fun dating "size queens" although the reverse side is not so bright. Most women I date don't enjoy HUGE unless they've had children. Now that's HUGE in it's ultimate definition).

My newly acquired next door neighbor is this out of sight gorgeous bombshell that loves peeking through the blinds checking to see if I'm checking her out. I am!!! She knows it and puts on a show that gaurantees my jerking off for her.

Actually, we started out innocently enough by simply waving good night. Then, blowing kisses took precedent. Then, the provocative hip movements to stir the imagination loomed to the forefront.

We learned how to leave a light on behind our silhouette so the back light accentuates our features. Tonight's my turn to hopefully turn her on so intensely she'll spread those long amazing legs and invite me into her realm of paradise. Talk about salivating profusely.

There she is flashing me that Meranda Kerr style profile that stimulates those juices to overflowing. I shoot back a profile from Saturday Night Fever while commencing to unbutton my jeans.

She slips off a nighty revealing lusciously massive breasts topping an hour glass figure pronounced by a descending tight bulging thong. A bulge my eyes associate with a dripping tongue. Her nipples have already become erect. (My imagination has them trickling the finest nectar down my throat as I massage their beautiful curves with delicate hands).

I trash my shirt then lower my jeans throwing one thigh forward to block her view of my own blossoming erection. She turns slowly into a three quarter frontal stance, hands on her hips with an almost freakish look in her eyes, I follow her lead. Then, I become fully aware of this hot throbbing pendelum dangling heavily between my legs, balls swaying haphazardly as I rock my hips fore and aft.

In an instant she's gone. All I see is a nighty lifting off the rocking chair and two legs disappearing in a running mode.

Before I have a chance to react I hear this knock on the back door. I go to grab my robe then realize I left the door wishful thinking needed, we share keys in case of emergency!!!

"No need for that robe hotshot. You've been hiding something from me that you know I've been longing for. You're either the biggest tease in town or a miserably tantalizing flirt. I've watched you jerk off under the covers and I'm sure you've been watching me do the same. Well, how 'bout we make a deal?"

"I'm all yours. However, you know what I've been craving just as much as what I assume you've been longing for, so who's teasing who?"

"Rod, why haven't we done this sooner?"

"Well, I thought that guy who brought you home two nights ago in that low slung Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, he's your boyfriend isn't he? Anyway, that kiss sure wasn't a 'see ya later' kiss."

"He likes kissing me but he's quite traditional. Very little tongue and shallow open mouth kisses. I need more than that. Besides, he loves his race cars more than sex. Me, I can do completely without the cars but I crave sex more than life itself. Know what I mean?"

"You bet I do. Hey Beth, let's drop all the pretenses and go straight for the heart of the matter. We've been fondly flirting with each other and I've enjoyed every minute. Yes, I get so turned on by our teasing ways that I take pleasure in jerking off just to maintain any semblance of sanity. I even have dramatic wet dreams about us. If you feel the same way I do and love sex more than life itself, then let's take it to the limit. What'a ya say?"

"I can't say it any better except with me there's no limit. Come here hot stuff, introduce me to that weapon of mass destruction you've kept purposely hidden."

Her voice is so comically thick, gruff and assertive, chills capture my imagination. Under her nighty stands a body that's capable of destroying any weapon from massive to mega massive destruction with plenty of collateral damage.

As I remove her nighty she lowers my jeans with one hand while the other cradles a loaded weapon holding the stock with undulating fingers and stretching its smoking barrel along her fore arm. As I kick away my jeans her other hand lifts the smoldering front sight aiming directly for her well endowed cleavage.

My hands instinctively go for her counterpart to weapons of mass annihilation. Only these luscious orbs don't qualify as weapons. They're the epitome of beauty created to annihilate a man's will power to hold back from any wanton sensuous desire.

We've both lost any semblance of control over being anything close to subtle. As if our wildest dreams have materialized right before our eyes and laying stretched out in our unexpecting hands, a shock wave of adrenaline ignites mutual passion that turns into boundless improvisational sex unchained.

She places my cock between her tits, I press inward as they fold over my shaft, pre cum oozing out to lubricate a most sensuous welcoming introduction to an evening of unanticipated pleasure.

"Rod, I want you so bad. Take me any way you want me. I'm yours without any reservations or hesitation." The way she pets the head of my cock as it emerges between her tits is orgasmically stimulating.

Pre cum continually oozes out as she massages my shaft while inserting her tongue into the slit of my crown while stroking the head and pulling back the foreskin. I bend into her enormous breasts slightly lifting them to suck those huge nipples one by one. Her eyes roll back, eyelids close, her head rocking back and forth, her thighs begin a slow scissors kick and my instant thought is how wet she must be.

Her head tilts forward, our eyes meet with smiles that know exactly the next move. I've never known anyone who's thrown subtlety to the wind so graciously or so rapidly.

After slipping her thong downward she steps out spreading her legs as if inviting my hand to have a field day with her most prize possession. As I cup my hand around her extended pussy lips I wriggle two fingers up into the softest moistened entrance imaginable. She lowers her hips signaling me to keep stimulating her with an enticing massage.

My index finger and thumb begin splaying her lips downward and sideways. The rush of excitement causes her back to arch while her entire body stiffens as I switch to continuing the same technique only this time one lip is between my index finger and thumb while the other is beween my ring and little fingers.

My extended middle finger finds it's own pleasure dipping deeply into her tightening jaws of mass encouragement then sliding forward stimulating a swollen engorged clit that quivers while her hips oscillate and shimmy.

She wraps both hands around my shaft pulling me backward toward the edge of the bed. "Open my pussy with all your fingers then let me do the rest."

She positions the crown of my cum soaked cock between her flowering wet pussy lips, lifts up so I feel the intensity of a hardened erect clitoris stimulating the hood of my crown then dipping and circling its way deep into the crevasse between the crown and head. Her masterful maneuvering of the entire head of my cock has me at the brink of prematurely shooting a load of cum into the gaping entrance of her hip sucking, undulating pussy. She takes a wide step sideways as I slowly remove my wavering fingers.

Her chest arches forward with a wondrous shimmy that instantly triggers an uncontrollable response. My hands attempt to cup her massive tits that spill over my palms and fingers. Spreading my fingers wide I balance their jostling weight and begin oscillating them in random directions making sure I angle her nipples so they can dance off each other while my mouth finally delivers a sucking action that even a farm style milking machine can't keep up with.

I can never choose between the sheer joy of sucking massive nipples verses sucking enormous clits. So I settle on eating pussy 'til my mouth is saturated with cum then switch to sucking nipples with added lubrication. The way they swell and elongate drives me wild.

A woman who loves being sucked and eaten immensely can have the most outrageous orgasms after lengthy satisfying foreplay. Beth is without a doubt the most succulent woman I've ever had the pleasure of being with. She constantly has mini orgasms between those shock wave explosions.

Without hesitation she pulls my cock deep into her pussy as if preparing a fire hose for immediate action. Her hips jolt upward taking me deeper and deeper. Her saturated pussy graciously welcomes my throbbing cock.

After protruding through a series of dips and bulges along her internal vaginal walls my nectar coated cock enters the tightness of her uncommonly elongated cervix. We both stare feverishly into each others eyes. If sensation was beauty then we're just about to experience the most beautiful orgasm of the century. Our simultaneous volcanic eruption instantaneously takes our breath away, sweat beading up over our bodies...

"Fuck me Rod, as deep and hard as you can." Her hands reach for my hips that become hand holds for forcing me to plunge into her with a viscious attack. I hesitate forcing myself all the way in because her entire pussy tightens reflexively as if saying, "Not yet."

Her head jerks every which way as her moans, sighs and screams embellish our excitement. I try to be a little more reserved as cum blasts out of my cock spashing the inner walls of her pussy like throwing buckets of paint against a brick wall.

"Don't hold back Rod, give me what I want, what I need, what I've got to have."

Her wishes become my command performance as I start fucking her so hard and deep I swear something's gonna break. Sweat starts dripping from my forehead onto her luscious tits. It seems to excite her even more causing her hips to bolt upward with every thrust being plunged into the depths of her desirous love nest.

We settle into a steady deep penetrating rhythm that taxes our endurance to the max. Breathing like uphill marathon runners gasping for air our multiple orgasmic tidal wave continues with a sensation that grips our imagination so fully neither one of us wants to let up.

Beth rolls to one side as we switch into a more forceful position. As if knowing each others moves we spontaneously achieve the exact position we both crave. Somewhat like a scissors kick style angling position with our thighs opposite each other, the angle of thrust becomes overwhelming.

She reaches for a pillow to prop under her lower back then suddenly switches by rotating her hips around allowing me a rear entry position.

She hoists her body up on one shoulder, spreads her knees and twists her slender muscular waist into a cork screw contorted stretched out stance. Her hips become my hand holds that guide her rearward thrusts as I match them with equal forward force. She has perfect advantage for grabbing the shaft of my cock and working the foreskin back and forth just as the widest section of the shaft forceably pulls her lips and clit inside her pussy stretching and squashing them against my shaft the deeper I plunge.

Our intensity quiets momentarily as I watch her tits sway like magnum waves of surf heading for shore. I switch my hand hold to a gentle cupping around these swaying rolling pipeline like giants. My cock regains strength and hardens further as her nipples slide between my fingers.

The corner portion of the bed lends itself for just the right place for what we both realize is a must do.

"Rod, you know what I want you to do. I'm not fragile so pull out all the stops and go for it. I know you want to. I'm ready to cum again so don't hold anything back and give me what I've got to have."

It's always been hard for me to force myself on any woman. I'd rather not cum at all and simply enjoy the beauty of a woman experiencing a full blown orgasmic explosion rather than be too forcefull causing her to come up short of the goal. I've never fucked someone so hard and deep before so it's an unanticipated thrill to be able to throw caution to the wind.

"I love that pace Rod. Now, with every thrust fuck me deeper no matter how tight we get."

My cock feels so swollen the sensation is like an automatically pumped up engorgement to twice my regular size. I know her pussy is becomming more relaxed as we glide through deeper and deeper penetrations. She's taking me deeper than I've ever been with anyone.

As the crown and head of my cock finally protrudes deep into the upper wall of her uterine cavity I realize how massive her pussy is and that's enough to get me off again. Is she ever gonna get what she's been asking for? Here goes!!! Cum spurts out with a thrust that smashes into the deepest upper portion of her pussy. At the same time her hips bolt forward catching me by surprize as the entire length of my cock stiffens enormously into the deep vaginal walls of heaven's most precious creation.

Her orgasm is more forceful than before as she stops breathing, her face and neck turning red with sweat trickling down onto the bed spread. Finally she catches her breath, the dizzying affect has us both in a quandry...

"Yes Rod, don't stop fuckig me. Give me everything you've got, as deep as you can go...that's it, do it big guy, fuck that pussy like you mean it." Her encouragement sends me to the top of my game. Her hands grab hold of my shoulders and pull forward as I continue plunging to the depths of our elated ecstasy. Our pubic hairs entangle adding a pulling sensation that heightens every depth charge penetrating thrust.

As we finally slow down with moderation we both become aware of the volume of cum that pours out of Beth's quivering convulsive pussy. Her thighs playfully tighten then do a scissors like kick adding a sensation that keeps me semihard and keeps her wet. The bed spread is saturated. Our thighs are covered with old and new cum mixed with sweat that feels enticingly warm and comfortably sticky.

With continuous orgasms rippling through our bodies it becomes an enormous satisfaction to again bury my cock to the hilt forcing our pelvic bones to kiss and release. Our groans and moans speek for themself as we press on forcefully rotating our hips in opposite directions causing a rushing sensation of wanting to continue but then realizing we've both met our match.

We slide upward toward the bed post still deeply attached. Using our elbows as levers I thrust into her at the same time she slides upward. My balls are so loose they dance off her tight belly then roll back along the bed spread preparing to be cocked and locked for another blast. We both take a moment to thrill at the sensation of becoming battering rams.

"Let's do that again Rod." Like a couple of kids on a playground slide for life we glide back down reversing our thrusts then repeat our newly found pile driving technique several times.

I roll over pulling Beth partially on top of me maintaining that scissors trusting position where I can remain deep inside her pussy. Her thighs tighten, her swollen breasts become part of my chest allowing my hands to passionately fondle their bulbous extremeties as we commence to doze off into a dreamworld made for two mutual sex maniacs.

"Hey Rod, before we completely crash I've got one more request. I wanna suck our juices off your cock and share the rewards with our tongues."

Using her knees for leaverage her hips rise up as she dips her head toward my withdrawing saturated cock. Her nipples drag down my belly as my hands reach up for a feel of pure joy.

Her hand guides my cock to her eagerly awaiting mouth then strokes upward pulling waves of cum into her mouth and down her throat. The joy in her moans creates a vibratory sensation on the head and crown of my cock. I instantly realize how sensatively swollen my cock has become. The pulsating pleasure/pain phenomenon is enhanced by her tongue swirling around my crown as she tightens her grip to get those precious last gulps of thick juicy cum.

As she pulls me back into her pussy her descending body slowly forces me so deep it squahes the head of my cock into a bulbous mass filling the entire anterior cavity beyond her cervix. The feeling is overwhelming as I begin to go semilimp. Just before our mouths embrace she half whispers...

"Now that's how deep I want you every time."

My last thought as we suck the juices from each others tongues...Thank all the sex goddesses for size queens...and this one's the queen of them all...

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