Dream That Dream-Live That Reality
Dedicated to my Precious Princess of Love...

Lying in bed half asleep, half awake...

Subtly, he feels her body slide across the circular king size bed...

Where there was warmth nuzzled across his body's flushed skin it now becomes a lonesome feeling of despair...

Sweat turning into a semi pleasurable warming chill...

That kind of haunting chill that feels warm then cold all at the same time...

His body feels exuberantly flushed and so erotically, overwhelmingly satisfied.

His semi conscious mind wanders...what's this puddle of cum spilling into and over his belly button then down the crevasse of his groin...

That was no dream!!!...

The realization that she had come home in the middle of the night, climbed into bed as if climbing into his semi unconscious thoughts just as if he was having a near wet dream, suddenly aroused his waking state of mind...

"Told you I would surprise you one of these nights."

Her silhouette outlines the open doorway...

"You sure have! I've been dreaming of you every night."

"I know...Dream no more, I'm here to stay."

"You are surely my for-sure, forever, dream come true."

His immensely swollen near lifeless cum soaked cock slowly rolls with a twist, then cascades down between his left thigh crashing into his overly swollen testicles, bending over his testicular engorgement, the hooded crown slightly peeking out from the foreskin, seemingly wondering...what's next...

The amazing feel of swollen balls in a loose hanging scrotal sack is enough to arouse a stimulating erection time after time.

The only reason for his balls to have become so swollen to such an enormous size is because of the way they love to fuck endlessly...but I was asleep, wasn't I???

A warm environment helps to loosen body parts allowing them full hanging, swaying, slapping vigor against other body parts.

She loves the way his balls stretch out slapping her cheeks first then her rose bud. He rotates slightly after each slap so they hit each cheek in an alternating fashion. The feel of his cum soaked balls attacking her moist sphincter is overwhelming, sending waves of exciting arousal through his and her body.

First one cheek, then the other, then his balls slap against her rose bud sending quivering excitement through her body. He loves the pinching feel of the tightening of her sphincter muscles along with the moaning arousal of her twisting body movements.

His scrotal sack stretches out so long that his balls are I striking distance of her pussy lips and clit while the lengthened sack tucks slippery into her anal sphincter.

Her silhouette becomes flesh and bones suddenly appearing then spreading her thighs across his left thigh...

He knows all to well that this long awaited separation is headed for prolonged sexual excitement that takes them to a realm of satisfaction few people even know exists.

Hurray for separations even if they're a mixed bag of frustration-elation.

The swollen pleasurable aching pulsation traveling down the length of his shaft is a sure fire realization that this is not a dream, it can't be, he feels the gentle light weight of her petite body rocking and sliding up toward his hip...

He feels the warm cum ooze out from her pussy as she begins riding his slickened protrusion resting along his thigh...

He emerges from a semi unconscious state of awareness to realizing she's really back.

Her sweet precious flowing juices allow her flowery pussy lips and clit to glide steadily to and fro with an unprecedented squishy, juicy feel that stimulates erotic thoughts while invigorating a massive engorged erection.

He remembers once having a swinging partner who's labia resemble elephant ears with an erect clitoris extending close to six inches. How she loved be sucked into orgasmic submission then fucked to a state of orgasmic oblivion where her body became limp. "She then had me fuck her until she stopped moaning which meant her pussy had become numb and she could no longer feel any stimulating sensations. I've never never been so turned on since...until now."

His flaccid cock begins twisting and turning with renewed life as he returns to full consciousness...

His love for oral sex is unmatched except for what happens after hours of sucking her pussy lips and extended engorged clit. Her multiple orgasms provide him with the liquid sustenance he craves.

She knows his sexual craving desire for multiple climaxes hasn't even begun to surface...

After all she's his equal when it comes to prolonged sexual satisfaction...

How they love oral sex after that initial burst of orgasmic bliss...

They sometimes use flavored creams to enhance their sustaining power for further multiple orgasms...

Tonight's a night of long awaited lust on the prowl...

The sweetness of her cum drives him insane with deep tongue driving conviction...

Dreams can never reach this level of intensity...

She takes his semi flaccid cock in her mouth swallowing the crown and head down her throat then uses her glottal muscles to massage his foreskin back and forth while her tongue licks the area behind his hooded crown, all the while stroking the enormity of his shaft the entire length with both hands...

Her hips erupt with jolting thrusts as his tongue drives deep into her cervix...

(Just in case you're wondering about bigger better??? girlfriend from the swinging club craved huge cocks and tongues. She started my research on what exercises really work to enhance both. As I increased in size she became more orgasmic...and so did I).

By tightening the muscles of his tongue then creating a trough like groove he begins scooping the liquid nectar from the walls of her convulsing cervix...

The bulge created from bending his tongue upward stimulates her expanding clitoris as her flowery labia caress his cheeks...

She loves the build up of excitement they both strive to attain. As his cock swells with anticipation of another ejaculation her throat feels the tightening strain of its expanding head down to the base of his shaft.

The way it pulsates adds intensity to knowing she's the one that brings ultimate satisfaction to his every hip shaking, hip thrusting, hip rotating orgasmic release...

Their control of each orgasm becomes overwhelming at times...

But these are the times when he holds back so strongly that his release is finally a constant steady flow of pressurized cum that shoots down her throat like a broken fire hose...

She relaxes her entire throat and glottal muscles to accept the onrush of fluid...

Her head bobs up and down like an out of control pile driver taking more of his cock with each lengthy purt of cum.

The taste of his cum excites her to the point of releasing her own orgasmic flow of nectar that practically floods his mouth and throat to overflowing proportions...

They've developed this peculiar style of preparation where they drink natural sweet fruit juices combined with eating the blended pulp of mangos, bananas, tangerines, peaches, apricots, pears and apples...

The overwhelming sweetness derived from this nutritional addition to their secretions is a long sought after custom from ancient times long since forgotten...

He tells her stories of the exploits from places like Pompeii and Herculaneum, producing pictures of sexuality that have recently been discovered.

She tells him of the history of sexuality from India, China and the Orient producing pictures of sculptures that depict sexual positions never before exposed to the public eye.

By delving into the historical uses of sexual education, pioneered by India, Egypt, China, Japan and Sumerian civilizations, they keep alive the practices of prolonged sexual satisfaction.

Their exploits reach a level of fathomless craving desire inextinguishable except through total pleasurable exhausted collapse...

This is what they love about being separated, at times for days extended into weeks...

Coming together after such separation sparks a fire whose flames reach the depths of lustful passions that create an insatiable longing for sensual pleasures unchained...

The stimulation of oral sex arouses a passion whose fiery flames sizzle their senses to an unprecedented level of wild untamable orgasmic satisfaction.

She loves straddling his groin after placing a pillow under his hips so his massive erection reaches up between her tits.

The flow of her nectar excites every nerve in his body as it trickles down his ambrosia soaked scrotum. As she wriggles her hips her flowery pussy lips dance off his balls.

She presses her tits around his shaft feeling his oozing pre cum flow over the crown of his cock lubricating the sliding sensation she loves to feel.

Then she angles the tip of his crown so it presses her nipples inward as if fucking her tits.

Her breasts are supple accepting the thrusting action she provides while her nipples become hard with excitement that becomes a launching pad for their next orgasmic state of bliss.

As she rocks her breasts with thrusting deepening penetration, her nipple finds it's way into his gaping meatus.

Her hips continue to roll and sway around the base of his shaft. As cum flows from his crown she covers the hooded appendage and sucks the liquid while dipping the tip of her tongue into his gaping slit.

She trades places with her tongue and nipple as his body squirms with orgasmic delight.

His excitement causes his hips to jolt upward. In one steady motion she wraps her hands around his shaft, lifts her hips and slides his cock between her pussy lips directly into her vulva.

Lowering her body becomes a work of artistic pleasure. She rotates her hips as the head of his cock slides deeper and deeper into her cervix.

She stops,lifts her hips up before continuing her downward motion so her flowing juices coat his shaft making it easier to take the enormity of his thick bulging head into her uterus.

He loves it when she prepares their way for an amazing all out deep penetrating colossus of fucking madness.

They roll over switching positions so her hips are resting on the pillow allowing her pussy to open wide as her legs lift up around his shoulders.

He plunges his cock straight through her cervix into her uterus knowing that as she relaxes she can take more and more of his shafts enormous length and thickness.

He takes tremendous care to go slowly until she signals him to increase intensity. She places her hands on his breasts pressing her thumbs into his nipples after coating them with their combined cum.

As she speeds up rotating his nipples and pressing deeper he increases the force of each thrust.

He knows she doesn't care much for the speed of each driving penetration but what she craves is the way he rotates his hips with every thrust driving deeper and deeper until the head of his cock presses so strong against her uterine walls her belly bulges outward just under her rib cage.

Every thrusting penetration pulls her pussy lips and clit inward. They disappear into a folding twisting sensation as the foreskin of his cock recedes allowing her clit and labia to hug the head of his cock as he thrusts deep.

Several times he enjoys having the bulging head of his cock twist and rotate only two to three inches at the entrance of her pussy.

She goes wild as the sensation of feeling her pussy lips and clit plunge then retract multiple times in sequence sending her into an orgasmic rushing quandry.

He goes wild feeling her body erupt into orgasmic bliss. Just what he craves in order to reach that point of penetration where he drives the entire length of his cock from tip to base setting up a rhythm that becomes a continuous barrage of steady long stroke, pelvic bone pounding, pussy tightening insanity.

Her body becomes a wondrous display of uncontrollable flailing convulsions while he reaches a state of ultimate devastating pounding penetration that takes them both into an orgasmic roller coaster ride that knows no limit.

They both crave that most awesome feeling of total elation acquired from going the distance.

Their bodies become so supple as she lays sprawled out over his chest. His cock deeply inserted to the hilt. Her pussy so full of extreme pleasurable excitement she can't stop rotating her hips softly, slowly, just to feel his massive engorged presence stretching her tighter and tighter.

Their orgasms reach a point where the sensation of cumming continuously, never seems to subside.

This is where they take advantage of what's become their most treasured desire.

She rotates around allowing his cock to withdraw then flopping across his belly. They position their bodies to inhale all the precious nectar oozing out in a continuous flow.

She sucks his semi flaccid cock down her throat, then stops to feel the cum slide smoothly down through her entire body.

He drives his tongue deep into her cervix, cups it's length so as to create a trough where her liquid ambrosia flows down his throat in a steady stream.

Their gulping action is accented with hard glottal swallowing which excites and stimulates their quest for ecstatic pleasure to no end.

The ultimate pleasure derived from oral sex is knowing that the stimulation rejuvenates all senses to a peak of pulsating anticipation.

Continuous oral arousal leads to the thrill of deep penetration. After several orgasmic releases the body becomes a perpetually sensual organism seeking more intensity. there's no better way to experience that intensity than to push the envelope.

My partner and I have practically the same craving desire for ultimate sexual pleasure. When we reach that state of arousal where it feels as if we can fuck our way to forever, the sensation is nearly indescribable.

Every nerve cell seems to be in a heightened state of stimulation. Our hips roll slowly, smoothly, taking time to enjoy the affects of prolonged sexual activity.

My cock gets so swollen, her pussy spreads out so wide, we relax into a state of inch by inch thrusting where our hips match every move.

It's a spontaneous endeavor where only our thoughts of extreme pleasure guides every deep penetration with slow steady withdrawal matching every penetrating thrust.

During every thrust it's a guaranteed thrill to penetrate two or three inches then withdraw one or two. Driving deeper in this manner assures a sexual build up that is unbelievable ecstasy seeking further stimulation until every thrust and withdrawal becomes an orgasmic experience.

We have to stop periodically just to enjoy the thrill of feeling as if we've reached a point of orgasmic bliss that becomes a constant level of unwaning satisfaction.

At this point I thrust as deep into her uterus as possible. So deep her belly protrusion reaches nearly four inches in length with a bulging thickness that allows her hands to reach up and stroke the head of cock through her skin.

Only our hips rotate randomly boosting the sensation of orgasmic ecstasy to a level of stimulation that becomes breath taking. By moving our bodies ever so slightly in any direction produces a constant steady orgasmic rush.

Because we've taken extreme lengths of time to develop this level of sexual arousal it's become the most thrilling aspect of sensual satisfaction we've ever experienced.

Our bodies literally reach a point of not being able to produce natural fluids so, at times, we do use tasty gels and creams to sooth the pleasurable ache that accompanies prolonged sex.

It's a pleasurable ache that has an enriching quality of stimulation. This allows sustaining power for prolonged sexual encounters.

CAUTION!!!: You have to allow yourselves the developmental time it takes to reach this level of intensity. Everyone is different when it comes to how much is too much.

For us, there can never be too much. It's just in our nature. We're fortunate enough to have met each other and sharing the aspects of our personal desires we've realized our state of compatibility.

We may be considered sex maniacs but that's only the beginning of our enjoyment.

We always end our marathon sex encounters with oral stimulation which prepares us for future endeavors or sustained encounters.

My long awaited desire for meeting a sexual companion with the same craving lustful passions is over. I love every aspect of sexual, sensual pleasure. However, I've always had an affinity for reaching a point of fucking a woman's pussy to a degree of infinite exhaustion.

My partner not only allows me that pleasure, she's actually far superior in her craving desire for always wanting more.

At night we fuck our way to extreme exhaustion. In the morning we wake with anticipation for starting the day with oral sex then fucking our way to a level of satisfaction that lasts all day and sets the stage for yet another colossal evening of sexual satisfaction.

Sex is the miracle that stimulates growth and development wherever and whenever you desire to be set free...creations gift of satisfaction, eternally and infinitely blissful...

Here's wishing you the very same enjoyment. May you reach that state of bliss that makes your body crave more every minute of every day...

That's our definition of "The Fountain of Youth"...
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