Dream job
I had her holding on to the bed giving her a second helping of cock, we were doing it doggy style, I held her bum, her bum felt so good I wanted to fuck that too. My thumb played with her arse I was arguing with myself daring myself to fuck her bum - who was I?

Im Scoot this is the story of how my life changed,
I worked as a pizza delivery guy and your probably thinking yer you know where this story is going, he delivers pizza to beautiful half naked lady, well no that sort of thing never happened to me, half naked guys that happened alot lol.
One of my best mates was an male escort and one night called upon me for a favour, he needed someone to take his place as an escort for a night, he had asked a few people and I was his last hope, the money was good although I would of done it for free. I agreed to meet the client for what was briefed as 'to provide company in attendence at a party.'

The clients name was Mary Anne, she was blonde, early 50s slim build. The meet did not start well with her first comments on me were 'you the escort? Your bleeping kidding me! This did not help my confidence.

The party was cool, a school reunion, I said as little as posible and played my part to Mary Anne's satisfaction. I drove a very drunk Mary Anne home and she insisted I help her inside.

Once inside Mary Anne told me she wanted her monies worth, she told me I should give her a massage so I followed her to the bedroom. Her dress fell to the floor, her underwear was amazing, she lay on the bed as she passed me a bottle of sweet smelling oil. I gave the best massage but it was cut short as Mary Anne rolled over, held my face and kissed me, then she lost all control - my shirt was ripped open buttons flying off, I was pinned down she biting her way down my chest. She pulled off my trousers and stared at my cock, I was scared really scared.

My cock was in her mouth and as she sucked it lifting my body off the bed, I had to pull her off - I wanted to fuck her not expode in her mouth. I stripped off her sexy underwear her panties were wet and I did not plan to give them back. Her body was so good I felt so lucky, I pushed my cock in and gave her the pleasure she deserved bouncing on top of her bringing the bed to the edge of breaking point. I touched her pussy feeling my cock pound her, I held and squeezed her bum, I felt like I was in a sweet shop as I leaned forward to kiss a nipple and bury my face in her boobs.

I had Mary Anne screaming as I finally released myself inside her, I thought it was all over - Mary Anne looked at me and told me that I was suppose to of cum in her mouth - now she wanted me to suck it out and put it in her mouth, I stretched my tongue and scooped into her creamy pussy and sucked hard, as I tried to come up my head was pushed back down, Mary Anne gave me instuctions as I kissed, sucked and nuzzled her pussy, she grinded hey pussy onto my face, this night was never ending, and the scooping that just made me hard again, I made her feel so good that her juices were flowing into my mouth. and Mary Anne just wanted more and more, I came up and she licked my face and we kissed then she got up in position for doggy style, I was ready and my cock slid back where it belong..

Mary Anne had to hold on to the bed as I pushed myself to my limits, I think I did pretty good that night and the next day I recieved another booking. Being an escort sure beat delivering pizzas.
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