Our lovely days spent together would start with our shower , when we would wash and dry each other, we would then have a lovely breakfast before we would have to go our separate ways during the day.

Today is a lovely spring day, so much blossom on the trees and warm too.

This evening we decided to have another shower, just to freshen up. I watched you shave yourself, I wanted to help, but the excitement almost made my hands shake. But it was so good to watch you do it.

When we had dried each other, I led you to our bed where we lay, gently cuddling, Mmmmm.

Your body looked so soft and smooth. I lay with my head resting on your tummy, your eyes were closed, you seemed so perfectly relaxed.

I started to kiss your tummy.

Some little butterfly kisses, some longer, loving kisses. Sometimes I would lick your soft skin. I even wondered who was getting the most pleasure from this, me or you. I know that I love to give you pleasure in our most intimate ways.

Oh, how I love you.

But now you couldn't lay still, your body moving gently, your hips lifting, begging me.

I didn't intend to tease you, I just wanted to stay like that for as long as I could. Loving my beautiful girl.

But we were both getting excited now. I felt your hands on my head, pressing me towards where you most wanted me to be.

I had lost all sense of time, I was enjoying this so much, just being close and touching you.

But now my kisses drifted lower, as they surly must. Your skin still scented from the shower, but so soft and inviting.

I think it was your excitement, but your mound seemed to be more prominent. As I kissed it, I could hear you moaning softly, how I loved to hear that.

The scent from your arousal was delicious, my kisses becoming more intense, my tongue making little darting movements exciting you even more.
My eyes were closed, would it somehow break the spell if I opened them, I couldn't risk it.

Now I felt your body was responding to me, raising your hips. The soft delicate folds of skin opening like a flower to me. My tongue playing with your clit, feeling your body, now writhing on our bed, but my mouth or lips never leaving you.

Now as my tongue delved deeper, to your entrance, I tasted the sweetness of you. You were so wet, so ready.

I gently probed you with my tongue. hearing your cries, knowing that I had taken you to the very edge of your orgasm, knowing that those waves of pleasure would be washing over you. Knowing that I could bring you the most wonderful climax.

Then as I once more entered you with my tongue, I triggered your climax. You grabbed my hair urging me to press harder, deeper within you.

I marvelled at you as you tossed and turned, crying out, your body shaking and trembling.

Slowly it subsided, I moved so you could lay in my arms, holding your still shaking body.

Still tasting your sweetness on my lips, we were both happy now, my darling.
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