Dreams Come True

This story begins at our house one Friday evening on a dinner date with me, my beautiful wife Caz and her drop dead gorgeous work colleague Lisa, where after an amazing dinner and more than a few drinks, Caz suggests we play a truth or dare game. Both Lisa and Caz opt for the dares, Caz says admits that 12 years ago we tried anal sex without much success on her spin. Lisa smiles, leans over and whispers something in Caz's ear, which causes Caz to smile and blush bright red. Before I can ask, Lisa admits that she has dabbled in sex with her female roommate at university. Caz gasps and as I try to get Lisa to explain more, Caz says it's my turn. I also choose dare, slowly looking up at both of them and say I would love to watch the pair of them in bed together.

An uneasy silence falls in the room, then Lisa says she has to get home. After she leaves, Caz turns and says I was a total idiot before storming off to bed. I settle down on the sofa for a long lonely night on my own.

Next morning I am up early for a breakfast meeting at work. I call Caz mid morning to apologise and her reply is. "If you are sorry buy me some expensive wine on your way home." I agree to this and get on with the rest of my day. I finally finish at 7pm and call Caz as I walk to my car, but my call goes to her voicemail. I think that she may have gone to see how Lisa was. knowing they often lose track of time when they get together. So I decide to buy some beer as well as the wine and enjoy watching a good film. Arriving home I see the house is in darkness. I come into the kitchen to find a note from Caz which says she will be spending the night in town with the girls. I have a quiet night and got to bed just before midnight.

On Sunday morning I am walking down the stairs just as Caz is opening the front door, looking slightly dishevelled. " Good night darling?" I ask her. She looks a little bit guilty and she mumbles yes. I make breakfast as she has a shower. When she comes down I show her the wine and this brings a smile to her face. "We'll save it for a special occasion".

The rest of the day goes quietly, I tell her I will apologise to Lisa the next time I see her, but tell Caz it might be the following weekend as I have a nightmare week at work in store and might be late home all week. The week goes very slowly for me, but on the Wednesday my boss calls me into his office and surprises me by saying he is very impressed with my hard work and is giving me a fortnights holiday in the company's villa in The Bahamas as a reward, whenever I want. I thank him and as I get up to leave he tells me that things are going so well that I can leave at my usual time on Friday.

I get home and tell Caz my news. She squeals with delight and when I tell her she can invite a friend she immediately says "Lisa!! That will serve as your apology to her too." As she leaves to phone Lisa, I tell her I will be home early on Friday. She waves her acknowledgement as she leaves the room.

Friday arrives and I ask Caz what her plans are for the day as she has a day off work. She says she will be meeting a friend to go on a shopping spree, kissing me as she goes out the door. My day is uneventful so I decide to finish early. Calling Caz, it goes straight to voicemail again, so I plan another quiet night in. On arrival I park the car and walk into the kitchen. As I go to the fridge, I think I hear a noise from upstairs. As I quietly walk upstairs I think I can hear moaning coming from our bedroom. I see candlelight flickering from under the door as I approach. Opening the door I am surprised at what I am seeing. On our bed I see Lisa and Caz naked and in the throes of sexual ecstasy, Lisa lying on her back, pinching her erect nipples, writhing in orgasm as Caz has her head buried between Lisa's thighs. As I push the door open, they both turn and look at me. "You're home early darling," my wife says in a breathless voice. She slides up beside Lisa and I can see Lisa's juices glistening on her lips.

"Now, you remember what you said last Friday? Also you must have wondered what Lisa whispered to me, am I right?" Caz asks. I just nod, still in shock. They cuddle each other and giggle. Lisa says " What I whispered to Caz was ` I wondered what you would say if you knew Caz was my roommate at university. When you said what you wanted, I was sure you had heard me, that's why I had to go home.`" Caz smiles and says, " I gasped to play along with Lisa and make sure you didn't get too curious my love." She then gets up from the bed and motions toward a chair sitting 2 feet from the bed, "Why don't you go have a shower my darling and come sit here when you finish."

When I return, I find 2 naked beauties standing on either side of the chair, smiling. "Please remove your bathrobe," says Lisa, "you won't be needing it" As I sit, Caz reaches behind the chair and produces a bag. "This is some of the things I bought today my love." She lifts 2 lots of purple silky rope, handing one to Lisa. They proceed to use the silky rope to tie my arms and legs to the chair. When they are satisfied I cannot get free, Lisa asks you, "May I?" You smile and seductively say yes. Lisa reaches into the bag and produces a length of chain with leather straps at either end. Caz attaches the larger strap around my neck while Lisa kneels between my between my legs and again asks Caz, "May I?" I see the glint in my wife's eyes as she huskily says yes. Lisa proceeds to take my semi erect cock in her mouth and gives me a slow, lingering blow job. She stops suddenly and attaches the smaller strap around my rampant cock. Caz says, I want you to keep upright and your cock standing to attention until we are ready."

They proceed to climb back on the bed, with me sitting a couple of feet away from them, helpless. Lying side by side, my wife leans in and passionately kisses Lisa, who moans with delight, as Caz's tongue explores her mouth. Lisa reaches and takes one of Caz's erect nipples between her finger and thumb and gently pulls it, causing Caz to gasp. Caz returns the favour and Lisa reacts exactly the same way. Caz moves and gets Lisa to lie on her back. She then dips her head to Lisa's full breasts and starts to nibble erect nipples. Lisa looks over at me and asks if I'm enjoying the show? All I can do is nod and grin. Caz looks up and says "Don't you dare come yet, we haven't begun to start on you yet!"

Lisa and Caz swap places and Lisa proceeds to kiss Caz's neck, breasts and trails her tongue down to Caz's shaven mound. She stops, looks up at Caz, who gently pushes Lisa's head down between her legs. Lisa gently parts Caz's wet lips and begins to suck her clit. This causes Caz to gasp and arch her back, which gives me a good view of Lisa's lips clamped on my wife's clitoris. Lisa then proceeds to circle Caz's pussy with her finger and slowly inserts her middle finger. She slowly starts to finger fuck Caz, who is moaning and quivering with orgasmic lust. Lisa then gets up, comes over to me and wafts her finger under my nostrils. "Doesn't your wife smell good? She certainly tastes good," says Lisa.

She climbs back onto the bed and straddles Caz's face with her dripping pussy, then lowers herself down on Caz. As she does Caz places her hands on either side of Lisa's hips. They both start to use their tongues and teeth to stimulate each others engorged clits. Lustful sighs come from both of the for the next 5 minutes as they bring each other to shattering orgasms. I can see how wet Lisa has made Caz, with juices running over her butt hole. Lisa begins to gently lubricate the anal rim with juice and I hear Caz gasp, "Oh my God, please do it!" I see her reaching under a pillow and sliding something down to Lisa. Lisa lifts the object up and I see a slim, chrome plated butt plug about 9 inches long. After using Caz's juices to coat the plug, Lisa gently slips the tip around the puckered opening which is opening and closing in time to Caz's ragged breathing. Lisa then begins to slowly insert it, stopping after the first 2 inches had gone in. Caz gasps and asks Lisa to hang on a minute. Lisa twists the end and I realise its also a vibrator, Caz opens her eyes wide, smiles and looks at Lisa. Lisa holds the end of the plug and Caz starts to push down slowly, easing the plug into her tight ass. Halfway in Caz says," Please fuck me with it now my lover." Lisa turns to me, smiles and starts giving Caz an ass fucking, while her look dares me to say something. I am trying not to move as the leather clasp is rubbing on my rampant cock and I don't want to have an accident.

"More!" begs Caz and Lisa carefully slides the vibrating plug three quarters of the way in before turning up the vibration. This causes Caz to squeal in delight and sends orgasmic shudders through her body. Lisa starts to lick Caz's pussy as Caz furiously rubs her aching clit. Caz arches her back and has a massive, shuddering orgasm. Lisa pulls the plug out of her ass with a damp pop as it exits. She keeps kissing and licking the pussy until Caz begins to calm down. Lisa goes up and passionately kisses my wife, who returns the kiss with the same intensity. Caz whispers to Lisa who smiles, climbs off the bed and comes over to me. As she bends to kiss me I can smell Caz's sex on her and can taste my wife as she crushes her lips in a passionate kiss.

Caz comes over and kisses me just as passionately. "Did you enjoy the show my darling?" Unable to speak, I just nod my head with a huge grin on my face as I look at the two glistening, naked lovelies who have just made me very happy and extremely frustrated. "We need to freshen up," Caz says. "Why don't you go and bring some wine up," Lisa says as she starts to untie my left wrist. Then she takes Caz by the hand and the pair of them head for the shower. "Caz told me about the Bahamas and I accept Stephen You can join us both in bed when we arrive there". Caz giggles as they turn and go through the door.

To be continued.........
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