Dreams of Valentines Day
It was a frigid cold and snowy January day in New York City. I was just getting home from a long day at work when I received a text message from Ethan. He was breaking up with me. Not face to face or a phone call, but by a text message. I was shocked, angry, and hurt. How could this be happening to us now? What could have gone wrong? We had made such romantic plans for a Valentine's weekend trip to warm and sunny Key West.

I don't remember how, but I took off my leather boots and slipped out of my dress. I stood in front of the mirror in my black lace bra and panties. I examined what I saw in front of me; I saw a young woman with long blonde hair, slim body with natural breasts, perky nipples, and muscular legs. On the inside, all I could feel was the pain surging through me with every beat of my heart that was breaking.

I stepped into the shower. My body seemed to be unusually sensitive to everything around me. I felt the warm water pounding on my skin and the splashes on my face. As I poured the shower gel onto my bath sponge I could smell the sweet vanilla scent. I slowly lathered my body with the vanilla suds savoring every touch. Starting at my neck and over my breasts and nipples, I caressed my stomach as my hands continued down. I ran my fingers through the small patch of hair between my legs. I let them drop just a little lower and they slid over my hardened clit, stopping long enough to rub several times to feel the sensations run through my body. They continued further down and moved unhurriedly over the length of my slit. My legs slightly widened as I pushed one soapy finger into my throbbing pussy, my vaginal muscles contracted tightly around it as I slowly pulled out, then quickly pushed back in. My other hand reached for the wall to keep myself from falling. I leaned back and felt the cold stone wall as my orgasm consumed me. My whole body shivered and shuddered. My muscles were still pulsating around my finger as I slipped it slowly from my body. My hard breathing returned to normal as I stepped into the spray and let the warm water wash away the pain of the day.

The lonely weeks passed. I would fake a smile and move through the routine of each day. One evening, I was sitting in my apartment looking through my mail when I came across a red envelope. Only my first name was printed on it, not an address or a postmark. I opened it and inside was a red heart with the words "I miss seeing your sexy smile and hearing your soft voice everyday. I know your heart was broken, but it is time to start mending it." Who was it from? It couldn't be Ethan, he had accepted an assignment from work that took him across the country for a few months. Someone had to have come into the lobby and put it into my mailbox. Maybe it was someone who lived in the building that I spoke to everyday. I thought back to the beginning of the day, and who I'd seen. I had ridden down the elevator with Rick who lived on the same floor as me. He was wearing his usual brown leather jacket, his jet black hair slicked back on his head, carrying his briefcase in one hand and a newspaper folded under his arm. We had our daily, neighborly, chit chat while riding down to the lobby.

I must have drifted off to sleep, when I heard my alarm going off. Then I remembered the incredible dream I had, and I felt my cheeks blush with heat. Rick and I were alone on the elevator when he reached over and pushed the stop button. Surprised by his action I looked over at him. His deep blue eyes were piercing right through me, his sexy smile sent a thrill down my body. He gently pulled me close to him and began kissing me. He said he had thought about doing this everyday when he saw me, and wanted to make my hurt go away. It felt so good I didn't try to stop him. We wrapped our arms tightly around each other and with the closeness of our bodies I could feel his cock growing in his pants as it reached towards my hot pussy. We moved our hips as we pressed ourselves as close as we could to each other. His hands began exploring as they moved down my back and followed the curve of my butt. I could feel his warm lips as they kissed my neck. What was that sound? The elevator filled with a soft ringing. I opened my eyes and I was lying in my bed, reaching to shut off my alarm.

I got up and actually felt much better that day with my dream in the back of my thoughts. I was headed for the large, front door to leave my apartment building when I saw Michael, the doorman approaching me. His big, stocky body reminded me of our conversation about him being a body guard for a well known musician and that he had taken on this second job as doorman to help pay for his college expenses. He handed me a colorful flyer as I walked by him which I tucked into my purse. We said our usual morning hello's and I noticed his big brown eyes as we spoke. They had an innocent look of playfulness about them today. I made it through my normal day, but today I actually felt a smile on my face all day. Once again, I was picking up my mail and saw another red envelope that looked just like the first one. I hurried upstairs so I could open it. The anticipation of what might be inside made my heart begin to beat faster. I opened the red heart and the words written on this one said, "I saw your sweet smile today as our hands slightly touched. There was a different look in your eyes as they met mine. I hope my notes are mending your heart." My mind scanned through the day to try and remember who this could be. I saw the faces of many men that I had passed throughout the day. I picked up and read the colorful flyer that Michael had given me this morning. A familiar band was playing in a local club nearby and I enjoyed their music. I thought about going there this weekend as I got into bed.

This couldn't have happened again. I awoke and this time felt the moisture between my legs. It was another incredible dream. . . It was Friday night and none of my girlfriends were available. I went by myself to the local club to hear a band playing that I liked. I just wanted to relax and unwind after a hectic week at work. I put on my favorite tight blue jeans, a form fitting sweater, and my knee high black boots. I let my long blonde hair fall loosely down my back. I walked into the darkness of the club and headed straight for the bar. I was ready to calm my nerves, since I don't usually go to places like this by myself. I ordered a margarita on the rocks because it only takes one to get me feeling good. I sipped my drink and looked around for a familiar face and didn't see any. I found a small table near the band and sat down by myself. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Michael, my doorman. The music was so loud we really couldn't hear each other very well, and our conversations became lost in the sound. I found myself just smiling and nodding my head as if I were answering his questions. He sat down with me and ordered a round of drinks for us. It wasn't long before I was feeling the effects of the second margarita. We laughed and danced and drank for hours. I excused myself and left to find the powder room. I waited my turn in line in the dark hallway and when I finally stepped inside, Michael was right behind me. He shut the door and locked it. He pushed me up against the wall and began passionately kissing me. I could see us in the mirror and it really turned me on watching his body pressing on mine. He pulled up my sweater and pushed my bra out of his way. His hands were all over my breasts, as he dropped his head and began sucking my nipples. I still could still see us in the mirror and my pussy began throbbing. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside me. He unzipped my jeans and they dropped to my knees. He lifted me up, turned around and set me down on the counter. I wrapped my legs around him to hold on tightly and draw him close to me. I felt his long, hard cock entering my dripping wet pussy. I moaned at the sensation and caught another glimpse of us in the mirror on the wall. I watched our reflection as he thrust in and out of me. The intensity was more than I could take, I clawed at his back and felt my orgasm rush through me. He felt it too as he made his final hard thrust, pulled out and shot his cum into the sink. The alarm jolted me out of bed. Today I had a new found sense of sexual energy.

I stood at my mailbox and there it was, staring at me, a red box. As I pulled it out I could feel that something was inside. I held the box in my arms as I walked towards the elevator and saw Michael arriving for his shift at the front door; my clit throbbed. I quickly entered the elevator and Rick was holding the door open; I felt the wetness of my pussy. I slammed my door shut, dropped everything on the table and sat on my couch. I tore opened the box and found a long, curved, red vibrator and a big red heart; it read, "Happy Valentine's Day!" I never found out who sent the mail, but I had a very satisfying Valentine's Day without a partner.
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