Drenna, the beginning. Part 1
WARNING! If reading about a bisexual crossdresser pleasing his female mistress bothers you, please do not proceed. True freedom is freedom of expression. Do not oppress others unless you want to lose your rights as well.

I approached her front door, unsure of what the night had in store for me. The only clue I had was a text she sent earlier that day - Her text read, 'be at my place at 7pm, come inside, strip naked and put on the clothes you will find laying out on the chair'.

Being an obedient, willing subject - I did as I was told. Once inside I removed my clothing and tossed them to the side. I quickly found the clothing she had left... The room was only dimly lit by two small candles in the corner. I could hear atmospheric music in the background, and the scent of vanilla. Due to the poor lighting I had no idea what I was about to wear... But, I knew Mistress Drenna enjoyed making me into her sissy slave. I slowly started to piece together the items I was to put on for my Mistress this evening. A silk thong, thigh high stockings, Lycra/spandex top and heels. I paused briefly - feeling the silky softness of the clothing.. I had no idea what color the pieces were, or if I had the lines of the stockings perfectly straight. I hurried to dress, anxious to see what awaited once I had the last buckle of my heels cinched.

I proceeded further into her estate, slowly and quietly. The music grew louder and the scent of vanilla grew stronger as I approached her bathroom. I could hear slight trickles of water as well as her breathing from just beyond and I was starting to make out her silhouette in her oversized tub. Bubbles overflowing, legs spread... This room had a few more candles so I could see that her head was tilted back and her body was moving in the water...

I moved closer... As I walked in I was so engrossed in the sight of her in the tub that I didn't notice that my heels were making a clicking noise on the tile as I entered. She quickly rose up and threw a waterproof toy at me. I didn't say a word, however I did flinch as the erotic dong smacked into my thigh and hit the floor. She ordered me to pick it up an bring it back.

As I leaned to retrieve it she yelled 'No you stupid bitch! Turn around and bend at the waist to pick it up' I complied with her demand... As I bent over I could feel the thong sliding further to my ass. It was very, very nice. The toy was cute - if a dildo can be cute... It was slender and long with a vibrating tip. I imagine it was something she used just to ease away her tensions of the day. One she used to get her into the right mood... A primer if u will. I picked up the slippery dong and turned to return it to her.

She giggled a bit and asked who had dressed me this evening. I thought nothing of it until I looked at what I was wearing. I was totally mismatched. Pink thong, one white stocking and one black and a red top. At first I wanted to say 'u picked them out', but I knew better. I simply said 'I apologize Mistress for my ignorance in fashion please forgive me.' She said nothing except to stand up in her bubbly tub. I looked at her, instantly feeling a strain on the crotch of my thong. My mouth watered as I handed the toy back and I tried to touch her. She smacked my hand and sat back in the tub. I knew I had gotten too eager too soon.

She handed me a razor and placed her leg in the air. I didn't ask, I only began to shave her leg. They were already smooth but I didn't complain about the idea of getting to touch her. The awkward stance I had to assume was straining my back, so I asked if I could sit. She said fine but first you must turn around and bend over. I thought I was gonna get spanked for sure. But instead I felt warm soapy wet hands rubbing my ass... Squeezing, sliding the thong to the side. Then I felt her warm tongue splitting my ass open, her tongue circling my asshole... Wow! had I known this I would've asked to sit sooner. Just then she stopped. I felt something penetrate my asshole, it hurt a little at first... There was some pressure and a little sting... She then slid the object deep inside of me and placed my thong back in place and said 'now u may sit & finish shaving my legs'. I could only imagine that she had slid one of her many anal plugs inside me, I was thankful that she seemingly chose a smallish one to start. I sat as I was told and proceeded to shave her legs... Her legs were soft, silky, well tanned and fit. I wanted so badly to suck on her pretty little toes but I knew I must wait until ordered to do so... She laid back gracefully as I shaved her legs thoroughly, with each stroke of the razor I was sneaking looks at her pretty little painted toes, peeking through the bubbles, as if to tease me. I must have paused too long as she splashed some water at my face.

My hair was now so wet it was dripping! I wear my hair about shoulder length because it makes her happy. She likes to have something to grab on to.

She then said ' I noticed you staring at my toes, I bet you would like to suck on them'... I didn't deny it, I said 'yes, Mistress, very much so.' She flirted her toes in front of my face... Not being able to resist temptation, I started to lean forward, I was reminded of the plug that was in my ass... She smirked and said 'oh, did you forget something was inside of you?' I didn't know how to respond - but it didn't matter because I knew she would punish me no matter what.. So, I said 'maybe...' - I was in a bit of a 'bratty' mood, wanting the punishment I knew she would deliver... She then told me to stand up and bend over. I had no choice but to comply. As I stood up I could feel her warm soapy hands massaging my ass again... It felt amazing to have her hands kneading the cheeks of my ass... I tensed a bit when I felt her slide the thong to the side, she tapped at the base of the plug just to remind me she was there... Then with one quick movement, she popped it out of my ass. I was left with a vacant, empty feeling - I didn't like it.

She told me to remove my heels, so again, I sat on the side of the tub and did as I was ordered to do. She said, 'you know for a prissy little bitch you don't know how to coordinate your clothes very well - and you cant seem to keep them dry either.' I had no response - just patiently waited for her next command. She told me to climb into the tub with my mismatched clothing intact. My punishment being tight, wet, clingy clothing. I did exactly as she commanded. I climbed into the hot, bubble filled water. It was so hot I didn't think I could handle it... She splashed me again and said 'kneel in the water, you pussy!'

I did as I was told, I got onto my knees in the painfully hot water. My thighs, my cock, my ass all fully engulfed in hot water. I could feel the waves shift onto my Lycra covered stomach and back. She then placed one of her legs onto my shoulder. She wanted me to ensure that I had not missed anything during shaving. I took my time inspecting her leg. Looking, touching, caressing those beautiful legs. She removed the first leg and replaced it with the other. I continued to touch, feel, caress. I needed to make damn sure that she was smooth. I could feel that she had placed the foot that was in the water against my panty covered balls... I pursed my lips and sucked in a deep breath.

She ordered me to wash the leg I had been inspecting. I grabbed a loofah and some vanilla body wash. With every attention to detail, I began rubbing the lather onto her skin. Savoring every second of being next to her. Having my balls teased underwater and submitting to her demands. She placed her leg back into the water and offered the other leg... I was grateful for the opportunity to cater to her, but her teasing my balls left me aching for more of the rubbing she had been doing.

Once both legs were clean, she put them both back in the tub and straightened up lifting her upper body out of the water. She told me to wash her tits... I could see them protruding from the water. Oh how I love her tits! Full and round, skin so soft, perky nipples surrounded by large aureola. I was now nibbling and licking my lips as I lathered them up. I was very eager to touch them. I realized that I was straddling her legs in order to achieve the right angle to enable me to complete my task. This did not go unnoticed by Drenna. She is always aware of how I am positioned, always setting me up. I felt her knees sliding back and forth under me. Slipping and sliding across my ass that was spread above her. She would occasionally get her knee in the perfect positioned just right to split my ass cheeks apart. Constantly teasing me, making me hungry for more penetration. She did this only long enough to tease me, and then told me to move to the side of the tub so that she could stand. She turned her back to me and bent over at the waist. I stared as the water and bubbles ran down her gorgeous ass and flowed down her legs. She turned her head towards me and said 'my ass is not gonna lick itself clean.' I immediately went to work, placing my hands at her hips... Nuzzling my nose into her ass, up and down strokes of my tongue. Lovingly assuring that her tight pink asshole was clean. I could hear her breath escaping... I continued lapping up the water and bubbles from her skin, kneading the cheeks of her ass as I did my best to comply. I must have crossed the line as a slipped the tip of my tongue into her asshole. She quickly straightened up, turned around and bitch slapped me. She looked down at me, pointed her finger at me and said 'you will not do anything unless you are told to do so!' She grabbed my face and asked 'do you understand?' Through my squished lips I simply muttered 'yes Mistress.'

She reached over and grabbed the razor, placing one leg onto the side of the tub. 'Shave my pussy, smooth!' I complied immediately. I tried not to enjoy lathering up her wet slit. She knew I was getting off on it.. I carefully and nervously went to shaving her snatch as I was told, paying careful attention not to cut or cause any irritation. She looked down at me and asked 'is it smooth?' I examined as best I could... She must not have liked the fact that I could not answer right away - She grabbed the back of my head and forcefully thrust my nose directly into her sex. She rubbed her pussy up and down my face, burying my nose inside of her. If I had left any stubble - I definitely would have noticed. With a muffled mouth I exclaimed 'you are smooth as silk!'

She now ordered me to stand and turn around - forcing me to bend at the waist, again. My elbows were resting on the back of the tub - and once again I had no idea what she had planned. I could feel the water dripping from all of my silky clothing. The clothes were clinging to every inch of me. I felt her grabbing the back of my thong... Just then a sudden lift - she had pulled the t-bar and buried it deep inside my ass. It felt so good, so right. I inhaled deeply as she slid the thong off and tossed it outside the tub. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her reach for the soap - I could hear that she was lathering her hands - felt her spread my ass cheeks apart and apply the lather to the area surrounding my asshole. She reached for the razor and quickly and efficiently shaved my ass smooth.

Without a word or any warning, she turned me around and grabbed my hips. She forced me to sit on the edge of the tub. My cock was staring right at her, pointed as if taking aim. She lathered up her hands and began to soap up my junk. Quickly yet gently massaging my balls and shaft. It was exquisite, as before... She took the razor and started shaving me smooth. I was really nervous and yet excited. Pre-cum started oozing out of me. When she had completed the job - and still without speaking she firmly grabbed my cock, gave it a good squeeze, stroked the shaft once, twice and then said 'now get out of the tub!'

I stepped out of the tub and could hear the squishing sounds of water oozing out of my water drenched stockings. Water was dripping from my tight Lycra spandex top. She told me to remove the drenched garments and towel myself off. She then stood up and slowly started to step out of the tub herself. She looked at me and ordered me to lick her dry. I made sure that every inch of her was free of dripping water and bubbles. She then pointed to a soft, warmed towel, I retrieved the towel and used it to dry her completely. Loving the way rubbing her felt. When she had had enough, she ordered me to her bedroom, telling me to enter, and lean over the bed.

Once in the bedroom I leaned over the edge of her bed, placing my face onto her silken sheets - awaiting my queen. I could not resist the feel of the fabric under my face. I slowly started to slide my cheek against it. So soft, so silky. I became so transfixed on the feeling that didn't hear her enter behind me. I was abruptly reminded with a nice smack on my ass. It stung so beautifully that I gasped. She placed her foot in between my feet and forced my legs further apart. I felt a warm substance dripping down my ass into the split of it... Saliva? Lube? It didn't matter I just enjoyed the feeling. I then felt her slam her hand between my cheeks, and start to massage my asshole. I tried to muffle my breath but I knew she heard me. I felt 1, 2, 3 fingers enter my asshole. I tried my best but could not resist pushing back towards her - forcing her fingers even deeper inside of me. Abruptly she stopped, said nothing, stepped away for a second... Then I felt yet another plug being inserted. This toy was longer, thicker... It stung at first, she twisted it slightly to allow me to become accustomed to this new violation.

She told me to lift my left foot and then my right... She was slowly putting me into yet another pair of panties. This time silky bikini panties. She likes the way bikinis look on my ass! I felt her snap them up snug on my hips... She traced the panties with her nails, knowing it drives me nuts!

Her next command was for me to lay in the middle of the bed. I complied. She told me to lean forward so that she could place a blindfold over my eyes. Once the blindfold was in place she pushed me back down. I heard the clanging of metal. Something was up... As soon as I heard it, if felt myself being restrained at the wrists... I laid still, accepting the restraints and blindness. I felt her putting new stockings on my legs... As she placed each silky new stocking on I could feel her nails gliding across my skin. Sensational! I felt her sit on the bed beside me... Could hear her moving, shifting - then I heard the familiar sound of her rubbing her wet pussy with her fingers... I caught myself licking my lips, she leaned toward me... I could feel her wet fingers tracing my lips before she slid them into my mouth. I sucked her juices from them... She leaned closer and I could feel her breath on my lips, her lips teasing mine... Felt her tongue glide across my mouth, she passionately kissed me as she grabbed my hair. She then simply said 'I have plans for you tonight, don't you go anywhere.' And with that I heard her leave the room.

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