Drenna - The Beginning - Part 3
WARNING!!! If you are offended by bisexual crossdressing do not proceed.

I can't stand the suspense! Why is she doing this to me? Gets me all excited and then walks out of the room, leaving me wanting and aching. Dildo in my ass just begging for more attention. Blindfolded and exposed just there for the taking. Damnit! Take me! Make me what ever you want! I need Release!

Maybe this was the whole point? To get me all worked up and willing to do anything. Total submission, total obediance.

Where the hell could she be? Did she leave? Is she watching me? Am I alone? So many questions.

The only things I hear are the sounds of my breathing, the fan and the shifting of my body on silk sheets. Its both exciting and frustrating. But theres something else I'm sensing.

I can't help but feel like someone is in the room watching me. What if someone is looking at me? What are they thinking? What are they doing here?

Here I am a 30yr old man, blindfolded, wrists restrained, silk stockings covering my legs, silky bikini panties covering a leaking cock and a dildo crammed in my ass. Fuck it, who cares if anyone is watching. It feels amazing!
Do they know me? Is it my Mistress? Is it one of her slaves? Is it a complete stranger? Why are they in here? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

Suddenly I hear a slight whisper. I can tell that its My Mistress, but who is she talking to? What does she have planned? I can hear the clanging of metal as if some type of fastener or buckle. I can also hear the sound of buttons and zippers. I have no idea what is happening, but damnit! Somebody touch me already!

Through all of this anticipation, I failed to notice how much I was grinding my ass into the bed. How much I had soaked my panties with my precum. Suddenly, "Smack!" I felt a swift swat of a flogger onto my thigh. "Fuck!", I screamed. My Mistress said nothing.

I then noticed she had climbed back onto the bed and straddled my chest. I could feel her rubbing my chest and easing herself up towards my face again. She must want me to lick her pussy again. I licked my lips in anticipation and started exposing my tongue. But it wasnt a pussy. I felt a slippery rounded tip of something start to spread my mouth wider. Is it a dildo? I then felt it sliding in and out of my mouth. I could feel her hips swaying back and forth towards my face. She must be fucking my throat with a strapon? Is it her? As if she knew I was puzzled, she undid my left restraint and placed my hand on her enormous tit. She cupped my hand and squeezed so we both were rubbing her tit. She found a steady rythem of squeezing and face fucking. I then felt her other hand anchor herself back so as she could lean and watch as she feverishly fucked my throat. It felt so nice sucking her fake cock. I could hear her breathing intensify. Was it possible that my cock sucking was affecting her? Was it possible that she was getting off by watching me learn how to please a cock? I could feel juices running down my chin. Was it from my saliva? Was it from her dripping snatch? It didnt matter because I to felt like I was getting off sucking for her.

Holy shit, It dawned on me that someone else was still in the room. Watching my Mistress fuck my throat. What are they thinking? What are they doing? Who is it? Why are they here? I then felt her stop thrusting. She leaned down, kissed my open mouth and then simply whispered out a "shhhhhhhh, stay put".
And then she walked away again! Ugh......
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