Driving Necked Part 3
As I started to eat her cum soaked pussy licking her swollen lips,softly biting her enlarged clit she moaned out softly and raised her ass up pushing hard onto my tounge now darting in and out of her honey hole, her jucies were flowing now like sweet wine.I wanted to taste all of this beautiful woman,I licked her inner thighs,her skin was soft and smooth.I reached up to her breast and pinched her nipples with both hands and she let out a little squeal in approval.She arched her ass even higher pushing her wet cunt even harder against my now cum drenched face.I let my tounge drift south to her little puckered hole and give her a soft lick across her ass hole and she bout jumped off the bed...

Dammmmmmmmmmn...She said,that felt like an electric shock went through my whole body.Do that again please.I licked her little hole again this time pushing my tounge in a little. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her as if she was trying to pull me into her.I never had my ass touched much less licked OMG what a feeling she exclaimed.I lifted my head and stuck my tounge in the bottom of her pussy and licked all the way to the top pausing at her pussy hole to fuck her with my tounge for a moment. You're gonna make me cum if you keep that up.With that I moved my hands to her hips and pulled her dripping pussy hard to my mouth and sucked her little hard clit between my teeth and nibbled softly while flicking it with my tounge.She begin to moan loudly,almost screaming for me to eat her hot wet pussy.

I inserted one finger into her wet pussy getting it wet with her slick pussy cum.I wanted to drive this hot sex starved beauty out of her mind,I removed my finger from her pussy and slowly started to rub her little ass hole which was very wet now from her juices flowing from her.Yes,she said put your finger in my ass,and she begain to push down onto my finger pushing it into her virgin hole.I've never had nothing up my ass before lover,fuck my ass with your finger.She was moving her hips up and down on my finger and pushing her cum drinched cunt wildly onto my tounge.I could feel the cab of my truck rocking back and forth as she fucked my face and finger.
She was thrashing like a woman out of control,OMG, I can't hold back any longer.

I'mmmmmmmm gonnnnnnnnna cuuuuummmmmmm,fucccck
eat my pussy,fuck my ass,shitttt.EATTT MEEEEE
and she grabbed me with both hands and held my head tightly against her convulshing cunt her hips were bucking up and down like a wild bull gone mad.Cummming,I'm Cummmmmmmmmmin.Dammmmn,
I'm cummminnnnn,son of a bitch.My face was dripping with pussy cum when she released me and I raised up to look at my new lover.She said she never has expeirenced anything like that in her life,that was totally amazing she said.

She caught her breath and said let me return the favor.She pushed my shoulders back pushing me onto my back and took my rigid hard on and licked the head softly and slowly making my dick jump with excitement.Sliding her hand up and down slowly,as my precum came out she licked it clean. Ummmmm you do taste good, then she started kissing my body all over and working her way up.She straddled me and held my dick in her soft hand and said I want to feel you inside me.She rubbed my dick against her pussy and then slowly let her self down onto my hard stiff dick.Her clean shaved pussy slowly made my dick dissappear.When she had me all the way in she sat motionless,she begin to fuck me and she was'nt even moving.Gripping me with her inner muscles, she squeezed and pulled at my cock and never moved.Then raised up pulling my dick almost completely out only to slide down very fast.Her pussy was tight hot and still very wet.I tried to push up to meet her downward thrust.After a few minutes of this I rolled her over to where I could do the fucking,I needed to be in control or this woman was going to make me blow my load way to quick and I wanted this to last for as long as possible.....
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