Driving while naked Part 2
As my new found lady driver friend and I continued west on I-20 she said ok babe it's your turn.We were still alone in the night darkness no one on the hi-way but us it seemed.
I-20 is a good interstate for being alone at times.And tonight I was really glad we were 'cause I'd never done this before either.
All my sexual encounters on the road had been until now, me myself and I and some of my anal toys I carry with me on the road,all done in the privacy of my sleeper behind locked doors.I've never driven naked before and I sures hell never played with my cock in front of someone.

But this woman with what I could tell by her dome lights had a hot body and had just put on one hell of a show for me and had me much hotter than when I'd pulled my clothes off trying to cool off in the first place. With my white dome lights on I let her see my glistening cock still standing tall with excitement.Now I'm not what you'd call well endowed I don't guess, my dicks about 6 or 7 inches long and about 2 inches thick. But I've never had no complaints about it in the fucking department.I'm waiting,...I heard her say over my CB.

We changed lanes so she could get a closer look
and I started to slowly jackoff in front of this hot woman.This is so hot she said,I've never seen a man jerking on his dick before and it's making my pussy quiver and very wet.
Well being watched was doing something to me as well,my dick was very hard and jacking off felt better than it normally did and I had precum steadly comming out of my pee hole.I could feel the tension building.Then I did something I never did before, I stopped stroking my hard on and wiped my finger through my precum and let her see it on my finger and then rubbed my sex honey all over my lips and tounge.

That 'bout made me cum she said.Then to my suprise she said she would like to taste it too.I'd love to taste yours too I told her but we've got to keep rolling.I know a real nice secluded spot we could stop at if you'd like she said.Why not, I could use a break anyway.
I ask was it very far and she said only a few more miles down the road,but don't stop what your doing I want to see you drink some more
honey necture.

We pulled into her stopping place and she got out of her truck and climbed into mine with only her shoes on and her rubber dick in her hand.I brought my buddy with me for some added fun,hope you don't mind.Hell no I don't mind,one look at that thing made my dick jump and my asshole tingle with excitement.She looked even better up close.Her breast was perky and stood up proud,and her nipples were as hard as my dick.Uuuuummmmm,I see you shave your dick hair,I like that she said.Yeah, theres a couple of things I don't to much care for,a hairy cock and clothes are just a few.We
introduced our selves and talked for a while and as we talked she said hey you have'nt finished my show.

She reached over and stroked my manhood and said let me see you fuck your hand.I want to see you cum.I've never seen a man doing this before and it has my pussy soooooo wetttt.
She rubbed her fingers on my still soaked precum dick and stuck them in her mouth and said uummm, you taste good.Well that was all I needed,I grabbed my hard on and started jacking off and rubbing my precum on my mouth for her and before long I felt my on orgasam start to build.Jacking off in front of this pretty woman felt strange to say the least but
I was enoying it and I could tell she was too.

Danm,she said this is way hotter than I expected,my pussy feels like it's on fire.I can't wait to see you shoot your load.This is much better than watching from my truck.I agreed with her and told her to get ready cause I was getting very close.My whole body was starting to tingle and spasam.My hot load of cum felt like it was coming up from my toes.
I held back for as long as I could stroking my dick really fast,I wanted cum to come out of my dick like a bullet out of a gun for this woman who never seen a man jack off before.I want her to remember this moment and me for ever.Shiiiiiiiittttttt I'mmmmmmmmmm cuuummmmmmin and she was wacthing like a school girl in sex ed class when the first wave hit,I shot so hard the first blast hit her on her left tit,and started running down over her hard nipple.I believe thats the hardest I've ever cum while jacking off.My escapade of cumming was coming to an end I looked at her and she was smiling.That was just pure hot she said and I thank you for doing this for me.To reasure me she wiped my cum from her breast and licked it off her fingers.uuuuuuuuuummmmmm I love the taste of fresh hot cum.I said well theres more where that cum from.But you gotta get it out this time I said with a grin.

Oh I bet I can manage that she said.Let me show you this up close and she grabbed her rubber friend and started to slowly push it into her wet pussy.I want to fuck myself for you and let you see my dick sliding in and out of my hot wet pussy.I told her I had something else to show her too and I reached into my toy bag and pulled out one of my rubber toys,a big fat cock almost as long and big as hers,her eyes got wide and a puzzled look came over her face.You've only got one place to put that and she grinned really big and said do it,this I've got to see.Are you gay?

No,when I'm by my self I like to fuck my ass sometimes when I jack off,it makes my orgasams stonger I told her.She said,well hurry up cause I really ain't never seen a man get fucked in his ass.This is going to be so hot I can't wait to see that dick in your ass.What else do you have in that bag or should I ask?
Not much I said just some more stuff like this.

As she fucked herself with her dick I wiped up my cum still on my stomatch and smeared it on my waiting tight little hole and inserted one finger,then I layed back and found my waiting hole and started to push my big rubber cock in my ass,she stopped pushing that dick in her pussy and watched as it slowly disappeared into my asshole.When I had all 8inches of dick stuck in my ass I let it rest to let my ass stretch and relax,by now my dick was rock hard again.Did that dick in your ass do that to you she ask? Yeah,it does it evey time.I love pussy and hard long things in my ass I confessed.

Then let me help you and you help me,she put her hand on my rubber dick and started to slide it in and out of my ass while I jacked off for her some more,and I fucked her hot pussy with her rubber dick.Man what a night this was turning out to be.After she climaxed again on her play dick she said now,lets get down to some serious fucking and sucking.
Who was I to argue with that,we both pulled out our friends and put them to the side and she lay back and said lets see if you can eat pussy as good as you can jack off for a lady.
I dove in like a hungry lion....Continued
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