Drunken Sex
So, I have had a couple of drinks, and by the time I get home, my body is throbbing to feel the touch of a man. Randy is a man who knows how to make my body tremble; a man knows how to make a girl feel good, in every way. Have you ever had an orgasm so good that you felt lightheaded from the amount of pleasure that was rushing through your body at once? That is the kind of orgasm I want to have right now. You know, the ones that make you scream and contort your body for pleasure.

There was only one man who knew how to work his body to make me cum like that.
I am lying in bed wearing nothing but a thong when I reached for my phone. My body was in a complete trance, the alcohol running thick through my veins fogging my brain.
I do not know how I managed to dial Randy's number, I was so drunk, words could not even explain how wet my pussy is right now. Just the thought of Randy touching me sends a mini orgasm throughout my body.

"Yoooo." Randy hummed on the other line.
Moaning softly, just the sound of his voice caused chills to overtake my body, keeping my eyes close tightly.
"What are you doing?" My voice was seductive, not to mention the words a bit slurred because the only thing that was on my mind right now was him, putting in the work on my horny pussy.
"Shit, just got in from slaving away in the studio and just recorded two new tracks for Fortune." Randy sighed, "What you doing baby girl?"

"I'm just..." pausing and licking my lips, letting my teeth graze my lip softly, "Laying' in bed, my thoughts are all over the place Randy, mainly on having your big cock in my box." I teased and squirming a bit I could feel that my little thong is sopping wet, I am ripe for fucking.

"Oh yeah?" Randy mumbled, "What's the matter? You freaking for some of your daddy's dick?"
I laughed a little, "Baby you have no idea." I said with a deep moan.

Randy laughed, "Where are your hands?" He asked with a deep breath.
I let my hand travel down my stomach, my fingertips tickling down my stomach softly, "You really wanna know?" I tease.
"Yea, tell me where your hands are at baby." Randy chuckled.

I tickled my fingers against my clit through the thin, wet fabric of my thong, "Baby my hands are at the candy shop." I teased, "They are getting a treat," and I slowly started to rub my clit, feeling a shock of pleasure shoot through my body.

"The candy shop huh?" Randy asked with a smirk to his voice, "What's at the candy shop baby?"
I moaned softly, putting more pressure on my clit while I circle my fingers around it, feeling it swell from my touch, "Something sweet and juicy." I moaned, "Come over and have a taste," I took a deep breath, rubbing my hot pussy up and down, feeling the dampness against my fingers.

I was dying to feel Randy's touch. I could already feel his lips around my clit, sucking and tugging, using his powerful tongue in my juicy cunt.

Randy chuckled, "You want me to come over?" He asked, "How about you come over here?"

"Papa I'm too drunk to drive." I giggled, feeling my body becoming tense from the amount of pressure I was putting on my clit and me groaning softly, my body trembling from my own touch and the thought of Randy filling my snatch with his big cock.

"Can I hear you cum first?" Randy asks and I can hear his heavy breathing.

A little drunken laugh and I bit down on my bottom lip, "Where are your hands?" I ask, opening my eyes for the first time in about ten minutes.

"Well they are kinda chilling in my pants right now." Randy chuckled, "I shaved today."

I laughed and took a deep breath, "Well, bring your sexy freshly shaved ass over here."

"Alright," Randy chuckled, "Your door unlocked?" He asked, clearing his throat.

"Mhm, yes," I squeezed, taking a deep breath; Randy knows a freshly shaved cock is one of my turn-ons.

"Expect me in about ten minutes you drunk little slut."

I could hear Randy moving around, sounds of little scratching against the speaker.

"I can't wait." I said softly with a smile, grazing my bottom lip with my teeth.

Randy chuckled, "Keep that pussy wet for me," he said seductively, his voice smooth.
"You don't have to worry about that boo." I giggled with a slur.

"Alright baby," Randy mumbled, "I am gonna let you go so I can drive."

After I hung up with Randy, I dropped my phone on my bed, which somehow it ended up landing on the floor. Shrugging my shoulders sloppily, I close my eyes causing my head to spin in the drunken darkness.

I was out cold, the alcohol in my system had me reeling the moment I closed my eyes. I could feel something warm against my skin under the covers and it broke me out in a chill. I moaned softly from the wet feeling traveling towards my inner thigh, my body tingling from head to toe and my snatch raging with a fever and pussy sweat.

The moment I felt the warm, wet sensation on my clit, I opened my eyes and bit my bottom lip, knowing exactly what was going on.

I was still drunk and my body was more sensitive now than it was before I fell asleep. Slowly I lifted the blankets to see the dark blur of Randy' head between my legs.

His tongue swirling against my clit, causing me to let out a loud moan, and then dropping the blankets back over me I let Randy eat my pussy. I am clutching the sheets in my hands, enjoying the way Randy's tongue feels against my silky pussy.

"Ah baby." I whine, grinding my vulva on his face.

Randy's lips are collapsing around my clit and he sucks softly, only making the sensation stronger and my back arch. His lips so smooth while his rough tongue brushing the clefts of my cunt, causing my clit to swell. Forcefully Randy pulls his lips from my clit and I fell his body traveling up, his torso on top of me.

"Boo." Randy poked his head out from under the blankets, his breath warm against my lips.
I giggled a little, and then I cup his face in my hands, "Boo to you too," I said in a slur, brushing my lips against his. I part my lips and wrap my lips around his bottom lip, sucking on it gently before Randy caves in on me, his tongue slipping into my mouth.

I could feel Randy's skin brushing against mine, which meant he stripped before he even got under the blankets. The head of his dick teased my pussy, his skin slippery from the wetness of his pre-cum and my drooling pussy.

"Say please." Randy mumbled against my lips as he rubs the head of his dick all around my already swollen clit.

Pleasure zips through and explodes in my body like fireworks, a faint moan escaping my lungs.

"Please." I whine, pushing myself down onto his prick.

The head of Randy's dick slips inside of me, and slowly he started to rolls his hips, only half of his thick shaft entering me. My pussy greedily sucks him up instantly, getting a tight grip around his wide dick.

Randy hisses softly, his breath coming out slowly against my lips while he pushes himself all the way into my love hole.

The heat of him slipping inside of me coupled with the smoothness of his freshly shaved cock makes me crazy and sends my body in a state of numbness, with the pleasure overwhelming me.
"Tease me." I moaned as I slowly rolled my hips with his.

You could hear the slippery noises from between my legs from how wet I was while Randy rolls into me, fucking me the slowest he possibly could.

Randy chuckles and sits up, causing the blankets to fall backwards "Turn on that light." He mumbled, keeping still while his dick is still inside of me.

I reached over sloppily and pulled down on the light chain once, only leaving the room to be dim. I looked up seeing Randy starring down at me, his face freshly shaved to match his cock, his lips looking extra fat for some reason.
"Goddamn you sexy." I sing softly in tune of his own song.

Randy smirks and licks his lips, causing them to shine. He put his hands on my knees and spread my legs the furthest they could, and started to rock his big prick into my sloppy cunt.

His dick is going deep, growing fatter with each savage thrust.

"Damn that shit is wet girl." Randy chuckled, his stomach muscles tightening and I feel his cock stirring in my pussy.

I smirk a little and squeeze my pussy against his dick, causing him to moan lowly under his breath. His eyes never left mine as he gyrates his dick inside of me, our breaths coming heavier.

"Ahhhh." I moaned, closing my eyes for a second.
Words cannot explain what Randy does to my body. The pleasure rushes through my body like a shot of morphine, sending me into a complete trance. The pleasure tickles my skin, leaving me in goosebumps and chills.

Randy suddenly pulls out of me and turns my body so I am lying on my side. He pushes my leg up so my knee was almost touching my tits, my other leg lying straight out. He is behind me, pushing my ass cheek up just enough so he could ram that fat cock deeply inside my pussy.

"Oh fuck." I cried, squeezing a pillow against my chest.

Randy kept my ass tight in his hands as he starts to pump in and out of me roughly. My ass jiggled against him, every time he pumped in, I would bounce off him, our bodies slapping together.

Randy lifts his hand and smacks it down on my ass, he watches the flesh it jiggle before he grips it back between his hand, pushing it up so he could see his prick sliding in and out of my cunt.

"You like that baby?" Randy groans, slamming his cock in harder.

"Yeaaa." I grunt as my body bounces up and down from the force of Randy slapping against me.
His dick is going deep, and with every thrust, it would grow fatter inside of me, only making my pussy swell around his rod.

"Hmm, take this shit." Randy pushed me onto my stomach and immediately I arched my back into the air, letting my legs lay flat beneath him.
Randy brought his legs on either side of my body, so is hunching over me, his hands flat next to my head. His dick buried inside of me, driving every inch of him as deep as he can get his prick. I could feel my ass slapping against him, only making everything about this moment ten times sexier.

No man can fuck me the way Randy can.

My pussy is drenching Randy's dick, every limb on my body trembles from the orgasm that crashes through my body. I am still numb from the pleasure, but that did not stop me from climbing on top of him.

Randy, is flat on his back, his hands squeezing my round my breasts as I impale my cunt on his erection. I went slowly, because of the way his dick rocks with my hips and this only made my body shake some more.

"You like this pussy baby?" I moaned, digging my nails into his chest.

"I love this pussy girl." Randy mumbles his breathing uneven. He massages his hands in a circular motion on my breasts, heating my body even more.

"Ahhh," I laid my hands flat against Randy' chest and started to bounce on his dick. A shock shot through my body when Randy' dick poked me deep, but it instantly spread out making me moan louder.

"Scream baby, don't hold back." Randy hissed as he slams his hips into me.

Every time I came down, Randy would jerk his hips forward making me come down rough. A loud moan came out with every thrust, my head almost spinning.

That lightheaded feeling was coming to me, which meant I was about to have an orgasm of a lifetime in a matter of moments.

"Ugh," Randy moaned, biting down on his bottom lip hard. He removed his hands from my chest and rested them on my thighs. He dug his fingernails into my skin, mixing the pinch with the pleasure.
"Oh Randy," I moaned, bouncing harder than before.

"Fuck baby, cum on this dick." Randy jerks his hips into me harder. His dick never leaving my juicy pussy, he clamps his hands around my hips and holds me down while he pounds his hips into me.

My moans sounding more like tried cries from the dryness of my throat. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure take over, my body seconds away from releasing.

Suddenly Randy pulls me down, so my tits press flat against his chest. He wraps his arms tightly around my body and lifts his knees, so they were in the air.

Randy tucking his face in the crook of my neck and starts to thrust his hips forward, his dick is ramming inside of me. I felt his balls spanking against my ass, causing it to jiggle from the force.
"Hmm, you cum, I cum baby." Randy moans in my ear, his breathing reckless.
I wail in his ear, the feeling unbearable, his dick feels so good inside of me. My body tingles from head to toe, my muscles tight, but seconds away from trembling again.
"Oh FUCK Randy." I moan repeatedly, non-stop as my body shakes against him. My muscles were no longer tight as the orgasm flushes my body, making me lightheaded.

Randy continues to ram his dick inside of me, and I could feel by how fat it was, he was seconds away from letting go himself and filling my pussy.

"Uhhhh." Randy squeezes me against him, using all his strength to pump his dick inside of me. He is slamming his hips into me one more time before I felt him twitching non-stop inside my pussy bathing my cunt with his hot man seed.
The heat of his nectar releasing only made me hotter, moans still rolling off my tongue I enjoyed my Randy's cum bath.

Randy jerking his hips forward a few more times the hardest he could before he loosens his grip on my body.

We lay there for a moment, catching a breath as our bodies throbbed. My pussy is throbbing against his dick, and his dick is throbbing inside of my pussy.

Nothing could compare to this feeling.
Swallowing hard, I lift my face, starring down at him. A smile of relief twists his lips before he licks them, to rid ridding the dry.
"Clean me off." Randy demands, as he breathing heavily against my lips.

I smile a little and kissed him gently before I got off him, his dick is popping out of my pussy, our juices dripping from inside of me.
I scooted down, keeping my eyes on him as I leveled myself with his wet dick, his dick still rock hard against his stomach.

I licked my lips before I gripped his swollen dick in my hand, causing him to gasp. Before I cleaned his shaft off, I dipped my head down and flattened my tongue against his stomach, dragging it along every wet area his dick left against his skin.

"Hmm." Randy groaned, his breath still releasing heavily from his nose.

I trace the base of his dick, getting everything up before I dragged the tip of my tongue up his full length. Randy moans in anticipation of me licking him clean. I swirl my tongue against him a few times before I collapse my mouth around the head of his dick. Slowly I inch him into my mouth, slurping up all the fuck juice from my pussy and his cock.

I suck clean him dry before popping my lips off the head of his dick. Randy flinches from the sudden pleasure and brushed my cheek softly with his thumb.

I looked up at him and swipe my lips cleaning the leftover cum before I smile, causing him to smile.

Drunk sex is the best sex, especially if it is with a sex hunk like Randy, a pussy eating, cunt-fucking god in his own right.
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