Early Christmas Present
It was Christmas Eve morning as the sun peeking through the window shade started to light the bedroom. I heard water running in the bathroom and found myself alone. Hubby's already up I thought, as I rolled around in bed. He spent a long time in the bathroom I wondered what he was up to. Lounging there as I was just waking up his stirrings sparked my interest. I was thinking about any holiday tasks left to accomplish and how horny I was feeling. A hot wet morning pussy, I guess I must have had dirty dreams last night, I thought with a giggle. Then he came bouncing into the bedroom, reached into our toy basket and handed me a strap on to my surprise.

"You want me to put that on?" I looked at him inquisitively and asked.

"Yes I'm giving you my ass for Christmas" he said in a matter of fact kind of way and wiggled it at me.

I've always had a little obsession with fucking ass. I especially love the mechanics of how the prostate works and how I can use it to control his body. It drives him crazy, makes him orgasm multiple times and blow his load like a volcanic eruption. It turns me on and makes me hotter than you can imagine. Usually fingers and small dildos is what I do him with and I love that, but a strap on is something very different. Something that drives me so crazy I could cum just thinking about it! I must have been a man in a past life it just feels natural to me. When I wear a strap on it feels like it's a part of my body and belongs there. It makes me crave a sexy ass.

I sit up and take the strap on from him, my favorite, the black patent leather with diamond rhinestone harness with the seven inch smooth crystal clear dong. Reaching into the bedside dresser drawer I pull out a tube of lube and a little bullet vibrator. I stand up, step into the harness, adjust the dong and place the vibe right over my clit held in place by my puffy pussy lips and the harness. Sitting down on the edge of the bed with him standing in front of me I take his balls in one hand and his cock in my other. Feeling the soft smooth skin of his freshly shaved balls makes my mouth hungry so I lean down and lick them. Stroking his cock as I suck one of his balls into my warm mouth, he lets out a groan.

I love his balls they are the perfect size nice and full and not to low hanging. I release his right testicle from the grip of my mouth and let my tongue wonder all over his nut sack. The skin drawls up and wrinkles from my touch. I feel his cock getting hard in my hand as I suck the left one into my hungry mouth. There is another groan and I squeeze his cock tighter in my hand and feel the smooth skin slide up and down the shaft. When his balls are pink and dripping with my saliva from the attention my mouth and tongue has given them I move onto his growing cock. First just the tip, teasing the little hole with my tongue and circling the rim of the head as he places his hands on my head. I rub his smooth penis all over my cheeks then open my mouth and suck his whole cock in like a huge thick piece of spaghetti till my nose is being tickled by his curly pubes.

He smells fresh as can be all trimmed and shaved for me, my sexy man. I squeeze his balls in my hands as my head is bobbing up and down sucking his manhood down my throat. Pulling my head into his crotch he starts thrusting his hips. The sound of the slap I give his plump, gorges ass echoes through the room interrupting his moaning and making him flinch. This just drives him on to give me the good face fucking I want. I love the feeling of his hard cock thrusting in and out of my throat and holding it there sucking him till he can't stand it. His balls slapping my chin and the salty taste of pre-cum makes me so horny.

He's getting a little too excited so I look up at him and say "Are you ready for me now sexy?"

His says "Yes I am" and hands me the lube as he climbs into the bed lying on his side in front of me.

His perfect little apple shaped ass fills me with lust as I massage that sweet flesh. As I rub his ass cheeks I slowly pull them apart and tease his tight little ass hole. Squirt goes the blob of lubricant I apply to my index finger then start smearing it over his horny little hole, around in circles, slowly teasing it and getting it all relaxed. Then I start running my finger straight up the middle. Up and down, over and over, teasing that hole as his ass naturally pushes back in my direction. Then I start stroking his opening with a come hither motion slowly increasing the pressure, gently making his hungry hole eat my finger right up.

As my finger is gobbled up I feel his sphincter muscle close around it pulling it in. Spreading the lubricant around inside his hot ass I move my finger in wider and wider circles stretching that muscle and slide a second finger inside. Searching I find the smooth hard bulge of his prostate and press into it and gyrate my fingers. The deep moan he lets out tells me I've hit his sweet spot. I love fingering his silky ass and the sounds he makes when I probe his tight hole and tickle his prostate. Deep guttural groans that sound so animalistic it drives me crazy and makes my pussy drip with excitement.

With one hand I apply lubricant to the silicone phallus I am going to impale him with and reach around with the other and gently tease his cock and balls. Spooning up behind him my voluptuous breasts press into his back. The friction of my hard nipples rubbing against the hot, horny man I am about to fuck sends an electric current straight to my clit. I reach into the strap on harness and turn on the bullet vibrator that sends a constant tingly feeling pulsing through my loins. My clit is engorged and sensitive seeking out further stimulation. I can feel the heat and moisture building up between my legs. Running my hands all over his chest I feel his tiny nipples jutting out begging me to rub them. My hands are in a frenzy feeling every part of his body I can reach with my tits heaving in anticipation of taking him.

Spooning up even closer I take my strap on cock and run the head up and down his slippery ass crack. His breathing is getting deeper as he awaits my invasion of his horny butt. Pushing forward the head of my toy eases into his hole and my excitement drives me to be a little more exuberant than I had planned on. With one hard thrust I bury my strap on cock deep into his ass so my thighs and crotch are pressed into him.

He lets out a sharp grunt exclaiming "Take it easy there!"

"Sorry baby I'll go slow" I reassure him as I whisper dirty things into his ear.

"Mmm your hot ass needs fucked so bad doesn't it? I can feel it grabbing a hold of my cock." I say in a breathy voice as I slowly start sliding in and out of his well lubed ass.

"Can you feel the vibrations baby?" I ask and he replies "Mmm yes I can all the way through my balls."

With the fifth stroke into his fine ass I feel my slippery pussy lips rubbing against each other and the vibe making my clit grow and throb. Then with a moan like an animal being released from a trap the walls of my vagina spasm, my clit pulses rhythmically and I cum as I feel the resistance of his ass clenching on my cock. He loves to hear me cum and pushes his ass back to meet my thrusting probe. Not quite as deep, I slow fuck him while stroking his cock and all my senses come alive with pure erotic excitement. I enter him then exit leaving only the head of my strap on in his ass over and over. Long slow passionate thrusts of my hips sending my invader deeper and deeper inside of him.

His moaning and grunting when I hit his sweet spot drives me wild and makes me want to fuck him all day and night long. His cock twitching in my hand as his hole squeezes my strap on thrills me to no end! I love making his tight, sexy hole convulse and give him orgasm after orgasm from stimulating his prostate. I think it is the hottest thing on earth! All the sudden I can feel the heat between my legs building up again. Like a warm wave washing over me my nipples are extended and hard as diamonds while my pussy and clit spasm in a breath taking full body orgasm. I feel the only thing I can control is my hips, the driving force creating all the sexual energy between us as I continue to fuck him and feel his ass cumming repeatedly on my toy.

After recovering from my second orgasm I can feel how wet from pre cum his cock is. My strap on slides out of his hungry hole and he lies on his back as I head straight between his legs. Inhaling his wet penis I suck it all the way into my hot mouth.

He lets out another moan and I say "Someone is going to shoot a big hot load right into my mouth aren't you?"

All he can do is utter more sounds of ecstasy as I swallow his cock, pull on his balls and go searching for his prostate with my finger. I feel his dick getting harder in my sucking mouth. Tongue swirling all over the bulging head as his shaft plummets down my throat. His body is in an uncontrollable dance of spastic movements building up to the point of no return. I find his prostate and press into it with my slippery finger. The cum starts oozing out of the tip of his cock filling my mouth. One mouthful swallowed then another and then he starts to shake. I rub and press into his prostate harder. Sucking for all I'm worth his prick starts exploding in my mouth. One violent shot followed by another as he moans louder and louder.

I love controlling his body this way and I am not done with him yet. I swallow his cock completely my nose buried in his belly. Applying constant suction I gently squeeze his balls and remove my finger from his ass. Slowly I suck more firmly while letting my tongue dance all over. With a distinct pause he gets very quite right before the secondary eruption. With a scream there it is he shoots one final explosive load of hot, juicy cum into my sucking mouth but I'm still not done. I keep holding his cock in my mouth sucking and teasing the sensitive head making him squirm and tremble. I don't stop until he is completely drained and soft.

With a big smile on my face I look up at him and say "You rate pancakes for breakfast. Go take a shower and I'll get them started."

"Bacon too please" he responds as I tell him a bit sarcastically "Why of course dear how else could you have them."

"Thank you for my early Christmas present I loved it!" I say as I head to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast.

"Maybe you will get some more for New Years if you're a good girl" he mentions with a grin.

Now wait a minute I thought to myself, I think he got that backwards! I giggle and hop off to the kitchen dreaming of all the fun, sexy presents I may yet receive. The best present of all is always his fine ass....
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