Early Morning
Early Morning
By Rockin Rach

I awoke slowly, stretching lazily. It was only six a.m. so I curl up and try to go back to sleep, but thoughts of last night are creeping into my mind. Turning over I ignore the thoughts, or try to but it's Saturday morning, and I didn't want to wake up. However, thoughts of sucking Randall cock as he drove home from dinner the night before were firmly lodged in my mind. My nipples were getting hard, as more and more memories poured into my mind. Squirming around, I could feel the familiar tingling beginning between my legs.

I start to gently rub my clit, I could almost hear the way he moaned as I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh and pressed against his cock. I slowly push two fingers inside my pussy, pulling them back out, sliding them in again, and fucking myself with them. In my mind, I was sucking Randall's cock again, smelling and tasting him. When I think of his hot cum shooting down my throat, it is too much for me bear. My body tenses as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through me.

My breathing slows and I gave up on going back to sleep. I wondered if I could persuade Randall to shower with me. Getting up, slipping my black camisole over my head, almost moaning as the material brushed against my erect nipples. I walk down the hall and I could feel the warm moisture between my thighs. There was Randall just where I thought he might be, sitting at his computer. I lean against the doorframe and watch him for a few minutes. I loved how he looks, in his boxers and t-shirt; to me he is the sexiest man ever. When I looked at him, I didn't see the gray hair, or notice that his body lacked the firmness of an eighteen year old. I see the man I desire and who I want to pleasure me.

Looking over Randall's shoulder, I see he was reading and his hand was slowly stroking up and down his rigid shaft. His cock was shiny with pre-cum, and so hard and erect. Oh God I want that cock, I thought as I walk up behind him and slid my hands down his chest, leaning over and kissing the back of his neck. I leaned over further, pressing my breasts against him and ran my finger around in the shiny gob of his pre-cum.

"Morning, darlin, having fun?" I asked, as I lick my finger clean.

Laughing he takes my hand and pulls me around to his lap. I snuggle back against him, making sure that he could feel how wet I am as his cock snuggles right between my ass cheeks. Looking over my shoulder, I watch his face as I grind my ass back against swollen prick. He grabs my ass and humps against me, before reaching under my lacy camisole and pulling gently on my nipples.

"Ahhhh Rachel, you feel good this morning." Randall murmurs.

Reaching over Randall clicks the mouse and a slide show of our favorite porn starts flashing on the computer screen. I kept watching the screen as picture after picture flashed, Randall started tracing his fingers all around my smooth ass. I am trembling, both from the visual stimulation and from knowing he was looking at my ass as he touches me. He runs his hand under me and brushes against my pussy.

"Already so wet? Just what have you been doing?" He teases.

I couldn't help myself, moaning out loud as his fingers slip inside me. Sliding in and out slowly, dragging my juices from my sopping wet pussy to my asshole and back. Hiking my camisole up and off, throwing it into the corner, he never stops the motion of his fingers. Slipping his fingers all the way out, he rubs my aching clit, before stroking along my slippery slit all the way to my ass. Pressing gently against my asshole and then stroking all the way back up he plunges two fingers deep in me again. His free hand pinching and tugging my nipples, and he forces another orgasm to overpower me. My pussy clamps down on his fingers as I shuddered against him.

"I love how your pussy squeezes my fingers when you cum." Randall whispers softly.

The picture on the computer screen changed, this time two women were kneeling, their backs to each other. A group of men encompassing them and all are jerking off. The slide fades, the next slide appears, and now both women have ropes of alabaster cum clinging to their bodies. Cum is dripping from their nipples and with their faces and hair splattered with man cream. They women are licking their lips and Randall knows that this is my dirty little fantasy.

"Would you like to be one of those girls, getting all that nasty cum shot all over them?" Randall asked.

I just keep watching, picture after picture, all showing women getting cum sprayed on them. I wonder what it would feel like to be coated with semen, when suddenly, I felt a sharp stinging pain as Randall slaps my ass. His calloused palm setting off sparks of pleasure, as he rubs my cheek to take the sting out of the slap.

"Didn't I just ask you a question" he growls at me.

I could only nod my head yes and moan. God how is it this man can excite me so much, even after all the time we have been lovers? Randall is holding my hips, grinding his cock against my bare skin, and it is driving me insane. I am aching to have him slide that thick cock inside me. I force my hips back against him, hoping he would take the hint. Hoping he would ram his cock deep into my pussy until his balls are pressing against my slit.

"You want my cock, my sweetie? Don't you? Then you know what you better do"

Oh yes, I knew what he wants and fell to my knees in front of him. Trembling, I reach out for him. After all his cock is teasing my ass, I want it and if I could only have it in my mouth, I didn't care at least it would be in me. Then Randall grabbing my hands, and is not letting me touch him. My eyes fly up to meet his. I am on the verge of begging for his cock.

"No, no!" he was taunting me. "I didn't hear the magic word, did I?"

His cock is so hard, I watch it throb wavering in the air. Pre-cum covers the head that is so dark it is almost a purple hue. His cock is demanding for release and I did ache for it. Holding both my hands in one of his, Randall slowly strokes his cock, forcing his large drop of pre-cum to form, then slowly ooze down the shiny almost purple head. I couldn't take my eyes off his dick, I tried to speak but only whimpers escaped.

"You want that don't you." he torments some me some. "You know how to get it."

I lick my lips and swallow, trying to speak again. "Please, I need to suck your cock," and now I am begging.

Randall frees my hands and leans back in the chair, spreading his legs wide for me. I watched as he strokes his hard cock with both hands, making another huge drop of pre-cum well up. Placing my hands on his thighs, I lean forward and run my tongue slowly up his cock. Thrusting my tongue in the little slit, scooping up the delicate pre-cum. Oh dear lord, he tasted so good. I can't ever get enough of loving him.

I felt his fingers combing thru my hair, pulling slightly, as I trace my tongue around his cock. Slowly I am lapping up all the pre-cum. With a groan, Randall holds my head and thrusts his turgid prick into my mouth. I am sucking harder now, running my tongue all around his aroused dick. I hear him hiss as my hands cupped his balls, squeezing softly. I pause my sucking, just holding his balls in my mouth, as I dance my tongue up and down his cock. Making sure to flick and swirl it against the ridge of his dickhead.

I pull my head back, sucking and licking with an occasional kiss on just the tip, lightly raking my tongue across it, then sucking as much as I could into my mouth. Randall arches up, forcing his cock deep in my mouth, that almost makes me gag, and I can feel him in my throat. He is pulling my hair, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and his hot, heavy balls ricocheting off my chin.

"Yes baby, suck me harder!" Randall grits through his teeth.

I suck harder, feeling his balls tighten up, as I play with them. I am so wet, my entire body is tingling with the anticipation of his orgasm as I push my tongue against the underside of Randall's cock, teasing him making him groan. I could smell the musky aroma of his sex, and I knew he was going to cum.

Slowly, I drew my head back until only the tip of his cock is trapped in my mouth. Increasing my suction, rubbing my tongue mercilessly against the ridge and squeezing his balls in a frantic rhythm I am ready for him to cum. Then suddenly, with a deep growling groan, his body bucks, and he forces his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. Holding it there as he fills my mouth full of his hot salty cum. So much I almost choke, I swallow as quickly as I can, milking his cock. Greedily I swallow every drop. As I lick the last drops off my lips, Randall pulls me into his lap and buries his face in my neck, holding me close as he catches his breath.

"God, Rachel, you make me crazy, lover." He whispers to me.

Grinding myself into his lap, I beg, "Fuck me Randall, please, just fuck me now!"

Randall's cock was still hard as he turns me around and pushes me over his desk. I almost explode as he rubs his cockhead from my clit to my ass, teasing me, taunting me. He tugs on my hair, pulling my head up.

I focused on the computer screen as I hear his raw whisper "Look!"

The pictures flashing were all of women taking a large hard cock in their tiny assholes, butt fucking another fetish of mine. God I ached, I needed his cock in me. I snivel and plead for his cock.

Then with one stout thrust, Randall impales his juicy cock deep in my pussy. I felt shock waves of pleasure shoot through my body. He pulls his shaft out, and I feel him guide it to my asshole. Randall then shoves his rock hard cock against my puckering star. I tense up, he has never done that before, but I was so far gone I didn't care. Suddenly he rammed it back into my dripping pussy. I could only groan and hold on to the desk as he thrust repeatedly and is fucking me hard.

My sweaty tits were rubbing roughly against the desk with each savage thrust, adding to the sensations, driving me out of my mind. Randall's cock was sliding effortlessly in and out of my body, stretching my pussy with every stroke. He fucks me harder and harder, one hand snakes around my hip and he pinches my clit, rubbing it, stroking it. I am to the point of sobbing as my orgasm overwhelms me, making my body stiffen and relax, numerous times. My sheath is flexing and pulsing around Randall's cock, forcing another load of cum from him. He groans and presses deep inside me, holding me tight as we both spasms together.

I can feel our mingling juices drip slowly down my leg as he pulls his cock away and falls back into his chair. He pulls me back into his lap and holds me as I slowly recover and became aware of my surroundings again.

"I think we need a shower.," he says.

I laugh.
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