Early Morning

It was early in the morning; I had just got off nights and headed straight home for some breakfast and a long sleep. The air outside was cold so the house felt warm and cosy, as usual you had turned up the heating as I was out.

My first thought was to see if you were awake, gently pushing the bedroom door open there you were lying asleep on the bed wearing that teddy t-shirt and black thong; the one which barely covers your shaven pussy. The one I love.

I see you sleeping on your back, bed clothes piled to one side and with your hair flowing over the pillow and legs slightly parted. The thong appears from between your ass cheeks and has a little cleft as it hugs your pussy tightly. I feel a stirring and peel off my work clothes, standing naked watching you gently breathing, the t-shirt rising and falling slowly.

I move to the side of the bed and sit down very slowly so as not to wake you. I feel you squirm a little, legs parting a fraction more, you sigh and then you are still again. A smile crosses my face.

I lean down and breathe hotly on your nipple, through the t-shirt, warming it up and a soft moan escapes your lips. Again you are still. Then wetting my finger with my saliva I make the t-shirt wet around it and blow gently, cooling it and watching your nipple harden. I hear another soft moan from your lips. Your nipple is hard, pressing up against the t-shirt. I touch the tip with a little swirl of my finger but not wishing to wake you I move down the bed.

Sitting at the end I look along your sexy legs right up to the pussy hugging thong and feel my cock get harder. Resisting the urge to touch myself I use the tips of my fingers to run up your thigh, very lightly, savouring the smooth skin. Moving my fingers to the inner part I push gently to help you part your legs more. There is little resistance - maybe you are just awake but I can't tell.

Looking up I see the darker skin of your outer lips were the thong doesn't cover them, all smooth, maybe a glistening a little. Almost as an automatic reaction you spread your legs wider.

I move slowly to lie between your parted legs and, like the nipple, I breathe hot breath on your pussy through the thin silky thong. I am close enough to start to smell your arousal and know my touch is working. My tongue very gently runs up the shallow cleft in the thong, very lightly, moving up to circle your clit. My fingers hunt for the elastic at the top of your legs, hooking under I gently press on the soft skin around your cunt hole, moving my fingers slowly and feeling the wetness begin to come to the surface.

I take my finger to my mouth and savour the delicious taste before replacing it and slowly and gently pushing to let my finger tip tease the entrance.

My finger eases your thong to one side and I run my tongue along the soft skin of your labia, my tongue pressing harder parting your lips and seeking the underside of your clit lapping it, as a finger penetrates your cunt, my finger hooking up a little to tease the sensitive front wall of your vagina.
I feel you wake by the slow rocking of your hips in that gorgeous way you girls do, moving your hips to get the best feelings. Your eyes open and a smile crosses your lips.

I move back to pay attention to your wet slit, sucking on your clit, lapping my tongue across it. As I do I relent on myself and pull the foreskin back on my cock, teasing the tip gently. I take your juices and run them over my tip and slide up your body, pulling your t-shirt up as I do.

"Oh my God yesssss" you sigh.

My cock finds your pussy entrance and pressing it soaks up your wetness as it enters, pushing in deep but slow till my pubes rub on your clit.

"Oohhhhhhhhhhh good God" you moan loudly.

I feel you raise your hips to me and open your eyes, as I look into them I see the lust. I give one deep slow stroke and see your eyes roll back and a soft moan comes from your lips. I stop then do it again; I love watching your eyes rolling and hearing your moans.

You wrap your legs around my hips thrusting with me. We start to move faster; deep pushes accompanied by moans from us both. I feel you get wetter but tighter as your pussy muscles grip me. I place hands behind your knees and push your legs back so I can get in deeper using my whole length in you.

You arch your back, pushing yourself into me. I sense you are getting close, looking into your eyes trying to measure when you are going to cum.

"I am so close" you moan "getting so close"

I whisper to you "I want to cum in you"

"Mmmmmmmmm fuck me" you say "I want you to, cum deep inside my cunt"

I wait, feeling your pussy tighten, and your eyes glaze.

"I am going to cum" you scream "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk!!!"

My mind blows and my seed spews out deep in you, coating your pussy and the feeling gets sloppier as I slowly withdraw. You kiss me deeply, and I collapse beside you holding you close. Exhausted we fall into a deep sleep.
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