I was having lunch at the 9th street tavern enjoying the sun and the cool breeze. I had time to kill before going to what promised to be yet another boring meeting. Two ladies came in and sat down at the table next to mine. They were both attractive and I made brief eye contact with the blonde and smiled. I went back to my newspaper but couldn't help overhear their conversation.

From what I could gather they got together once a week for lunch and loved to share their week with each other. They were both in relationships but the one was seeing someone else on the side. I felt guilty hearing this, but I'd always wondered how women talked about this kind of thing. The blonde was paying rapt attention to what the other one had to say. Her "side guy" was apparently very attentive and romantic. They'd taken one afternoon and gone on a picnic in a secluded place and had made love on a quilt under an oak tree. The blonde, whose name turned out to be Sandy, smiled and said "That sounds hot". I smiled and thought to myself " yes it does". The other woman, who the blonde called Cynthia, went on, giggling at times "we tried every position imaginable. He just couldn't get enough!" Chuckling she added "Neither could I!""

I started to form a visual image in my mind of what had gone on. Picturing Cynthia who was a very pretty brunette, on a quilt beneath the trees. Now and then I couldn't help myself and looked over at the two and made eye contact with the blonde, Sandy and smiled. I was a little embarrassed and I'm sure Sandy knew I was listening. She had this cute knowing grin on her face. She kept the conversation going, not in great detail, but enough to be very exciting.

I ordered another iced tea and smiled as the afternoon unfolded. Cynthia had tried things that she never thought she would. She told Sandy that he made her feel like no one ever had. They weren't concerned with noise because they were alone in the woods. I felt a stirring as my mind went there too. I began to picture Sandy on a blanket under a big oak tree. It must have been evident in my eyes because the next time we made contact she blushed.

The way Sandy responded to Cynthia's descriptions made me wonder if she was missing something as well. She kept asking questions like what it was like having two men in her life? Did she compare the two in bed or out? Did she think about one while you know... with the other? Cynthia said that her relationship guy, Phil, wasn't very adventurous, but her other guy Matt, was. Then said "Matt was the first guy to ever to... ummmmm go down on me. I'll never be the same" then she giggled. "Oh my God!!!!" Sandy replied. "Really?" Cynthia said "YES! It was incredible!"

Sandy squirmed in her chair and crossed her legs yet again. I looked over at Sandy again. I had this beautiful picture in my head of her on the blanket and me kissing my way up her creamy thigh. Sandy was biting her lower lip as Cynthia went on. "We did it three times!!" Sandy closed her eyes and said "ooooooooh. That must be heaven!" I had to quit this line of thought before I lost all track of time! Sandy asked Cynthia if she returned the favor. I think that might have been for my benefit. I heard Cynthia say "Oh yeah!"

The waiter brought my bill and I gave him my card. I asked for one last glass of tea. I looked over at Sandy again. She was blushing and still biting her lip when our eyes met. She was twirling a lock of her hair, one of the most feminine things I can think of. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I started to stand up but then remembered I had some more tea. I could finish that and let my obvious arousal calm down a bit. That was all but impossible. Sandy's sundress had ridden up and her bare tan legs and sandals captivated me. Even the red polish on her toenails caught my eye. I thought about just pouring the tea over my head but I thought better of it. I doubt it would work. I smiled and looked away, finishing my tea. I looked back over and Sandy's blue eyes were looking at me. I wondered if she was having some of the same thoughts as I was.

I could put it off no longer. On a whim, I wrote the name of my hotel on the back of my business card and left it on the table. It was a gamble, but you never know. I stood up and cast one last look to Sandy and smiled. I walked down the street to my meeting. I found a spot toward the end of the table and settled in for the afternoon. My mind kept wandering back to the blanket under the tree. The way the sun washed over Sandy's shoulders, and the way her legs shined beneath the table. Her fingernails and toenails matched. The way her breasts swelled under the sundress. I pictured her holding my hand walking through the shade of the oaks. I wondered what she would look like with the dress on the ground around her ankles, wearing just the gold ankle bracelet. i had to keep snapping back to the meeting so that I could answer a question if asked. It was difficult to concentrate.

She was wearing white lace panties under the sundress. There was no bra. Sandy's skin was visible through the lace. I felt a shiver as she slid them down over her hips. I took my shirt off and then my pants so that we were soon both naked under the oak tree. she bit her lip and looked at me. Steve? Steve? My mind snapped back to reality "Huh?
What? Oh. Sorry... What was the question? Sorry" I fielded the question and promised to pay attention.

I pictured Sandy getting ready to leave and seeing the card I left on the table and picking it up. The next thing I knew I was in my hotel room with my feet up and my phone chirped with a new text. "Hello. We kind of met at the 9th Street Tavern today." I answered back... "Was that you in the sundress?" She wrote back "Yes that was me". I flashed back to her blonde hair in the sunlight. "Nice to meet you Sandy" I texted. "How did you know my name?" she asked. I texted back "Sorry, I heard Cynthia call you that." "Ummmmm... How much did you hear?" She wrote. "I wasn't trying to eavesdrop but I couldn't help but overhear quite a bit" I typed. There was a long silence, then she texted "Oh". I snapped back to the meeting. Luckily I hadn't missed much.

I focused on some figures and graphs for at least ten minutes. I presented my piece of the presentation and was finished with my part of the meeting. I had to sit through the rest of the discussion, which seemed to take all day long. I thought about the way Sandy's mouth looked as she bit her lip and looked over at me when Cynthia was talking about her lover. The way her eyes spoke to me. Was it my imagination and hearing Cynthia talk about her lover going down on her that made me see the want in her eyes?

Those same eyes looking up at me as she lay back on the quilt. The tan lines on her waist and her breasts were faint but enough to excite me even further. Sandy cupped and squeezed her breasts as I knelt at her feet. I kissed my way up from her ankle to her knee and then the inside of her thigh. A sigh escaped her lips and then a soft moan as I kissed my way farther up her leg. She lifted her left knee and I kissed her hip and then that magic spot between her hip, thigh and tummy. I could feel her nails caressing the back of my head as my tongue found her swelling lips. I looked up and I could see her arms reaching down to my head. Sandy was shaved smooth... No... There was a small trimmed tuft just above her lips. Her bud was swollen and glistening as I took it in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it.

Sandy lifted her hips and began to move them under me. She raised her other knee, creating the perfect cradle for my head. I parted her lips with my tongue and tasting the salty tang, I slipped it inside her. Her fingernails dug deeper as I reached something deep within perhaps some craving that for so long frustrated her. I sucked one of her lips and gently tugged at it, then lightly bit down on the hard sweet knob at the top. She jumped a little and began to shake. I moved my tongue around it. Circling, lapping and pressing, I slipped it inside her again and ran it over her soft flesh again and again.

Sandy's excitement mounted. Her hips began to twist and rise. Her grip on my head tightened and she ran her fingers through my hair. Sandy's moans became louder and seemed to echo in the quiet of the woods. She pressed herself up against my mouth one final time as her whole body began to shake and pulled me to her. Sandy screamed as she shouted her release. I could feel the heat against my face as she came again and again. I couldn't stop. I wanted her to savor this moment and I wanted to make it last as long as possible.

I suddenly realized that the meeting was breaking up. My erection was tenting my pants and I hope no one noticed the bulge in my khakis. This could have gone on and been much worse. I gathered my portfolio and my papers. I held my jacket in front of me and stood up. I shook hands with the other people there and left, heading back to my hotel. I didn't fly out until late the next day. I wasn't terribly hungry but wanted a drink.

I looked at the outdoor tables as I passed the 9th street tavern. The table where they sat was empty. I wondered if she saw my card. I wondered if she saw the want in my eyes like I saw it in hers. I wondered if it was my imagination striking again. I smiled as I walked on by. I saw Sandy sitting there in the late afternoon sun. Sipping on a glass of wine. Her legs were crossed and she smiled at me as I walked by. The sun bathed her shoulders and highlighted her hair. Her image faded as I rounded the corner, but I knew I'd be seeing her for a long time to come.

I got back to my hotel and dropped my stuff off in my room. I went down to the bar and ordered a scotch. I smiled again as Sandy appeared in my mind again. This time she walked in and sat down beside me. She was wearing a black dress and black heels. Her jewelry consisted of a simple but elegant strand of pearls around her neck. The bartender brought my drink and I switched my reverie to Sandy and Cynthia in the outdoor cafe again. Cynthia was talking about how her lover pleasured her yet again. This time, Sandy's eyes were shining as she listened. The smile on her face gave Cynthia pause. "What?" She asked. "You have a look on your face that's different". Sandy grinned. "I met someone." Cynthia was shocked "NO!! YOU?" Sandy was smiling "Mmm Hmmm. I did. We went out to the woods just out of town. He was terrific."

Cynthia was speechless. "Who is he? An old friend?" Sandy couldn't hold back "No, I met him after we were here the other day. He left his card on the table and I took it and texted him." Cynthia gasped. "You didn't!!" Sandy said "Yes I did! And he asked me out on a picnic". Cynthia smiled "Did you ummm ... Did he?" Sandy said "Oh yeah! Did he ever! I'm surprised you didn't hear me screaming from your house!" then she laughed. Both women were flushed with excitement from the telling. Now they each had a story to tell.

Sandy walked into the bar. The black dress offset her blonde hair nicely. She sat on the barstool next to me and crossed her legs. Her dress rode up just enough to reveal the lace tops of her stockings. Her black heel dangled from her foot. She sipped at the white wine in front of her and her eyes danced as we talked. She told me about her friend who had a lover. I invited her to come up to my room and she playfully asked "Why?" I grinned and asked if she had other plans tonight. "Maybe. It depends on what you're offering."

I smiled back and said "Just me and a picnic. I have a free day tomorrow if you'd like to go with me. Do you know of a good place?" Sandy remembered Cynthia's story from earlier and said "I know just the spot. You seem nice... and different. I can't stay, I just wanted to meet you." Not even for a little while? I asked. "Well" she grinned "Maybe for a little bit". My drink was empty and I interrupted my daydream long enough to get another. "Damn!" I thought "Those eyes are going to give me a permanent hard on!"

We walked up to my room. I unlocked the door and held it open for Sandy. She walked in and tossed her purse onto the couch inside the door. She turned to face me and I stepped closer. Our eyes met and then we kissed. She melted into my arms and I pulled her closer. I felt her breasts press into me and then her tummy was warm against my hardening cock. Her kiss was tentative at first. Her hands went up and she ran her fingers through my hair as her kiss became more passionate. I kissed her hungrily and ran my hands up and down her back. I lifted the back of her dress feeling the soft silk of her stockings and then the smooth skin above. She broke off the kiss and looked at me.

Sandy smiled and reached down and unbuckled my belt. I ran both hands up her legs and onto her hips. She bit her lower lip and unzipped me. I reached up and unzipped the back of her dress and then slid it off her shoulders. Sandy was wearing matching black lace panties and bra. The dress dropped to her ankles and she stepped out of it. We kissed again and I unhooked the bra behind her. "Sir? Sir? Would you like another? It was the bartender. "Huh? Uhhh. I probably shouldn't. Thanks anyway." I paid my tab, tipped the bartender, then got up and walked back up to my room.

In the elevator, I caught the lingering scent of perfume. I wondered what kind Sandy wore. I got out on my floor, walked down to my room and went inside. The sun had already set but the city lights sparkled in the remaining twilight. I kicked off my shoes and placed my chair but the window and propped my feet up on the ledge. Sandy blushed as I slipped her bra off over her shoulders. She looked up at me as I dropped it on the floor and cupped her breasts. She bit her lip but smiled as I teased her nipples with my thumbs. We kissed again. I squatted down in front of her and kissed her tummy above the waistband of her panties then pulled them down over her hips.

She stepped out of them as they fell to her ankles. I stood up and took my pants off as she unbuttoned my shirt. The pearls draped exquisitely over her left breast. Her lace-topped stockings perfectly framed her trimmed pussy. I caressed her swelling lips, teasing the soft wet ridges and folds. Sandy reached down and touched the head of my cock with her fingers, then ran her fingernail up the full length.

We walked over to the mirror. Sandy was in front of me, my cock pressing against her bottom. I slid a hand down her belly and ran my fingers over her carefully trimmed strip. My other hand gently squeezed her breast as we both watched. I slipped a finger between her lips and then inside her. She moved her legs apart as I slipped a second finger inside. I could feel her fingers in my hair as I kissed her neck and ear. She was pushing back against me and then reached back to grab my cock and stroke it. I rubbed her bud with my fingers and then lightly pinched it.

Sandy stroked my cock and ran her thumb over the tip getting it wet. I put my hand on her hip and gently pushed her shoulder. Sandy bent over and gripped the edge of a chair. Our eyes met in the mirror as I held my cock and teased her pussy with it. I smiled and asked "Ready?" She moaned and said "Oh yessssssss!" I parted her lips with my cock and slipped inside her, my hands holding her hips. She briefly closed her eyes as I slipped deeper and then pulled back before thrusting slowly again.

Sandy's eyes burned a hole in me as we looked at each other in the mirror. Her breasts were swaying in time to my thrusts. She was white hot inside and squeezing me tightly as I pulled back and pushed all the way in. We were both moaning and sweating as I began to thrust harder and faster. My grip on Sandy's hips grew tighter and her moans got louder. "My god you're hot!" I managed to say.

My phone chirped right then. It brought me back to real life I was hard as a rock and sweating. I picked it up and saw that it was a text from strange but local number.

It said "Hi, I've never done this before, but we kind of met today."
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