Electra Island- Mothers Day Marriage between Mother and Son
DISCLAIMER: This is an erotic fantasy and does in no way condone such behavior in real life!

On Electra Island, a closed community off the coast of Tijuana, incestuous relations-including marriage- are not only legal, but encouraged. Here are some stories from life on the island.

On Mothers Day, Darla Mouthino-Alder stood at the altar, holding her grooms hand. At 48, she still had a splendid figure, with large breasts, a curvy and voluptuous figure, and long legs with dainty feet. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a transparent white wedding gown which showed off her cleavage and emphasized her stunning figure.

Holding her hand was her son, Jason. At 18, he was a well built teenager, with black hair, although barely visible given his crew cut. He had muscular arms and chest as well, a combination of good genes as well as regular exercise.

Mother and son had wanted each other for years, but had decided to wait until the latter was 18 to consumate their love for each other.

The disembodied voice of a priestess behind them(Electra Island's religion was revived Greek paganism, which sanctioned such matrimonies) declared 'By the power of the goddess Hera, I know pronounce you man and wife. You may now mount the bride'.

With a flourish, Darla discarded her skimpy bridal robe, now standing entirely naked. She sauntered over to a square stone platform, where she lay on her back and opened her legs. Jason quickly disrobed as well.

It was customary for a wedded couple on Electra Island to mate during the marriage ceremony, in full view of all those in attendance.

Jason wasted no time in sidling up between his mother-brides legs, sliding his large and already aroused cock into his mother's pussy. Darla was so aroused in anticipation that her pussy was already dripping wet, and her sons cock pushed in easily.

Darla wrapped her legs around her son, her dainty feet gently pushing into his back, urging him on. Jason began to pivot into his mother slowly, then he quickened his pace as his mother-brides increasing cries of lust spurred him on to pound her harder and harder.

"mmmmm....oh yes son....I am now your wife....fuck your mommy wife....fuck me as hard and as often as you want, my big strong handsome husband-son, I'm all yours!"

"Uhhhh oh mommy, I have wanted to use you like this for so long, I cannot believe you are all mine now!"

"Ohhh baby breed me, cum inside me, give me a child! Give me another hung stud like you I can fuck!"

These words spurred Jason to pound his mother's cunt with almost animalistic fury. He was almost balls deep inside her now, ramming her over and over again. Such an unholy and taboo matrimony, yet it felt so pleasurable and so right!

With a savage grunt and a cry of 'OHHHH MOMMY' Jason proceeding to shoot great ropes of cum into his new brides eager and willing matronly womb. The same womb that he had come out of 18 years before, he had now returned to in triumph.

The temple resounded with the echoes of flesh slapping against flesh, and the audience could not help but start to get sexually aroused themselves. Fathers began to rub the young inviting pussies of their daughters, uncles of their nieces, and aunts the cocks of their nephews. Many could not control themselves much longer, and didn't have to, for in this society such urges were not criminal or socially stigmatized. For this reason wedding ceremonies frequently turned into incestuous orgies.

To be Continued.....
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