Elicit Behavior
It started out as a innocent conversation during a date and turned in a night I won't soon forget. Stephen and I have always talked about having sex while someone watched us but really never thought about arranging any thing. One night while out for few drinks he said he wanted to do something for my birthday, something really different. I agreed, he said he would plan something as a surprise, at any time I could stop if I wasn't comfortable but he would not explain any further what the surprise would be, trust me he said. It began with a visit to the local Victoria Secrets for some new lingerie, hum this seems like it's going to be fun I thought, I can't imagine what he might have in mind.

For the next few days I could not stop thinking about what might take place, it seems Stephen came up this idea while we were discussing the idea of being watch during a sexual encounter. I was certainly nervous over the prospect of this and didn't think he would actually consider it. I would not press him on the issue and just wait to see what happens. After all he said I could stop if at any time I was uncomfortable.

It was Saturday when Stephen called in the afternoon and said to be ready for 7 as he was taking me out to dinner for my birthday, he reminded me to dress in the new lingerie I had bought. The nervous energy began to rumble throughout my body the moment I hung up the phone. I slid my hand down my pants and gently rubbed my clit in anticipation of what was to come. I hurried to shower and quickly dressed in the new lingerie, covered it with a white low cut blouse and skirt that was just a bit too short, thinking out loud I was hoping we were not going anyplace where I may be recognized.

Stephen arrive and we were off to our destination, a place I had not been give the pleasure of knowing yet. I noticed that Stephen had brought a small bag with him and placed it the rear seat of the car, when I asked what was in the bag he said never mind, it's just something you will have the chance to use later if you so desire. During the ride I kept teasing Stephen by putting my legs up on the dash and pulling my skirt up to my waist, he tried to pretend he wasn't watching but I could tell he was getting excited casually glancing at what I was doing. We pulled into the Courtyard by Marriott, oh... Nice I whispered, really nice. We quickly checked into our room and wasted no time heading back down to the lounge, what's the hurry I asked, don't you want to play a little before going for a drink I asked? No he replied we don't have time. Oh, do we have reservations I asked, ya sort of he replied with a smirk on his face.

Arriving at the lounge there were a few gentlemen already seated there, I notice there eyes glued to me as Stephen pulled out the bar stool, I jumped up settling in with my skirt rising quite high up my thighs. We ordered drinks and began with the small talk, so what do you have in store for me I asked? Quickly he changed the subject saying only that I would find out soon enough. The savage stare from the gentlemen at the bar made me a bit nervous but at the same time a bit excited, knowing in their minds what they were thinking. Suddenly Stephen turned around motion to someone with a wave, it was his friend Jay along with David and a women I had never met before, hey guys I'm glad you could make it, What on earth are they doing here I was thinking to my self, was this part of the plan? They all sat at the bar as I was introduced to the women, Kerrie, her name was Kerrie.

Almost immediately David started telling me how hot and sexy I looked! turning to Kerrie and asking her, what would you do with her if you could have her, where would start? The sexual inuendoes kept coming as fast as the drinks. Everyone seemed to know something I did not and it was making me a bit nervous and anxious. Unexpectedly Stephen, Dave and Kerrie got up, as I started to step down from my seat Stephen motioned to me, no no he said you stay just for a moment with Jay, I'm going to see them out and I'll be right back.
After 20 minutes passed Jay suggested we go to the room and see if we could find them, absolutely I agreed as the alcohol was having its effects on me.
As we got the door Jay took the lead And stopped me from knocking on the door, he pulled a room key from his pocket and slid it into the slot opening the door very slowly looking in side, there not in here he said, what I found strange is the fact that Jay had key, I followed Jay into the room with a bit of apprehension not knowing if this was in some way part of the surprise. There was a chair placed in the middle of room facing a sofa that was located against the wall.

Jay walked over to the end table next to the bed and opened the top draw pulling out the bag that Stephen had brought openning it slowly he pulled out out a blind fold and tossed it to the bed, next a set of hand cuffs and a Small blanket along with a note, staring at me with anticipation as what I was going to do Jay began reading the note slowly and softly. Tell Sam she must sit in the chair and allow you to place the handcuffs around her wrist and secure them securely to the arms of the chair, now I was really beginning to think Stephen had lost his mind. I know he would never make me do anything I did not want to do. As scary as it seemed I sat in the chair, the look on Jays face was priceless. I don't think he expected me to do it.
I sat comfortably with my hands on the arms of the chair as Jay cuffed my wrist to the arms, after securing my arms he continued to read the note that explained how he was to tie the blindfold around my head making certain I could not see and then leave the room promptly.
After Jay was finished from what seemed like hours as I sat there with the feeling that someone was staring at me. I heard the door to the room open and then shut.

I could hear that someone was still in the room. Either Jay did not leave or someone else had come in. The thought of not knowing made me very nervous. No words were said for several minutes. I could hear what seemed liked people arranging them selfs on the sofa in front me. I starting getting scared but remembered what Stephen had told me. If you ever do not want to continue you just have to say so. There was a secret stop phrase I was suppose to say and he would stop everything. I tugged at my hands forgetting that they were secured to arms of the chair. I began to think about saying the words but they would not come out of my mouth. I was beginning to get very excited against my will at this point thinking about what was to come next knowing I could stop at time is what kept me from not wanting to quit, at least not yet.

After several minutes of people rustling about it turned quiet. I felt the buttons of my blouse being slightly tugged at, startled by this action I jumped quickly to realized my hands were still fasten to the arms of the chair. I began to say the words but quickly bit my lip, as two then three buttons of my blouse were unfastened. My body was beginning to feel sexually aroused as I sat cuffed to the chair while someone unbuttoned my blouse. Sam, I hope your enjoying this as much as I am. It was Kerrie, I just want you to know where all here, Stephen Dan and Jay, they are all here watching me. I'm going to undress you unless you want me to stop. You know what to say. My mouth seemed paralyzed. I could hardly breath never mind speak.
Suddenly I felt Kerrie's hand slip gently inside of my bra, softly caressing my breast. My breathing became shallow and rapid with Kerrie's hand rubbing against my breast and the fact that my husband and two of his friends were there watching the entire event unfold only feet away from where I was sitting.
Kerrie removed her hand continuing with the rest of the buttons on my blouse completely exposing my upper body to the three men. Kerrie turn her attention to my inner thighs gently rubbing and caressing moving her hand closer and closer to my love spot with every stroke. I tried hard to keep my legs close together and my skirt from ridding up my legs but it proved impossible.

Kerrie lean close to my ear and whispered very softly, there all jerking their cocks Sam, their cocks are so hard and their stroking them as they watch me.
Kerrie walked around the back side of the chair and without hesitation unfastened the latch to my sexy bra leaving my breast exposed for the men to see, I could feel the wetness building in my slit with every passing second. I knew soon it would visible on my panties. Kerrie wasted no time continuing her assault on my legs that were aching with sexual desire. I tried to keep my legs together as Kerrie attempted to push them apart gently with one hand. I didn't want the men to see the moistness that I new had formed on my panties. No Kerrie whispered, don't be ashamed. Her hand slid up my thigh resting against my panties rubbing gently against the wetness. Oh my she whispered. She is so wet and very hot. I gasped as she applied pressure to my soaked mound slipping one finger beneath my panties carefully not allowing any penetration. I squirmed and arched nearly cumming at one point before catching my breath.

Kerrie left for a brief moment returning only to push my legs apart with her hands as she grasped the edge of my panties and cut them at both sides letting them drop to the chair. My now exposed soaking wet slit could be seen by the three men. She then unfastened the cuffs and took me by the hand guiding me to the edge of the bed. A slight push knocked me to the bed face down as she shouted stay there, don't you move. I felt the weight of the bed shift as she crawled up beside me. Kerrie slowly pulled my skirt up my hips and whispered in my ear. Lift your but up honey, I'm going to let one of the men fuck you, which one she asked? do you want your husband or one of his friends to fuck you? come on, answer me she shouted or I'll have to decide for you.

I tried to shout out yes my husband, please, please, but nothing came out of my mouth. My body ached from for an orgasm from all of the teasing, I was on the edge and Kerrie knew it. Gently I felt her soft hands caressing my inner thighs. Her hands gentle running up and down my thighs brushing slightly against the moistness that was now expelling from my slit.
Spreading my butt cheeks her fingers played around my anal cavity. My hips began to uncontrollably rise and fall to her advances.
As one finger slid slightly into my ass I began to cum and lose control. She quickly removed it. Oh she's ready for a good fucking she shouted. I presume to the men. Gently Kerrie pulled my but cheeks apart and whispered, come on who's first? who's going to be first to put there hard cock in this tight little pussy. What ever my desires were in agreeing to this were certainly met already and I had thoughts of stopping at this point but those were quickly relinquished as some one crawled up on to the bed and straddled me. Kerrie threw a small soft blanket over my head to be certain I could not see anything.

I felt a very stiff hard cock gently rubbing and brushing around my opening while Kerrie held my but cheeks apart. Oh god I wanted it so bad. I wanted that stiff cock to slam through my opening so bad. I was nearly shaking with anticipation. Suddenly I felt the head break through slightly. Is this my husband I thought, yes I know it is, he wouldn't let anyone else fuck me, I began to push upward hard as the entire length of the cock entered me, OMG I shouted, oh fuck as I drove my ass upwards and began to cum, my pussy pulsated with a violent orgasm that shook me from head to toe. It seemed like it lasted for an hour. The man withdrew and I felt the bed shake. Soon I was straddled again and fucked violently. I was screaming with pleasure as the cock pushed deeply inside me. Fast then slow, hard then soft, I could not stop cumming. I tried to regain my senses when a load of cum drench my naked ass.

The blanket was pulled from my head and the blindfold removed, I was embarrassed to open my I eyes but I did and saw no one. There was no one there. Just my husband. I fell back to the bed as I began to asked, was it just you? was it only you that fucked me. I couldn't get the words from my mouth, I didn't want to know.

To be continued...

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