Ellen and Her Magical Daughter
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and pregnancy. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read. Its weird, but it's also hot.

***NOTICE AGAIN*** This is continued from my story "Jenny and Her Magical Mom". This would be Part 4 in that series.

***ONE MORE NOTICE*** Your comments/ratings feed this story. If you want it to continue, you have to let me know! ;)

Ellen's black heels clacked on the hardwood floor of her kitchen as she walked over the coffee maker to get her finished coffee. In her black business suit, the woman of 45 years was getting read to go to work after having stayed up a bit too late the night before. Ellen was a very average looking woman; average chest, avery build, nothing too special about her that would turn any heads. Yet as Ellen grabbed her cup of coffee and prepared to drink, she remembered what she had done the night before ... smiling for the world outside the walls of her house did not know her secret or her perversions.

The single mother of one had a lovely, 18 year-old teenage daughter named Jenny ... and last night Ellen had fucked her teenage daughter in her own bedroom. Last night, the woman who worked a desk job in a corporate office had enjoyed incestuous lesbian sex with her own teenage daughter for the very first time, and as she sipped her coffee, she knew it would not be the last. Yet the incestuous lesbian sex that took place in her home was not her biggest secret her home contained. There were far greater things going on in Ellen's home that her neighbors knew about, and it was to stay that way. Yet, in her kitchen ... the secret could be and would be revealed before Ellen could leave that morning.

Ellen took her morning coffee between her fingers, took a sip, and turned to walk out of her kitchen. Yet, as she turned, she noticed that there was a glowing, white, aura at the other end of the kitchen. It was like a vapor of light whipping about as if a cloud of light had entered her kitchen and simply haunted the doorway leading to the living room. Ellen lowered her cup of coffee from her lips, wondering what this strange, ghostly light was. She only had to wait a few moments for this ball of light began to become more defined, forming arms, legs, and a face of pure light. Still standing in her black heels and her business suit, Ellen waited for this glowing light to take shape. Hands grew fingers. Feet grew toes. A head grew a face. Breasts grew nipples. Finally, the light began to dim, leaving behind a teenage girl who was dressed in nothing more than a very sheer, white, flowery nighty. Ellen could see this girl's giant, round nipples atop her full, firm, gargantuan 32HHH breasts. She could see her tiny belly button centered among her tight, teenage tummy. She could see her shaven pussy though the satin fabric. She could see diamonds hanging from this blonde girl's ears and neck. She could see that, as this girl's eyes finally opened, that this teenager who had simply materialized in her kitchen was none other than her own daughter Jenny. Jenny opened her eyes and looked up to her mom, happy to have caught her before work.

Jenny, Ellen's own teenage daughter of just 18, was a powerful sorceress.

"Hi mommy!" Jenny said coyly, placing her fingernail between her teeth while standing before her other in angelic lingerie. Her giant breasts stressed the top of her nighty as her nipples tried to cut right through the fabric. Her cleavage pulled at tiny white straps that clung to her neck. Barefoot and unashamed, Jenny rubbed her knees together and waited for her mom to approve of her outfit. "Do you like my new tits?"

"Yes, honey. They are very big." Ellen said, not at all shocked that her daughter had magically appeared before her. "Now shrink them down to a more normal size. You better get dressed. You'll be late for school."

Ellen then grabbed her coffee cup again and walked towards her daughter as she prepared to leave for work. She didn't slow down as she literally walked through her daughter, causing her daughter's body to burst like fog around her. Ellen continued to walk into the living room as the fog that was her daughter pulled itself back together, reforming the nearly naked teenager in the white lingerie. Jenny frowned as her mom walked into the living room, leaving her standing with her bare butt peaking out the bottom of her nighty. In a much faster fashion than she had done before, Jenny vanished from where she stood and reappeared instantly standing in front of her mom yet again. She stood in front of the door that lead outside, trying to keep her mom from leaving for work.

"Why do I have to go to school, mom?" Jenny asked. "It seems so stupid now that I'm so powerful."

"You need to hide your powers, sweetie. And your tits. Outside of this house ... you need to pretend you can't do all these things. Teleporting. Making your breasts so big. People won't understand. Now I have to go to work and you have to go to school."

"Well, you're not going to get to work with no clothes on, are you mommy?" Jenny giggled, and she pointed her finger at her mom's business suit.

With a mere point of her finger, Jenny's mom's clothes vanished one piece at a time. Her black skirt, black coat, and white button up shirt all faded into oblivion. Ellen looked down at herself as her panties turned to black dust, falling to the carpet and leaving her shaven pussy exposed. Her black bra popped right off of her 34D breasts and slid down her arms, falling to the ground before her. In just her black heels and black stockings, Ellen stood before her eighteen year-old daughter with nothing to hide her bare breasts or her lovely pussy.

"Come on, mommy." Jenny begged, tossing her hands back against the front door and rubbing her body up and down. The teenager's giant 32HHH breasts were about to rip out of her nighty and dance before her mom's eyes as she pressed her ass back against the wood door. "Let's fuck again. Let's get nasty and cum all over the house."

"How did you get so ... so powerful so fast?" Ellen asked, startled that her daughter was so magical.

"I stopped time while you were sleeping. I've been figuring out my magical powers for over two months now ... all while the world has been frozen in time. To you it may have been just 10 hours since last night, but it has been almost 10 weeks for me. Look how horny I am."

Even though Jenny's hands were still back against the wood door, the front of her nighty lifted up to show her mom her shaven pussy. Jenny exposed her pussy to her mom by using her new telekinetic powers, holding her nighty up with her mind as the two girls looked on. Jenny looked down between her mighty breasts at her teenage lips, smiling as her cute clit started to grow. Naked before her daughter, Ellen stood by and watched as her daughter's clit grew larger and larger in just a few seconds, growing from just a little nub to a 13" penis. Complete with a thick head, hearty, veins, and two tennis-ball size testicles, Ellen's busty little girl had clearly grown a cock between her legs just by thinking it. As her cock reached 15" in length, Jenny shot a load of white cum from her tip onto the carpet between herself and her mom. She quickly came after having grown a cock, letting her mom know she could not only grow a penis but that she was eager to put it somewhere tight and wet.

"I wanna fuck you so bad, mom." Jenny said as her cock stiffened under her nighty. "Let me ram my dick inside your wet pussy. Let your daughter get you pregnant with her magical cum!"

Ellen, standing with her naked, mature body, complete with sagging 34D breasts, stretch marks, and less than perfect thighs, looked down at her daughter's cock as it dripped with cum. Falling for her daughter's exceptionally sexual and sexy body, the older woman threw her head downward, tossing her hair over her face as she stood in her heels and stockings. It was as she threw her hair back again, tossing it down her back, that she was a mature mother no more. Her saggy 34D breasts were now 34JJ mountains firmness and perfection. Her flabby abs were now hard, toned, and tight. Her hips were smooth. Her pussy was clean. Her black hair shimmered like she had just appeared in a shampoo commercial. Her smile was cover-girl glamour. She was sensational. She was glamourous. She was easily ten years younger than she was a second ago. She was no longer Jenny's mom; the office worker. She was Jenny's mom; the immortal, sexual, gorgeous sorceress of exceptional magical powers just like her daughter.

Jenny and Ellen were both magical girls and the world outside their home had no idea. They had no idea they were gorgeous. They had no idea they could grow giant cocks. They had no idea that this mother and daughter pair were not only madly in love with each other, but also married to one another in incestuous wedlock.

Still in just her heels and stockings, the perfect Ellen turned around and showed her daughter her fantastic, bare ass. She placed her hands upon the back of the couch, spread her legs for her daughter, and then tossed her shimmering hair back over her shoulder so she could look back at her blonde daughter in the white nighty. She looked down at her daughter's cock, licked her lips, then locked her eyes upon her young lover's.

"Come fuck your mommy then." Ellen said, shaking her ass ever so softly back and forth. "Come fuck your mommy's asshole with your giant cock, sweetie. Fill her with your cum. She needs it bad."

Jenny bit her lower lip and walked slowly toward's her mother's tight as, in awe of her quickly her mom and used her own magical powers to rid herself of her plain disguise and morph her body into a sexual goddess with giant breasts, tight abs, and a firm ass that was better than any of the teenager cheerleaders at Jenny's high school. Her mom was easily a foot taller than her, which made it hard for Jenny to fuck her mom from behind. Yet, the teenager pulled at her mom's thighs, running her hands over her mom's bare ass as her giant cock pushed against her mom's asshole. She teased her mom with her cock watching as her mom moaned and smiled at the mere sensation of her daughter's cock touching her ass. Jenny was quite shocked as her mom's ass seemed to open wider and pull her dick inside, swallowing up her cock and ripping her enter body tightly against her. Despite all the practice Jenny had gotten with her magic after having paused reality to learn, she was still not as talented as her mother. Her mom's ass pulled her cock in deep, forcing all 15" of her dick to come inside and fill her up.

"That's a good girl." Ellen moaned as she felt her daughter thighs bounce against her tight ass, feeling her daughter's huge cock burrow deep inside her asshole. "That's what your mommy needs. Fuck her ass hard baby. Show me what a great wife you will be."

"Fuck!" Jenny moaned as her dick finally got to get inside her mom. "Oh fuck is your ass tight, mommy."

"Just for your dick, sweetie." Ellen moaned, pushing down on her teenage daughter's giant dick. "Oh fuck I've been waiting 18 years for you to fuck my ass."

The cute blonde teenager with the bouncing, 32HHH breasts fucked her mom's ass from behind as hard as she could, calling out "Oh Mommy! Yes. Fuck!" over and over again as she drilled her from behind. Ellen let her cute daughter fuck her ass, pushing back against her young body as her own gargantuan breasts flopped about. Ellen moaned back at her lovely daughter, amazed at how thick and hard her 15" cock was as it pounded her asshole. She grabbed her own massive tits and pinched her nipples, causing milk to spray from her breasts and non to the carpet below.

"Oh god, sweetie. More! Harder! Fuck your mommy's ass with your huge dick!"

Still moaning as her daughter fucked her ass from behind with her giant cock, Ellen reached between her own legs and started to finger herself. She fucked her own pussy while her daughter fucked her ass, but that wasn't exactly what she wanted. As Ellen played with her pussy lips, her clit began to grow as well. She grabbed her 4" clit with her hand, and started to jerk it like a little cock. As she jerked herself and pushed back against her daughter's thickness, Ellen's clit turned into a cock as well, quickly growing a tip of its own as it grew to 8" long. She jerked herself off with one hand while her daughter fucked her asshole, each jerk adding an inch to her new dick. Before Ellen knew it, her cock was over two-feet long. Before she realized it, she was shooting cum from her cock onto the floor, blasting white jizz while her daughter pulled her back onto her own dick. Jenny fucked her mom's ass as hard as she could with her new cock while her mom jerked herself off, shooting load after load of cum onto the carpet in front of her black heels.

"That's so fucking hot, mom!" Jenny cried out as she pulled her mom back against her cock. "Jerk off for me. Cum harder. More!"

"Fuck yes! Fuck your mommy's asshole!" Ellen screamed back at her daughter as she sprayed cum across the room, coating the television, the picture frames, and the coffee table in front of her. "Your cock is so big, sweetie! So thick!"

"Oh god yes, mommy!" Jenny screamed. "Fuck! I'm gonnna cum!"

"Yes! Fuck yes! Fill my ass with your cum, honey. Fill you're mommy's ass with magic."

Unable to control herself any longer, Jenny shot a load of her cum in her mom's asshole, blasting her magic from her giant cock. The force blasted into Ellen, causing her own cock to explode with cum that shot across the room and coated the walls. Load after load of her daughter's mighty cum filled Ellen's ass. She continued to jerk her own cock as she held herself up on the couch, losing balance as her teenage daughter continued to thrust up inside her. As her daughter's cum filled her asshole, Ellen brought her own cock to her lips to drink, swallowing her own cum as her giant cock rested between her epic breasts. She continued to stroke her massive cock, forcing cum down her own throat at a frantic pace. As her daughter's cum filled up her ass and dripped down her thighs, cum also burst from her lips for she was cumming faster than she could drink.

"Yeeeeessss!!!!" Ellen screamed, allowing her own cum to spray her in the face as it exploded from her cock.

Exhausted, Jenny shoved her mom to the ground, pushing her right off of her dick with some kind of superhuman strength. Ellen flopped onto the ground in a splash, landing in a huge puddle of her own cum. As Jenny's dick popped out of her mom's asshole, her dick continued to gush with cum, pouring onto the carpet and coating the ground. Too exhausted to stand, Jenny fell over on the couch, bouncing above her mom as she rested in a puddle on the floor.

"Fuck mom! Fuck your ass is good!" Jenny said, resting on the couch with her cock gushing with cum. She was lost in the moment, dismissing the fact that her giant girly-cock was flowing like a hose and coating the living room carpet, splattering all over the room. She had not stopped cumming, and neither had her mom. Her mom rested on her side in a sticky puddle as cum oozed from her asshole and flowed from her cock, mixing with her daughter's. The living room was a disaster as cum dripped from the furniture, the walls, the television, the lamps, the pictures of Ellen and Jenny together before they embraced their magical powers and started fucking each other with their giant cocks.

"Damn, baby." Ellen moaned, resting in a puddle of goo. "You were so right ... fuck work."

"I wanna fuck your pussy, mommy." Jenny sighed, stroking her dick and causing it to firm up. "I wanna get you pregnant ... please?"

"God, I would LOVE to have your child, sweetie." Ellen told her daughter. "To have another daughter with one of my daughters again. But another time.

"How many sisters do I have, mom?" Jenny asked, trying to climb off of the massive couch.

"Dozens, honey. The first daughter I had was with another sorceress named Nania. We named her Sarah. Then Sarah got me and Nania both pregnant on her 21st birthday. We gave birth to Helen and Kia. After that ... it was just craziness. I got my daughter Helen pregnant, and she got Sarah pregnant, who in turn got her mom Nania pregnant again. Nania's new child Becca got me pregnant with Kristi ... the list goes on. In fact, I am still married to my daughters Sarah and Kristi, and now you. Unlike humans, for us magical women, a child born out of incest is more advanced, more powerful, more beautiful, and more magical. Which is why I thought I should try fucking myself ... which is how you were made. For now ... I just want us to fuck like crazy. I just want you to come over here and cum all over your mommy's face."

Jenny understood and delicately pushed herself up off of the couch, allowing her cock to knock against her knees as she stood above her mother. She took a step cloister to her mom, grabbed her dick as cum still flowed from the tip and splattered on the sticky carpet. Jenny's cock was now pouring cum like a faucet on her mom's head as she held it in both hands, unloading her liquid magic on her mother. Resting on the carpet in a giant puddle of cum, Ellen tried to catch her breath as cum poured down her face. She didn't care in the slightest that her daughter was standing above her with her dick gushing with magic. It was flowing out at amazing volume, pouring from her giant dick and splashing against her mom's elegant face. It was like the shower head of Ellen's morning shower above her head, only instead of water coming from a spout it was sticky cum rushing from her daughter's cock.

Thirsty for her daughter's magic, Ellen looked into the spray and opened her mouth to let her daughter's cum rain down. She didn't quite swallow her daughter's cum as much as she simply tasted it and let it run down her chin, her neck, and between her giant breasts. Jenny just giggled above her mom, standing above in her nighty while cumming on her face. She loved feeling so powerful over her mother as she stood above and drained her endless cum on her body. The two ladies were in a thick, two inch puddle of cum, cum that covered the living room floor from wall to wall.

Then, much like that same shower head, Jenny's cock stopped cumming for she turned off her orgasm with her powers. Ellen just rested on her side in her heels and stockings, resting in the two-inch-deep puddle of cum that coated her entire living room. Jenny let go of her cock and turned from her exhausted mom, happy to have fucked her ass and cum all over her body. She spun around and let her mom look at her own tight ass as it peeked out through her nighty. She let her mom watch as she walked through the sea of her own cum, walking slowly over to the sliding glass door that led out to the back patio of their house. Basically naked in her transparent nighty and with her cock bouncing back and forth between her knees, Jenny didn't even bother opening the glass door to the backyard, instead slipping her teenage body right through the glass like a ghost. She stepped through the solid glass cock-first, letting her shaft and her breasts merge through the door. As her face, her legs, and her tight ass followed, she embraced the cool air of the morning, feeling the winds upon her sweaty, naked skin under her sheer lingerie.

As her daughter walked through the solid glass door and stepped out in the sunlight of the morning, Ellen picked herself up off of the carpet, watching the goo that covered her naked body try to hold her down. She pulled her massive, two-foot long cock out of the puddle of cum, holding it in her hands like it was her purse and carrying it with her. She felt her daughter's magic in her cum while watching her daughter's ass through the glass door and her sheer nighty. As the naked woman with the large, round, sticky, 34JJ breasts stood up, feeling her daughter's cum still dripping from her asshole and down her thighs, she watched as her daughter spun around, swinging her giant cock and her sheer nighty about as she tossed her mom a smile through the door.

"Follow me, mommy." Ellen heard her daughter say without using her lips. Jenny spoke to her mom telepathically, using her magic to talk instead of her words. "I wanna show you something I made while you were sleeping!"

Then, with a soft bend of her knees and a jump, Ellen watched as her teenager daughter leapt into the air, shooting up into the sky like a superhero. With her white nighty dancing around her thighs and her huge cock dancing around her knees, Jenny flew up into the air with ease, leaving the backyard and her mother behind. In a blur, Ellen teleported from where she stood in her living room to the back lawn, her naked body simply disappearing and reappearing twenty yards away. Still standing in just her black heels and thigh-high black stockings, still with her two-foot-long cock dangling between her firm thighs and banging against her ankles, and still with her gargantuan breasts covered in her daughter's cum, Ellen stood in her backyard and watched as her lovely, teenage daughter flew up into the massive, white clouds above. She watched the lovely blonde in the white nighty get smaller and smaller above her, smiling for she knew her daughter had been flying for months now ... even though she had only unlocked her powers the night before.

Eager to follow, the naked mother, who stood in her heels and stockings in he backyard, bent her knees and jumped into the air as well, shooting off like a missile after her own daughter. She felt the winds rush down her naked body as she looked down at her house below, watching it get smaller and smaller underneath her black heels as the powerful sorceress flew into the clouds like a naked, superhero. All it took was the desire to fly for Ellen and her daughter to do so, defying gravity with ease. The lovely woman held out her arms and let her cock hang freely as she chased after her magical daughter. She soared high over her house and disappeared into the white clouds above, searching for her flying daughter with every intention of fucking her.


What could happen up in the clouds? What kind of zero-gravity sex will Ellen and Jenny enjoy now? Tell me in the comments!

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