Ellen and Her Magical Daughter 2
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. Toss reality out the door. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and pregnancy. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read.

***ONE MORE NOTICE*** Your comments/ratings feed this story. If you want it to continue, you have to let me know! ;)

There was no one around 20,000 feet above suburbia to see Ellen; the gorgeous, obnoxiously busty, naked, dark-haired woman of 45 years, fly up into the clouds like some kind of superhero. With her ravishing face, huge, watermelon-size 34JJ breasts, tight 24" waist, and flowing, shimmering black hair, the beautiful woman flew up into the sky with a smile on her face and nothing but thigh-high black stockings and black stiletto heels on her body. What was probably even more remarkable about this woman other than the fact that she could fly was the fact that she had a huge, thick, 24" cock hanging between her thighs. Yet, Ellen was not a hermaphodite or a transexual. Despite the gigantic penis that hung down past her knees and the tennis-ball-size testicles that were full of sperm, Ellen was 100% woman. She was a mother, an office worker, but also in secret Ellen was a powerful sorceress who happened to be able to grow a cock when she needed one. This obnoxiously busty sorceress with the giant cock could also flew higher and higher with a smile on her face, reaching well over 26,000 feet before she finally crested a big, white, puffy cloud.

With her arms spread wide from her naked body, the beautiful Ellen gracefully flew up over the cloud, hovering for a moment as her penis dangled between her thighs. She looked down at the roof of the cloud and noticed there was a long, glass path resting below her and leading into a thick, white wall of clouds. Without pause, Ellen lowered her body down, letting her black heels land on the glass and end her magical flight. Her giant breasts bounced as she landed, letting the high winds toss her silky, black hair about. She started to walk down the glass path in the, waiting and wondering what lie ahead of her in the thick clouds. Then with a rush, the clouds parted, and Ellen smiled at what she saw ahead.

Standing before the naked woman in black stockings and heels was a young, blonde, eighteen year-old girl with giant, round 32HH breasts, a trim 23" waist, and a thick, long, 15" cock of her own hanging between her thighs. Ellen was in awe of what she saw for this blonde girl who was half her age was wearing nothing more than a sheer, white nighty that clung to her massive, firm breasts, letting Ellen see her perky nipples, her giant cock, and her sensational figure. But that was not all that this teenager wore. She also wore a sheer, white veil over her lovely face, white roses in her blonde hair, thigh-high white stockings up her legs, and held a small bouquet of flowers in her hands. She even had a lace sleeve around her giant cock that was tied with a white bow as if her penis was a present to be unwrapped. She smiled at Ellen's body for it was a body she loved more than anything. This girl truly loved Ellen more than anything in the world and was ready to be her wife. This girl had asked Ellen to fly up into the clouds with the intention of having a wedding. This girl was Jenny; Ellen's own daughter.

"Marry me, mommy." Jenny said. "I want us to have a real wedding."

Ellen said nothing as saw her daughter standing before her. She continued to walk closer down the glass path, and as she did, she conjured up her sorcery. Her black heels became white. Her black stockings became white. Gloves grew from her fingernails down her fingers and from her fingers up her arm. Flowers grew from her hair as a veil fell over her eyes well yet blew in the high winds. Glitter sparkled around her as her magic granted her a wedding outfit for her daughter. She was eager to marry her daughter as well ... not to mention get to their honeymoon.

"Of course we can have a real wedding." Ellen said, taking her daughter's hands into her own and letting her growing cock ease up against her daughter's. "But who will marry us?"

All took was a thought from Jenny's mind to conjure up a priest. In a shocking turn of events, Jenny's teenage magic reached down to the world far below them and found the same priest that Ellen took Jenny to see every week at church. Her magic grabbed hold of him and scooped him up from where he stood in his kitchen, turning him into glitter and deleting him from his home. In the same instant, the older man appeared between Jenny and Ellen in his full, priestly attire. In his hand was not the bible he studied but instead a copy of the same book of spells that had turned Ellen and Jenny into immortal, magical beings.

"Father Henry!" Ellen shouted, seeing the same priest who she saw every Sunday.

"Ellen!? Jenny!?" The older man said. "How did I get ... you're naked ... you have a ... what is ... what is going on?" The poor, mortal man stammered, unable to comprehend how he got up in the clouds and why there were two familiar faces before him. These girls he saw every week were just a plain and simple mother and daughter pair, yet here they were basically naked before him and with giant cocks hanging from between their thighs. Reality was lost on the priest.

"Please marry us, Father Henry." Ellen asked.

"No! I can't. She's your daughter. That's wrong."

"That doesn't matter. We are in love." Jenny told her pastor.

"Please hurry, father. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep my hands of my daughter." Ellen giggled.

"I'm not sure how much longer I can keep my cock out of your pussy, mom." Jenny joked, pulling her mom tightly against her body.

Still lost in the concepts around him, Father Henry continued. He said strange words from the book he had never read before and spoke the vows of sorcery. Jenny and Ellen never took their eyes off of each other as he spoke, reciting strange incantations that caused the very book he held to glow with magical light. As he spoke, the light beamed from the book and caused Jenny and ellen to both get hard. Their dicks grew firm, forcing the two girls to step further away for their giant cocks were brushing against one another. Finally, when he asked for the girls to say their "I dos", there was nothing left to say or do between the mother and daughter.

"I do." Jenny said.

"I do." Ellen agreed.

"Then, under the mighty cosmos and all its power, I pronounce this mother and daughter married. May you enjoy each other's seed for all eternity." The priest read. He didn't understand what it meant, but he had married Ellen and her daughter.

Ready to kiss her bride, Jenny turned and pushed her cock against her mom's, forcing her head against her tip. Ellen moaned as she felt her daughter's dick push against her own, loving the sensation of their heads rubbing. Overwhelmed with desire, the busty mother in the thigh-high stockings demanded her urethra open wide just like her mouth was as she moaned with desire. Her dick-hole opened, and Jenny felt her own dick slip

"Oh shit! Ha!" Jenny giggled as she watched her 15" cock move inside her mom's larger, thicker, wider 24" cock.

"More..." Ellen moaned as she felt her daughter's dick inside her own. "All of it, sweetie..."

Jenny nodded, and took a step closer to her mother, easing her smaller cock inside her mom's gigantic, thick, two-foot-long dick. Father Henry stood by in horror and watched Jenny fuck her mom's dick, pushing herself further and further inside with each step. Ellen moaned louder, feeling pleasure and pain as her daughter's cock filled her own. Finally, as Jenny's cock disappeared inside her mother's, Jenny was close enough to kiss her mother, and she did just that. Ellen leaned down and kissed her daughter for the first time as a married couple while Jenny moved her cock in and out of her mom's urethra.

"That's a good girl." Ellen moaned into her daughter's mouth. "Fuck my dick. Cum in me."

"I wanna fuck you in every hole mom. I can't help it." Jenny moaned back, thrusting her cock up inside her mom's over and over again. She fucked her mom's urethra faster and faster, unable to control her desires. Ellen's tongue fought her daughter's as she fucked her dick high in the clouds. Their veils blew in the winds as Jenny tossed her boquet aside and fucked her mom's cock. With their giant breasts bouncing together and their tongues fighting outside their mouths in between moans, it didn't take long for Ellen to demand her daughter's orgasm.

"Don't stop. Cum now." Ellen screamed.

Jenny reached down and grabbed both of her giant balls, squeezing them until she shot a load of magical cum inside her mom's dick. She blasted cum up her mom's massive shaft, which in turn caused Ellen to cum as well. In her joy, Ellen blasted back a massive load of jizz, blasting Jenny's dick right out of her hole and sending her daughter back onto her butt along the glass path.

"Yes!" Ellen screamed as she came hard all over her daughter as she rested on the ground. A bucket of cum hit Jenny's body, and she started to lick it from her breasts. She pulled at her nighty, ripping it off of her giant chest so she could lick her own breasts of her mom's cum. She cleaned herself frantically as Ellen fell to the glass path in a heap of herself, lost for a moment at the perverted sensations that dripped from her giant dick. Cum oozed from her pussy as well as her thighs became wet with desire. As her daughter rested on her back on the glass, Ellen got a glimpse of her daughters own pussy tucked under her balls. She couldn't wait to stick her dick back inside that hole and fuck her daughter all night long ... again.

"Time to go father." Ellen said, looking up at the priest as cum pooled around the tip of her giant dick. "Don't tell anyone."

"Would they believe me?"


In a flash, Ellen put the priest back in his home with her sorcery, teleporting him away with a calm wisk of her hand so she could enjoy her daughter. Jenny smiled up at her mom, still soaked in cum. She leapt from the ground, floating up into the air before her mom and letting her cock dangle between her legs. Floating above, Jeny held out her hand down to her mother, begging for her to join her again. Ellen did as her daughter requested and let her heels float up off of the ground. She took her daughter's hand and her daughter scooped her up into her arms, ready to carry her over the threshold of their new home. till floating, Jenny started to soar towards the wall of clouds. She carried her busty mom in her arms, demanding that the clouds part so she could reveal their destination.

As the clouds cleared, Ellen saw a gigantic mansion before her. High in the clouds above the city, Jenny had abused her sorcery to such an extend that she had created a house in the sky. Four stories tall, the castle of white called to Jenny and her mom. There were giant pillars and sexy statues of gorgeous women with giant cocks. There were fountains of cum and flowers shaped like dildos. There were dozens of dozens of windows, each leading to a massive bedroom, hot tub, lounge, or anything the mother and daughter could need for their sexual desires.

"You made this, sweetie?" Ellen asked as she rested in her daughter's arms, soaring closer towards the castle in the sky.

"Yes. I stopped time to make this for us. In fact, time is still stopped ... the world below is going to have to wait for our love."

Ellen, who thought herself to be the most powerful sorceress in the world, was astonished to say the elasy. She rested in her daughter's arms as Jenny carried her mom up towards the balcony on the third floor, soaring up over the main door to their new castle in the sky and landing her bare toes softly on the marble balcony. Still with her mother in her arms, Jenny walked in through the giant french doors, revealing that there was a gargantuan bedroom waiting for them. As the satin curtains blew in the breeze, Jenny tossed her mom up into the air, watching as she calmly floated over to the giant bed. Elen rested softly on her back in her white lace and heels, stroking her dick and watching as her beautiful, powerful daughter stepped closer.

"Come fuck me, sweetie." Ellen told her daughter.

"I want to get you pregnant, mom." Jenny said, reaching down and lifting her own dick to show her mom she was hard and horny. Ellen lifted her dick as well, pushing her balls aside to show her daughter her wet pussy. She spread her legs while she rested on her back on the bed, causing Jenny to get so horny at the sight of her pussy that her dick grew three more inches.

"Then do it, baby." Ellen decided. "Cum inside your mommy. Let me have your child, sweetie. Get your mommy pregnant."

"Really, mommy?" Jenny smiled. "You want my baby?"

"I want our baby, sweetie. Now fucking fill me with your sperm, sweetie."


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