Ellen and Her Magical Daughter 3
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. Toss reality out the door. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and pregnancy. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read.

***ONE MORE NOTICE*** Your comments/ratings feed this story. If you want it to continue, you have to let me know! ;)

Ellen's wedding night could not ben more sexually explicit, perverted, or beautiful. In fact, it was still the morning as the sun beamed in through the massive French doors of her new bedroom. The sensationally busty woman rested on her back upon the angelic white sheets of her bed completely naked except for her satin white stockings and white gloves that she had worn at her wedding. her giant 36JJ breast were like to mountains stacked high above the tight abs of her 24" valley that was her waist. She quirked as she ran her hands over her mighty nipples and down her sides, tossing her long, black hair about as she let her hands feel her own naked body. Her elegant hands roamed down her abs, along her hips, and then toward her inner thighs as she moaned. Yet, her hands did not cease between her thighs and play with her pussy as she rested on her magnificent, white bed. Instead he hands latched on to her mighty, monumental, 24" cock that sat straight up like a flagpole above her. Ellen, the 45 year-old woman, who may have been the most erotic, most beautiful, and most voluptuous woman on Earth, had a dick. It was this staggeringly thick and obnoxiously long dick that she jerked slowly in her hands as she looked over at the one she had married that morning; her own teenage daughter who was eager to get on with their honeymoon and fuck her own mom.

Unable to resist her charms or her body, Ellen had agreed to marry her own 18 year-old daughter Jenny. Jenny, who had her own magnificent pair of 32HHH breasts above her 24" waist, who had her own 18" cock hanging from between her thighs, and who had literally created the entire bedroom she and her mom now stood in with nothing more than a mere thought from her mind, was standing in just her veil and white stockings while stroking her own massive dick as she looked down at her mother's naked body. Ellen was a powerful sorceress who was well over 500 years old and had just helped her 18 year-old daughter unlock her own magical powers ... powers that seemed to grow at a rapid pace. Jenny had used her magic to create a mansion in the clouds for her and her mom to live in as wives, and Ellen loved the idea. She loved it so much that she spread her thighs and showed Jenny her tight pussy that rested under her testicles, a pussy that was dripping wet for her daughter's cock.

Ellen wanted her magical daughter to fuck her.

Ellen wanted her magical daughter to cum inside her.

Ellen wanted her magical daughter to get her pregnant.

"Come fuck me, sweetie." Ellen told her daughter, letting one hand stroke her cock while the other slipped inside her pussy to make sure she was wet for her daughter's cock.

Jenny leapt off of the ground and floated toward her mom from the French doors of the balcony, moving elegantly through the air like a ghost before landing her toes back down on the marble floor. She stood above her mother, looking over her naked body as her hand moved up and down her shaft. Jenny pushed her dick downward towards her mother's face, letting her tip dangle above her mother's eyes. Ellen smiled up at her daughter's cock for a moment before letting her tongue escape so she could lick the pre-cum from her daughter's tip. Jenny just moaned down at her mom as her mom started to lick her giant cock, loving her mom's tongue on her dick and wanting more.

"Gimme just a little, sweetie." Ellen asked as her tongue danced around her daughter's tip. "Just a little. I haven't gotten to give you a blow job yet and I'm dying to taste your cum."

"But mom, you said I could fuck you." Jenny moaned as her mom sucked her dick.

"Just a little cum, baby ... a little squirt of your sperm in my mouth." Ellen begged her teenage daughter as she licked up her giant shaft. "Then you can fuck your mommy's pussy with your giant girly-cock all you want. You can treat your new wife like the slut that she is. You can drill me. You can ravage me. You can cum over and over again all over your poor mommy's naked body. I want to bathe in your cum, sweetie. I want to shower it in. I want to drink it by the gallon. Please, baby. For your horny mommy?"

The words from her mother's mouth alone caused Jenny to shoot cum from her tip, coating her mom's face with her white girly-sperm just as her mom wanted. Jenny bit her lower lip and shot a load of white cum on her mom's face, far more cum than any man could shoot in one load. Ellen wrapped her mouth around her daughter's cock and sucked down her cum, drinking her sperm as she jerked her own giant dick with her free hand. As Ellen jerked her own 24" cock, it began to grow longer and thicker in her hands. Soon, Ellen's cock was over three feet long, far too long for Ellen to even get her own mouth around if she wanted to.

The sight of her mom's giant cock caused Jenny to shoot again, blasting her cum down her mom's throat as her mom moaned in joy. Yet even though Ellen loved wrapping her lips around her daughter's giant cock, it was not the purpose for their incestuous lovemaking that morning; Ellen wanted her daughter to get her pregnant. Ellen wanted Jenny to stick her fat dick in her mommy's tight, magical pussy and cum inside her over and over again until her belly swelled with sperm. Ellen wanted her daughter to give her another daughter ... one who was just as magical as they were.

Jenny leapt from the side of the bed and floated over her naked mother, looking down at her as she rested on her knees between her thighs. Ellen opened her legs wide for her daughter's giant cock, looking down as cum still dripped from the tip. Ellen ran her hands between her pussy lips, pushing her testicles aside so that her daughter could find her sweet hole. Jenny had to easy back the bed so she could push her giant cock down between her mother's thighs, easing her tip along her lips before slowly pushing her cock into her mother.

"Oh wow baby." Ellen moaned as Jenny put the first few inches of her dick inside her mom. "More."

"Bigger, you mean, mommy?" Jenny giggled, and her cock instantly grew four inches longer into her mom. She didn't move an inch as she demanded her cock simply grow longer.

"Oh god yes!" Ellen moaned, tossing her ankles into the air as her cock bounced against the head board beyond her face. "Plow my pussy."

Jenny reached up and grabbed her mother's ankles before she finally drove her giant, 22" cock into her mom. In one thrust, she filled her mom up with her cock, forcing the magical woman to take off her daughter's giant penis. With her mom's ankles in her hands and her giant 22" cock deep inside her mom's pussy, Jenny began to pound her mom as hard as she could, letting her glistening dick ease in and out of her vagina while her giant, grapefruit-size testicles bounced below in her girly-ballsack. Her balls had grown in size since she stood in the balcony for her magical powers knew she wanted to get her mom pregnant. They were swollen with fertile sperm and ready to burst with the moment was right.

As Jenny fucked her mom hard atop the bed, listening to the bed below creak right along with her mother's sexy moans, Jenny had to keep her own legs far apart so her giant balls could swing as she pulled her dick in and out, letting the juices of her mom's pussy coat her giant cock. The veins in her dick pulsated with each thrust, rubbing against the inside of her mom's magical pussy and causing her mom to moan. Jenny's dick, which was longer and thicker than a baseball bat, almost came all the way out as she pulled her ass back before driving it inside her busty mom again. Each thrust of her cock caused cum to squirt from her tip, cum that any man might call an orgasm, yet hardly enough cum for a sorceress like Jenny. Even though her cum was dripping from her mom's pussy and down onto the magical bed-sheets, Jenny had yet to have her own orgasm.

"Oh god that's good sweetie." Ellen moaned as her giant breasts bounced atop her sender frame. "Fuck your mommy good. Fuck her with your giant girly-cock."

"I'm cumming, mommy!" Jenny screamed, unable to contain herself any longer as her giant breasts bounced about.

"Yes! Hurry! Unload inside me!" Ellen cried out and nodding frantically as sweat beaded own her face. "Give me your cum, baby! Give your sweet mommy all of your sweet sperm. Don't hold back."

Jenny didn't hold back as she gave her mom a final thrust of her mighty cock, blasting over a gallon of cum up inside her mother's body. Jenny unloaded her cum inside her mom's pussy while Ellen continued to jerk her own cock with both of her hands. As Jenny filled up her mom, Ellen felt her own cock explode with juices and coat the wall behind her. Her three-foot-long cock, a cock that was too long for her to suck herself for it had grown past her head, painted the walls with cum above her.

"Again!" Ellen begged. "Fill me up! I need your sperm, honey. More!"

Jenny just nodded, pulled her giant dick out of her mom, and then drove it inside her again, unloading another gallon of magic inside her. Jenny testicles pulsed like two beating hearts as they quickly made more sperm for Jenny to fill her own other with. Jenny's cum flowed like water down a river from her cock, causing her mom's tummy to expand larger before her eyes. Ellen didn't care in the slightest and instead giggled at the sensation of her stomach growing as her daughter's dick rested inside her.

"Yes! So good." Ellen moaned as she licked up her own shaft and titty-fucked herself. The head of her penis was high above her own head, so she had to settled for kissing her shaft and licking her own cum as it dripped down from the head of her penis; a head that was the size of softball. She grabbed the sides of her giant 3JJ breasts and rubbed her cock as she licked, watching as her stomach grew later and larger as her daughter drained her cum inside her womb.

Finally, with her testicles drained and her mother's belly full, Jenny fell over on to the bed, whipping her dick around and spraying the room with cum. Ellen was in a daze as her daughter fell beside her. She ran her hands over her giant belly and felt her daughter's sperm impregnating her quickly. She smiled as she could feel something magical inside her. She had to let her daughter know she was going to be a mom too.

"You got me pregnant, sweetie." Ellen told her daughter as her daughter's cock stood up like a flagpole from her body.

"Awesome." was all the exhausted teenager could say.

But then, something different happened. Ellen had anticipated being pregnant for a week or so before she gave birth to a baby, but there was something different about her daughter's sperm. She felt warmer. She felt hotter. She felt as though something was about to burst from her body at any moment. Before Ellen could panic at this new magical anomaly, she felt a power inside her she had never felt before in her life. As she rested on her back with her legs spread wide, she held her fat belly in her hands and began to have contractions. It was with this strange sensation that something impossible happened before her very eyes.

During this contraction, Ellen blasted a beam of light from her pussy, shooting it across the room like a laser. It was in this beam that a body began to form, a body of pure light that blinded both Ellen and her magical daughter. The two naked babes, each with their cocks still dripping with cum and each with their breasts still sweaty and full, watched as from this beam of light a woman began to take shape. As the light finally dimmed and Ellen was able to look up from her disheveled body, she saw a woman standing in the bedroom with her and her naked daughter. Standing over six feet tall and with a fantastic set of 30DDD breasts, this slender, sexy, woman of nearly 30 years was now standing naked across the room from the married mother and daughter. This woman was younger than Ellen yet older than Jenny. She was gorgeous, with long, flowing brown hair and a tight, tiny, 22" waist. She stood a bit puzzled as she looked at the two women, wondering why each of these girls had a cock. She was confused because, as far as she knew ... sexy, beautiful girls were supposed to be more like her.

Girls were supposed to have two giant, long, thick, 18" cocks, not just one.

Jenny and Ellen didn't know what to do or say as they looked across the room at the sexy woman with two dicks hanging from her body and almost down past her knees. The married couple just looked over at each other, realizing that somehow, Ellen had given birth just a few minutes after she had had sex; she had given birth not to a baby, but to a 30 year-old woman. The magical powers between the two girls was far too great, and now their daughter; a woman who looked older than Jenny, was standing across the room with a dick in each of her hands. This woman was stoking her dicks, moaning as she played with each shaft. Finally, after a long pause and many stares, the girl with two cocks spoke.

"Which of my mommies do I get to fuck first?" she asked Jenny and Ellen.

"Danielle." Jenny said, smiling at her mother. "Our daughter's name is Danielle.

"Perfect." Ellen smiled at her daughter Jenny. "She will fuck us both."

With that, Danielle let go of her cocks, letting them grow instantly from a mere 18" long to huge, whip-like tentacles that were over 10-feet in length with a toss of her hands. Jenny and Ellen didn't know what to do as these cocks flew at their bodies, dove between their legs, and slammed into their pussies from across the room. With their legs spread wide and their bodies on their backs, Ellen and Jenny both agreed silently that they already were in love with their new daughter.


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