Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter Two
The bed is overstuffed and much more comfy than the dirt I usually sleep on. Waking up is me rolling out of the mess of pillows and falling onto the wooden floor. After about ten minutes of sleeping there, I finally get up and change from my sleeping clothes and into my usual attire and I decide to go downstairs.

Stein apparently sleeps on the front desk. This I realize when I notice him sitting at a stool, arms crossed and his head resting in it. Also he switched his mint green apron to a peach pink.

I stand in front of the desk and jab him with the handle of my sword. He starts to stir, murmuring and blinking his eyes, and staring me in the face. "My, what a lovely site to see in the morning." He says, eyes still half-way closed. "Cute. So, why do you pass out on a front desk every night?"

He stretches out his arms. "Waiting for other cute and easy girls. Or anyone who's actually willing to pay for their room." I frown. "So, who else has offered to help you?"

He doesn't answer.

"Exactly. So, any people I should beat the information out of?" I put my sword back in its sheath as menacingly as possible.

"Well... Start slow..." He props himself on his elbows, obviously not used to thinking so much after he's just woken up. "There is one guy that could probably cough out a lot of information. Lamia fellow. Something that has an F."

Lamias. I always felt that their existence was the sorriest. No legs, just a snakey tail, but their scales part enough around the hips to reveal naughtier bits. Forever cursed to have their thighs rubbing together. Which, as any girl who's had to wear a pair of ill-fitting stockings can note, is the worst thing ever conceived. Apparently I'm spacing out again, as Stein snaps his fingers and tries to get my attention. "Ellis, listen. Far as I know, he's a bit of an informant. Tells the higher-ups what he knows."

"And you're sure about this? It drags us nowhere if this is just heresy, my good man." He nods. "Positive. He's a snake."

"I should punch you for that pun."

"I should punch me for that pun. Anyway..." He scratches the back of his head. "Easy to spot. Strawberry-blond, real long and tangly. Scars everywhere. Usually bruises. Yellow eyes."

"... We sure we're not talking about an angry cat boy?" Lamias are very conscious about their appearance. Anything considered unusual and they're almost always rejected from other lamias. It's sad, really.

But Stein nods and says "Positive. Dresses nice, though, I'll admit." He looks up at the wooden boards of the ceiling. "Affron. That's it."

Lamias are also known for terrible names. "Soo, where do I find the living contradiction?"

Stein looks back down at me. "There's a tavern around here, called Fromm's. Usually goes there and drinks himself half to death." He pauses. "Not like I've ever spent that much time around there." I roll my eyes.

"But the place doesn't open for another good..." He glances over to the grandfather clock next to the door, then back to me. "8 hours or so." I sigh.

"So, what is there to do around here for eight hours?"

He raises an eyebrow and smirks.

"I'm going back to bed." I turn around and head for the stairs.

"I've got the skeleton key for this place, you know~" Stein says in a sing-songy voice.

"And I've got a sword~" I reply in a different rhythm, starting to walk up the stairs and back to my room.


My dad wasn't one of those psychos who raised their daughter as a son. Nor was he the guy who forced his kid to become a warrior like him. He just wanted a kid, and if she wanted to grow up to be a warrior, that was awesome. Now, being a warrior takes discipline, and I had a lot of... Quirks. For the short version:

1.I get distracted easily, as you've seen.
2.Everything has a place to go in, and if it doesn't go there, I freak right the hell out. If you ever see my dad, ask him about the book series incident.
3.I'm fidgety and touch everything. I've torn clothes to shreds when they start to fray at the end.

See, my dad managed to get me to ignore these quirks. But, as soon as I traveled on my own, I had no one to provide discipline, and I was back to ripping my skirts up. What I'm trying to get at is that I was sitting at filthy tavern, trying to organize a bowl of mix nuts on my napkin and nursing a gin and tonic that I bought with some money I shook out of Stein, next to a lamia fellow who had on the silkiest set of robes that I had ever seen. And starting a conversation with "Hi, can I feel your clothes?" seems like a really bad idea.

But this guy. Holy fuck, this guy. Fluffy head of hair pulled back with a red ribbon, showing off a scar-decorated face a livid purple bruise on his left cheek. Xs and straight lines that extended down his expression and continued down his neck, disappearing under his robes. Blue robes wrapped around an obviously frail frame, hiding probably even more scars, but at least it looked nice. His tail was probably the manliest thing about him, blood red scales and a yellow underbelly.

I thought maybe he was just trying to look deceiving. Then he opened his mouth to try and get a refill, and out came the shakiest I had ever heard. Any expectations were immediately shattered, as I realized I could bench press this guy. I felt an amazing amount of pity on him as the bar tender passed him up, going straight to the harpy guy who looked like he could rip everyone in the bar to shreds. Since he was brandishing his claws, it was easy to see he was contemplating it.

But I had to focus on the wimpy fellow next to me. "I want in." I finally said, and like a good snitch, he replied with an "I have no idea what you're talking about."

I sigh, exasperated. "Look, you know damn well what I'm talking about. I can beat people up and I can extort."

He rests his chin in his hand, looking amused. "I'll consider it." Pity is gone. The bartender passes by us both again.

"HEY! WHEN THE MAN SAYS HE WANTS A REFILL, HE GETS A DAMN REFILL!" I shriek at him. The entire bar goes silent as the bar tender shakily refills mine and my new friend's drink. Him I feel sorry for. He's getting tossed around by the rest of his customers and I just scared the hell out of him. Chatter begins to return to the bar, and the lamia sips at his radioactive-green colored drink.

"Smooth. Affron." He says, extending a hand with expertly manicured and super-sharp nails. I take his hand in mine.

"Ellis. So, am I in?"

He draws his hand back, scratching my palms, the dick. "As I said, I'll think about it, darling." He downs the rest of his drink, slamming the glass back down on the table.

"Maybe I can convince you, though." I say, leaning in closer to him. "I've got a hotel room just a few blocks down."

He smiles, feeling pretty good about himself with all the booze he's swallowed. "Why wait? No one really seems to be looking our way..." I feel his hand rub against my thigh, brushing against my skirt.

"Because," I say, picking up his hand and putting it back on his own tail, "I think it's safe to say we both have standards."

He smirks. "Lead the way, then. If they have stairs, though, you're helping me up them."


The stairs were easy. Sneaking by Stein was the hard part. I didn't want him to know that I was dragging men around to help him out, I don't think he'd approve.

Affron reclined comfortably on my bed while I slipped off my clothes, his eyes closed. "Nice place you have here. Who'd you have to fuck for it?"

"Paid for it myself." I lied, slipping out of my dress and letting it fall to my feet.

He let out a dry laugh. "Please. It's obvious you don't stay in one place for long." He opens an eye and stares at me. "Plus, that guy working the front desk was staring holes through you. And..." He says, beckoning me closer with a clawed hand. I walk over to him, swinging my hips with each step. As soon as I'm close enough, he pulls me onto the bed, on top of him. "You're willing to sleep with me to get ahead." His tail wraps around my leg tightly, making sure I can't get away. His teeth graze my neck before chomping down, making me flinch and... I'm bleeding.

"So you're a vampire, too?" I say.

"No. I just love how you taste..." He murmurs, thin tongue lapping at my blood. His tail loosens itself and slithers up, rubbing against my clit. I shiver and rest my head against his chest, gently clenching onto his robes. They're as soft as I thought. Maybe better. "My, you submit easily..." he whispers, smirking.

He quickly presses the tip of his tail inside of me, as much as he can with out causing me a lot pain. I grit my teeth and let my shuddering breath through them as he slowly begins to thrust, a little more pushing in each time. A hand runs through my hair and grips it tightly, thrusts becoming more erratic and hard. It hurts, but I fake moans and gasps to please him.

"You little slut." He growls, voice no longer shaky, but husky and almost out of breath. He pulls out and flips me over, an arm pinning me against his chest. Stronger than he looks. He brushes his robes aside with his tail, revealing his hard on. Biting down hard on my shoulder, he sits up against the headboard. His hands grab my legs, spreading them apart and gripping them tightly, positioning his cock at my slit.

"Beg for me." He growls, nails digging into my thighs. I lean my head back, my hands clenching onto his robes again.

"P-please..." I say, panting. "Fuck me. Use me."

He grins, showing off his fangs. "Could use some work, but good enough." He slams my hips into his, not wasting any time to pick up a fast pace. He's big, each thrust practically ripping me apart, but he's still pretty good, and would probably be better if he didn't keep trying to rip chunks out of my shoulder. Still, I moan and shake, and he keeps panting insults into my ear.

"T-tell me you love it." He groans, one hand trailing up and pinching my nipple tightly. I yelp. "Well?" He squeezes the rest of my breast roughly, nails threatening to puncture skin.

"Yes, I l-love it..." I pant, trying not to scream.

"Tell me I'm the best you've had..." He's close, his groans getting louder, voice becoming more breathy.

"Y-you're the best..." I moan back. Finally, I shut my eyes tight and come, pleasure making me seize up and shiver, a choked groan tearing through my throat. He squeezes me tightly and comes inside of me, chomping down one last time on my neck to shut himself up.

"I'm in, right?" He takes his mouth off, and nods.

"Y-yeah. I'll throw in a good word..." He leans his head back.

"God, I'm tired." I sigh. "You can sleep here, but be out before I wake up."

He brings a hand up and rubs his eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I can do that." He might look like a puppy that's been kicked too many times, but he's smart, and realizes I'll probably through him out the window if I have to see his face in the morning.

Before I can put much more thought into this, I fall asleep.


I'm fairly chipper when I wake up and bug Stein in the morning, spinning about. "Everything's going smoothly so far."

"Mmhm." He murmurs, flipping through a book on the front desk.

"Gonna save the town, defeat the evil overlord..." He keeps staring at the book. "Avenge your wife and all." He stops and looks up at me.

"Promise." He smiles, not a smirk, not sarcastically, but actually smiles. "Is there any place I can get breakfast? I'm starved, barely ate yesterday." He stands up from his stool, stretching his arms.

"I know a few places. And I can leave the desk for an hour or so." Grinning, I grab his hand and start dragging him to the door. "Lead the way!"

"... I really like the robe you've got on. Very soft."

"Nice, huh? You'll never believe it, I woke up this morning and it was right next to my bed..."
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