Emma Watson's lookalike
Occasionally late at night, when I'm in ultrahorny mode, I lie on my bed with the phone and see who I can find on a sexy chatline. It can take a while of trawling through introduction messages and a few false starts before I find someone I absolutely do want to chat to. Alluring voice and appealing self-description, likeable personality and some extra ingredient. I was certainly pleased when I found Tiffany, who apparently was also in the bedroom lying on her bed. I thought Tiffany might be a name she'd made up for the phone but no, she said it was real.

There are some questions I like to ask a girl in the course of the conversation. Do you look like anybody famous, even a little bit of resemblance to help me imagine you? Just out of curiosity what part of the UK are you in? Do you have another job beside being on the phone? So as well as Tiffany telling me that she was 22 with slim waist and hips, 36 inch breasts and brown hair, she also said she looked like Emma Watson. She lived in London and worked regular hours as a dancer in a club. How much did she take off? Everything.

Well, she seemed natural and genuine and I believed it all. She said people sometimes came up to her in the street reckoning that she must be Emma.

I had once seen the real Emma in a bookshop signing copies of the latest Harry Potter for a queue of adoring fans. She had looked sweet but I mustn't say too much about that because she wasn't yet 18. I had never been much interested in the Potter films but I had kept an interest in Emma, especially when she did become of appropriate age to lust after her and the older she got the sexier she became. I knew that she was a wank fantasy for men and boys all over the world (and for girls too, judging by one of the stories on this site). I had looked at pictures of her on the internet and videoclips of TV interviews she'd given. She had never been an obsession with me but I totally understood her appeal.

So the idea of a 22-year-old stripper who looked like Emma but with bigger tits did strike me as hot. Quite often I went to London anyway for reasons of work and I thought there was no harm at least asking Tiffany if she'd tell me where and when I could watch her. For a moment she was hesitant, then she said playfully that perhaps she would give me the information - but only if I told her a sexy fantasy story about Emma.

I remembered that I had once seen pictures of Emma in Los Angeles, going shopping with American TV presenter Maria Menounos, a breasty brunette of Greek extraction. Probably Emma was only about 17 at the time but for the fantasy I could easily imagine she went back to LA when she was 20 and met up with Maria again. Maria was about 12 years older. And suppose that one evening she took the beautiful aspiring young English actress to a party at someone's Hollywood home.

Emma was sitting on a tall chair looking super cute in a short white dress and drinking a glass of red wine when suddenly the chair tipped over backwards and her legs were in the air, her panties visible to everyone and wine all over the front of her dress. Maria rushed her off to a bedroom to try and sort her out. While they were in the bedroom a guy knocked on the door and asked if he could come and help them. He was a handsome guy so they let him in. Before long he was standing naked while Emma sat naked on his shoulders and faced the wall behind him as he nuzzled her pussy. Maria also got naked and knelt down and started sucking him.

While I was telling Tiffany my story she didn't comment much but I felt she was enjoying it. As soon as I'd got as far as the visual image with the nudity she made a noise like the noise of a girl with her fingers up her nightie. Then she said, 'OK, you win. I'm dancing next week at the (name of club) in Soho, Monday to Wednesday, half-hour show repeated three times between 1 pm and 3, several pairs of girls doing their routines and then me dancing on my own. I'm trusting you. Do come and be there in the audience but don't hang around looking for me afterwards. If you want to talk to me on the phone another time you're welcome. I like older guys and I like you and I like the story'.

I went on the Tuesday. It was a decent quality place. I sat through the show twice and all the girls looked good. I had thought there might be disappointment, that Tiffany wouldn't be there or that she had exaggerated the resemblance to Emma. But the resemblance was exceptional and her performance was wonderful. She danced in a black catsuit and then slowly started unzipping. Around the well-lit stage guys sat quietly in the darkness in an atmosphere electric with lechery.

A few days later I managed to get Tiffany on the phone again, having taken careful note of her identification number when we'd chatted the first time. I thought that even if the chance was remote I had just nothing to lose by asking if she would consider meeting me privately and playing with me. Amazingly she said she would think about it. I knew it was against the rules for chat girls to arrange meetings but I also knew nobody usually bothered to monitor conversations in detail. She was willing to take my e-mail address on the clear understanding that she might not contact me. But I did get an e-mail two days later asking for a photo of me, guaranteed genuine. It didn't need to be a nude one. (I'd already told her that I had a fair-sized dick and good stamina).

To cut the story short, a couple of weeks later at four o'clock in the afternoon I was in a London hotel room waiting for her . At three minutes past four there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there she was in a little white dress, absolutely lovely. She was carrying a small suitcase and a bottle of red wine. I invited her in and was ready to shut the door again when she said, 'Hey, there's someone else here as well'. From outside in the corridor another gorgeously shaped female appeared in a low-cut tight red frock. She looked as though she might have some Greek ancestry. She had a fruity grin.

I really had not anticipated that extra turn of events. In utter surprise I just said 'Oh fuck!'

Tiffany said 'Don't worry, we will'.
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