Emma Watson: A lesbian fantasy
Hi. I'm Ashley, a 24 y. o. bisexual female. After I moved to Washington, my busy work life left little time for me. After work hours, i usually used to chat with my former room mate Lisa who was bisexual too. It was cool as we had a webcam and we used to get naughty thinking of our times in our old apartment ;) Rarely, i used to miss my boyfriend with whom I was in a "friends with benefit" kind of a relationship. Except sex, we hardly thought about each other and that need for me was on the decline, after my introduction to the lesbian world of pleasure by my former room-mates.

One day I bought a woman's magazine from the news stand on my way home. After entering my apartment, i showered. I used to live alone those days as I hadn't found someone to share with me yet. I came out of the shower wearing just my towel and nothing else. I had wiped my body but had left my hair to air dry. I always used to keep the windows closed to protect myself from prying eyes, as most of the time I wore negligible attire.

I started browsing through the magazine and stopped myself at the hot pic of Hollywood star Emma Watson. I had been attracted to celebrities before, my earlier crush was Johnny Depp. But I had never thought of any female celebs that way, before I turned bisexual.

Emma was wearing a dress which canvassed the beauty of her well-defined shoulders and you could guess from her cleavage about her splendid breasts. I was feeling so turned on.

Guys would never understand the thirst of a delicate, pretty girl. I started imagining as if Emma was in my bedroom with me right then.
I thought about how I would seduce or welcome her. I would put on my favorite sports bra and a racy G-string. I would start gyrating my body around the pole which stood in the middle of the room and smile at her. She would understand the deep down, primal instincts that I had in my mind. I would make her long for me so that she becomes frustrated and would exploit every bit of my submissive self.

"No toys tonight honey" I would tell her as she would push me in my bed. Just thinking this much made me feel that my crotch had become wet. So I released my yearning pussy from its soft cover. Now I was all naked and sat up in bed. I closed my eyes imagining what would happen next.

I would remove my bra and squeeze my boob hard and look in her eyes with shameless, candid lust. She would give in to my desire and come closer and would kiss me on my lips. As our tongues start exchanging our saliva, I would ask her to be as passionate with me as she would like. Our lips would go at each other as a hungry child goes for food after a week. She would already be naked beside me.

Then she would ask me to sit on the bed and sneak behind me. First she would smell my hair. She would get turned on and kiss my neck from behind. Then she would put her finger inside my ear. Her soft, delicate touches would be enough to make me orgasm themselves, but I would endure all the waiting to cum beside her.

Then she would ask me to face her and start rubbing the back of her hands on my boobs. I would be so turned on that I would close my eyes and bite my lip. She would make things easier for me by getting a little aggressive and untying my g-string. I would giggle in shyness, as she would help me keep it aside on the bed.

Then she would come closer and pinch both my nipples with her nails, as soft as she could. I would cry in ecstasy. She wouldn't wait just at it, but she would ask me to get a little naughty with her.

I would ask her to take support of the wall behind us and sit against it in the bed. I would keep my head on her lap to feel that secure, sexy aura for a moment. A moment which no one could steal away from us. First I would cherish her shoulders by kissing her all over them. I would not lift my mouth as my saliva would follow every deep hollow of her parched, satin soft skin.

Then I would go down and start eating her delicious pussy. As I did it, she would run both her hands through my hair and would even pull on them lightly to intensify my pleasure.

First I would touch the center of her cunt with my tongue. That would make her beg me for me. In a second, i would start thrusting at her pussy with all my mouth. My sensual smooches would get on intensifying every minute.

I would continue to flick my tongue and would bury my mouth inside her pussy as deep as she would allow. Until a grin appears on her cute face and she cums, not allowing me to remove my mouth. She would corner my face with her groin as I would munch amongst her dripping love juice. I wouldn't care even if I felt gagged.

Then I would ask her to make me cum too. She would ask me to sit on my all fours. She would go behind my ass and thrust her finger inside my pussy. I would held her hand and guide it deep inside my pleasure center. I would not cry even if it hurt, as she would surprise me by putting another finger inside, without letting me know.

Then she would start making rapid, to-and-fro movements. With another hand she would spank my ass lightly and would tell me that she's doing it as i've been a naughty girl. Sometimes she would also caress my thighs from behind. After I cum on her fingers, i would suck them dry of my own cum and we would sleep tightly wrapped in the same blanket.
After I imagined myself doing all this that night, i didn't remember anything else. I woke up next day morning to find my hand inside my pussy and I was lying fully naked in bed. I guess I had been so whole night.

I hope that I made you cum too. Your precious comments are welcome. Thank you for letting me share my story.
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