Encounter - Part 1
Part 1

Dressed in a short lacy gown, fishnet stockings, and high heels she answers the door to the hotel room. His eyes widen with surprise and delight, knowing what was in store for the evening. Behind her, in the room, he can see the candles glowing softly and an array of toys awaiting their use on the bedside table. He leans forward and grabs her suddenly in a passionate embrace, kicking the door closed behind and scooping her off the floor. He can see her favorite is already set up and ready for use, fur lined wrist cuffs, she loves to be restrained and "used". He tosses her gently on the bed, restraining her somewhat forcefully, but not so hard as to hurt her, and she moans with pleasure and rocks her hips ever so slightly, knowing what is next. He tells her not to move as he removes his clothes, not taking his eyes off of her for a moment. As he returns to her side he can see her hard nipples poking through her gown, grabbing one he pulls it through her gown, tearing it, and begins to nibble and suck. She begins to rub her wet pussy on his leg with excitement as he rips off her gown exposing her erect nipples, she moans with pleasure. Slowly running his hand down to her shaved pussy he slides one finger into her hot box while running his tongue slowly over each nipple, down her stomach and stops just short, momentarily, of her swollen clit. As she moves her hips with the motion of his hand she reaches down to his throbbing cock, squeezing the base firmly and running her hand to the tip, causing him to stop for a moment to catch his breath. He then tells her, "Hands Off!" and moves to slide a second finger inside of her, "its your turn now". Moving his fingers back and forth, bending slightly as he puts them into her steaming wet pussy as far as they will go, and flicking her clit with his tongue makes her let out a scream and come with such force his face and chest are dripping, causing him to almost loose control himself.......

To be continued...
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