Encounter at Gym
Encounter at Gym

It was severe winter which lasted long with many snow storms and every one was expecting go away for good spring.

At last spring weather came and the trees became green and many colors of flowers and fruits could be seen.

The ground was covered with green lawn every where and you can see geese in ponds and lakes.

I am in my mid thirties and had just come out of bad relationship which lasted for 8 months. I was just beginning to recover.

At work things were steady, but nothing exciting going on, so I decided to join a Gym and bring life to my body and get toned muscle--a little more stamina.

I found a Gym not very far from my work and started going during my break hours.

Initially it was hard to continue as my muscles were strained with the new rigorous exercise and gave me pain.

But seeing so many young and old, boys and girls and men and women coming for various reasons, I continued.

It was my third week on a Tuesday, I was doing weight training. Suddenly I saw on a beautiful young girl entered the Gym area from main door. She looked young, about 25. I guessed she was 5' 5" and about 125 pounds. I could see she had a fit body.

She was wearing tight short of black color and white T-shirt which was well matched and fitting to her top body.

Inside she was wearing sports bra and both her breasts were well developed but with the bra, they were kept under control.

Her feet were so nicely shaped and both arms and legs are well shaved and looked spotless with silky skin. She was blonde and her hair was well managed with golden shine to it.

I was watching periodically to her what she is doing and found she started with
Cardiovascular and Weight Training and then ran on Treadmill.

I went to Gym the next day and found her timing and saw that hers matched mine. She would be there the entire time I was doing my exercise.

Now I tell myself that I have got some motivation to regularly go to Gym and watch that sexy little girl--work on building not only my body--but my fantasies too.

On the third day, trying to keep my courage up, I went to her and introduced myself.

"Hi, I am Jim," I said.

She smiled and shook my hand and said,
"My name is "Tracy".

After the Gym workout when we were going out to our cars in parking lot, I asked her,
"Would you mind having cup of coffee with me""

She agreed and we both went to my car to nearby cafe.

I pulled the chair for out for her and asked "What will you have along with coffee?"

She did not want anything, so we just chatted for some time. During the talk I could found out that she was going through similar circumstances to mine.

She had just broken with her boy friend from relationship lasted for one and a half years.

She said, "I started going to the Gym to get over the emotional breakdown feelings I was having and to energized my body."

I found out that she was also doing her course in nursing education and was in her second year.

She said, "I am glad to meet you and became your friend. . . ."

Since then, every week we'd meet at least 2 or 3 times to have coffee together.

During the weekdays I used to go to Gym during afternoon hours but on Saturday I'd usually go during evening hours from 6 to 8 pm.

On Saturday I was doing my exercise and I saw Tracy come in while I was working out.

When she saw me she said, "HI".

That day there were clouds in sky and it had become very dark and was thundering.

Soon it started to rain hard. Because of the wind, together they were blowing with great intensity.

Some how the street and parking lot light went off due to some short circuit and it became dark. We both came out to go home, but because of the weather, we could hardly reach our cars.

I found Tracy was having some trouble and her car wouldn't start. I went to her and asked if she need any help.

"How will I get home? My car will not start."

I tried to start it, but without success so I said to her, "If you feel comfortable, you can join me in my car. My house is not far. You can spend the night there and in the morning I can drop you off at your house. Then we can get mechanic to fix your car and come back to my place."

"Ok," she said, "but let me inform my mother so she won't worry."

She phoned her mother and said,
"Mother, my car won't start. I wanted you to I'm safe with a friend and will return in the

When we reached my home I gave Tracy a towel to dry out and some of my clothes to wear during the night. I made us TV dinners and we ate them together along a couple of glasses of wine.

We watched a movie after dinner on the couch. I was sitting next to her. It was some romantic movie made for television. It had some steamy hot scenes.

Sitting close to her, I took the opportunity to move nearer to her and put my right hand on her neck and shoulder. With the right hand I started little massage to her hair and began pampering her right cheek and ear.

At one point I casually moved my hand to her right breast and touched it. She looked like she liked it and then I took my left hand and put it on her left thigh. Now I feel that because she is not objecting that it is okay if I continue to go further. Using both my hands I began teasing and caressing her body.

With my right hand I pressed and massaged her breast and nipple. She said,"Ahhhh. . . yes ........that good."

With my left hand I slowly open the skirt and moved into her panty and touched her clitoris and gave it a little massage. She responded and became wet soon flowing her juice. I kissed her passionately using both our tongues.

I removed her top and she helped me doing so, and then also removed her skirt. Now she was looking so beautifully young and fit in her bra and panty only. I asked her to lie down fully on the couch with the support of the pillow below her head and asked her to spread her legs so I could lower my mouth down to lick her pussy.

I used my two fingers to put inside her slit and gave it a good massage. I wanted to make and feel her good and ready with self-release lubrication.

I proceeded to gave her a good licking with my tongue on entire area of her slit. She immediately gave me a response by releasing her juice all over my face after only giving a few jerks and making her cum through it all to an orgasm.

I started pressing both her breasts and pinching her nipples and milking both melons. I slowly moved to suck both breasts one by one in my mouth. Giving her passionate kisses to her mouth and taking her tongue entirely in my mouth, I played with it.

Now she took control and ended kissing and went straight to remove my pajamas. In one action she removed pajamas and I was naked and she could see my semi erect penis waiting to be pampered. She took me in her hand and started massaging and kissing and sucking. It became full grown within 5 to 7 minutes of female touch of hand.

After asking me to lie on the carpet with a sheet and pillow, she took a rocking horse

position and with her hand guided my penis into her pussy.

She massaged the head of my penis to the opening of her clitoris for about 2 minutes before full entry to her vagina.

Then in one action she pressed penis inside her pussy and started slowly moving up and down in erythematic fashion. She was making all kind of sound in excitement and many a times found her body became rigid at times for few seconds due to orgasm. At that time I could see her eyes dilated and looks sleepy. She held my penis so tight that I could feel pain for want of releasing it.

Then I held both her breasts with my hands and pressed so hard in milking motion that she released her holding force on my penis.

"Fuck me hard Jim . . . It feel so good today. I have not experience such action since last six months . . . I needed something like this . . . what you are giving me is wonderful and any girl will crave to get it. . . Oh, Jim.....You are my lord........I am yours for ever can fuck me any time.........I am always at your request.........Just tell me and I will .........give your heavenly pleasure you baby.....

I won't let you sleep tonight Jim, and you will remain in my pussy the whole night long . .I want to feel you and also want to make you happy my love. I want to experience all kinds of sex position with you and I am ready to fulfill your fantasy baby. . . . "

At this time, I take control and she comes out of top riding position. She starts sucking my penis to bring back into erection. She massages with her hands, mouth and some times takes between her breasts. She turns back on couch giving access to her buttock and pussy. I slowly enter her pussy holding her back and stomach with both my hands. I started slowly but increased speed of my strokes. At times my penis touches her cervix, at that time I become rigid holding her tight.

This gives her immense pleasure and good feeling towards multiple orgasms. She cried in excitement and said - " Jim - baby... you know how to fuck well... giving me orgasm after orgasm and bring womanhood in me from a baby girl." At times I came on the edge of ejaculation but prevented by pulling out and pressing hard on my penis base. I wanted Tracy to feel maximum satisfaction by giving her sex in different positions to night.

I made her lie down on her back and spread her legs on my shoulder. I entered her pussy slowly and started eight slow and one fast and deep stroke, then seven slow and two fast and deep strokes and then six slow and three fast and deep stokes. This was making her wild and she was crying with pleasure. She tied both her legs on my back to hold me tight and feel my penis fully inside without any movement. My chest is pressing hard on her breasts and our mouth became one . We both are exhausted now and I lay on top of her and she is moving her soft hands over my back to make me relax with massage, It felt so good....

After some time I could not control myself and released my cum and ejaculated into her pussy right at the cervix position. It was hot jet of flashes which she felt so good and enjoyed receiving and mixing with her own juice. I could see her eyes feel sleepy and body became stiff with large orgasm at this time.

The force of her hands around my back and her feet around my legs became intense. She just holds me tight so that I don't remove the tool which is giving her pleasure of life time. She did not allow me to move or take out my penis and said she does not want to loose this moment of pleasure. We lay in this position holding each other and slept for hours. Both felt into sleep and did not know when there was morning and light came on.

I got up first and saw her lying with so much of pleasure and satisfaction on her face. She was fully naked with both her legs apart and I could see her cute pussy filled with my white thick creamy fluid coming out slowly on sheet. Both her breasts look gorgeous and full swollen with her hormones are agitated in her body. Her silky hair was unfurled with wild act of sex we played together.

I gave kiss to her lips and both her breasts and little massage to her hair. She woke up and smiled and suddenly pulled with both her hands over her body. She holds me and gave massage to my back for about 2- 3 minutes. Then we took shower together giving massage to each other body and lathering with soap and water.

We took breakfast and then I went to drop her to her house. I also assisted in finding a mechanic for her car. It was minor circuit problem which he fixed and we drove car back to her house.

We used to meet regularly at the Gym but after two weeks Tracy said, "Jim I want to talk with you." I said, "Okay, so we went to coffee shop. She told me, "This month I have not had my period yet."

"Don't worry," I told her, "Some times it happens and will comes in few days."

She waited for one more week and then consulted a gynecologist for check up. To her surprise the doctor said, "You are pregnant!!" She was shocked, terrified and hurt. She gave me call and when I met her she told me what the doctor had said.

"Tracy if you love me and want to marry me, I am ready, You know that I love you from my heart," I told her. She looked and said nothing,

I said "We have taken pleasure of mating and it is our responsibility to bring this child onto this world. It will keep our bond stronger."

She agreed and so did her parents, and now we are happily married.

The child was born healthy after nine months as baby boy and we named him, "Victor". I fulfill all the duty as good husband to make sure Tracy is not worried any more during pregnancy period. I looked after her nourishing food, her exercise and her sleep next to me to give her emotional support. We did not take any chance of wild sexual pleasure and I controlled myself. It was her first pregnancy and I did not want that it get miscarriage due to any reason. We wanted healthy child so we controlled ourselves and managed with only hand massage to her clitoris and some times to her breasts.

Once Victor became one year old we were able to put him in to childcare center during the day, then Tracy returned to her school and had completed her Nursing course.

The God is great and life came back for both of us after our breakup in previous relationship.We are happily married couple with a young boy and our sex life is great.
We do all kinds of things including quickies in morning before we getup. Some time we take short vacation and go outside to places of interest and stay in hotel and experiment on different ways and enjoy life.

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