Engage:première partie
No one ever asked me what I wanted or needed. In my opinion no one cared. The thought sent my emotions into a bitter abyss. How could my father expect me to marry someone I barely knew! All for his gain.

I thought about my fantasy of falling in love and then making passionate love to the man I loved. The man I would spend the rest of my life with.

I looked around the crowded ballroom. Suddenly my thoughts were halted and my disdain was taken over by captivation. A man stood in the door way. His aura commanded attention. Suddenly I felt drawn to him.

I don't know when the thought popped into my mind but I knew I wished to sleep with him. Why should I let everyone dictate my life. I carressed the partial mask on my face. No one would hardly know who I was.

Tonight I could give myself to that man and no one would ever know. Except for me. That thought was enough for me to know. It would be my own personal getting back to my father.

I found myself floating towards this man. He was dressed in all black and looked like sin in a person form. Everything about him was dark:raven black hair,dark bottomless eyes,and his mood seemed all mysterious.

"Hello Sir" I gave him a look that I hoped would convey the hidden messege I hoped to convey.

"Ma dame."He whispered kissing the sensitive part of my wrist

His lips felt soft and instantly I began to feel liquid heat dripping between my legs. The pulsing in my feminane parts began to pound as I felt the primal hunger of male and woman rise.

"Accompany me for a walk? In the east gardens?"I had to get him into a place in which I could have him.

Before I knew it we had arrived. I noticed the silent of the night and dark enclosing us. I threw myself on him. I kissed his lips. He opened to me grasping my hips and pushing me against the nearest wall.

I felt his manhood against my womanly parts and began to grind against him.

"Why do you threw yourself on me? Do you know what it is you are asking?" His voice was thick with passion. His eyes darker with want and suspicion. His accent even more pronounced and that set me more aflamed.

Knowing he wanted me gave me power.
"Do not question this. You want me. I can tell. Just take what I am offering."

Without a single breath more he continued,and I loved the sensations I was feeling. His lips against my neck.

"I want more of you give me more" I begged him.

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