I was kneeling on a bath towel which was spread on the grass by the back wall of the motel. The head of a cock was directly in front of me. It was attached to a hard shaft. A drop appeared at its slit. I reached out with my tongue and caught it before it fell to the ground or on my dress. Ah, the sweetness of it was a delight.

I wondered how I got in this position. Eric wasn't that handsome, but there was something about him that was demanding. Was it the look in his eyes? Was it the softness of his hands on me? I just knew when he sat next to me at the bar, he was someone special.

I leaned forward again and kissed his swollen head. My tongue wrapped around its glistening helmet. I took a finger and lifted the shaft up to be able to kiss that fleshy part beneath it. My tongue dance across the ridge. He liked what I was doing because his squirming gave his pleasure away.

He sat close to me at the bar. He invaded my space, but I never minded at all. I watched his eyes peer down the front of my dress. The up and down of my breasts when I breathed seem to mystify him. When he touched my arm or leg to emphasize a point he was making, I could feel the wetness coming out of me.

I pursed my lips and let the head of his cock slide into my mouth. It felt warm and soft but ridged. I felt it touch the sides of my mouth as I sucked. He pushed forward, and I adjusted my head to take the fullness of him as it hit the back of my throat. I let it slide down my throat. My chin touched his sack as my nose rested above where it all attached. He was enjoying it as much as I was.

He asked me to dance and watched as my skirt rode up as I got off of the bar stool. He liked looking, and I loved him looking. He took my hand and guided me to the dance floor. The little group played a song that lovers would always enjoy. He held me close. I felt his fullness on me. His hand on the small of my back was low enough for a few fingers to slide across my bottom. I pushed my face into his neck. I was dreaming of things that might happen.

I started the ritual of moving in and out while sucking on his cock. Sometimes I would take it out and lick the shaft. I would wind up at his sack and gently suck one of his balls. He always wanted it back in my mouth. He gently fucked my face. I sucked on him letting my tongue dance around his cock head.
He was getting close. A woman can always tell with the tightness of his ass and the stronger thrusts.
He was about to give me his love juice, and I was ready.

He kissed my ear as he thanked me for the dance. We made our way back to the bar, and he watched once more as I was overly exposed getting on to the stool. He held my arm, and his fingers rested against my breast. The pressure of his fingers moved my breast farther out of the push-up bra. He liked what he saw.

I was kneeling, but I know my panties were soaked. I liked what I was doing to that beautiful organ. Eric was moaning as his closeness to orgasm was about to be fulfilled. I was ready for it and just kept sucking.

He bought me a drink that was special and told me to sip it. I did, and it had a bitter taste. He asked me what I thought it tasted like. It was not actually like cum, but it was close enough. When I told him it was like love juice from a man. He whispered that he would like to give me his to drink. When I nodded, he took me by the hand, and we left by a sliding glass door to the back of the motel. He spread a towel on the grass, stood against the wall and dropped his pants and briefs. It stood straight out beckoning me.
The force of his spurt was more than I thought it would be, and he delivered a lot. I held it in my mouth as I did not want to get it on my dress. He then said very quietly for me to fulfill his wish and drink it. I opened my mouth to show him and then swallowed. He kissed me, and we went back into the bar. He looked at me and told me he had to leave but make sure I said hello to Sandy.

I got home, and Sandy was all questions about if I had a good time. I told her that Eric said to tell her hello. She replied, "Oh that one. Watch out for him. He will try to get in your panties if he gets a chance. He didn't, did he?"

I answered, "No!" but I really wish he had. Sandy then took slipped off my panties and proceeded to make me happy.

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