European Mistress
I lay here curled up naked in my bed after phoning work to say I was sick, but I wasn't sick. I was not fit to work as I had been ruined, my body had been given to my Mistress who had exceeded in testing my limits.

I arrived at Gina's house with the shopping I had been told to bring, which included a change of clothes of Gina's choosing.
Gina was not dressed as a mistress but actually very casual in leggings and a T shirt. Gina is eastern a European girl, brunette, mid 20s, slim with c cup boobs, beautiful small bum.
After checking I was still keen to be tied up Gina led me to a bedroom.
We discussed a safe word but I declined to have a safe word, I told her nothing was off limits, Gina raised her eye brows and gave a wicked smile.

I was tied fully clothed to the bed, I lay there confused and disappointed not to be naked and Gina appeared with scissors. Gina proceeded to cut away my clothing, I protested but Gina said sorry honey you have no safe word. My socks were easily pulled off, my breathing intensified as the scissors made there way up my leg.
My trousers totally destroyed Gina went on to cut my shirt, up the middle and then to my nipples, the scissors took time to play with my nipples before the shirt got cut off me.
laying in just my shorts Gina got up and left the room.

I was left for what felt like ages but was probably about 10 minutes. Gina returned with a blindfold and a bottle of vodka. I raised my head for the blindfold which got a laugh from Gina, not for you baby.
Gina took a few big swigs of the vodka then poured some in my mouth and chest, Wow it was strong, I shuddered, then after more vodka she put on the blindfold and stood up, she spun round 3 times and fell back on the bed with the scissors in her hand.

I was so scared that I was not turned on in fact my cock couldn't have got any smaller. With one hand on my stomach she cut my shorts dangerous close to cutting my balls off. Then as I lay there naked the blindfold came off and I got the most amazing vodka kiss, my cock was hard again.

To be continued...
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