Every night.....

He was here again. I could feel the change in the atmosphere of the room. The light drafts that his body made when he moved. He made no sound, he never made any sound but my body knew he was near. I could feel his presence.

It was dark, but not as much as usual. There was a full moon out and the cool illumination filtered in through the sheer blinds. Giving the room a silvery, distant feel. Romantic and unsure, like me, excited but fearful.

I had no idea who he was, where he came from, or even how he found me. All I knew was that I ached for his touch. Every morning I felt gloriously satisfied and terribly alone. I wandered through my day filling it with work and responsibility, anxiously waiting for the sun to set. And every night, he stepped from the shadows of my dreams, walked out of my fantasies and made me his.

I was sure I was dreaming the first several nights. I stirred in the dark feeling him touching me. I had gone to bed in my teddy but now I was naked and on fire. It was him; I could feel the moisture from his tongue licking my stiff nipples. His hands were so expert, he knew exactly what I liked, what I wanted, what I needed. He loved my body from head to toe, sending me over the edge and deep into my orgasm.

When the morning after came, I was sore but nothing was amiss. I was clothed, the sheets in place, the doors locked. The only signs I had that it wasn't just a dream, was my well used body and the residue between my thighs. I was so confused. I wanted to just enjoy him but the rational side of my brain wouldn't let me.

I laid there; awake, waiting for mind began to drift. Bits and pieces of the day, the week, my life and him, ebbed and flowed through my thoughts. Across the room, a movement caught my eye. It was him, he was here, I could see his silhouette. Was he real? How did he get in? How long had he been there, watching me? I lay frozen as he slowly approached. I knew he wouldn't hurt me but the fear of the unknown had a strong hold on me.

I just watched his movements. He was everything I wanted in a man. Although I couldn't see his face, I imagined it was beautiful, just like the rest of him. He came closer till he was leaning over me, close to my ear. His breath made soft wisps of my hair tickle my cheek.

"You called me, I came."

Dazed, I automatically whispered back...."No I didn't."

"Yes you did. Your mind, your heart, your soul. You reach out and beckon me. Your need for me is great and I only wish to satisfy your every desire."

He tenderly kissed along my jawline, up over the ridge of my ear and back down to my lobe, sucking it into his warm mouth. Tingles ran through me and I trembled.

He whispered again.... "I like that."

His dominate but gentle attentions had me leaving behind all my questions, all my fears. He kissed my cheeks, my eyes, over my nose and along my chin, down my neck. I turned my head to give him better access. My hands drifted up to thread through his silky hair. He smelled of the clean night air, natural and male.

Subtle murmurs and moans were filling the room. It was me! I was so lost in him, my body just reacting, no thinking involved. His fingers played over my skin like a musical instrument. His lips were warm and tender on mine. Slowly he tasted me and let me taste him. His tongue swirled around mine, petting each side and then retreating, only to slip back in and lay claim again. I closed my eyes and let the world slip away piece by piece, only he remained. Little purring sounds fell from my mouth and into his as he kissed me.

"I love to hear you."

I moaned again.

He smiled, "Yes, just like that."

He stood and it was then that I was rewarded. A shaft of light splayed across his face, just big enough to spotlight his eyes. It's true that the eyes are the window to the soul. His were warm, caring, passionate, and sexy with a sparkling glint of mischievousness.

He undressed then held out his hand to me. I took it and when I laid mine in his, I knew I was giving him, not just my body, but my heart and soul. Slowly, he undressed me too, until I stood there, in front of him, bare. He was still for a moment, caressing me with his eyes. A wave of heat washed over me, giving me goose bumps. His breath began to quicken and that only excited me more. He kissed me again, but this time it was hard and passionate, full of desire and lust. I could feel his member full and erect, flexing against my stomach. His lips and tongue claimed my mouth while his hands explored my body.

It was an amazing contrast, the feel of his warm hands and the cool night air. Both made my breast feel heavy and my nipples pebble. He kissed his way down. Hovering, he slowly licked around my tender areola, nibbling on my nipple and then sucking it into his skilled mouth. I gasped, arched, wiggled...."Mmmm!"....he was tempting and teasing me.

His hands slide down my sides and over my hips, roughly pulling me closer to him. I gasped and bit his lip in response, he growled deep in his throat. His hands firmly gripped my bottom tightly to him, while he kissed down my neck and collar bone. It's as if he was trying to devour me, consume me and I wanted to be consumed. I wanted to be inside his body, I wanted him inside mine, in every way.

He laid me back on the bed and I shimmied up. He crawled onto the bed like a cat, stalking his prey. Kneeling, he stroked up and down my smooth legs with his big, roughened hands. He began to kiss my body again, this time from the bottom up. Along my calf, over my knee, further up my thigh, stopping just shy of my smooth, aching mound. He did the same to my other leg but this time when he finished he sucked my toe into his mouth. I was so started I gasped and jumped. Giggling, I spread myself out before him again. He was smiling, the aftermath of his actions evident on his face. As he looked down at me, I opened up further, spreading my legs wider. The soft, engorged, folds of my pussy glistened. The smile faded from his face, replaced with a look of pure passion. I relished in his desire, his need for me, and his wanton reactions. In his position, kneeling before me, I could see most of his body. His chest rose and fell rapidly, with his throbbing rod standing straight up. I could see the tip of his cock was wet and shiny, just like me he was ready. I wanted to taste him but I just couldn't wait to feel him inside me.

Looking into his eyes again I whispered..."take me, take me now"! He leaned over me, reached down and trailed 2 fingers from my wet, warm flesh up to my cliterous, rubbing in quick circles. I whimper and thrust against his hand. More moans escape from inside me. He slowly slides the fat, swollen head of his cock into my hot, aching pussy. We both moaned. My breath caught and I was suspended in time, waiting for him to impale me. Ever so slowly he enters my body, inch by inch. Stretching me, filling me, almost too big for me but my body adjusts and accepts his thickening cock. He held me close, kissed me again. I barely heard his whispered words "I want and forever". He was deep inside my soaked pussy and I could feel his full balls smack against my sensitive skin as he slowly began to rock. He moaned, pulling out, all the way to the ridge of his velvet tip and then pushing all the way back in, fucking me, again and again. I moan loudly, and begin to murmur my own words of adoration, excitement and love. He was melting me from the inside out. I could feel my juices flow and pool in my core. Thrusting harder and faster, his cock seems to swell, lengthen and grow even harder. I soared closer to my orgasm, taking him with me. I wrap my legs around him; draw him into the embrace of my arms, my body. I scream, stiffen, my eyes glaze over as the firestorm of his love making brands me. As my body squeezes around him, milking him, he thrusts one last time and fills my already dripping pussy with his hot seed. His cock convulses deep inside me, filling my womb to overflowing.

We hold each other close, kissing again. I can never get enough of his kisses, the taste of him, the feel of him. I am his, fully. Slowly I fade off to sleep in his perfect arms.

Waking the next morning I felt gloriously satisfied............and terrible alone.
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