Exciting Day In The Classroom
I'm sitting at my desk just before class starts trying to finish grading some papers. I'm a teacher for the local alternative school. It's Saturday and my class is the only class there on weekends. Lucky me.

I hear a knock on the door and it's you. Just the site of you is breath taking. Your long, wavy brown hair. Bright, stunning blue eyes. Legs that go on for days. Breasts as perfect as the sun is round. Skin as tanned as a Brazillian goddess. Everyday I can't help but think how I was so lucky to have you.

You come in to show me the new outfit you just bought. It's a tight, black mini skirt, wite v-neck button up shirt (that shows your breasts perfectly in the cut), and black ankle tie heels. All I can say is.....WOW! I'm instantly turned on with just one look.

When my eyes widen, your grin does too. You lean down and whisper in my ear, "It's always been a fantasy of mine to pleasure you while you're sitting at your desk." Mmmmm, that thought increases my arousal. I have a very large desk.

It has a spacious cut out where I sit and goes all the way down to the floor. It's a good thing, too. This way, no one can see her under there. Thus, I let you climb under the desk and do as you wish.

You slide under and I feel your hands run up and down my legs. You spread my legs apart and kiss the inside of my thighs. You run your tongue across my panties over my steaming wonderland. You run your hands back up and slide my panties off.

You spread my legs as far as the will go and flick my clit with your tongue. I should have looked at the clock before I told her to proceed. About that time I hear my students come in. I jump and try to pull you up, but you won't come. Instead, I hear you giggle and begin rubbing your hand up and down my wet pussy.

You pull my chair back under and instantly start sucking on my clit. I jolt and my students look at me funny. In the clearest voice I can muster I tell them I had a cold chill. You continue sucking on my clit and hard as you can.

Surprisingly I'm extremely turned on with all of my students in the room.

I instantly orgasm.

There's enough noise in the room between the students talking and desks moving that they can't hear how hard I'm breathing. I slip you a note asking you to pause for just a moment so I can speak to my students.

You pause. But only with your tongue. You continue working with your fingers. Sliding them in and out of me.

I tell my students we're doing something a little different. I have them get out they're books and starting on the left, they each read 3 paragraphs. This is the only thing I can think of to keep them from hearing the changes in my breathing and the little moans I let out.

As the first student starts reading, I lean back a little looking at you; but pretending like I'm looking at my book following along. I look down at you and you grin. You stick your tongue out and instantly I start to shiver.

You can do the most amazing things with your tongue. You push my legs a little farther apart, place your left hand on my hood and pull back. Spreading my lips with your fingers to expose my swollen clit. You take two finger from your right hand and slowly start fingering me.

You blow on my clit. Kiss it. Then take the tip of your tongue and flick it over and over again. Each flick causes my legs to shake more. I look up to see if my students have noticed anything and they're heads are down following along in their books.

In one fluent motion you ram your fingers inside of me and suck on my clit. Making me jolt and let out a squeal through my teeth. My students stop reading and look at me. I try to push you away real quick so I can speak, but you don't move. You continue sucking my clit and fingering me fast.

I look at them and cough and tell them I'm sorry, just another cold chill. They think nothing of it and start reading again. You continue sucking my clit and fingering me fast. I orgasm again. You don't stop. I begin shaking ad trying to keep still in my chair. Oh my God it's so hard to!! I want to scream in ecstacy so bad, but I can't.

My heart is racing. You're fingering me. Licking and sucking on my clit. It's taking every thing I have not to yell!! But, I can't help myself. I manage to speak to my students in a calm voice. I tell them that something has come up and I have to let them out early.

As they dismiss you finger me faster. Pull my clit into your mouth and suck real hard. Once they have all left the room I yell and orgasm at once. You push back on my chair and throw my legs over the arms. You finger me as fast as your possibly can. Suck on my clit as hard as you can. Lick my clit as fast as you can.

I grab your hair and hold your head in place as I feel another orgasm coming. I clinch your hair and you finger me fast. You suck on my clit harder than you ever have. You remove your fingers when you do. Then, for the first time ever, I scream and squirt all over my desk and floor.

My legs are shaking, I'm sweating from head to toe. I have never felt such an orgasm. Such a magnificent feeling. You give one final lick up my pussy. Giving my clit a small lick and kiss.

You sit beside me smiling. Allowing me to catch my breath. I look up at the clock and it's time to go home for the day. You stand up and give me a kiss. Then lean over to my ear and whisper, "You're going to love what happens when you get home." *wink*

I gasp then my heart skips a beat.
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