Executive Session Number One
Back when I was in my twenties I worked downtown for a large construction company in their engineering department. This company was very caste conscious with general office workers on the 14th floor of their building, technical people on the 15th floor, and the executives on the 16th floor, the top floor.

I had made several cost cutting changes that I knew saved the company thousands of dollars but as usual in big companies I never was given credit for it except one day a few of us tech types were invited to a big shindig thrown by the 16th floor people. We received a plaque for our great work.

A couple of the guys from the tech circles were a little bitter about that, but I was grateful since I met one of the execs and his lovely wife who invited me to their house for diner the following Friday. We all got along famously. The exec, Jack, was in his fifties and his lovely wife, Fran, was 35 and didn't look a day over 29.

The next week Jack called and said he wanted to talk to me about something private and invited me to lunch at a nearby restaurant. Over a few drinks he told me how his wife had taken a liking to me and wanted me to come over and party with them. I asked him what this party thing was. He said that because of their age difference he couldn't really satisfy her like he had a few years ago and I might be the one to help do the job. Of course I was sworn to secrecy and told I would be out on my ass if any word ever leaked out about this party or the offer of it.

The next Friday I went to their house and Jack told me that Fran was a little uptight about everything and she had taken some kind of relaxer. We had a light dinner with a few drinks and Fran excused herself saying she had to lie down. Jack told me she was going to lie down to be ready for me. He said we should undress and then go into the bedroom where I could get her off like she wanted while he got himself off watching.

We undressed and there was Jack with a hardon at least an inch longer than mine and a lot thicker. I couldn't see why he couldn't perform for her with what he had. But then, I wanted to make love to the lovely Fran and fuck her brains out. Just the thought of it had made me hard with a little pre-cum dripping out.

We went into the bedroom and there she was in her naked glory. More beautiful than most anyone gracing the big screen of Hollywood. But she was fast asleep and when we tried to awaken her she just mumbled something about trying it another time before turning over and drawing the covers over her beauty.

Jack looked at me and said that we shouldn't waste our hardons. I figured he wanted to jackoff together. I was wrong. He told me to bend over and grabbed some greasy stuff from their bedside table and slapped some in my butt crack. Having been butt fucked by a cop in lieu of a financial payoff or getting arrested for fucking Delphine in a car on a deserted lovers lane I knew what was about to happen. I said something about maybe this wasn't the thing to do. He had a finger in my ass before I knew what was happening. It actually felt pretty good. Then it was two fingers and he threw me on the bed right next to Fran. I couldn't believe a fiftysomething old fart was so quick and strong.

First thing he did was kiss my neck as he reached around me and rubbed my very hard cock. He pulled my hips up and got in between my legs and I could feel that giant cock of his probing around my asshole. Slowly he worked the head in and as I expected it hurt like hell. He kept telling me to relax that his dick wasn't as big as a good sized turd. I told him turds go out and not in. He gave a mighty shove and I thought I would split in two. I gritted my teeth thinking about the next time when I could be the one slipping my cock into something, namely Fran's pussy.

I glanced over to Fran as Jack slowly pumped away and saw her eyes open as she gave me a big wink. What the fuck was going on here. She got up and left the bed to Jack and me. He continued to pump away and the discomfort eased and it even started to feel good. Suddenly he withdrew and told me to roll over and throw my legs up like I was a girl getting fucked in the pussy. I did and he was back in me in the good old missionary position.

I could feel my hardon squeezed between our bellies as he fucked my ass. He started to go faster and shove it harder. My dick started to feel like it was going to spew out a load. Jack pushed up on his hands as he fucked and threw his head back letting out a loud yell that he was going to fill me with his hot juice. And then he did, he spasmed like crazy and I was sure I could feel his hot cum blasting into me. Then I came. Not as good as it would have been if my dick was in Fran's pussy, but I did cum, and damnit, that counts for something. I didn't know if it was from prostate stimulation or from my cock rubbing between our sweaty bellies.

Jack asked me how I liked it and all I could say it was different. He said that next week I could fuck Fran and then he'd fuck me. I asked why he didn't fuck Fran since he was so good at it and had the tool to do it. He told me that pussy just doesn't do it for him anymore.

As I was leaving, Fran came to the door to say goodbye. She added that next week she wouldn't need any relaxer.

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