Exploring my sexuality while masturbating
This is a true story of me a few years ago while masturbating outdoors on an old corn farm. I went to a family members house to help clean up things for her while she was away for a few days. After cleaning and mowing, I went and took a bath and shaved all over, because I don`t like any body hair on me anywhere including my privates. I felt so clean and fresh.
It was getting dark and the taste of the mint toothpaste was fresh in my mouth. When Iam like this, I start to have bisexual fantasies and such. I was so horney, that I put on some fresh clothes and went out behind the storage building. The grass was mowed, and several acres of flat land was facing me. I laid down a clean blanket on the ground and undressed totally nude.
I was on my back having a fantasy of a male friend on top of me kissing me while a female friend watched and pleasured herself. The fantasy got so intense that I turned over and got into the doggy style position and began rubbing my anus with one hand and penis with the other hand. Now sometime people will trespass at night to hunt deer, which is rare, but I didn`t even care if someone saw me at this point. My butt was in the air for all the acres to see. Of course, I hope nobody saw me, but if they did, oh well.
While in the position, I sucked on my fingers pretending they were a penis with my right hand, while fingering my anus with my left, pretending it was the female friend fingering me. The fantasy of having both hot sexes at the same time outdoors for all the possible trespassers to see was making my entire body go into a orgasmic frenzy.
My breathing turned into moaning and panting. As the fingers from my left hand hit my prostate over and over againg, I climaxed all over the blanket and moaned so loudly it echoed. I laid on the blanket for 30 minutes or so after that. I guess there were no neighbors on the property, but if there were, two shots of whiskey and I would have lost my inhibitions.
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