Fantasy World Comes True

As my mine wanders back to six month ago I still can not believe what my eyes witnessed and what I saw changed my life. It was as if I was destined to see my gorgeous room mate make love to her body. I had my private time to fantasize about my lust for a man and ended up making love to my body. It is better known as masturbating or jacking off but that is more of a male description of masturbating. We ladies do jack off like men but we rarely admit we do. Actually the words we use when we are in a self gratification state of being are fingering fucking our selves. It sounds a little more sensual when I use the word fuck or any form of the word. Not many women say the word unless they are with their girl friends and seldom use it then. For your information I like the word fuck. It's what context I use it in that gives me a feeling of expressing my self amicably. My favorite time is when I am in the throes of passion with my lover and I whisper with a low scream of "fuck me Baby fuck me hard." He loves it when I use the word "fuck" and so do I because it never fells to send him over the edge and my soul is filled with his hot male treasure.

It was nearing 4 o'clock which meant I could leave work in thirty minutes and head home. My mind had been running amuck for the past 9 hours since I left home this morning at 7 AM with tears in my eyes. What happened was something I never expected. Phoebe, my room mate for the past 6 years and best friend since we were in grade school grabbed me before I left this morning and kissed me in away I least expected. It was a kiss of passion and love. It's the words she whispered that has had my mine in a whirlwind all day. "I love you, SL." The initials SL, stands for Sela Lynn. It shocked me beyond belief. It was probably the most affectionate kiss any one had ever given me. Not only the kiss but it was the way she touched my face and let the back of her hand slide slowly down my cheek and across my breast. I was literally frozen in time. Then as I was about to leave she caressed me again and kissed me with a little nibble on my lips and whispered again, "I do love you, Sela Lynn."

How was it this came about? Phoebe and I never thought we would be assigned to the same room since we applied for housing anywhere we could find it since housing was scarce at the U. We both were majoring in Humanities specializing in Human Sexuality. Very few students have any clue what Human Sexuality entails other than the word "sex" being in the word "sexuality." All the guys in college like the name of our major and Mom warned Phoebe and me that guys would ask us out just to find out how easy we were since we were majoring in HS. My mom had a degree in HS and when I was just starting adolescence she loaned me some of her college texts that addressed "my changing life." There was a book that had that title and I must say it opened Phoebe's and my eyes about men and women and their sexuality. What made it so special was I got to talk to my mom about what I was reading in the book. Phoebe's mom allowed her to talk to mom about it too. It made it easy on Phoebe's mom since she was not very knowledgeable about sex and young girls' adolescences. Mom was a God sent Angel when it came to talking about sex. Mom had a thousand funny stories she shared with us about boys and girls sex worlds and happenings. She kept us in tears but she did it in away we learned from kids stupid mistakes. Mom never revealed any of her patients names but she did tell us some of the stories she heard and I will tell you she did not leave out any details of the sex acts the boys and girls did to each other.

And when it came time for us to become sexually active we were way ahead of our age group and class. Phoebe and I never shared our knowledge concerning sexual matters with anyone but our closest girl friends and we did not have too many of them since we were in the ugly female nerd group. Only problem is Phoebe and I wanted to be in that group because we had future plans in our minds of what we wanted in life. We never changed our appearance until we went off to college. We were totally different young ladies. Our moms' love the change Phoebe and I made and so did we. Our sexy bodies and cosmo beauty really got the attention of the male species.

But I will tell you we were the foxes of the U by male's standards but as I told you Phoebe and I hid our beauty and sexuality until that first day at college. Our hot bods had every one of those hard dicks at school walking on three legs. We learned that little saying from my mom. Just to put our bods in perspective we were sometimes compared to Penelope Cruz. Our height and weight were with in micros of each other. We were both 34C's 24 35 with big poundage of 115 pounds. We were not real talk but our 5'5" height was adequate for a couple of slutty skags. How we hid our looks was easy in high school.

She and I were strong competitors all these years when it came to grades. We were but hundreds of points apart in our grade point indexes by the time we graduated from high school. I really did not want to be valedictorian so I made one A- so Phoebe would have the honor of being Miss Smarty Pants of high school. But what those grades did for us was it got us full ride scholarships in academia.

Back to that kiss Phoebe planted on my lips this morning. The last time we kissed was in our senior year when we received news in the mail we had been given our scholarships. We were jumping for joy and happiness and I was the one that grabbed her and gave her a kiss of congratulations. It was innocent but I do remember her warm lips and stun look she had when I kissed her.

I had no idea what to expect when I got home from work but I was getting anxious. As I got closer to home I had a fuzzy feeling in my loins and a tingling in my nipples. Don't ask me why I had this feeling because I can not tell you what was giving me these warm feelings.

Well here we go. I knew Phoebe was home already because her car was in the garage. I opened the door between the garage and kitchen and there was no light on in the kitchen. I stepped in and reached for the light switch when I felt a warm hand grab my hand. I knew this hand it was Phoebe's. This was the second time today that I froze. She whispered in a soft voice "please don't move, Sela Lynn." When Phoebe speaks in that kind of voice she is serious or she is in a sensual mood because I have heard her talk this way when she and her beau are in the throes of passion in her bedroom. It's a very sultry kind of voice. I have always loved her sexy voice when she is aroused.

Phoebe took my purse and set it on the counter top and led me into the din where I saw several scented candles burning. The lights were dim and she had fresh roses on the game table giving the room a romantic atmosphere. I started to say something but Phoebe put her finger over my lips and shushes me. As I stood looking her in the eyes she took my hands and put her face in my palms. Kiss me Sela Lynn, please. I never hesitated I leaned forward and gently kissed her warm lips. As I pulled away Phoebe would not let me move away from her but she took me in her arms and gave my cheeks a warm peck. Sela Lynn, come with me Baby. I was in total awe of what was happening. She whispered in my ear "go potty and leave nothing on your beautiful body but your sexy panties. There is a robe hanging on the back of the door. What was I to do I trusted my best friend. I had to see where this was going to take me. She knows my habits like a book. As I walked in the small private room where the toilet was located I closed the door and there was a new robe for me to wear. One thing she knew I have always worn sexy underwear and she must have seen what I was wearing because if she didn't like them she would have put a clean pair in the room for me to wear.

I finished going potty then put the new robe on. It was a red silk mid thigh robe with a belt that accents my thin waist. Phoebe and I do have well proportioned bodies. When I stepped out Phoebe was wearing a new robe. It matched my short mini robe but it was in bright blue silk. The lights were now dim and the only light we had to see by was a couple of candles burning across the room. There was a chill in the air but I did notice Phoebe had the gas fireplace burning when we went through the din. It's our hang out room. It's a room you can make romantic any time you want it to be. To my surprise when Phoebe led be back into the din she had taken our "get laid bear rug" out of storage and put it in front of the fireplace. She sat me down on the rug and told me to lay back on one of our reading arm pillows. We lay on the floor lots of times resting in these special pillows.

Phoebe told me not to move, she would be right back. As I lay staring at the warm fire I was actually becoming aroused but I had no idea why. The soft music she had on the cd player was really romantic. What is this woman up too? Phoebe and I had never had a sexual tryst or even messed around with each other. I forgot we did when we were younger learning to kiss boys. We practiced kissing each other but that is as far as that went. Phoebe came back in the din carrying a tray with cheese and crackers. Along with the munchees she brought two bunches of concord grapes with two artichokes and hot butter. She knows my weaknesses and my aphrodisiac food. But it was the large glasses of chardonnay that had me concerned. Things were beginning to come to light.

My roomy sat down beside me and took my hands and kissed my cheek. She told me to go ahead have some goodies and wine. As we munched on the finger food she began to talk. Let me talk she whispered in that sultry voice. Sela Lynn I have to be honest with you. I am not going to apologize. I have carried a feeling for you since our senior year in high school when we spent the night together and we slept together in the nude. We had been to that kegger party and you were a little tuned up. You fell asleep as soon as I got you undressed and into bed. It was hot enough we did not need anything but a sheet to sleep under. I was not feeling any pain either but I literally fell in love with you. I had seen you naked before but not the way I saw you that night. You were absolutely stunning lying there in the nude. I was so turned on I thought I would faint seeing you laying there. Your legs were spread wide showing me your pretty pussy. I knew you and Mr. Wonderful had been making out in the bushes per se and as usual he had been feeling you up and playing with your gorgeous tits. You were still wet from him fingering you and the way your pretty pussy was gaped open I was not sure if you had let him fuck you or not. I could not see any cum or dried mess around your pussy at all. You two must have really got it on because I could see a big titty hickey on your left breast. I know you love your tits sucked and I don't blame you I love my titties sucked too.

Anyway I could not keep my hands or lips off your beautiful body. I knew I was excited and actually horny as hell. My Mr. Wonderful got so wasted he passed out and they took him home. I didn't even get a tit bit or my twat felt up by the asshole. He really had me pissed off. That is when I dumped him and I was glad I did. Well back to my sinful lust for you and your gorgeous body. I am glad your mom and dad were out of town that weekend. As I sat there staring at you your hand slid down between you legs and you started playing with your pussy.

As I said I was so horny I could not restrain my self. I had to have you. I knew where you kept your erotic lotion so I got up got it and ran back to you. I pulled your hands away from your pussy and replaced them with my hand. I had never touched another girl in my life but this seemed so natural to me I just could not resist touching your pussy. I was no saint as you know. We both loss out virginities the same weekend and I can remember both of us being so proud of ourselves that we were no longer virgins. We told each other every detail of being fucked by our boy friends. Neither one of us got our cookies off that night but we did become women. Damn good "lays" too as we used to kid each other.

Sela Lynn you and I both know we love to fuck and we love our sex with men but today is the beginning of a new life for me and I hope you too. When I said I love you I meant it. Please do not be mad at me I have hidden this feeling as I told you for years. What got into me this morning is something I can not explain? They say when love comes there is nothing one can do but love that person and if it has to be from afar then so be it. I remember your mother telling us about the power of love.

As I was saying I was so fascinated seeing you laying there my hands were like magnets to your body. It drew them to it as if there was a spell cast over them. I could not do anything about it. I literally had a climax as I began rubbing and massaging that beautiful lustful body of yours. I know I touched every inch of the woman I loved. I didn't realize it until I was laying there with you that night. I will be honest with you Sela Lynn I must have sucked your titties for a solid hour. All I remember was those soft moans and you unconsciously holding my head as I sucked them.

When I poured the lotion in your belly button and all over your pubes I did not realize how sensitive you were in that area. But how would I know I had never touched you between the legs much less anywhere else. This is where I really got sinful with your body Sela Lynn. I put my head on your tummy as I began to run my fingers in and out and around your belly button. By now your hips were doing the dance of lust and begging me to finger you. I continued to rub your abs and the crease along the side of you beautiful labia that were now swollen with sexual lust. Your inner pinkness was glistening with wetness. Some of it from early foreplay your beau had been doing to you. I know that sexual aroma of excitement when a woman becomes wet or is already wet. The lotion was now covering your pubes from the top of your slit down to you golden rosebud. My fingers knew exactly what you were craving and I was not about to let you drift off to sleep with out me fulfilling your sexual desires. One hand was cupping your wanton cunt and my other hand was spreading your lips wide open giving me easy access to your Miss Clitty. I was so nervous when I placed my lips on your swollen clit and slowly kissed it. It was all knew to me and I was beginning to think all kinds of weird thoughts. One being you would wake up and catch me eating you.

But me being as suborned as I am I went for it. I slipped my two middle fingers inside your cunt as my little finger slid into your ass. You moaned loudly but you did not wake up. Your dancing hips were telling me everything I needed to know. My slick fingers including my thumb were making you hump my face trying to suck it into your cunt. As I pushed my fingers in and out of your ass and cunt you were in total sexual bliss. My tongue was now flicking across your throbbing clit and I could almost see your clit contracting with each flick of my tongue. If a sleeping person could talk it was you. I swear I heard you whisper "Oh fuck" as a gigantic orgasm ripped through your cunt. I held you as tight as I could as you began to quiver and shake as wave after wave of aftershocks kept exploding inside your cunt.

Sela Lynn, do I apologize or not. I just could not keep my hands and lips off your body even though I had made you cum with an unbelievable orgasm. I gently rolled you over on your tummy and let you get comfortable before I did anything else to you. I was such a sleazy slut Sela Lynn. I pushed your legs open so I could expose your beautiful cunt. I pushed one of knees up to your waist so you were laying there with a wide open pussy. As you once told me before when we watched porn on the internet there is not a more sensual position for a woman to put herself in if she wants to turn her man on.
Well lady this was really sinful of me. Please forgive me for taking advantage of you in a drunken state of mind. I never said a word I just let her talk as she continued to tell me what she did to me. Phoebe can be so honest if she feels guilty but that is just her. She told me she got behind me and crawl up between my legs and literally tongue fucked my asshole and cunt. She admitted she fingered me and tongue fucked me until I had two more orgasms. Why I did not wake up was amazing to her. Well after her tongue got tired she snuggled up with me and kissed me all over until she fell asleep.

I spoke softly as I held Phoebe and told her I would never forgive her for giving me all that sexual pleasure. She stared at me as if she was hurt but that is when I kissed her with a passion she never expected. I think I stunned her when I kissed her that way but it was what I said to her that brought tears to her eyes. Phoebe Ann this girl loves you too. I have had the same feeling for years but I never knew how to tell you how I felt. Spinning Phoebe around she was now sitting with her back to me. I scooted up so my feet were outside her ass and she was leaning back against my chest. I reached around and untied her belt letting her robe fall open exposing her luscious breast. I slid my hands down her sides so I could pull her robe completely open but instead of just leaving it on her I slipped it off her shoulders and removed it from her warm body. Feeling her naked moist body against my titties gave me one warm feeling.

My roaming hand was now rubbing the outside of her bikini panties. They were already soaked and I could tell she was feeling embarrassed about it but I was ready for her nervousness. Up and down I ran my fingers through her wet slit. I could tell her pussy lips were swollen and begging for me to touch them. Phoebe Baby I am going to touch you like you touched me but I want you to be my porno lesbian lover. Can you be my porno star. You have no idea how many fantasies I have had about you being a lesbian lover with me. And tonight I want you to relax and go with the flow.

My hand was now sliding inside her panties and my fingers were searching for her wetness and her swollen inner lips. Oh fuck I heard her moan as I touched her throbbing clit. Gently I let my fingers go in and out of her cunt as I kissed the back of her neck and ears. I am aware of her need to have her lover lick and tongue fuck the hole in her ears. It excites her beyond belief. I watched her almost rape a guy one night at a party when he was tongue fucking her ear. My poor little Phoebe succumbed to the old adage of "put it in her ear and let her hear it cuming." That wasn't funny was it? Phoebe kept trying to grab me but I was far enough behind her she could only touch me but not grab me and pull me down on top of her.

It was time for her sexual ecstasy and I was the one that was going to take her to cum heaven. I was so excited myself I dug deep into Phoebe's cunt but did not realize it was doing it so hard. It was but seconds and Phoebe let herself go as her sexuality consumed her soul. She was screaming I am cuming, I am cuming. I kissed her shoulder and held her tight as her pussy went into sexual convulsions. I must say I was proud of myself for making her scream with sexual joy. Oh Sweetie, I love you Phoebe Ann. You make me feel so good knowing I returned your affections from years ago. I hope we never let this feeling fade. Anytime you want me I will be here for you. May the cum gods bless us with a thousand orgasms. Sela Lynn you are absolutely the most wonderful woman in the world. I will love you forever. Phoebe Ann I too will love you just as much. And by the way my new little bi bitch lover I have to confess. The night you though I was drunk and had passed out and you took advantage of my wanton cunt and soul, I lied, I was awake and aware of you eating me into the kingdom of lustful cum. So some night when you least expect you just might find a tongue in your cunt or ass eating you into purgatory.

Oh sweet Jesus I pray I heard my Phoebe cry!
Phoebe lets call the boys up and see if they want to lay a couple of new bi bitch lovers. Ok lets do it I am horny as hell for a big hard cock. Me too Angel, me too.
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