FMM - She Wanted It, She Got It
Fucking Two Men

It's been decades ago, but I've actually had a fmm three-way o..m..g

A sex-loving young woman I had been screwing for almost a year kept moaning about how "totally hot" it would be to fuck two guys. It was like her number one fantasy and she wanted it for real. This is true: (we really had this conversation, but after all this time I can't remember it word for word) She was riding my cock slow and steady one evening and as usual she said something like, "Think how amazing it would be just like this, only with another guy too—anybody, shit I don't really care, just some other naked guy stroking his big hard cock watching me fucking you like this. You would see him get close to me, put one hand on my head and guide his hard cock into my mouth. Your hard cock fucking my pussy and his hard cock fucking my mouth at the same time, FUCK," and she started humping my prick faster.

We fucked so often I remember her beautiful young body perfectly well—a petite little redhead with hardly any tits, just sexy little pale pink nipples pointing out in the shape of two very small pointed cones. She loved being naked with a guy so much she was totally at ease with me pulling her clothes off the very first time we were alone in my car. She was stripped to just her panties when she pulled my shirt off over my head, exposing my chest and she actually whispered, "Shit," staring at my body and she said, "I love helping a man have a good time." And sliding her hands up the front of my body, running her fingers through my chest hair, she softly said "You look great. I love it."

This fabulous chick had a really short "boys haircut" which I always find extremely attractive on any woman of any race...even women who have their hair cut so short it's like a guy's crewcut. Black chicks look especially great with hair that short. And there was even one asain Indian babe who shaved her head completely slick with a straight razor. She was tall and slender with long beautiful fingers and long long legs. She got lots of stares, which she loved, and she told me she had never felt so sexy in her life.

We were fantastic together omg. I ate her full tits with their dark as night aereola while she fingered herself, and SHIT she would cum hard, and her orgasms lasted a long time. Then she was so turned on and horny we would fuck like forever in positions all over the bed. Fantastic woman. Athletic, strong, and aggressive. She finally got married to some white ass hole, and she called me to have a long suck and fuck session two days before her wedding.

ANYWAY, back to the little redhead, She had a fair complexion with a sort of pinkish glow, and thick wiry dark red pussy hair deep down in her crotch that i spent a lot of time playing in all kind of ways, licking and sucking it and twirling my tongue in it. She would go nuts teasing and rubbing her clit and cumming pretty loud watching me pull my excited hard cock out of her wet cunt,. I still get hard and jack off thinking about her and how free and eager she was to try all kinds of shit. It was like she'd do anything. Very nasty girl.

I'd pull out of her, my fucking dick all wet with her pussy juices, and I'd quickly finish on my knees between her spread thighs by jerking my cock and spraying my creamy white cum on her dark red pubic hair. It was HOT, and we both stared at the mess on her triangle of pussy hair, eventually playing with it it different ways and ending up eating it together.

So this cute little wet fucking Whore was always saying how amazing it would be to have two men at once. She was always trying to get me interested enough to let her bring another man into our sex.

So one time I surprised her by brining it up myself, and she tried not to show how excited it made her hearing me talk about the possibility of having two naked men all over her, two guys making love to her naked body at the same time. Two hard cocks, maybe even a DP if she wanted to try it. She was so goddam turned on I said something like, "So with two know, would you just want us fucking you, or are you imagining Bi-sexual shit, like the men sucking cock and fucking the other guy's ass hole while you watch? Or while you join us and make it a a true threesome."

She couldn't help herself, hearing me say that totally freaked out her dirty mind and she started riding me with a vengence, humping my cock as hard as any Bitch has ever ridden me. She groaned long and hard. My cock stiffened even more while i was listening to her cum.

She was blown away hearing me talk about it and envisioning it—one man kissing her mouth and pulling on her nipples while the othe guy was on his knees sucking the shit out ouf the fisrt guy's hard prick.
Holy god.....

And it happened just like that. One Saturday she brought a friend to meet me, a big strong handsome guy who kissed and tongued her mouth often and had his hands all over her. No question what he was there for and how this was going to go. And I was already hard in my pants. I wasn't attracted to him in the least, and I wasn't thinking about his cock. I was excited thinking of her naked with two men just like she had been dying to experience. I was fucking excited thinking about the sex we were about to experience. It was sex that I wanted, and I didn't give a shit who was involved, or how many, or what gender. My cock was fucking hard.

He fucked her first while i watched, looking into her eyes at every opportunity, getting my cock in her face. She got one hand around my thick 9 inches and just about swallowed it taking it into her mouth. Later we gave her the same, only with his cock in her mouth and me jamming my hard cock in her pussy from behind, slapping my body into her fleshy round butt, working my erection in her cunt like a piston.

Later she told me that a girlfriend of hers had hooked them up. So she didn't know him any more than I did. But her friend had told her, "Omg yes, honey, he is Bi- and he sure as hell won't fucking disappoint you." And he didn't. He and I took her every way we knew how. Mostly both of us on her at the same time, and sometimes each of us going solo with her while the other guy watched, She was in fucking heaven.

It was amazing for all three of us. Even he said so while he ws eating her tits the last time before he dressed and left.

He had sucked my cock while she stared at him. She was watching, pulling his hard prick, and sucking my nipples all at the same time. Didn't bother me in the least that a guy was sucking me off. All I knew was that I was getting a fantstic blow job. Later she pushed me, practically forcing me to suck his hard-on. And once I got into it, it was worth it just to see how fucking ecstatic she looked masturbating with her knees wide open, cumming three or four times. Watching two men in her bed together. I worked my mouth on his thick fucker, giving her plenty to watch and stare at.

He quietly suggested that I let him fuck me. Fuck my ass. But I wasn't prepared for that, so I said something like, "Sorry, not this time."

I don't know exactly how it happened, but about eight or ten minutes later I was fucking his tight hole and shiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttt she went fucking nuts watching her two men, rubbing herself, jacking and sucking his cock, getting her cunt under his face so he could eat her out while I was screwing his ass hole. She couldn't take her eyes off me fucking this guy I didn't know. Her fmm was happening, and it was more than she had ever dreamed it could be, affecting her like nothing else she had ever experienced. Not even close. She wanted it to never end.

Amazing fucking sex. She was ecstatic, physically and emotionally exhausted.

I wanted more. And looking into his face I could see the same craving desire.
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