Fade To Oral
Epilog to "'til dawn, moonrise, moonset"...

Hi, I'm Nikki. I woke up this morning, actually closer to noon, with Rod still between my legs. Last thing I remember he brought me home where he introduced me to his amazing bath house type shower equipped with padded benches and cushioned comfort areas designed to transform sex into another dimension. The cascading sound of a quiet waterfall sets the tone for much more than I ever anticipated.

I made him promise to satisfy my oral cravings. I shouldn't have made it a challenge but then I had no idea he was going to do more than just satisfy my immediate desires. He took me on a journey to his orgasmic haven where my pussy was ravished, ravaged, tantalized, mesmerized, turned and twisted inside and out in so many multiple variable ways I don't know where to start trying to describe what this man can do with his tongue, lips, nose, ears, hair and chin.

What blows my mind even more is he doesn't just concentrate on oral sex. His hands, arms, legs, genitals and chest never stop stimulating some part of my body, and of course his. He's like a crawling king snake constantly on the prowl, everywhere and anywhere.

His body movements are so seductive. For instance, he positions his cock and balls above my tits. Then his hips playfully dance around so his cock brushes by my nipples stimulating their arousal. His balls lay between my tits as he manipulates them in a swirling spiral dancing fashion bouncing off my nipples, tits and ribs while the rest of my body goes insane with lust. I latch on to his rigid forearms anchoring my body for what I know is going to be an overwhelming experience.

Just as I attempt reaching for his cock to stroke it's illusive magnitude, he pulls away allowing me a few strokes that excite every nerve in my pussy. As his crown erupts from the shield of his foreskin my pussy becomes so wet. Just thinking of this enormous hunk of hardened pulsating flesh penetrating the depths of my desire, has me on the brink of orgasmic release. A promise is a promise so for now I'll stay focused on oral gratification while my pussy aches with anticipation of being thrashed beyond belief.

After getting use to the objective of his teasing I sucked Rod's cock for so long he had at least three orgasms that kept me swallowing the sweetest cum I've ever tasted. The first blast of his liquid ambrosia was thick and creamy. The next two ejaculates were thinner but even sweeter. Then he tit fucked me while I pressed my nipples into his thrusting shaft. The head of his cock reaches my mouth so I sucked his crown with every thrust. When he raised his hips I knew intuitively he was allowing me to have a field day with his dangling cock and swaying balls.

I pulled back his foreskin and thrust his crown into each nipple, released the foreskin around the nipple then rotated his shaft. The sensation was so continuously overwhelming as he manipulated my body every which way including loose. His cum filled foreskin added yet another sensation to my nipple that rippled through my breast as I pressed harder on his shaft.

The head of his cock created a crater of excitement that reached my hips then immediately spread across my vulva.

I new in the shower that I was in trouble. He massaged my entire body with soaps, creams, lotions and oils stimulating all my senses explaining that this was just the preparation for our all night oral adventure. Between the shower and the sauna I had four tidal wave level orgasms each one stronger than the one before.

Never before have I had someone so skilled take complete control of my body. He manipulates the sides of each hand into my anal crevasse and pussy simultaneously. Together with the lotions, oils and my cum his hands floated freely. The devious smile on his face as my pussy swelled with excitement made me realize that Rods greatest joy is bringing me to ever greater orgasmic levels of intense eroticism.

My body finally became relaxingly limp, open for anything Rod wished, desired or craved. He held true to his promise. The thought kept coming to mind that tonight's my turn to keep a promise. Can't say I'm scared because Rod's so gentle he's got that extraordinary sense of knowing just how far to go then back off, rejuvenate, revitalize and intensify.

For right now I'm going to enjoy the full extent of Rod's expertise on how to get a girl to experience multiple orgasms while remaining energized and stimulated with the desire for more. I'm that gal who loves more!!!

Rod positions me so he could cradle my upper body at an angle allowing him to continually massage my tits and nipples. His other hand gently, slowly massages my belly, groin, thighs and finally what Rod calls the most amazingly outrageous human creation, my abnormally shaped pussy. He has a subtle way of making me ache for more by tantalizing my pussy getting closer and closer to my low hanging lips and extended swollen clit then backing off. During this foreplay sequence he does this anal massage that just stimulates every sensation the body is capable of experiencing. The interplay of his fingers between my contoured pubic hair and the massaging of my outrageously long labia was enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure through my entire body.

My pussy lips are so long he can stretch them between my cheeks to my rosebud. Lying on my back I lift my legs up over his shoulders. He positions his body so I can massage his balls and suck his cock or, what he really enjoys is a combination of sucking and biting while I stroke his shaft and massage his balls.

His foreskin is loose enough for me to insert my tongue, tickle his crown then swirl around the head of this amazing dangling Saturn Rocket. His balls hang so low they rest on my neck where I can use my chin to manipulate them from side to side so his balls are in constant motion as I take him as deep down my throat as possible. I switch from sucking his cock to sucking his balls one at a time. Each one is such a mouth full I gasp for air. Chewing his foreskin and scrotum then biting around the hood of his crown while replicating his technique on massaging his rosebud enhances his senses as his hips do this, "Oh my God, don't ever stop" gyration.

Rod loves improvising his movements, never allowing me to anticipate what's next. Once I learned to just relax and let him do his thing he felt my body just surrender to his control. The most amazing sensation I experienced is when he finally stimulates my rosebud, pussy lips and clit so effectively that my body tightens up like a piano string, my back arches uncontrollably sending my entire body into spasms of orgasmic ecstasy. I never realized the level of intensity until after my pussy lips were down Rods throat as he sucked my clit so deep he could literally fuck the depths of his throat with my lips and clit undulating as if they were his cock. He got me to a state of bliss I can't describe. I had this uncontrollable stupefied murmur issuing from my lips as if I were in a state of schizophrenic bewilderment.

He literally swallows my lips and clit then continues swallowing sending my body into a shivering state of spasmodic bliss. At the peak of intensity I felt as if Rod was going to suck me inside out starting with my pussy. My body became electrified with lightning bolt ferocity as waves of orgasmic euphoria swept over every sensuous curve.

The constant gnawing with his lips, teeth, jaw and the pressure from his tongue pulsating rhythmically throughout the entire duration of our insane oral splendor is mystifying. His throat control is baffling. I still can't understand how he has such control. What's so amazing, he keeps me in a state of orgasmic bliss for hours on this roller coaster ride heading for that place he calls orgasmic heaven. I just hang on knowing that this guy is in total control of my craving desires.

We're both nearly completely shaven. I leave a provocative V shaped trimmed tuft above the bulbous entrance to my clit pointing down at a sharp angle marking that stimulating area of total bliss. Rod leaves a trimmed arched crescent moon design that emphasizes the headwaters of his lusciously enormous cascading pussy teaser.

He warned me about what would happen if we don't shave. I just smiled one of those all knowing smiles. He kissed me with such intensity we both wanted to go for it. I reached for his cock with both hands guiding it toward my pussy. He thrust forward, I felt his foreskin slide back exposing his crown and hood, I raised his cock fitting his crown into my lips, he entered slowly with one steady thrust driving his cock past the head. My pussy tightened around his shaft, he withdrew..."Not yet, let's not be in a hurry."

His cock is so heavy that even with a massive erection it hangs down like a waterfall almost to his knees...well, maybe not that far but from this angle it's deceptively huge. I love watching him in the shower with his back turned. His lathered cock and balls hang between his legs dripping soap that splatters on the marble tile creating pools of bubbly soapy lather.

His cock hangs way lower than his balls. When he lathers himself he loves swirling them around in all directions. He constantly stretches his cock and scrotum so far they seem excruciatingly uncomfortable. Once they naturally contract they seem tolerably comfortable. He loves these daily exercises, says they're a must.

We'll be taking another shower soon. I'm sure we'll replenish our strength with all kinds of combinations of Rod's miracle diet for sustaining prolonged sex. He's got me mesmerized about how much detail he's researched on human sexuality taking it to a level of experience I would have never believed possible were it not for the fact that I'm now his unconditional companion that together we're able to reach heights of orgasmic pleasure few people have ever even imagined possible. I surely didn't.

Now it's my turn to follow through with the other half of that promise. I told Rod that if he satisfied my oral cravings he could take me and break me. Little did I know that oral for Rod includes anal and so much more. He's so gentle and knows how to get seriously intense just at the right time. I also know that he's got a whole 'nother way of breaking in a filly.

He's mister smooth when it comes to technique. Most cowboys throw a saddle on her back, force a bridal in her mouth, have four other cowboys holding her steady as he drops down into the saddle. She erupts like a volcanic earthquake hell bent on ejecting this berserko as soon as possible.

Rod's like a horse whisperer, no saddle, no bridal, just skillful technique and a steady unwavering focus of attention on detail...on my tail!

Tonight's gonna be a good night. I'm so relaxed my body feels like a soft spongy cloud of floating mist. My pussy is so ready for whatever magic Rod has in his bag of tricks. I have this fantasy I'm hoping he'll fulfill. I dream of his ability to suck my tits so deep and hard the my nipples tickle his tonsils, while he thrusts his swollen cock to the depths of my expanding pussy and then some...I'm sure he's got something in store for me that I can't imagine right now...

Wish me luck...

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