It was late September and the days were growing short and the smell of fall was in the air. I was at a loss for something to do so I decided to hop in my van and head north to see the beautiful fall colors. It was a little early when I started out and I was in northern Michigan before I noticed a few yellows and reds.

At one of my last coffee stops a woman of about 33 came in dressed in a sport bra and short running sorts. She was standing directly in front of me with her long lovely legs going up into the loose shorts and switching her weight from one foot to the other which moved her fine ass in a very sexy way. I could see the cheek of one butt and it looked like she had no underwear on. It was so tempting to reach out and slide my hand right under the short shorts and feel that nicely rounded butt. That might not be the best thing to do so I did the second best, struck up a conversation when I stood to get a refill. She wasn't friendly and the beast that had risen in my pants backed down and I finished my coffee alone.

I sat there wondering why I had decided to go on this trip instead of staying at home with a fuck buddy or looking for some new pussy. After these 400 miles I figured I would continue looking for fall colors but look for a little company too. I also had to relieve my sexual tensions several times during the remainder of the day.

I soon crossed the big bridge over the straits of Mackinaw and was in the upper peninsula, UP, to you people of the south, and continued my search for colors and pussy. It was a bleak search and before I realized it I was at the end of the road, actually the beginning of US 41just past Copper Harbor in the Keewenaw Peninsula. The leaves had started to turn bright but pussy was scarce.

I checked in to the campground on a little lake called Fanny Hooe and parked the van in the tent area since I needed no electricity or water. An hour or so later someone drove up in a little Mercedes and took out a tent. Before she could even lay out a ground cloth it started to pour. Being a good neighbor I went out and asked if she would like to sit out the rain in my van and have a cup of coffee. The fact that she looked like Marylin Monroe didn't stop me at all. I was kind of surprised when she said yes and we hopped into the van.

My van is just a big custom van with the two front seats a couple of center seats and a big bed in the back. The roof is raised so if you are short enough you can stand up. This babe just fit, but I had to duck. I had a little camping stove and a coffee press and could make coffee that put Starbucks to shame. She told me her name was Babs and I told her mine was Pat. We told each other some lies about ourselves and got along just fine. I put in a homemade CD of old songs and was surprised she really seemed to like them. What's more, she could even sing along with most of them. Before long we were doing duets and just having a great time.

Some of the old love songs seemed to almost bring tears to her eyes as they did mine. When Louis Armstrong burst into 'Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On' I bent toward her and did just that. Soon there were more kisses exchanged and my hands were going places I wish my lips were able to go.

I was the first to shed clothing. "What are you doing?" Babs said drawing away.

"It's hot in here, I'll help you get more comfy," I said as I started to unbutton her oversized western shirt. She didn't resist.

Soon we were both in our skivvies and her fine grapefruit breasts were about to break free of her skimpy bra. My banana like penis had popped out from my Jockeys so I just shed them and pulled her panties down and freed those boobs from their bindings.

By now we had moved to the oversized bed in the back of the van and were all wrapped in each other's arms and legs as we continued our dream building kissing. I worked on spreading her legs and my hand found the wet place between them and I slipped a finger into her heat.

"Oh my God," she said, "that feels sooo good."

I had two fingers down on her clitoris and my mouth was going from one fine hard nipple to the other. I worked into a position where I could slip my dick into her wet pussy and she pushed me away.

"No, no, we can't do it without protection. Don't you have any rubbers?"

"I didn't expect to meet you, besides I'm clean and I'll bet you are too."

"It isn't that, I think it's the time of month when I might get pregnant."

I understood her concern and turned myself around and started to kiss her navel, and lower. I went down into her silky pubic hair and was soon making her wetness wetter with my tongue. She found my dick with her mouth and started to suck on it.

I loved a blow job, but not while devoting all my energy to pleasing a woman with my lips and tongue so I told her to stop and just try to enjoy her own feelings without the bother of pleasing me. She stopped and I went back to my feasting on her wonderful wet parts.

Her pussy lips were a little swollen and I gently sucked on them until they puffed up. I took a deep breath and my nose worked its way from one end of her lovely wet hole to the other. I rubbed it on her clit and then took that little spot of joy in between my lips and rubbed it with my tongue. I buried my face down there and sank my tongue as deep into her as it would go. She raised her hips and rotated them and soon I was licking her little rose and she cried out in pleasure.

I could tell she was getting very close and I let up, a little. She relaxed and I went after her parts with all I had in me and she was about to climax when I had to back off for my own sake. It only took a few seconds and I was licking and sucking her with all my energy. She was bouncing that lovely wet thing up and down into my face and I grabbed her ass pulling her so I wasn't thrown off and licked that little clit until she cried out with pleasure and I about passed out from lack of air.

We lay there in that 69 position until a little strength returned and I turned around to face her.

"I've never tasted anything so good in my life. If you could bottle that you'd be rich in no time."

"Oh my God, I've never cum like that before. That was better than the best fuck I've ever had. Now give me that cock of yours and I'll see if I can return the favor."

I wrapped her in my arms and said, "Not now my dear, let's wait 'til tomorrow morning after we've rested."

I drew the covers over us and cuddled up behind her with my hard dick slipped between her thighs and I could feel the heat and wetness from her pussy on it. It was hard to keep from just slipping it in, and I know I could have in her relaxed and sleepy state, but I respected her wishes.

We slept soundly.


See some photos of this trip in my Fall photos.
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