Hi, my name is Charley," I said to the woman looking back at me in the mirror. She looked so sophisticated and calm, but it maligned the truth. From her dark short curls arrange in a windswept casual style and the well-applied make-up use to hide and gave courage where much was needed. I had chosen a short, simple blue shift style dress to wear that clung to my curves ending at mid-thigh. The neckline of the dress would be considered a modest V-neck but my breasts gave it that push to the suggestive side of thought. The party had requested an escort with curves, of medium height with heels on. I fit that built and Margery loved my look, exotic and the fact that I was a college student, plus the fact that this was my first time and that I needed the money. College isn't cheap, and I was in my last semester and loans, grants and what little my family could send even my part time job wasn't making ends meet. This was a onetime thing and is like I was a virgin. I just needed to make this money to tide me over until I graduated in three months, then things would be ok. This is what I had been telling myself when I asked my roommate about his "part-time job "and if they needed help. He knew my situation and said that with my looks I would have no problem finding work. Karl my roommate pitch- hit for both teams, meaning he pretty much went where the most money was offered. So to make a long story short Karl introduced me to Margery and the rest lead tonight. I was going to make enough to pay for my books and school fees as well as have a bit left over from the tip that I was told I could keep when he gave it to me. Hi, I am Charley I said again to the frighten girl in the mirror who looked back at me trying to look so brave.

The Limo arrived at eight to take me to the date. I was told that I would be going to one of the best restaurants in the city and later with the escorts approval there would be dancing. It seemed that I had been hired for the night not hourly as I had early thought, which meant that the money would be more. I was happy and yet scared, but it was too late to turn back. So I after giving myself a quick talking to and some deep breathing I prepared myself to relax and have a good time.
Arriving at the restaurant, I exited the limo only to turn over to another man who worked for Margery and escorted into the restaurant and seated at a table that was somewhat secluded but with a great view of the city at night. I got lost in taking in the view enough to overcome my nerves for a moment. So much so that I hadn't noticed him until I heard his voice.

"Good evening beautiful. "

Still looking out at the city lights I pulled my vision back and saw his reflection in the glass of the large window. He had and accent, British?

"Hi, my name is Charley," I said to the reflection of the man in the glass of the window.

"Charley... such and odd name for someone so lovely,"

His accent was clear and very cultured. I wanted to ask what part of Britain he was from, but I had been told don't ask personal questions or to give out information about myself. As he took the seat across from me, I turned to face him letting my eyes say good- bye to the wonderful view. Taking a deep breath, I looked at him and felt my face smile as my brain screamed damn! He was at least fifteen years my senior, about 5'10, eyes large and black as night with a slight upturn at the other corner. Asian and British? His face was handsome, strong masculine lines and very kissable lips; with skin the color of old ivory and hair cut close to his head was a black as night. I found myself smiling thinking I wasn't the one who was exotic tonight.

"Why the smile?"

I hesitated not knowing how to answer his question, but I figured since tonight was going to be it I can be as honest as I like. I thought that I wasn't the one who is exotic tonight.
"Why do you say that?" he asked now smiling softly.
"When was the last time you looked in a mirror," I say laughing softly at him.
"My name is Liam, he added with that British accent of his. I saw you when you came in and like all the others who had eyes to see with I watch as you were escorted to our table. Like them, I had forgotten to breathe until you took your seat and turned to gaze out the window."
I found myself staring at him enjoying the sight of him, wondering where it would all end and welcome that at as well. We talked over dinner of which I barely remember what I eat or drink, but it was good. When we left, I couldn't wait to be in Liam's arms. I wanted to wrap my body around him and never let go. That thought sent me to silence and remembering what kind of date this was. There would never be a repeat performance.

"Charley, what is wrong?"

"Oh,nothing, nothing at all," I said smiling brightly as realization robbed me of my thoughts
With his fingers tips, Liam touched my face and turned it to his. I went willingly with my eyes wide open and lips parted in anticipation of what was to come. I breathe in his nearest and the mixture of his skin and cologne and found myself wanting to lick him and maybe a bit more.
"So beautiful, so responsive," Liam whispered as he looked down into my face and seeing it all.
"Yes, tonight will be very enjoyable," he said as if he was talking to himself but still looking at me.
"Your eyes they change colors..."

"Yes, they are hazel sometimes a shade of blue- greens depending on my moods."

"They are that way now, does it mean something," he asked as if he knew the answer to the question.

Leaning back out of his touch and lowering my face to keep him from finding out more than he needed to know. I was surprised that he had figured it out so quickly when so many never had. When aroused my eyes change color and goes to the mixture of blue-greens.

Liam came after me. Grabbing my chin between his strong long fingers and tilted my face back up to his place a kiss on my parted lips that sent lightning from there to all part of my body. I went limp from the lips down. It was the most chaste of kisses that I have ever had but is stripped me of everything.

"We are here," Liam said against my lips sending a lick after it.

I exited the limo in a cloud of confusion passion that stayed with me until we were shown to our table in the VIP section of the club. It was then that reality came back into focus and the sound of my heart banging in my ears had retreated to the background. Looking around I could see that the place was packed and the music was bumping.
Let's dance, Liam said in my ear with his lips resting lightly against it.

I shivered and nodded not trusting myself to speak.
On the dance floor were crowded in but since it was a slow song, Liam held me close. So close that our bodies seemed to meld together. I found myself wanting to be on the other side of his expensive dark gray suit and crisp white shirt. My body follow his lead with as he moved around the floor and that alone so intoxicating that I wanted to climb him, but then the song change and it was Maysa's" Friendly Pressure" and the dancing was on. We separated and came back together like a yo-yo, but he was the string pulling me back and sending me out. So I danced around him letting myself go with the music to feed the desire in me that he was arousing with every breath we took. When he pulled me back to him at the end of the music, I could feel his cock thick and hard between us and I gulped. It had been a while, and well, I think Liam might be more than I am used to. I guess it showed on my face because I saw the lust and the light of male pride and all-knowing shining brightly on his face. Then and Old but goodie started to play "Hello It's me," by the Isley Brothers and we were back to fucking with our clothes on.

"We...need... to... go... Now!" Liam said after grabbing the back of my head pulling me back to look up at him.

My eyes gave him the answer that he needed; we went back to the table where he left money for out drinks that we never touch. The limo was waiting for us as soon as we left the club. With my hand held tightly in his Liam all but pulled me into the Limo behind him. The momentum causes me to fall into his arms which seemed to have been his intentions all along. Liam pulled me across the seat as his mouth did things to mine that sent my mind galloping. I tried to fight for air, but then his tongue fought its way into my mouth as he tried to French kissed his way into my soul. I grind myself into his lap as my mouth sampled and conquered. We arrived just as his handset to explore the treasures that were barely being covered by my dress. Leaving the limo and getting to his room was somewhat blur to me. It was like I was there but not. I guess I was still at that moment his hand slide underneath my dress and he was trying to eat me from the mouth down. Too much pleasure and few boundaries left, I just knew that my honest and naiveté were showing. I meekly follow him to the hotel room only to find out that it was a suite when open the door and ushered me in. Stand there admiring the décor and then the wall bank of windows showing the cities lights; I wondered what it would look like during the daytime. Turning back round to take the rest of the suite in I found Liam stand by the sofa with his suit jacket off and was rolling up his sleeves. His muscular arms were lightly tattooed that had me taking in the rest of him. The suit didn't give him shoulder; Liam had them. He had the body of a swimmer who worked out. It made my body tight wondering what was underneath those clothes...

"Charley, come here," the voice that called my name teased my nerves and made my pussy quiver. I wanted to play with my pussy to heighten the pleasure and invite him to fuck me.

It snapped me out of the trance that I didn't know I was in. The request had the whisper of a demand that I found it stimulating in an odd way. Walking toward him, I felt my innocent, my naiveté showing, and then regret started eating at me. By the time I was within a foot of Liam I was shaking with my eyes locked on the floor in front of me.
"Oh my dear Charley," he said in the space between us. It was like a lovely perfume to my nerves, and I seem to find a measure of calmness in me. Knowing that I was way out of my depth as I lifted my face to Liam, I let him see the truth. I stood there waiting for something to happen that would leave me in tears, feeling like a fool or worse. Liam black eyes were soo serious and quiet, pulling back I could see the soft smile on his lips, and I held my breath. From that moment to the next was the release of the breath that I held then release as Liam pulled me to him? Gone was my pretense and me all but melted into his body seeking whatever he wanted to give me. How odd and funny Liam had been the one seeking release, and I seemed to be the one that was looking to be found. Liam held me to him as I was bathed in the warmth and scent of him.


I leaned back and looked up at him and was greeted by his lips on mine. His kiss was demanding, searching sending shock waves throughout my body. At this point I had only had sex with males of my age, I was now in the hand of a man, a mature man. He took control, and all I could do was hold on for the ride. Kisses rained down on my face in slow deliberation that added to the intensity of what I was feeling.

"I, Liam, I..." murmured against his lips...

"Charleyyyyy I know," he said as his tongue invaded my mouth taking me prisoner.

My dress slid down my body to pool on the floor at my feet between us, leaving me in a blue lace body stocking and my heels. Stepping back from me to take in the view, Liam let his eyes drift over me slowly. I was caught be a hot place and a cool breeze and my body responded in kind. Breasts were swelling, nipples hard pushing against the lace and silk of my bra and the thong of the same material was being reduced to a wet clinging rag. I shivered as if cold, but I wanted to rip it all off including the heel and be left in my hot skin. Liam stepped away from me taking away his warmth and took a seat on the sofa, calmly cross his legs as he sat there. He sat there looking me over slowly from head to toe as If in deep thought. I found myself squirming under his smoldering gaze. Then he smiled softly at me letting it travel to his black eyes making promises that he was going to keep.
"Give me your back, please Charley,"
I turned slowly in my heels feeling the warmth of him returning to me under his gaze. It seemed to get more intense as he caught the view of my thong from behind. Then I heard him rise from the sofa as my eyes fixed on the view of the city lights shining brightly against the inky black of the night time sky. Feeling his breath on the nape of my neck I shivered and closed my eyes as I tighten my hand into a fist, not quite sure knowing why. Then he touched me. Ever so lightly with his fingers, Liam stroked down from the nape of my neck down my spine to the divide of my behind. There his fingers traced over the outline of the thong, following, but never separating my flesh to find it. I moaned and shivered again lowering my head moving it from side to side as dug my nails into the palms of my hand.

"Charley... Charleyyyyy...," Liam chanted in a soft whisper on the bare skin of my back as he unfastened my bra, then pushing the straps to fall off my shoulders.

I lifted my arms still not answering him as I had no words other than one. Yes. The bra fell to the floor at my feet landing on my shiny black shoes. Looking down at it I thought only one more to go, the shoes; they didn't matter. My breasts now bear, reveled in the freedom and plump nipples, standing out firm from my aureoles. All the while, Liam was stroking my skin, outlining my body, following every curve with his fingertips and then I noticed the kisses. The kisses, if you could all them that were more like bites with just a hint of teeth and I like it. So much so it was a surprise when Liam started to fondle my breasts squeezing my nipples just on this side of pain to release a sensual pleasure that marched a shearing path to my pussy. His mouth was like an opiate to my body... I had to have more of him, and now, this was all going way too slow! Then Liam flipped the script, ripping the thong from my body which was now no more than an expensive wet rag. I gasped in surprise, and slight pain as the material was ripped from my body only to have it sooth with pleasure when Liam's mouth and fingers started to explore my flesh. Somehow I ended up on the back of the couch face down ass up, and Liam was doing things to me that hand me reaching for anything to hold on to has his mouth and fingers fucked me. I started to massage and squeeze my breasts and tease my nipples in response as Liam suck my clit and teased with his tongue as his fingers enter my openings, one or two fingers at a time. He then started to prim me as he was preparing each opening for more. The very thought made me wetter and hotter rubbing my thighs together to ease the need only to find that my wetness was making a slow path down my thighs. I exhaled in a breath of frustration so loud that I am sure it sounded like a moan. Then his cock glided into me, and my eyes felt as if they would roll back into my head never to be seen again. Arching my back only to have Liam force me back down and spreading my legs wider with his stands as he slowly eased his cock in and out giving my body time to acknowledge his dominance. My naiveté held me, hostage. I didn't know what to do! He, Liam had me. As he set his pace, moving his cock in and out of me I started to flex my pussy muscles. Trying to hold him inside of me a moment longer, not knowing that this only stimulated him into increasing his pace and how deep Liam went each time. With his large, strong hands, he held me in place. Gripping my hips as he twisted in such a way that he was now tantalizingly teasing my spot because my body to melt is the only word that I could come up with. I was cumming, in my fragmenting mind; I was cumming in a roar of orgasmic release that I have never experienced before. In and out pounding with no sense of stopping, then he did. Pulling out with a warning, Liam flipped me over pulling me to him. My breasts were crushing against his chest and upper stomach muscle. Liam was still wearing his shirt, but it was open exposing his chest, his pants, and silk boxers were down around his ankles. Holding on to me, Liam somehow managed to untangle himself from his clothes as he carried me to the bedroom where a king size bed greeted us. I became up close and person with it when, Liam threw me onto the center of the bed, sending pillows flying every which way. Lying flat with the air almost knocked out of me I caught surprised when Liam join me on the bed. He climbed between my parted legs moving up my body again with the biting kisses. Tasting my flesh glistening with sweat and hot I am sure to the touch and taste, but none of it seemed to bother him. Liam seemed to relish in it. I reached for him as kissed my entire thigh and blew a puff of air on my throbbing clit. It made me arch my back and moan his name as I grabbed his head, but it didn't stop him. Liam just continued to move up my body sucking my nipples now in his mouth. Holding my flesh with teeth and suction to tease my nipples with his tongue, by the time he reached my lips I was begging for him to fuck me, and then pleading with him to do so. Liam said nothing just looked down at me from those exotic black eyes giving me no glimpses of if he was moved other than his body. I wanted to know for myself. I managed to get him to lay back and let me have my way. Giving him a naughty smile that let him know it was my turn. It was time to be the woman I was hired to be.

Starting at those lips, I kissed him, tasting myself in and on his mouth. The mixture was intoxicating; a craving that made you wanted more. I licked his lips as my fingers put his body to memory. The texture of his skin over a lean muscular frame, his nipples a deeper tone of the old ivory of skin stood out and was beautiful to the eye. I licked, sucked and worshiped them, as his hands massage my scalp through my curls encouraging me on. Liam knew where I was going. Dancing around his six pack abs with my tongue, taking tiny nips with my teeth I moaned against his skin and felt him tremor with pleasure. I rubbed my body against his breasts groin all of me against him. Trails of moisture from my pussy lied on his thighs. I had road his thigh with my pussy lips open and my clit against his skin. The sensation had me closing my eyes and smiling with pure joy. Then I took matters into my mouth. Liam was not the biggest nor was he the smallest, but right in the middle, with large balls. All it was smooth and hairless my mouth watered as I slide smooth and slow into my mouth. Moaning enjoyment and pleasure I filled myself with him. Then when I couldn't get more in I held what I could of Liam in my mouth. Slowly massaging his length with my tongue bathing his cock in the warm liquid wetness that was there as my ears filled with his words of encouragement, they weren't needed. The sweet, salty taste of him filled my mouth, but it was only precum, I wanted more, much more. Moving my head up and down on his cock making is slicker and wetter with my mouth in spite of my increased suction. Liam's hips whipped in and out of my mouth so fast that I thought he would leave skid marks on my tongue. Just when I thought he couldn't go a faster, Liam stopped, and the rest of stiffened as he screamed his release into the air as cum filled my mouth. Swallowing as much as I could, but it still dripped down my chin to rain down on my breasts. I moved back from his hands as Liam fall back onto the bed. His cock still twitching releasing small shoots of foaming white cum from the head as the staff glistened with a mixture of saliva and cum. I looked up in triumph as I liked my lips and froze. Liam pulled me up off the floor and up onto my knee, between his legs with is cock between us.

"Ok, Charlie now it's my turn, Liam voice serious and direct."

Fear and anticipation flashed through me, but I wasn't given time to think. Liam pulled me on the bed and set to fucking me in ways that I can't even describe. I believe there was not a surface that we didn't fuck on, in, or up against during out sexual escapades.

He took me from what the mundane sex that I have experienced to something that had me shaking, moaning and praying for more. He gave it until I came crying and holding on to for dear life. Liam held me until the tears stop and my body quieted. I waited until he was sleep before leaving. Unwrapping myself from him under the pretense of having to go to the bathroom I made good my get away. I stayed in there long enough for him to feel comfortable in sleep. I had taken my dress and what was left of my undies from the pile of clothes on the floor. Turning off the light before I left the bathroom I crept into the living room where I had left my shoes and clutch to find next to it ten crisp one thousand dollar bills. They were spread out so I could count them without touching them. So many things, so many things ran through my mind and when I left the hotel after calling a taxi. Twenty minutes they were still running through my head as I left Liam and the money.

I arrived home to find my roommate waiting for me. Falling into his arms and cried until I couldn't cry anymore. Then after a long hot shower, I climbed into bed hoping to awake to all of it having been a dream.
It took months before I could stop looking for him or hearing him whispers his desires in my ears and that was just the daytime. At night he was my lover who raided my dreams with his words and body. He had been me waking to roaring orgasms that had me screaming his name into my pillow so as to not wake my roommate.

Margery had told my roommate that if I ever needed or wanted to be and escort again to give her a call. She said that the client was highly pleased and had wanted to book me again. In a cold sweat, and almost hyperventilating I told him no thanks.

"Laura, one day girl you are going to have to tell me what happened," he said as he stared hard at me. I know that he hadn't hurt you physically, but girl what did he do you mentally that scare you so badly?
"I am not scared of him, I am afraid of myself," I said weakly and then I told him the whole story from the being to the end.

"Well, wow you fell in love with a fuck, I mean Laura girl was just a fuck, but I guess it was THAT GOOD, huh? And you left the money there? All that money... Girl, what were you thinking?"

It got to be more the just a fuck, ok more than just a fuck to me at some point. I said hotly knowing when it did but not willing to say. I had admitted more than I had wanted to think about even though I knew it was time to let it go and move on, after all, graduation was just a week away.
I graduated and had been offered the job of my dreams at a small upcoming IT companying on the other side of the country. I took it leaving family and Karl, who had found him a wealthy gentleman who was more than willing to take care of him. I had gone back for their wedding when same-sex marriage became legal. Karl never brought that night up again he could see my pain and felt sad for me. After all, I had broken the number one Cardinal Rule; I had fallen for a fuck.
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