Sasha was recently promoted in the company from being part of the catering team to being coordinator. This made her anxious, always being a silent part of the group at the office. The new responsibilties calling for some lifestyle changes.

A two week training trip at a five star resort was planned for her and five others. She has to bond with the other important team leaders to have great professional communication in the future.

She tries easing her mind with literature. Reading up on lots of self help books and the literature the company president gave her helped her relax some. Although not enough preperation can prepare her for Rex.

The good news is that not one of them was aggressive in conversation, this trip, and watching was easier. Leaving her time to observe the people she will be dealing with, without communication. The trip was also meant to be fun, letting their hair down helps the bonding.

Sashas mother and sister helped her pack for the trip. Her wardrobe always consist of a shapeless white uniform and hat. So this was going to be an awkward trip. These people are gonna meet a different Sasha.

Her hair hung down her back in soft dark waves. Her shoulders, like silk, were the only thing holding up the cocktail dress. She's to wear this to dinner, the first evening. Hair was shining and her features were enhanced by a careful makeup job. A black dress and black strappy pumps completed the look.

She arrived to cocktail hour ten minutes before it was over. This didn't go unnoticed, from door to bar her boss's eyes were glued to her. And he wasn't alone.

Rex Fray of Fray and Gray co., was frozen in midsentence as his eyes followed Sashas long, soft naked back in the backless dress.

Rex asked Craig Gray, his partner, to excuse him and he made his way to the hotel courtyard to drag in a shakey breath of air.

Rex Fray at forty-eight has given up on women lately. Sex has been unsatisfying and he was tired of dodging money hungry divas.

At six, two he carried a broad shouldered build. He executed an aura of confidence that draws the attention of male and female. He is a well admired man.

He keeps fit, not out of vanity but energy. His life is demanding. And running and weight lifting was an outlet for the stress he carried often.

He felt a little unsure at the moment, in unfamiar territory. The breath was knocked out of him. His fingers are numb and his face felt flush. He had to take a stroll in the cool air for the last few minutes before dining.

Sasha was sat at the table he was placed at when he arrived. She was in a professional conversation with Craig. He suddenly felt suspicious that this was planned by his partner.

Rex felt numb and distressed being in close contact with her. Their knees brushed occasionally. Their relationship has been a warm friendship for the ten years they have been working together, but what now? His heart was beating bruises on his ribcage. His cock was throbbing against his leg for the last half hour. This can't be happening.

Sasha was mirroring the same feelings in her cirle of being. She was draining her wine much quicker than usual. Craig filled her glass before excusing himself, leaving them both alone.

Even at thirty, Sasha usually looked guiet young in a "hands off" kind of way. But tonight, tonight she is so stunning. And her conversation was bolder after her wine started relaxing her. Rex relaxed as well, as they casually conversed above their untouched plates.

He watched her carefully throughout dinner to learn more about the whole of Sasha. Her laughter is honest. He told her small jokes now and then just to watch her laugh. Her smile transformed her face. It was large, but in a good way. It suits her. Her eyes sparkled in smile the whole time letting him witness the pleasure she had inside her. She's enjoying his company.

She yawned softly into her napkin and Rex noticed they were the last two remaining in the dining area. He stood and offered to walk her to her room.

His hand guided her from behind, the heat from the touch of her skin sending shocks to his nerves. His body quivered with lust. She glanced over to him, " Rex, wanna come in for a night cap?"

He turned to face her at the door, took her key and turned to door to open it for her. He slides key card in and braces door open with foot but blocks her from entering yet.
He lightly lifts her left hand to his lips, his head ducked. His eyes level with hers, he pierced her with a dark hooded, enraptured stare. "Sweet dreams, Sasha." He whispers in a deep voice, and softly brushes his moist lips on her knuckles.

He drops her hand after guiding it down to her side. He winked and turned to walk down the hallway while she stares, and unspoken plea on the tip of her tongue.

Sasha stood on her balcony for what seemed like an eternity. Her bed would only be welcome now with company. Her skin was sensitive with need. She stared into the night waiting for her body to calm.
He is only ten years younger than her father, and yet the first moment she met him was the beginning of a future she was sure of. She would never leave his side, even if only as a friend.

Day five:

Despite the first nights events, she remained professional throughout the week. Rex admired her ability to be so. They both dove into their duties with gusto, loving their jobs. This is what comes first in their lives. She has a common goal with him, and always has. And he was so turned on by it all.

Their gazes melted each other when noone else was looking. Her lips would flick nervously over her lips whenever the gazes would finally break. Her breath evidently as heavy as his. This was usually left to the cocktail hour or dinners. The fact that they were sitting beside each other at the meetings left it impossible due to the close proximity.

Day 10:

Being ahead of schedule everyone decided to spend this day in leisure. So Sasha donned a bikini and decided to lounge by the pool after sleeping in till almost noon. The black bikini hugged her high soft tits and the bottom barely covered her firm pale hips. She gracefully made her way around to the bar to get a glass of wine to sip on.

From his seat, Rex watched her from behind his newspaper. His eyes burned along every curve of her soft peachy white skin. Her long wind blown hair danced in the wind and brushed her skin the way he wished his fingers could.

He placed the paper on the ground, and gathered his drink and towel. He glided stealthly over to her. He wanted to watch her further while her eyes closed and she adjusted her bikini. She arched up to get comfortable in the lounge chair. Her chest peaked with diamond hard nipples pressing against the thin material of her black top.

He set his stuff down in the next lounger queitly. He dropped the unbuttoned shirt from his shoulders to the ground. His skin was moist from the heat. His tan skin pulled tight over an impressive muscled chest. His shorts with an evident bulge, he decided to cool down and dove swiftly into pool. A light splash lapped at the bottom of their chairs catching her toe.

She peeked over her chest to catch him watching her from the water. Rex had rested his chin on his arms on the edge of pool. His legs lazily kicking the surface of the water. He cocked up a lazy smile.

"Hope you have sunscreen so you don't damage such lovely skin." He says in his sexy deep voice.

As she watches in awe at the tense muscled frame that slowly rose from the pool with a stunning grace,she spoke softly. "Mr. Fray, I am surprised to see you do know what fun means." She chuckles in a husky voice

"It's Rex, Sasha. Say it." His smile and gaze never left her. She felt like prey. He continued to enjoy the view as he sat next to her. "Have dinner with me alone tonight, Sasha."

When she remained silent his gaze nervously flicked away and he stood. He picked up his towel and went to walk away, he clearly was upset with himself. "Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you."

He got maybe a few feet when she finally spoke for only him to hear. "Rex,wait." She got up and grabbing her stuff caught up to his back. He never turned, only stopped.

"Whatever it is, Rex, I like it. I will meet you in lobby at seven tonight." She turned away and walked away.
Rex was enthralled with that statement. Liked what? This foreplay? It was intoxicating to him as well. He felt like he was drowning in sensations.

They met in lobby and he took her to a very lovely Italian spot. The food even if bad would go unnoticed because they couldn't stop the whispers and smile; Chuckles and belly laughs. Their friendship evident but both of them were excited with each others company.

They decided to sit side by side instead of across from each other. It made the conversation private and the pain of emptiness less. Their eyes held promises they longed to practice at that very moment. Their touches only light brushing of hair over shoulders to tangled fingers.

He invited her to join him in a nightcap. She agreed and followed him up to his floor.

His suite looked more like an apartment. She was finding it hard, once more, to breath. His bed was visible from the seating area. He cleared his throat nervously and went to make drinks for them.

She closed her eyes and layed back on the comfortable sofa. They popped open when she felt a hand on her ankle.

Rex pulled her feet into his lap as he sat at the other end of sofa, then he handed her one of their drinks.

She sipped on her cognac while he slipped off her heels and lifted one foot up so he could place a kiss on arch. His tongue lightly brushing over her toes. What's this? He hasn't even kissed her yet and she was shocked yet turned on, intensely.

Her skirt slid down her thigh as he rose her foot further to run his tongue up the back of her leg. His hand brushed up her thigh and his fingers brush lightly over the crotch of her panties. She arched and her head fell back onto the pillow. "Reeeexxxx.." She hissed through her teeth.

She was slowly using body language to encourage his touches and his kisses. He slide the dress up to expose her navel. He twirled his tongue around it and snapped the waistband of her panties with his teeth. She cursed and growled his name again.

His nose slipped up over the center of her crotch, over the panties. She heard the intake of his breath as he inhaled. He nuzzled her once more before rising up to pull down the straps of her dress over the pale globes of the softest peach skinned breasts. He nipped her right nipple with his pursed lips.

She ground up against his leg three times before he pushed his knee in and let her fullfill her self against his thigh. She arched back and enjoyed a powerful orgasm. Rex ducked his head down and pulled lightly on her nipples as she came.

She rose up and fell to her knees before him. She pulled his slacks down his legs and his shorts with them. She slides her hands up his legs and kisses up his inner thighs.

His cock rose to nine inches and it tapped with excitement against his muscle ripped stomach. She licked her way up it and her eyes burned into his as she takes him slowly into her mouth.

Rex ground his teeth and his fists tightened at his side. She engulfed him and stroked him with her hands in a slippery tight clasp. She sucked him with a hungry slurp and moan. He placed his left hand on her hair and pressed her face up against his crotch, gagging her with rope after rope of cum down her tight throat.

He pulls her up fast and she gasps for breath. He brushes her hair from her face and slides his thumb over her swollen lips.
"You are so fucking beautiful, so sweet. I want to taste you."
He holds her hand an lifts her to stand in front of him. He places one foot up beside his thigh pulling her in with his hands around to the globes of her magnificent ass.

He slides the crotch of her panties away from her and dives in. His tongue pushes up into her and his nose is in direct contact with her clit. He nuzzles her and flicks the tip of his tongue up inside her and wiggles. She falls over him, too weak to stand. She suddenly stiffens and arches her back. She growls and squeals and then shivers and laughs. She pulls away and falls onto his lap burying his cock deep into her. Her walls stretched tight and moist over the head to hilt.

They race towards completion. He leans foward pulling her in by pulling down on her shoulders. He pounds and finally kisses her for the first time. Their tongues gliding over each other and their teeth nipping along each others necks and shoulders. He pounded up into her and it was time for him to growl.

He pants out sexy curses to her. Making her come so hard from the pleasure pain feelings. His cock so big, but hitting her in the right way. It swells inside her and when his cum hit her womb she screams out his name over and over as she orgasmed all over his cock. Spasms and ripples pull on him, draining every drop of cum from him.

He stays hard inside her and stands with her still impaled upon him. He holds her legs up around him and falls upon her on his soft bed.

This time they make love, enjoying without the urgency. They kiss and carress each other,and then she licks and bites at his muscled torso. He nibbles at her soft skin and inhales her wonderful scent. After hours of this they held each other and slept.

Never again did they feel lonely. A working relationship outdoors, a sex fueled love affair behind closed doors.
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