Falling Into Summer - Part 1 - The Teaser
Falling Into Summer
By AlteredEgo

Ronnie dragged his self out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen where he met two of his best friends, Kellogg's and milk. It was another summer day; he was tired of being bored and decided he would spend the day down at the river. He contemplated how his day might go in the warm summer air, cool, clear creek trickling off the rocks and not a soul in sight while he chewed his cereal up as fast as he could get it in his mouth. Visions of birds flying from tree to tree and fish jumping out in the river overtook him while he soaped up his body and rinsed the bubbles away from his face.

He wasn't overly muscular but Ronnie was definitely well proportioned and trim. He looked down his chest and admired the tan he had worked hard on over the past few weeks. His nipples were hard as he drew the soap over top of them and then ran the bar down his belly and over his thighs. Setting the soap down he worked it into lather across his taught abdominal muscles and then slowly his hands began to slide atop of his slowly hardening penis. He cupped his testicles with the other hand and drew his fingers around his shaft, letting his erection fill into his hand. After a quick squeeze he released his grip and admired the full girth and length of his tool while the water washed away the soap.

After a quick swipe across his body with a towel, Ronnie made his way into his bedroom and threw on some shorts. He opened his shirt drawer, grabbed his favorite muscle shirt and then moved on to his sock drawer and applied them to his feet. After stepping into his hiking boots on the way out of his room he headed outside to his Jeep, cranked it up and headed to his favorite river spot to climb some rocks and rummage through the woods.

Angie put one leg out of the car, reached down into the passenger side, picked up her flip flops, twisted around and plopped them on the gravel under her foot. She slid one on and then manipulated her other leg out of the car, slipping her other foot into the remaining flip flop. Reaching into the passenger side chair, she grabbed her backpack and towel and pushed herself out of the car. The car door slammed and she listened intently to the gravel under each step.

Soon Angie found herself walking down a narrow dirt path into the thick of the woods and her attention was drawn to the sound of a distant waterfall. The path came to an end just at the edge of the woods and she gazed upon the huge rocks, cracks and the occasional bush or tree jutting up from the depths of the space between the boulders. She stopped briefly and gazed across the river to the sheer rock on the other side. The wind was cool, the sound of the water was fierce and the sun was at the perfect angle for her weekly basking.

A big smile came over her and she took a deep breath, looking down into her bosom, noticing the subtle curves jutting out of her chest and her long brown hair waving across them. Her pack was getting heavy and she readjusted it as she began her decent onto the rocks below. Angie removed her flip flops and stuffed them into a pocket on her pack that was readily accessible as the terrain became more steep and treacherous. She manipulated each rock like a professional climber, stretching one arm out, grasping the rock, manipulating her feet and legs into positions that would have a gymnast cringing.

She stood at the edge of a ledge and tossed her pack onto a long, flat rock that seemed to be levitating out into the river and through the cascade of water that poured out from the creek bed some 20 feet above. The edge of the rock was wet from the waterfall but the rest was dry, including the opposite end which seemed to make a cave like dent into the sheer rock wall above it. Angie knelt, took a deep breath and leapt into the air. There was a slight pain as heard her feet slap the rock beneath her and quickly grabbed her ankle and began to rub it. Instantly she felt the relief and stood up, looked around at all the ledges and popped the top button of her tight shorts.

Alone with the waterfall, Angie walked toward the water, throwing the towel on the rock face and lowering her shoulder to drop the pack. Shimmying out of her shorts, she grabbed the edge of her tight shirt and lifted it over her head, bouncing her breasts against her rib cage. She began to feel the mist from the waterfall as she tossed her clothes aside and the cool droplets on her face and chest felt like a refreshing dip into a clear, cold pool. Poking her feet one by one into the cascading water, she looked down at her breasts and took a deep breath, running her hands up her thighs, across her taught tummy and over her now hardened nipples to spread the cool of the mist uniformly over her body.

The towel lay directly in the sun and Angie adjusted it to her liking as she settled onto it, lying down to directly face the sun and offer her body and soul to the care of the warming giant. She shifted her hips and put one knee in the air and soon the warm feeling came across her as the sun's rays penetrated her silky skin. Her hand drifted down her tummy and stopped when her middle finger was just above her clitoris. Slowly applying pressure on her little button, she took in another deep breath and faded into a mesmerizing, hypnotic state through the random sounds of the waterfall. Angie's hand slowly drifted away from her love nest and rested on the top of her thigh.

Ronnie slammed the car door and nearly galloped into the woods. His anticipation of a full day in the woods, walking the winding paths and climbing huge rocks had nearly overwhelmed him during the 30 minute drive to the river to the point that he had even forgotten to lock his car door but nothing else mattered to him but the moments ahead of him.

At the edge of the woods lay a dirt path before him and Ronnie became nearly ecstatic, knowing he knew nothing that lie ahead of him so he began his journey, passing each tree as if it were his best friend and jumping up on every boulder that stuck out of the ground. On one boulder he sat down and noted to himself that this was the best day of his summer yet and the stress of college seemed to simply blow away in the wind as he took in a big breath of fresh air. He smiled and jumped off the rock, laughing out loud then slowing his pace and whistling while he meandered down the path.

Soon Ronnie found himself at the edge of a rock wall and he got down on his hands and knees and crept to the edge. Peering down into the river's canyon he gasped at the awesome beauty he had found and laid his chest on the ground, dangling his arms over the sheer rock face. He pretended he was flying through the canyon for several minutes until he realized how silly it was and laughed to himself while pulling his body upright and brushing off the dirt.

Ronnie walked the edge of the cliff for nearly ten minutes until he found a spot that seemed to go further out over the river and when he arrived at the edge he noticed a huge rock he could jump onto. Ronnie took the leap and landed square in the middle. When he walked to the side of that rock, Ronnie found another he could jump down onto, then another, and yet another. He heard the roaring of a waterfall just below and manipulated the steep terrain until he found himself at the top of the falls. A tree grew up just to the edge where Ronnie stood and after a few minutes of deep thought he climbed down it and found himself standing right next to the roaring waterfall. He had never been here before and was in Heaven as he knelt beside the fall and listened to the random pattern of the slapping water.

Ronnie looked up at all the trees around and then looked down into the creek bed and his eyes followed the curves of the meandering creek. He noticed yet another rock below him and another after that and he was determined to get to the bottom of this waterfall if it took all day. He crouched and jumped, landing on the rock some ten feet below him. His powerful legs bending to cushion his fall but a loud noise behind him scared the breath right out of him.

Angie's scream reverberates through her own head as she quickly attempts to wrap herself up in the towel she was laying on. "What the Fuck?" She asked as she scooted herself back into the rock wall and watched as Ronnie spun himself around like a ninja warrior accept that his left foot no longer had rock beneath it and Angie lunges forward as if she were going to save him from falling off the rock.

Ronnie caught himself at the edge of the rock and held on for dear life, looking into the depths of his possible fate. He looked up at Angie extending her hand out toward him and his eyes followed the edge of her arm, down to her shoulder and then directly into the naked bust of the young lady squatting before him. His muscles held stiff, his body was motionless but his face becomes contorted as his gaze proceeds to trace down her tan thighs and into the moist lips of a woman attempting to help save his life. He reaches for her hand and she takes it, pulling him up enough to get his leg onto the rock. Ronnie lay flat on his chest staring into the rock.

"I am so sorry," he said. "I had no idea you were here, honest!"

"It's ok." Angie says into the towel she began wrapping around her again. "You just spooked me, that's all. Are you OK? Are you hurt?"
Ronnie talked into the rock.

"I am ok, I think. My leg hurts a little but I better go."

"Don't be silly," said Angie as she tucked the towel into itself just under her arm. She put her hand under his chin and turned his face toward her. "You can look now. I have a towel on." She chuckled at his gentleman gesture and softened her eyes. He glances reluctantly at her and realizes she is covered but the images in his mind taunt him as he attempts to stand and the twinge in his crotch signals a full fledge erection that falls flat as his attention switches to the pain in his leg.

"I think my leg is broke," says Ronnie in a teasing manner followed by a chuckle. He squats and sits back with Angie's help and they both noticed a gash in his right shin that had begun to bleed. Angie grabbed his knee and pulled it into the air to get a good look at the cut but her attention was drawn to the huge head of Ronnie's cock peeking out from his shorts. Her eyes widen and her began to race but the monster seemed to be headed back into the cave as he examines his own wound and touches it. "Ow!"

"Don't poke at it!" she cries. "I have a first aid kit with me and I'll get you all bandaged up. OK?" She slapped his knee twice and scooted backwards toward her back pack. Ronnie stared directly into the opening of her towel and could see every bit of her full, luscious lips. Life began to surge again through his cock and he felt the blood begin to flow. "I always carry a first aid kit and a snake bite kit when I come out here for just this reason." Angie said into the bag while routing through it. "Here it is."

"A snake bite kit?" asked Ronnie. His diverted attention had once again averted a full erection and his cock began to retreat but not before Angie had once again set her eyes upon it while scooting back towards him and feeling a twinge in her own crotch.

"Yes," she said. "It's a kit that helps you draw out the poison if a snake bites you." She looks about. "I haven't seen any out here yet but you never know." Angie smiled at him and licked her lips while scooting up to his wounded leg. She ripped the corner off of an alcohol towelette, grabbed his knee applied it to the cut.

"Ow!" he cried and jerked his leg back.

"Oh quit," said Angie. "You're strong, remember? " She scooted in closer to his leg, sat Indian style and pulled his leg toward her, shoving his foot under her thigh. "I'm Angie, by the way."

"Uh, Ronnie," he said swiping a finger across his nose and shifting his weight back to his wrists behind him. "I'm Ronnie." He watched her closely as she worked diligently on his wound. His eyes darted from her face which he found very comforting to her shoulders which looked to be so soft to her crossed feet which he found cute and girlish to her knees and thighs which he found very sexy and he soon found himself in a state of arousal again but there was nothing diverting his attention this time and his cock began to swell up and peer out from his shorts again. He shifted his weight and wriggled slightly.

"Does that hurt? She asked while opening a bandage package and removing the gauze. She placed it gently on his shin and bit her lower lip as she glanced at his cock running up beside his inner thigh. Angie studied the head of his cock for quite some time while she pretended to be having trouble putting on the bandage. She grabbed the tape and pulled a length off the roll.

"No, I..." stuttered Ronnie. "I um, well." He had no idea what he wanted to say so he just quit talking but couldn't stop staring into her crotch. He squirmed around.

"Hold still now." She said as she was trying to apply the tape. "So do you have a girlfriend?" Ronnie shook his head. "Have you ever had a girlfriend?" She asked. Ronnie looked puzzled for a moment.

"Of course," he said. "What do you think I've never had a girlfriend?" He snorted.
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