Falling in to the Cuckold Nest - Epologue
As we resumed our normal routine, I remained haunted by that night in the hotel room. It was a haunting that coursed relentlessly through my entire body. Never before have I felt so consumed with raw lust. I had to have more. Finally, I broached the subject with Cindi.

As it turned out, she was feeling the same way. I asked her if she still had Eric's business card to which she replied yes. I asked her to send him a text to see if he had plans to travel back to the L.A. area. His reply was almost immediate.
Unfortunately, he would not be back in the area for another month. Now that he had exchanged contact information with my wife, they agreed to stay in touch with both looking forward to an encore of that evening. Frustrated with the prospects of a month wait, I asked Cindi if there was anyone else that she would be interested in having a similar erotic encounter with.

"Well," she replied after a thoughtful pause. "There is this young guy at the gym. He is one of the trainers and we have engaged in some casual flirting. Nothing serious, just a few looks and small talk. He went out of his way to tell me that he often does sessions at the client's home to supplement that which is done at the gym. I think there was a hidden message somewhere in that."
With that, she retrieved her phone and opened her photo app. Scrolling down a bit, she showed me his picture. She had snapped this unbeknownst to him. He was a fit guy in his early 20's, but not too muscular like some of the trainers. Cindi had this certain type that she was attracted to and he fit the bill - dark hair, olive complexion and piercing blue eyes.

"What do you think?" she asked.
"I think you should go for it," I replied as I felt an erection building in my pants as I spoke. The E.D. problem that I had that started this journey was now a thing of the past. Just the thought of sharing my beautiful wife with another man aroused me like nothing else.

"How would you like to approach this?" I asked.

"You know Honey, lately I find myself wondering what it would be like to include you in a threesome. This way I wouldn't feel like I was cheating. Would you like to try it?"

Before I could even formulate a reply, I had a full erection that was already leaking and nearly busting out of my pants. I needed to have her right there and then. I went to my knees and put my head under her loose sundress to find her pussy waiting with no panties. I carried her to the sofa and tongued her to an orgasm. By the time I slid my cock into her wetness, I was already close to cumming. My E.D. problem was now replaced by another dreaded affliction - premature ejaculation. I was so turned on by this woman, I seemed to live in constant state of edging, with very little stimulation required for me to bust a load. I masturbated daily, sometimes twice a day, all while formulating an image of Cindi, my wife, fucking someone else.

Cindi had a shyness about her, and she confessed she was uncomfortable with approaching him on this subject. After considerable back and forth, it was decided that I would undertake this task on our behalf. His name was Matt, and she gave me his email address. I decided to shoot him an email, the text of which follows:

Hi Matt. You don't know me, but you do know my wife, Cindi from the gym. We have been happily married for 25 years. Like a lot of couples, we recently took steps to enhance our sex life. With my encouragement, we arranged for her to have sex with another man. The result was an elevated libido for both of us to the point that we want to keep it going. This was her first experience with another man, and she enjoyed it immensely, as did I. The only downside, is that she felt guilty and that she was cheating on me. She suggested that the next time we do something like this, I would be involved as well. Yes, I am suggesting a threesome and Cindi suggested you as a potential partner. She is not aware that I am reaching out to you and she is too shy to take the initiative on her own. If this is of interest to you, please reply. Otherwise, forgive me for being so presumptuous and please don't think less of Cindi.

Hello Jason. I received your email. Yes, I would definitely be interested. I have had my eye on Cindi for some time and secretly had a desire to be intimate with her. Just name the time and place and I will eagerly be there. She is so sexy. I can't wait.

Well, there you have it. The stage was set. Cindi and I wanted this to happen sooner rather than later. I replied to Matt, and we agreed on getting together the next evening. I took the day off from work as I knew I would be unable to concentrate on anything other than the upcoming event that would take place in a few hours. I suggested to Cindi that we go shopping to pick out something sexy for the occasion. Not that it was necessary or make much difference, the ceremonial effect of picking something out only added to the excitement. We settled on a baby doll length lacy red negligee that tied in the front with matching see through crotchless panties. We rounded off the ensemble with a pair of 3 inch black heels and large hoop earrings.

The day dragged on forever. Minutes seemed like hours. Hours seemed like days. It took every bit of willpower I could muster to avoid masturbating in anticipation. The time we had set for the event was 10 PM. At 9 PM I opened the wine while Cindi was alone upstairs preparing for the evening. It was agreed that when Matt arrived, she would remain upstairs while I greeted him and had a few minutes alone to get acquainted and establish a comfort level between us.

Finally, right on cue, the doorbell rang. The sound triggered butterflies in my stomach with the realization that the time had finally arrived. He looked exactly like the photo Cindi had shown me. He wore designer jeans and a black fitted t-shirt that accentuated his fitness. I could immediately see how my wife would be attracted to this man. We exchanged some small talk and eventually addressed the elephant in the room - the evening's event. We agreed to just let things unfold naturally without inhibitions.

After ten minutes or so had passed, I heard Cindi descending the stairs. She had decided to wear a smooth satin robe over the red negligee that we had purchased. It was black with its hemline just above the knees. After the last step on the stairway, I could hear the clickety clack of her heels on the tile floor as she moved into the living room to join us. We both rose to welcome her into the sitting area. I suggested that she sit next to Matt as I retreated to the kitchen to retrieve the wine bottle and pour a glass for Cindi. Seeing the two of them sitting next to each other on the leather sofa heightened my arousal even more, if that was even possible.

We sat there for a while, chatting, and nursing our wine until the electricity in the room reached a crescendo. Matt finally made the first move and slipped his arm around my wife. She turned to look at him, and as she did, she pulled his face towards hers and they began to kiss. His hand slid under her robe as he searched for her breasts. She offered no resistance and so it began. During their embrace, Matt managed to open the front of the silky robe revealing her red negligee. Cindi twisted her body helping him to remove it, tossing it to the floor. As they continued to kiss, her gaze caught mine and I detected a smile in her eyes that told me she was clearly enjoying the moment.
With her robe removed, Matt's hands were all over her. His kisses had now moved down to her belly. Cindi encouraged this and began to nudge his head further down between her legs. She leaned back and her eyes closed in anticipation of feeling his tongue on her pussy. Cindi reached out with her left hand beckoning me to come closer to her. I moved my face to hers and we became locked in a passionate kiss. Meanwhile Matt had found the opening in her crotchless panties and began licking her pussy. I continued kissing Cindi as she moaned from the pleasure of Matt going down on her.

"Shall we go to the bedroom?" I asked softly.
Cindi nodded and gently moved Matt's head up with a silent suggestive nod that we move to the bedroom. She picked up her discarded robe and headed to the guest room on the first level of the house rather than climbing the stairs to our master bedroom. Matt and I just followed her lead.

Cindi kicked off her heels and slid her panties off and in almost the same motion grabbed my hair and pulled my face down between her bare legs. While I was devouring her pussy, Matt removed his jeans, shirt and underwear and laid down beside us. Cindi reached down and grasped his erect cock urging him to move it up to her face. His cock slid between her lips as Cindi gently stroked it. We continued this action until Cindi finally spoke.

"I need someone to fuck me." With that she told me to turn over on my back. Cindi now straddled me and lowered her wet pussy down onto my cock. I had never felt anything more delightful. Meanwhile, Cindi recognizing that Matt wanted to get in on the action, grabbed his cock again and gently tugged him down in the direction of my mouth. "Suck his cock for me Jason." She demanded. "Suck his cock while I fuck you."

I had never had a man's cock in my mouth before, but I was in no position to refuse anything that Cindi commanded. Matt did not hesitate. My head was turned to the side as Matt pumped my mouth furiously while Cindi thrusted her pussy up and down my cock. I knew that I would not last much longer so I pushed his back and asked Cindi to stop for a minute so that I could recover.
"Matt, come over here behind me," Cindi said. "I want you to fuck my pussy from the rear. I want both of your cocks inside of me at the same time. Do it slow and ease it in. Jason, try to remain still while he does it."

I could not believe my ears. Yes, we were in uncharted territory, but never in a million years could I have been prepared for this request of my wife of 25 years. Jason was more than eager to comply. Cindi leaned forward at the waist with her face inches from mine. My stiff cock remained in her pussy that was now exposed to her rear. I could feel the tip of Matt's cock gently working its way in to join my own cock in her excited pussy. With each gentle thrust, he went deeper and deeper until we were both deep inside her. With each thrust, Cindi moaned with delight. I could now feel the underbelly of his Matt's cock rubbing against mine. I remained still while he went in motion. In my delirious state, I imagined that this is how a woman must feel when she is being fucked by a man.

My only thought now was to avoid cumming. I wanted these sensations to last forever. With Cindi's face just inches from mine, I could sense something building in her.

"God, I'm going to cum Jason. Fuck me Matt. Fuck me Jason."

Finally, she could take no more and screamed out.
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oh God! Fuck! Fuck!"
As Cindi began her delirious screams, the distinctive moans from a man ready to cum were coming from Matt's mouth.

"Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming" Screamed Matt.
I knew I was ready to explode, but when I felt the unmistakable pulsation of jizz flowing through Matt's cock against the underbelly of mine, I could no longer hold back. In that instant, the three of us reached orgasms at the same time.

There are no words to describe the orgasmic bliss of that moment when my wife's pussy was being filled with cum from the both of us and she was loving it.

Afterwards, the three of us just laid there for a while, mesmerized by the moment. I knew right then that life would never be the same.
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