Falling in to the Cuckold Nest - Part 1 of 2
My wife Cindi and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. By most any standards, one would characterize our marriage as one of storybook proportions. We were high-school sweethearts and the proud parents of two wonderful children, both of which are now away at college.

Although I am still a relatively young man in my early forties, I began experiencing a dreaded case of erectile dysfunction around two years ago. The frustration with this disorder decimated our sex life. I tried the Viagra route, but the side effects, mostly headaches, caused me to abandon this drug completely. Otherwise, my medical profile did not offer any evidence that would suggest a physical disorder causing this problem.

A homecoming princess and cheerleader, Cindi was one the most sought after girls in high-school with no shortage of potential suitors. Despite her petite stature and two difficult pregnancies, at 45, she is even more beautiful today. Suffice it to say, that my E.D. problem is in no way, shape, or form attributed to her. She still turns heads wherever she goes. To her credit, she took my impotence in stride and we just avoided talking about it. Meanwhile, all attempts at sex just ceased altogether.

Frustrated with this issue and my desire to rekindle our sexual intimacy, I began to fantasize about seeing Cindi with another man. These erotic thoughts were a source of arousal to me evidenced by my cock almost always reaching a temporary erection and oozing with precum. The more I thought about this, I decided to broach the subject with Cindi. I confessed to her that I would like to explore making these fantasies a reality. At first, she was hesitant, but after repeatedly revisiting the possibility, she began to warm to the idea if that could be the elixir to rekindle our sex life. Although she had never been with another man, she admitted that these thoughts had crossed her mind and would do whatever it took to address our problem. Her only condition was that it would have to be with a stranger that she was physically attracted to with no possibility that our friends and family would ever find out.

The plan that I crafted was that we would spend a couple of days at a hotel in the suburbs of Los Angeles and see what developed. The hotel that I chose was frequented with business travelers which would surely produce some worthy candidates to explore our sexual adventure. She agreed to give it a try, so we packed for a two day stay and we were off.

We checked in on a Wednesday afternoon and the hotel was bustling with well heeled businessmen. We then grabbed a bite to eat and checked out the bar and it looked like the ideal spot to launch our escapade. After a couple of drinks, we headed back to the room to shower and change for the evening. The scenario was already having its effect on me as I watched her in the shower all the while imagining what might take place later on the evening. We had meticulously planned her outfit; a little black dress, stiletto heels and hoop earrings, the perfect combination of dress that says, "fuck me." Under the little black dress, she would wear nothing so as to accentuate her sexy size 4 body. She wore her dark hair up in Audrey Hepburn style to lend an air of sophistication.

The plan was for Cindi to go downstairs by herself and sit at the end of the bar and order a drink. I would wait for twenty minutes or so before I would follow, and take a seat at the opposite end of the bar with a full view of her to watch things unfold. As the evening progressed, we agreed to communicate with text messages as necessary. We agreed that she would wear her wedding ring and make no secret of the fact that she was married. If it came up in conversation, her husband was traveling with her but was out for the evening entertaining clients and would not be back until well after midnight.
When I arrived at the bar, the place was nearly full. I managed to find a spot suitable to watch the drama play out. I blended in with the other patrons, satisfied that no one would suspect that we were a couple. Already, I could see several guys checking her out. I texted her to make sure she was still okay with this and she just replied with a happy face emoji. I asked her if she had her eye on anyone in particular. She said, "not yet but you'll be the second one to know, ha ha."

With nervous anticipation I watched her as she periodically scanned the guys at the bar. Then I saw her eyes lock in on someone a few stools down. He was trying not to look too conspicuous, but I could see that he was interested in her. When he looked over at her, Cindi gave him a suggestive smile; that universal sign that says, "I'm interested too." I could see the chemistry building between them, when he finally got up and took the open seat next to her and began to engage in conversation. I could feel my cock beginning to harden just at the sight of this spectacle of my wife flirting with another man.

From what I could tell about this fellow from my position at the other end of the bar, he was definitely her type; good looking, dark wavy hair, clean shaven and fit. I guessed him to be in his early thirties, a fact that I am sure excited Cindi that a much younger man was taking such an interest in her. After nearly an hour of agonizing excitement and two more rounds of drinks, Cindi appeared to excuse herself for a trip to the lady's room. Within one minute, my phone buzzed with an incoming text.

Cindi: "So how are you doing honey?"

Me: "Horny as hell watching this."

Cindi: "He is staying here at the hotel and asked if I would be interested in going to his room."

Me: "It's up to you babe. I'm okay with it."

Cindi: "If I do this, I would feel better going to our room."

Me: "So would I"

Cindi: "I should have worn panties - my pussy is dripping wet"

Me: Oh fuck!

Cindi: "I told him you would be out late, but I think he is afraid that you might get back early"
Me: "So when you get to the room, just call me to reconfirm that I will be late"

Cindi: "Okay baby. I love you"

Me: "Me too... text me when it's safe to come back to the room" BTW, I put a condom in your purse just in case"

Cindi: "Thanks honey, see you soon"

Within a few minutes, Cindi returned to her spot at the bar next to him. They talked for a few minutes while they finished their drink and he paid the tab. As they got up to leave, I thought my cock was going to bust through my pants. Watching her walk across the room in that tight little black dress knowing that she was naked underneath was almost more than I could handle.

I stayed at the bar for about fifteen minutes and then closed my tab. I thought about waiting in the car, but it was in valet parking, so instead, I just went out to the pool area to wait things out. My imagination was in overdrive as I pictured what must be going on in our room. My wait was an agonizing two hours.
It was just before midnight when my phone buzzed again with an incoming text message.

Cindi: "You can come up now honey"

Me: "Be right there"

-to be continued...
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