Family Fun
I remember one time when my sister, Kelly, started talking about what life would be like when she was all grown up. Kelly had it all worked out: The kind of man she would marry, the house they would live in, the names of their two kids, even the name of their pet dog. She even tried to get me in on the conversation, but I thought I was way too mature for that kind of nonsense. I was probably about ten at the time, and even though I couldn't be bothered with her imaginary world, she used to bring it up now and again over the next couple of years, until I guess she just grew out of it.

Kelly is four years younger than me, which of course means nothing in adult life, but it probably made a big difference to the way we saw the world when we were kids. Of course, real life doesn't always work out like our childhood fantasies.

When Kelly was nineteen years old and barely out of high school, she met a guy called Brock. He worked in construction and he came from Perth, but he was working in Sydney on a new high-rise apartment complex, and coming up on the weekends to party with his workmates in the coastal city where we lived. Kelly met him when he was in party mode and before long they were an item.

My father was not impressed with Brock, and he said he was an, "opportunist," whatever that meant, but there was not much he could do about it because Kelly was a nineteen year old adult and could make her own decisions about life. In time, the high-rise project in Sydney was completed and Brock came up to our city, where he got a job on the construction of a big shopping mall in a new suburb on the edges of town. Before long, he and Kelly moved into a small apartment together, and our father was not happy with that either.

I remember Dad saying, "What's he going to do when he goes back to Perth? Is he going to take her with him? I don't think so." In spite of that, when work on the shopping mall finished, Brock decided to go back to Perth, because here was a minor construction boom going on over on that side of the country, and Kelly went with him. Our father was disgusted with that, as well.

He was even less impressed a couple of months later, when Kelly rang back to say she was pregnant with Brock's child. Her due date was early in the Australian autumn of the following year, which was shortly after she was due to turn twenty. Then, we all got another surprise when her first prenatal scan showed she was carrying twins- an instant family! Six weeks later, her second scan showed the twin were non identical, because one was a boy and one was a girl.

However, Kelly was not the only one with a happy event on the horizon. I had married Sandra when we were both only twenty-two years old, because in spite of all our friends and their advice to wait a while, we had both found The One, and we didn't want to wait any longer. We weren't really planning to start a family so early, but we were over the moon when we found out Sandra was also pregnant, and her due date turned out to be less than a month after Kelly's.

Both Sandra and Kelly went through their pregnancies with barely a hiccup, and in time Kelly gave birth to her twins over there in Perth. She and Brock named the boy Aiden, and the girl was named Alexandra, after Brock's grandmother, but from the time she could answer to it, she was always known as Lexi. Then, three weeks to the day after Kelly gave birth to her twins, over on this side of the country Sandra and I welcomed our daughter, Greta, into the world.

Kelly and Brock waited until the twins were born before they got married, and at the reception she told me she had done that because she didn't want to be walking down the aisle with a big, swollen belly, but in the end, her marriage only lasted eight years. She found out early in the piece that Brock could be a mean, sarcastic drunk, but she put up with him for years. Then, when he started smacking her round after a few beers, she decided it was time to pull the plug on their marriage, and she divorced him. They went through the whole divorce, property settlement and custody orders routine, and Kelly got the kids, with access rights granted to Brock. She decided to move back to New South Wales with them, and she once told me that when she told Brock about her plans, and suggested he go through the courts to make some sort of access arrangements, he said, "Just take the little cunts with you and fuck off back where you come from. I don't give a fuck."

So, that's what she did. Kelly moved back to our home town, now a young, divorced single mother, with two little kids. She used her share of the property settlement to put a deposit on a big, old style house on six acres, twenty miles from town, which was close enough to drive to work each day to her pharmacy job, but far enough to feel like you were really getting away from it all when you went home.

Kelly's new place was amazing. It was bounded on two sides by a state forest, and the nearest neighbour was nearly a mile away, so you couldn't even see their house. Believe it or not, it was a little like the house she had talked about living in as a kid, and Sandra and Greta and I spent a lot of time out there, getting away from it all. Even though it was only a half hour drive from my place, you felt like you were a thousand miles away, and the kids could run wild in the state forest, having all the fun in the world. We just loved it.

My own marriage lasted a little longer than Kelly's, but after a little over ten years, Sandra told me we had gotten married too early and we had grown apart. This was kind of news to me, but she was adamant about it and she left me for a new guy, called Vic. He was a real party boy, even though he was in his late thirties, and Sandra and I also went through the whole drama and conflict of a divorce. Same old story, divorce proceedings, property settlement, child custody orders and so on, but we ended up with joint custody of Greta, who was now approaching nine years of age. We each had her for alternate fortnights, which worked out okay with me in the circumstances, but within months of the dust finally settling on our court proceedings, Vic got a skinful of booze at a party one Saturday night, and on the way home he ran into the back of a semi-trailer that was stopped at a red light on the way back into town. Both he and Sandra died in the accident, and although I had my differences with Sandra, I certainly did not wish that on her. I was only thankful that it was my fortnight to have Greta with me, or she might have been in the car that night, but now I had sole custody of my little girl.

As a divorced single father, I saw a few women over the years. I had a few flings, the occasional one night stand, even a couple of relationships, but I never settled down with any of them. I came close one time with a lady called Mandy, but she got a job transfer to Kuala Lumpur and that was the end of that. I know Kelly saw a couple of guys early in the piece, but she tended to keep her love life to herself, even though we were close. There was one guy called Andy who used to come and go. He worked in some government job that involved travel and overseas postings, and he would be around for a while and then he'd be off the scene, sometimes for a year or more. Then, he would be back, and they'd pick up again until he moved off on one of his postings. There may have been others, but like I said, Kelly kept that sort of thing close to her chest.

So, that was how life went for both of us for years as our kids grew up together. After my divorce, Greta and I spent a lot of time out at Kelly's place, sometimes spending whole vacation periods out there, with the kids running around having fun, riding horses or trail bikes, exploring the forest, and basically growing up together. In time, when Greta was old enough to get her driving licence, she could even drive out there herself if I had work or personal commitments, or even the occasional romantic engagement.

The years seemed to go by surprisingly fast, and almost suddenly, the kids were due to turn nineteen. They had all finished high school, and they were now all gainfully employed. Aiden had started an apprenticeship as a carpenter, Lexi was studying pharmacology part-time while she was working in the same place as her mother, and my daughter, Greta, had found a job as a receptionist in a lawyer's office, while she decided what to do with her life. The twins were still living at home with Kelly, and Greta was living with me, and I kind of thought we had both done okay bringing them up, given the circumstances.

With their nineteenth birthdays coming up, Kelly and I asked them what they wanted to do for their celebration, because over the years, they had nearly always had a joint party, seeing Greta's birthday was only three weeks after the twins. The previous year, we had put on a big coming of age eighteenth birthday party for the three of them in a function centre in town, but this year they said they would be happy with a family barbeque with a few friends at Kelly's place, out there in the forest.

So, that's what we organised, on the Saturday night of a four-day long weekend in early autumn. It was a great night, with Kelly and me, her twins Aiden and Lexi, my daughter Greta, along with six of their friends, and the parents of one of Lexi's friends, because her mother was also Kelly's friend. We had Aiden's speakers and amp set up on tables in the grassy field next door to the house yard, and there was music, dancing, lots of food, beer, wine, champagne, plenty of good times, and I suspect a certain amount of weed being smoked in one of Kelly's sheds, judging by the number times the kids and their friends went down there, and came back a while later with red eyes, and talking bullshit.

I was even tempted to go down there myself and join in at one stage. I had not blown a number for years, but when I mentioned this to Kelly she said to give it a miss, or I'd look like an old fart, trying to be cool. Maybe that was good advice.

This conversation took place in her kitchen, while Kelly was fixing up some late evening snacks for everybody, as her friend and her husband and I stood around talking. I noticed her friend's husband, whose name was Roger, getting a good look at Kelly's butt as she moved around the kitchen, although he didn't see me looking at him. I looked across at Kelly from behind and I could kind of understand why he was blatantly checking her out, even if she was my sister. She was wearing a pair of stone wash jeans and a tank top with horizontal rainbow stripes, and she was showing a little cleavage. Kelly kept herself fit with riding her two horses and twice weekly visits to the gym, and those jeans and tank top were showcasing a pretty tidy figure, with her wavy, ash blonde hair down past her shoulders. I stood there and amused myself by watching Roger copping a good eyeful, as his wife and Kelly chattered away, and the idle thought crossed my mind as I watched, "I haven't seen Andy around for a while. I wonder if she's getting any attention in that department. Seems a waste if she isn't, even if she is my sister."

Later in the evening, probably around midnight, after the last car had left down Kelly's long driveway, there was only Kelly and myself, along with Greta, Aiden and Lexi left. Kelly and I were sitting in folding chairs, and the kids were standing and talking. The volume had been turned down on Aiden's speakers, and the two girls were gently swaying to the music as they talked and laughed with Aiden. I was feeling reasonably mellow as I sat there under the stars, talking quietly with Kelly and watching Aiden and the girls. Greta was wearing a short, white, pleated skirt, with a lilac coloured tank top, and Lexi had a pair of form fitting black tights and an oversized pink t-shirt that hung down on her left shoulder, with the shoulder strap of a black sports bra showing.

It crossed my mind that Lexi was very much like her mother at that age, except slightly taller. She had her mother's blonde, wavy hair, but with a slightly more golden colour. Greta also took after Kelly in a big way, and people often said she and Lexi looked more like sisters than cousins, although Greta had a slightly smaller frame. Aiden had grown tall, standing about six feet two inches, with an athletic build, and he was now a little taller than I am, but like me his hair had gone from blonde to dark brown in his teen years. As I watched them swaying, talking and giggling, I suddenly realised I was feeling a little tired, so I took the last mouthful of beer from the stubby bottle in my hand, and I stood up and tossed the empty into a waste bin, and I said, "Well, you party animals, that's it for me I think. I've had enough fun for one night so I'll leave you to it, and go and hit the sack."

"I won't be far behind you," Kelly said from her chair, as she held up her wine glass and looked at it, like she was seeing how much was left in it.

"Night, Dad," I heard from Greta, and, "Good night, Ryan," from each of the twins, who had stopped calling me "uncle" when they were about fifteen, with Aiden adding, "Sleep well, Big Fella."

I walked back into Kelly's big house, and went to the spare bedroom, where I changed into a white T-shirt and a pair of white boxer shorts that I was using for pyjamas. As usual, I was sleeping in a double bed in Kelly's spare bedroom, which was next to her main bedroom, while the two girls slept in another double bed in Lexi's room, and Aiden had his own bedroom at the other end of the house. I cleaned my teeth in Kelly's large, echoing bathroom, and I climbed into bed.

I wasn't drunk but I must have dropped off pretty quickly. I don't know how long I was asleep, but I woke up and I felt like I wanted a drink of water. I could hear the muffled bass sounds from Aiden's speakers so I assumed the party was still going to some extent, and I got up and walked out into the long corridor to Kelly's kitchen. Her bedroom door was open as I walked past but I didn't look in. I walked to the kitchen, flicked on a light, poured a glass of water from the tap, and drank it, then switched off the light and headed back down the corridor. This time I happened to glance into Kelly's room and I was surprised to see her standing at her window in the dark.

Her bedroom light was off, so she was lit only by the light from the corridor, but I could see she was wearing what looked like an old satin slip for a nightdress. It was a creamy silver colour, with thin shoulder straps, and it only went to a few inches below her bottom. She had her back to me, and she was looking out the window of her bedroom.

I stopped in the doorway and said, "You okay, Kel?"

She turned and put her finger to her lips, and said, "Shhhh," so in a loud whisper, I said, "What's up?"

"Have a look at this," she said, in her own loud whisper, and she beckoned me across with a jerk of her head. I walked across and stood behind her and looked over her head out the window, and I was astonished at what I saw.

Forty yards away, in the moonlight, her two twins, Aiden and Lexi, and my daughter Greta, were lying on a big blanket near the tables where we had held the birthday barbeque. Greta was lying on her back, with Aiden's face between her legs, and he was clearly going down on her, while Lexi lay next to them on Greta's right side. Greta's pleated skirt was lying next to her on the blanket.

"The fuck!" I said, not realising I was still speaking in my loud whisper. "What the fuck are they doing?"

"I think it's pretty obvious," Kelly answered in a quiet voice, without turning her head.
"I mean, what- I mean- how long has this been going on?" I stammered, "Fuck me! What's going on?"

"Well, they've been at it a while now," Kelly said, and she seemed surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

"You mean, you've just been standing here, watching them?" I asked.

"Well, think about it, Ryan, what would you say to them, if you went down there right now?" she answered, "How would you deal with this?"

"You've got a point," I said, "but how long do you think they've been doing this? I mean, not just now, but how long do you think they've been at it in the past?"

"Don't know," she said, still watching, "But they seem pretty comfortable at it, so I'd say a while."

I sighed as I stood there, watching my daughter having oral sex with her cousin while his sister looked on, like an accomplice, but aside from the people involved, the spectacle I was watching began to have an effect on me, and I felt the feelings of arousal down in my lower belly, as my dick began to harden. I tried to put it out of my mind, but as I began to think Kelly and I should perhaps step away from the window and talk about this, Kelly rested her forearms on the windowsill and took a half step backwards as she rested on them. As she moved back, her bottom bumped my hardening tool.
"What's that?" she said in her loud whisper, but with a playful tone in her voice.

"Nothing," I said, "just a reaction." I moved back slightly but I was still watching the sexual spectacle taking place in the moonlight, forty yards away. By now my cock was fully hard, and I felt a little ashamed in the circumstances, but I told myself it was hardly surprising to be affected by what was going on out there on a blanket in the field. Kelly moved back a little, as though she was deliberately poking her bottom at my erect cock, and she said, "It's not getting any softer, you naughty man."

"Well, look what's going on out there," I said, "It's just something that happens," I added, with a kind of chuckle in my voice, but Kelly reached back with her right hand and gave my hard cock a playful squeeze through my boxer shorts.

"Oh, Ryan," she said, "That's total wood! What are you gonna do with that?"

"Nothing," I said again, gently swatting her hand away with my own right hand, adding "Never mind, anyway," although it crossed my mind that I may have needed to do something about it when I got back into my own bed. I tried to push my raging erection down with my hand but it was a lost cause. I guess I could have just removed myself from this situation but I have to admit I did not, so what happened next was as much my fault as anybody else's.

Kelly reached back again and squeezed my erection through my shorts, and still with that playful tone, she said, "That swelling looks serious, Ryan. You might need to take care of it later," and then she giggled a little, as I swatted her hand away again.

"Just keep your hands off it," I said, trying to sound serious, but she dodged her hand around my own and reached into the fly of my boxers, grabbing my cock with her bare hand and giving it another squeeze. Her hand was warm on my hard cock.

"Come on," I said, "Let it go. It won't go away if you keep on playing with it." I took her by the wrist and pulled her hand out of my shorts, but when I looked back over her head at Aiden and the girls out there in the moonlight, things went up a notch.

I saw Aiden lift his head from between Greta's legs, and sit back on his haunches, wiping his mouth and chin with his right hand. At the same time, Greta turned towards Lexi on her left, and Lexi moved over and kissed her on the mouth. They held the kiss for a moment, and then with their heads close they seemed to be speaking but of course I could not hear what they were saying. Then, Lexi moved back, and Greta turned over and got on all fours, with her bottom facing Aiden. I could see him looking right at his cousin's open pussy, two feet from his face, as Lexi stood and took off her black tights and a pair of burgundy coloured bikini briefs. She was now naked from the waist down and a feeling of arousal went through me as I saw her there, with her pubic hair clearly visible in the moonlight even from that distance. Neither Kelly nor I said a word, as we watched.

Lexi dropped to her knees, and she moved in, lying on her back in front of Greta, and she shuffled her bottom closer to her on the blanket. As she did so, Greta moved in, putting her own face in between Lexi's legs, clearly about to go down on her cousin. As she did this, Aiden stood momentarily, undid his belt and dropped his jeans and underpants to the ground. Then, he knelt and moved in behind Greta, and mounted her, doggy style. It probably took less time to happen than it did to even describe, but just like that, my nephew was fucking my daughter, Greta, from behind, while she went down on his sister.

"He's fucking her!" I said, in astonishment, but Kelly's response, was, "Well spotted, Sherlock," without even turning away.

"I hope they're playing it safe," I said, because I had seen no sign of a condom.

"They're smart kids," Kelly said, still watching, "I think they'll be careful."

"I fucking hope so," I said, but watching two people fucking, even from that distance, was still having its effect on me, and my cock was now made of bone. The thought passed through my mind fairly quickly, but I half wondered what effect this might be having on Kelly, but as I looked over her head, watching our kids in a threesome in the moonlit field outside, she poked her bottom back deliberately and bumped my hard cock again.

"You've still got that thing," she said, still with that playful tone, and she reached back again, darting her hand into the fly of my boxer shorts and squeezing a second time.
"Leave it alone," I said, but she used her thumb to rub across the head, smearing precum and gently fondling it. The feeling was delicious but I took her hand by the wrist a second time and pulled it from my shorts.

"You've gotta stop doing that!" I said, keeping my voice low, but with a giggle in her voice, Kelly replied with, "Well, somebody needs to take of hold it if you're not going to."

"Come on, leave it alone," I said, but I still did not move back. This time, she reached back, darted her hand into my shorts once more, and smeared the oozing precum down the shaft in a twisting movement with her palm, and actually started rubbing it in a wanking motion, lubed with my slippery precum, and for a brief second or two, the feelings were almost too good, and I gave in, letting her rub it a little longer.

"Feels like you need this," she said, still keeping her voice low. Once again, I didn't answer as I basked in the sweet sensations of her hand on my cock, but then, what could I say? A moment or two later, without saying anything, Kelly took a quick breath, and suddenly reached down with her left hand, and grabbed the hem of her satin slip, pulling it up in a bunch and exposing her shapely, rounded butt in the half light from the hallway. There was no way I expected this, but she brushed back the fly of my shorts with her right hand, pulled my rock hard cock through the fly and moved back, guiding her pussy to my cock and impaling herself on it. I know I should have pulled back, and removed myself from the situation, but I did not, and the most basic instincts took over, whether I liked it or not. In truth, I have to say I liked it, and I did the most natural thing in the world when a man's cock is inside a woman's pussy, and I began to thrust into Kelly, and she bent forward and began to rock her hips, taking my cock deep inside herself, as she started to moan.

I knew what I was doing, but at the same time, I felt like it was not really happening. I mean, how could it be? I was fucking my sister from behind, as we looked out the window at our collective adult kids engaged in a sexual threesome out in the field next to the house. That just doesn't happen.

Kelly's pussy was snug and slippery, and fucking her felt almost unbelievably good, as she started to breath more heavily and bow her head, while the sweet sensations flowed through both of us. I took hold of her by the hips as we fucked, and she lifted her head, took a shuddering breath, swallowed, and said, "Ryan, are you gonna cum?" She spoke quickly, and took another breath.

I hadn't really looked ahead that far, but I said, "Are you safe?"

"I had my tubes tied," Kelly said, taking another breath, "when the kids were born," with another gasping, shuddering breath as we fucked deep and fast, and she added, "I thought two was enough," breathing again.

I did not answer, but I kept thrusting into her pussy from behind, unsure if she was giving me the go-ahead to cum inside her. "It's okay," she said, exhaling the words as though she was sighing as she spoke, "Just cum when you're ready. I want you to cum inside me, Ryan. Just do it."

I kept on thrusting, as the feelings built up in me, but Kelly lifted her head, swallowed hard, took another quick, gulping breath, and said, "Just one thing."

"What's that?" I answered, my voice sounding tight as we fucked, and she said, "Can you lose the shorts?"

Fucking her felt so good that it was hard to stop, but I ceased my thrusting and pulled my cock from her. I wasted no time pulling off my boxer shorts, stretching the elastic waistband over my erection and letting them drop to the floor. I kicked them off to the right and then took hold of my cock in my right hand, reaching between Kelly's legs with my left hand to feel for her opening. I felt her pussy hair and then the slick, slippery entrance to her pussy, and I pushed my rock-hard tool inside, going balls deep in one thrust. Kelly's back stiffened and she shuddered as I filled her abruptly like that, and she made a strained noise in her throat, but she thrust her pelvis backwards, inviting me to resume our illicit coupling. I reached around her pelvis with my left hand, with my palm on her right hip, feeling her pubic hair brushing on my forearm, as my right arm went around her waist. I felt the soft warmth from her breasts on my right arm through the satin material of her slip, as I held her body to myself, fucking her hard and deep.

"That's the way," she sighed again, and with what had just gone on, I had not looked out at Aiden and the girls for a while, but I looked out over Kelly's head to see that Aiden was now totally going for it. He had his hands on Greta's back, taking his weight as he drove his cock into her, looking like he wasn't far from the home stretch. He was thrusting hard, pushing deep, and there was no question that Greta was taking some serious cock. Her head was moving around between Lexi's legs, and she was obviously giving her cousin's pussy a good working over while she was being royally fucked from behind. They were an amazing team, you had to give them that, and forty yards away at the window, Aiden's mother's pussy was dealing with some hard cock of its own. It was a disgraceful situation, but at the same time, five people were giving and taking immense pleasure in each other's bodies, and it was not over yet.

I was holding Kelly close, embracing her to me as I drove my cock into her, and the two of us were now breathing heavily. Kelly bowed her head, and arched her back, and with a strained and shuddering voice, she said, "Ryan, I'm close! I'm gonna cum soon." It almost sounded like a warning.

"That's great!" I answered, "Just go for it!" As excited as I was, and as good as it felt to fuck my own sister, somehow the thought of seeing her cumming was deliciously appealing, but Kelly lifted her head back, with that shuddering voice, and she said, "It feels so good," taking another gasping breath, "Gotta cover my mouth," taking another quick, shuddering breath, and quickly finishing, "Or I might scream." She bent down with her right arm on the windowsill, and rested her head on the back of her hand. I guessed she had her mouth over the back of her hand but there was no time to think about that because as she bent forward, the angle of her pussy changed and I seemed to hit an extra sweet spot. I went straight to short rapid strokes, giving it all I had, but not thrusting deep any more. I was in the zone. Kelly had made it clear she was there to be fucked, and I was there to honour her commitment to taking my hard cock, and the load it was about to leave behind.

I looked out and I could see Aiden was close as well. He was jackhammering Greta's pussy with his own short, rapid strokes, and she was arching her back, taking all the cock she could get from him. It looked like he was in deep, but stroking short, his seed locked and loaded, ready for deployment. At the same time, Lexi was moving her head from side to side. She was on her back, legs bent, feet flat on the blanket, totally presenting her pussy to Greta, and I could hear sounds from her but I could not hear what she was saying, if she was saying anything at all. She could have been moaning in ecstasy, but at the same time, her mother was doing some moaning of her own. Kelly had the back of her hand in her mouth, her head down as I fucked her from behind, and she suddenly made a muffled yelping sound, and I saw Lexi turning her head towards the house, as though she heard something, but then she looked back up towards Aiden, as he fucked Greta from behind. She seemed to say something quickly, and then she stiffened on the ground, lifted her hands over herself, twisting her forearms and clenching her fists as her orgasm swept through her. I saw all of this but I did not miss a beat as I kept up my short-stroke fucking action deep inside Kelly's cunt, and suddenly it was Kelly's turn to cum. Her whole body stiffened yet again, and she took another three of those shuddering breaths, pushing her face into her hand as she cried out, muffling her screams of pleasure.

Just as Kelly's lovely body was being wracked with orgasmic pleasure, I saw Aiden ramp up his own pace, fucking Greta harder than ever, as she lifted her head from Lexi's pussy and cried out in the night as they came together. As I watched Aiden and Greta going for broke out there through the window, my own orgasm hit, and a massive wave of pleasure engulfed me. I held Kelly tight, fucking her to the very end, delivering my cum into my sister's birth canal in two, three, four hard spurts, with each spurt accompanied by a bolt of pure bliss, as I pumped my load into her.

As my orgasm faded, Kelly seemed to relax, and she stood up as I withdrew from her pussy. My cock flopped as it was released, and Kelly took hold of the windowsill. She sighed, "Ohh, Ryan, I'm dizzy after that," so I took hold of her from the side, with my right hand on her left shoulder and my left arm behind her back, and I walked her gently backwards a few steps to her bed. She sat heavily on the side of the bed, and with my knees trembling after the hot sex we had just experienced together, I dropped to kneel in front of her.

Our faces were close, but neither of us spoke for a moment, and then Kelly said, "I can't believe we just did that," but she moved in and kissed me on the mouth. Somehow, it seemed the thing to do after what had just happened. It was a warm, post-lovemaking kiss, and we held it for a brief moment, but practically as soon as our mouths parted, I heard Lexi's voice at the bedroom door.

"Mum, you okay?" Lexi said, as she stepped into the semi dark room, and saw me, kneeling in front of her mother, as Kelly sat on the edge of the bed. "Ryan, what are you doing?" she said, sounding surprised when he saw me. Then, she looked at her mother, with mild concern in her voice, and said, "You okay, Mum? I thought I heard you calling out a few minutes ago. Thought you might be having a nightmare."

"It's fine," Kelly said, "We were just talking."

"Really?" Lexi said, "At this time of night?" She looked at me, kneeling oddly close to her mother in the darkened room, as though it seemed strange, and it probably did, but then I saw her eyes drop to my white shorts, lying on the floor near the window.

"What's that over there?" she said, and my stomach dropped as she stepped over to look down at my shorts, and then at me, naked from the waist down, kneeling in front of her mother. She looked at me, then at her mother, then back at the shorts on the floor, and said, "Omigod! What were you guys doing?" She looked back at us.

"Well, you ought to talk," Kelly said, and for a moment I saw a look on Lexi's face, as though she was about to ask what Kelly meant, and pretend innocence, but then I saw her eyes move to the window as she realised what we had been looking at. "Oh, no!" she said, with a sinking tone in her voice, and she looked back at us and said, "You were watching us."

"Yes, we were," Kelly answered, a little seriously. I didn't say anything because there was nothing for me to say.

Lexi's face brightened up as she put it all together, and she said, "So, you guys were watching us out there, but you were going for it in here yourselves at the same time. How deliciously perverted!"

"Maybe you shouldn't let the others know," I said, "I think things are weird enough as it is."

"Won't say a word," Lexi said, smiling mischievously, but she stepped over and put her hand on my shoulder as I knelt on the floor and added, "But, you know, if you and I got together for a little 'uncle' time, if you know what I mean, it would help me to keep my lips sealed even better."

"Come on," I said, "let's not start getting carried away here."

"You just did it with your sister," Lexi said, smiling down at me, "so doing it with your niece wouldn't be a big stretch."

"Come on Lexi," I said, "Let's not go there right now."

"I don't mean right now, but it would help me keep my mouth shut in future," Lexi said as she smiled, but Kelly interrupted and said, "How long have you three been doing that sort of thing?"

"A few months," Lexi answered, like it was no big deal, "We're all grown adults, you know."
"Yeah, I get that," Kelly said, and she waved her hands around like she was trying to think and talk at the same time, and she said, "I guess I can't talk now, but, umm, you and Aiden?" She tilted her head, and gestured towards the window.

"Yes," Lexi said, "But we're safe. I'm on the pill and nothing's gonna happen. It's just good, clean fun." Then, she seemed to stop and think, and added, "Well, dirty fun really, when you think about it." She smiled again.
Kelly sighed and said, "As long as you're safe." She looked at me, and I realised I needed to ask about Greta. "What about Aiden and Greta?" I said, looking up at Lexi.
"All sorted," Lexi answered, "Greta's got one of those implants in her arm. Nothing's gonna happen, okay?"

I was having some conflicted feelings right about now. I had just had some hot, hard and totally satisfying sex, but the problem was that I had also just fucked my sister. Then, I had been caught in the act by my niece, who I now knew was fucking her own brother, and licking my daughter's pussy into the bargain, and to add icing on the cake, I now knew my daughter was fucking her cousin, but I couldn't say anything because of what I had just done. The weirdness and irony were just piling on.

My train of thought was interrupted by Lexi, who said, "I think I better go out and keep the other two from coming inside until you guys get straightened out," and she headed out the door, but she stopped briefly on the way out to look at me and say, "Just remember, Ryan, we need some uncle and niece time together." She smiled and disappeared out the door.

Kelly looked at me with a straight face, and said, "Oh, shit."

"I think I'd better go to bed," I said, not knowing what else to say. I got up and walked to my boxer shorts, picking them up and putting them on without speaking. "I'll, umm, see you in the morning," I said to Kelly, who was now lying in her bed with the covers over herself, and she said, "It's all okay, Ryan. It's not a big deal."

"Okay," I said, quietly, not convinced, as I walked out of her room and into the spare bedroom. I got back into my own bed, and lay there for a few minutes. My body felt physically satisfied, but my mind was wrapping itself around all sorts of ideas. I had just fucked my sister, and I had enjoyed it. The cum I had pumped into her shared its DNA with the walls of the pussy that had milked it from my cock. How weird was that? It's not supposed to happen, but it did, and I was part of it, and now I had to deal with it. I wasn't sure what the future would bring, but all I could do was go to sleep and leave those things until tomorrow.
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