Family Fun - Part 2
This story continues on directly from my previous story- Family Fun

I woke up on Sunday morning from the kind of deep, relaxing sleep you have after a good, satisfying fuck, and I lay there looking at the ceiling for a moment, until I remembered. Last night I had fucked my own sister, Kelly. Those same conflicting feelings that I had felt as I walked from her room and climbed into bed last night came back, and I wondered if things could ever be the same again. I thought that maybe I needed to find a reason to leave and go back to my own home, but then I smelt breakfast, and heard the sounds of talking and laughter from the kitchen.

I got up and pulled on a tracksuit, then walked down the long corridor to Kelly's kitchen, and I found the three kids sitting at the table demolishing breakfast, while Kelly stood at the stove. She was wearing the same jeans and horizontal rainbow striped tank top she had worn last night, but she looked freshly showered and ready for the day. She turned and smiled at me and said, "Well, there you are. I was about to send Greta down to wake you up." She gestured at the empty chair at the end of the table and said, "Have a seat, breakfast is ready." She stepped over and placed a plateful of pancakes, eggs and bacon on the table as I sat down.

To my left at the rectangular table sat Lexi, and on her left was Aiden, her brother, and Greta, my daughter, sat opposite him on the other side. To look at them, no-one would ever know that last night Aiden had fucked her, doggy style, as she went down on Lexi in the moonlit field outside, but I knew. I knew, because I had watched this shameful spectacle as I fucked my own sister at the window.

The three kids were talking excitedly about their plans for the day. The big tavern at the turnoff on the road into town was having a rock and blues festival all day, with three local bands, and they were all planning to head over there after we tidied up after last night's joint birthday party.

I looked across the table at Kelly, sitting at the far end, and she showed no signs of anything unusual, although I thought I caught an ironic glance from her at one point. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I said nothing. I pondered the whole situation, but after a few minutes, Greta piped up and said, "You're not saying much, Dad. Are you feeling okay?"

I cleared my throat and said, "I'm okay, I, umm, just think I might have had one too many beers last night."

"Really?" Greta answered, sounding genuinely surprised, "You didn't seem to have that many."

"Well, you get to a certain age," I said, trying to deflect the conversation, "and you just can't handle it like you used to." The truth was that I had paced myself last night and was not hung over at all, but I didn't want Greta or anyone else to think I had anything on my mind, like for instance the fact that I had gone balls deep in my sister's pussy at the window after the party.

"Come on, Ryan, you're not that old," Lexi said brightly, smiling at me with a knowing glint in her eye, "and I'm sure you've got plenty of stamina, once you get going." I looked across the table at Kelly, and she made eye contact but she said nothing, and then her eyes dropped to her plate in front of her.

After breakfast, and a much needed shower, I helped Aiden and the girls to clear away the tables, chairs and other items we had used for the party, and as I looked down at the flattened patch of grass where their sexual threesome had taken place, I couldn't help seeing it again in my mind, but the kids were totally oblivious. Then it was time for them to head into town for the music festival.

Kelly came out of the house, and as the three young ones climbed into Aiden's twin cab pickup, chattering excitedly, Kelly said, "Now, don't forget, if you have too much to drink, just ring Ryan or me and we'll come and get you. No driving after you've been drinking, okay?"

"Yes, Mum," Aiden said, as he put on his seat belt, "No driving after drinking, we get it," but Lexi leaned over from the passenger's seat and said, "We're going for the music, not just to get drunk."

"I know," Kelly persisted, "but one day when you've got kids of your own you'll understand. Just ring, okay?"

A few moments later, Aiden drove down the long driveway, and left Kelly and me standing outside her house. I wasn't sure what to say, or even if there was anything to say. Even so, Kelly was no different from any other day. "Off they go," she said, and then added, "I'm going up to feed the horses, you want to come?"

"Think I might stay down here," I said, feeling awkward about what sort of conversation we might have if I went to the stables with Kelly.

"Suit yourself," she said, smiling, "Might even have a little ride after I feed them, so I'll see you shortly. I'm sure you can amuse yourself." There was absolutely nothing unusual in her tone, and she turned and walked away towards the stables, and left me there to my own thoughts. After a moment of contemplation, I walked back inside and went down to the room where I had slept. I climbed on the bed and thought about last night, and what it all meant. Maybe I should go home early, I thought, perhaps tell them I was feeling sick and needed to go home, so they could stay and enjoy themselves.

Then, I thought, ‘Greta might want to drive me home herself, if she thinks I'm sick.' That would ruin her long weekend. I sighed, thinking of all the different ways I had fucked things up. "Fuck me!" I said, out loud. I lay there for quite a while, tossing all kinds of ideas through my head, but then I heard footsteps in the corridor, and Kelly came to the door. She was still wearing the rainbow coloured tank top but I noticed she had changed from her jeans into a short blue denim skirt. Even at 39, she had the legs, and the figure, for it.

"You okay, Ryan?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, but even I could tell my tone of voice said I was not okay.

"Something's wrong, isn't it?" she said, from the door.

I looked over at her but I said nothing, so she added, "Can I come in?"

"It's your house," I said, keeping my tone light so it didn't sound sarcastic.

"Yeah, but it's your room at the moment," she said, as she stepped over to the bed. She sat on the right side of the bed, and turned to her left to face me. "It's last night, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I answered, sighing the word as I spoke.

She kicked off her sandals and slid onto the bed so she was leaning against the headboard with her legs bent, feet flat on the bed, and she said, "It's not that big a deal, Ryan, really."

"How can you say that?' I asked.

"Look, it really isn't a big deal. It was just sex."

"That's kind of the problem," I said, "We shouldn't have done it."

Kelly shuffled herself down to lie next to me on my right, and she turned to face me, and put her right hand on my chest. "Just think about it for a minute," she started, "Okay, we did something we weren't supposed to do, but when you really look at it, why is it a problem?"

I looked at her again without answering, so she continued with, "The reason it's not supposed to happen, and brothers and sisters aren't supposed to do it, is pregnancy. That's the only real reason, but we both know, I can't get pregnant."

"I think there's more to it than that," I answered, but Kelly was not swayed.

"You know, think of it this way. You and I could have gone to the festival with the kids today, and either one of us, or even both of us, could have met someone and had a one-night stand, right?"

"Yeah," I answered, unconvinced.

"So, if we did, we wouldn't be trying to have a child with them, would we?"

"No," I conceded.

"So, really, in the overall scheme of things, what's the difference if you I and did it together? It means just as much."

I felt my brow wrinkling at that, and I just had no way to answer, but in a way, it seemed to make sense. Then, Kelly leaned in a little closer, and with her face close to mine, she said, "In fact, we've got the place to ourselves for the rest of the day."

"Seriously?" I said, but I had to admit that I felt a little wave of excitement as she said that.

"Well, why not?" Kelly answered, "Like I said, I can't get pregnant. I had my tubes tied nearly twenty years ago, so it can't happen." She moved even closer, sliding her arm around my left shoulder, and kissed me gently on the mouth. "No-one would ever know, except us," she said quietly after she broke the kiss. I felt her warm breath on my face as she spoke.

I think it was at that moment that I was convinced, and that my sister had talked me into fucking her again, but I could not find the words to say I agreed with her, and that I wanted it as much as she seemed to want it.

Kelly shuffled a little closer, still lying on her left side, making eye contact and seeming to wait for my response. "You know," I said, choosing my words as I spoke, moving into uncharted territory here, "You do have a point." Kelly started to smile, and once again she kissed me, still a gentle kiss, but held a little longer, with her mouth a tiny bit more open. I felt again a cold wave of excitement running through me, and I reached forward, a little tentatively at first, and placed my left hand on her left thigh. She looked down at my hand, momentarily, and then back at me, with an expression on her face that seemed to invite further exploration.

As the full reality came to me, that once again I was going to do this, I decided that if I was going to fuck my beautiful sister again, I was going to make an occasion of it. I was going to taste her pussy. I loved going down on a woman, and the thought of going down on my own sister was almost unbearably exciting, but how did I bring up the subject? How does a man tell his sister he wants to taste her pussy juice? To explore her most private recesses with his mouth? I had no words for that.

I moved my hand, gently, between her thighs, and then upwards towards her crotch, under the hem of her short skirt, which had ridden up a little when she shuffled down on the bed. My hand was against the gusset of her panties and I felt the warmth from her, and again she looked down at what I was doing. Her smile seemed to be one of approval, and I moved in and kissed her pretty mouth, the first time I had initiated a kiss so far. I held the kiss for a moment, as my hand worked its way a little further under her skirt. Then, I broke the kiss, to see her reaction.

Kelly responded by parting her legs just a little, inviting my caress, so I felt gently for the leg band of her panties, and I worked my first finger inside. As I did so, I kissed her again, and she moved her left arm in, and put her hand behind my head, holding my mouth to hers as she parted her lips and introduced a little tongue to the equation. This was an exciting kiss, and I felt a hunger for her body growing inside me, as we kissed like that.

At the same time, I was gently working my finger inside her panties, feeling at first her pubic hair and then the slippery wetness of her inner lips. As my finger made contact with her sensitive pussylips, she flinched a little, but she held the kiss a little longer and then broke it, making eye contact with me as I worked my finger inside her. I probed a little further into her pussy, feeling the very entrance to her womanhood, and the slippery silken walls that had milked the seed from my hard cock last night. Neither of us had spoken for some time now, but Kelly took a long sigh as she looked down towards her crotch again.

I withdrew my hand from her underwear, taking care to keep as much of the juice from her pussy on my finger as possible, and I pulled it out, glistening with her nectar. She looked at my hand as I brought it to my face, and again without speaking, I held her gaze for moment. She seemed to approve so far, so I placed my finger in my mouth, tasting the sweetish, tangy juice from my sister's pussy.

Kelly was the one to break the silence. "You know, I'm getting the impression you'd like to go down on me," she said, smiling sweetly but with a hint of mischief, "and I should tell you, I love it when a guy does that, so I'm not going to stop you, if that‘s what you want."

"You okay with that?" I said, speaking quietly even though we had the whole house to ourselves.

"I'm ready if you are," Kelly answered, and she moved onto her back, and shuffled down the bed a little more, causing her skirt to ride up even further. I now saw that she was wearing sky blue coloured cotton briefs, and the shuffling had pulled the crotch tight around her pussy, outlining her swollen vulva. She lifted her hips and reached behind herself, undoing the button and the zipper at the back of her skirt, and then sliding the skirt along her legs, bending them to get it off, and then dropping it on the floor. Then, she lay back on the bed and relaxed, as I moved over to kiss her again on her mouth. There was more tongue than before, but this time it was the soft, sensual kiss of two people who were about to make love, brother and sister or not.

I broke the kiss and placed my left palm over her mound, with my fingers trailing between her legs, feeling again the warmth from her pussy through the thin cotton material. I sat back and then moved my head down to kiss her through her panties, my mouth resting just about where the top of her slit would be, and I inhaled gently, taking in the sweetish scent. Then, I lifted my head, sat back a little, and took hold of the waistband of her panties at both hips. She lifted her bottom, and I slipped her blue panties down, revealing her pussy for the first time. I slipped her panties off, along those shapely legs, and I dropped them on the floor on top of her skirt.

Kelly's pussy was natural, with a triangle of golden brown hair, and the sight of it caused another surge of sexual excitement to course through me. The impromptu nature of our fucking last night had not even given me a glimpse of her pussy, but now I could take it all in, as the aroma of her arousal filled my senses. I leaned in again as she parted her legs a little more, and once again I paused just to inhale the scent of Kelly's cunt.

Then, I tilted my head slightly, and kissed her gently on her inner lips. I held the gentle kiss momentarily, and then I slipped my tongue between them, tasting her most intimate place. A man is not even supposed to see his sister's pussy, and certainly never meant to taste it, and explore it with his mouth and tongue, or to inhale its intoxicating scent, but I was doing all of these things with my lovely sister. I heard her take a long breath and exhale a sigh as I licked her, sweeping her oozing juices into my mouth with my tongue, tasting them, and becoming more excited with each breath I took, infused with her womanly scent.

Last night, I had fucked this pussy, but it was a quick and dirty coupling at the window, with no preamble, no foreplay. It had been a frenzied act of incestuous intercourse between a brother and sister, overcome with lust and desire as we watched our collective teenage kids in a passionate threesome outside in the moonlight. Today was different. We had the time to do it the right way, if such a thing could be said about Kelly and me, brother and sister, satisfying our needs together like this. Today, there was time for me to explore her pussy, to get up close and personal with it, to get to know it intimately, before occupying it again with my hard cock.

After I had spent few minutes licking and tasting Kelly's pussy, I moved my head to place my lips around her clit and its hood, feeling her shudder as my mouth made contact with that special place. I worked the tip of my tongue into her hood, brushing gently against her clit, and again she shuddered and flinched, so I began to work her clit with my mouth. Her pussy was now flooded with juice and I felt I could make her cum with my mouth, so I was tempted to take things to that conclusion, but I paused, and I felt her whole body relax with another sigh.

"You stopped," Kelly said, softly, but I sat back, wiped my mouth and chin with my right hand and said, "I'll get back to that."

Kelly held my gaze, as though she was wondering what was next, and certainly ready to find out, but I wanted to spend some time with those beautiful breasts of hers. Kelly was not, "busty," but her tits were rounded and full in shape, and I have to admit that, brother or not, I had checked them out from time to time. Now, the opportunity to spend some quality time with them had presented itself, and I was going to do just that.

I moved up again, to kiss Kelly's pouting mouth, and we kissed deeply and passionately for a moment, and I drew back, to place the palm of my left hand on her right breast. I felt the soft warmth through her tank top, and she smiled suggestively and looked down at her cleavage. She looked back up at me and said, almost in a whisper, "I think I know where this is going." I took my hand away, leaned in, and kissed her gently in her cleavage, exposed as it was by her tank top, and I felt the warmth from her breasts on my face. Then, I turned to my right and gently caressed the nipple of her left breast through the material.

"Let me get that off," Kelly said, and I lifted my head, and sat back. I took hold of the bottom of her tank top and lifted it, and she sat up to let me pull it over her head. She was wearing a pale blue lace bra, and again I gently fondled her left nipple though her bra, as he reached around to undo the clip. I did not wait for her to remove her bra completely, and I simply slipped the bar cup up to expose her left breast, and I moved in to kiss her underneath her nipple. I held the kiss for a moment, inhaling the scent of her skin, feeling the warmth from her breast, but when I lifted my head, Kelly placed her left palm under her breast and lifted the nipple towards my mouth.

I took her invitation, and I placed my lips around her nipple, sucking gently, because this was an act of sexual foreplay, and not a quest for nourishment, and I heard a sigh from Kelly as I worked her nipple with my mouth.

I continued my gentle sucking, tasting the flesh of my sister's nipple, until I was satisfied I had given her breast the attention it deserved, and then I slipped the bra cup up from her right breast, to kiss her gently again, this time next to her right nipple. I did not know if Kelly and I would do this again, but I recall thinking that if we did, I planned to give those beautiful breasts plenty of loving in the future.

Now it was time to resume my exploration of Kelly's pussy, but I moved up to kiss her again, before moving south. As I did so, I felt her fondling my hard cock through my jeans.

"I'm practically naked," Kelly said, but she made no move to get rid of the pale blue bra that was now loosened, pulled up, and exposing both of her breasts. The feel of her hand on my hard cock was exquisite, even through my jeans, and as we kissed I felt her unzip my fly.
I broke the kiss, and I felt Kelly reaching inside my fly, into my underpants, and taking hold of my rock hard cock. Our faces were close, and she held my gaze and said, "This is how it all started, last night."

"The second time you've done that," I answered, and Kelly smiled that mischievous smile again, and used her thumb to smear my precum down the length of my shaft, inside my jeans.

"Well, you are certainly consistent," she said, still with that mischievous smile, "That thing is as hard as it was last night." She reached behind my head with her left and hand again and pulled my face in, kissing me hot and hard once more, and then she broke the kiss, to say, "Before we take it to the next level, were you planning to spend a little more time down below?"

"You read my mind," I answered, and I sat back a little and turned to move down to her pussy again. On the way past her breasts I stopped briefly to place a soft kiss on the right one, and then moved down further to kiss her again, just below her navel. Then it was time to bury my face again in her pussy, but I stopped once more to kiss her pubic mound, feeling her tuft of pubic hair on my face.

I shuffled around to get back in position for more pussy love, and with my right hand, I parted her labia at the top, pressing my face into her vulva. I took a gentle breath, basking in the scent from her oozing cunt, probing with my tongue at the recess between her inner lips, sweeping the juices pooled there into my mouth. I have always loved oral sex with a woman but the knowledge that it was my sister's pussy I was enjoying this way made it all the more exciting, and the desire to mount Kelly and fuck her to an orgasmic conclusion was rising in me. I spread her pussy juice around inside my mouth, tasting it and allowing the womanly flavour to work its arousing magic on me. Each taste, each breath I took, made me want her more. I moved my head down a little, so I could slip my tongue inside her vagina, tasting her there, tasting the walls that would soon grip my rampant cock. Kelly's body shuddered a little, as my tongue traced the path soon to be taken by my tool, and then it was time for her clit to take part in the action again.

I drew back with my head, and moved up, placing my mouth again around her swollen clitoris and its hood, and I dabbed gently at this most sensitive spot with the very tip of my tongue. Another shudder went through Kelly, and she put her right hand on the top of my head, gently encouraging, perhaps guiding me to where she wanted the most attention. "That's amazing," I heard her sigh.

I began to work her clit with my tongue and lips, gently and with only a little suction, the tried and true method I had learnt over the years to make a woman cum with my mouth, because it was now my mission to make Kelly cum this way before I mounted her. Almost immediately, her body tensed and I heard her say, "Oh, Ryan! That's good. That's so good!"

I knew I was on the right path now. Kelly's exclamation told me that she was close to cumming, so I kept on gently working her clit, feeling the warm juices from her pussy oozing onto my chin. I knew she wanted this, and I wanted to give it to her, so I kept gently sucking, with the tip of my tongue pressed into the underside of her clit, and Kelly began to breathe a little more heavily.

"Keep going," she exhaled, and then took a shuddering intake of breath, "Keep going, Ryan, almost there," and then another gulping inhalation. I moved my hands onto her hips to hold her in place as she began to squirm, and she said, "Ryan! Ryan! I'm gonna cum!" She took another breath, and said, "I'm gonna cum, Ryan!" as though it was a warning, and then she made an, "Ohhhhhhh!!' sound, as I kept on sucking, licking, working her pussy, taking her right where she wanted to go.

Kelly started to bend her legs, and seemed to be trying to lift her pussy into my face, tilting and presenting it to me, encouraging me to make this happen for her. She took one more shuddering breath, and made a low moaning sound, and then she cried out, "Ohh, God!!" and her whole body heaved three times, as I felt a gush of warm fluid on my face from her pulsing pussy.

Then, Kelly's body relaxed and she took a long sigh. I released her clit from my mouth, gave her pussy one more gentle kiss, and I sat back, wiping my chin with my hand.

Kelly took another long breath and said, "Come up here, you genius!" She held her arms out, and I moved up to be embraced by her. She pulled my head town to kiss me passionately, on my lips that had just been so intimate with her pussy, and she held the kiss until she was ready to break it.

"You have to fuck me now," she said, smiling like a child, "You can't leave it there," and then she reached down to feel my hard cock again. "You better get those jeans off, Ryan, we have stuff we need to do." I stood up from the bed, undid my belt and slipped my jeans and underpants off, leaving them on the floor. My cock was standing proud, and I saw Kelly looking straight at it, wanting it inside her.

I climbed back on the bed, moved between Kelly's legs, and embraced her again, as we kissed passionately. This was the kind of kiss that was not just a prelude to lovemaking, but the final overture before two people fuck in earnest. This was where the serious business began, and when the lust was satisfied. It was the point where cock enters cunt, and sperm is delivered. I mounted Kelly, and I was about to enter her with my cock and fuck her until the end. This fuck would be over when I was finished and not before, and although it was Kelly who started it, I was going to be the one to finish it. With my right hand, I guided my cock to her opening, as she held my gaze, inviting me to proceed. I took the time to work the head of my cock at her opening for a brief moment, smearing it with her juices, and then I entered her beautiful cunt once again, uniting our bodies.

I went straight to a moderate short stroke thrusting pace, not deep, not hard or fast, but just a nice enjoyable rhythm, getting to know her vagina properly, before I got serious. I had been here before, but last night we were so swept up in the moment that there was no time for my cock and Kelly's cunt to really get to know each other properly. Now, we could take our time.

Don't get me wrong here. I wanted to cum and I was looking forward to it, needing it to happen, but I wanted to enjoy Kelly's body to the full before I delivered my seed, and I was going to do just that.

"That's pretty full down there," Kelly said, pulling my head down to kiss me, and then as we broke the kiss, she said, "You're good at this."

"You bring out my best," I answered, keeping that nice even place going, loving the feeling of Kelly's pussy embracing my cock. We had been fucking like this for several minutes now, and I felt the need to move things along. I began to thrust a little deeper, a little faster, and Kelly gave me a challenging look, as she tilted her pelvis, taking more cock with each thrust. Then, she wrapped her legs around me, holding me to herself, meeting each of my thrusts with a tilt of her pelvis. We were a team, each doing our part to make this a memorable fuck. I felt like I might be close to cumming, and nobody could blame me. I had tasted Kelly's sweet and beautiful pussy, gazed at it in reverence, buried my face into it, and now I was fucking it. The time for gentle, loving attention was passed, and now it was time for hot, hard fucking. Vigorous thrusting and deep penetration were now called for, and the loving and licking, the fondling and tender care, were over.

"That's going deeper, Ryan," Kelly said, like it was a solemn pronouncement of fact, "but I want you deep."

"Happy to oblige," I said, hearing the strain in my own voice. I began to ramp up my thrusting, going deeper and harder than before. Kelly responded by pushing her pelvis into me, grinding herself against me with each in-stroke. Her face became more determined as she worked towards her next climax. She knew it was coming, and she wanted to make the most of it. She was going to own it, to ride it, and embrace that rush of pleasure that we were bringing forth for each other with our hot, hard fucking.

I knew I was close as well, but I wanted to see Kelly cumming again before I gave in to the orgasm she was striving to give me. My cock was hard, her cunt was wet, it was slippery and it was tight, and the fuck machine that we had created at the moment our bodies were united was working to perfection. This could only end one way, in a burst of pure pleasure, and the flooding of my sister's pussy with my seed. Kelly was matching her pelvic tilts to my every thrust, and as I entered the home stretch, pushing harder, going deeper, occupying more space inside her beautiful body, she picked up her own pace, meeting me stroke for stroke. I could feel the pleasure building up, my own body tensing, my jaw tightening, and Kelly was now lifting her pelvis from the bed to meet my cock as it plunged into her. I held back just a little longer, wanting to cum, needing to cum, ready to cum, but I wanted to hold on just that little longer until Kelly's orgasm overtook her.

Kelly now had a film of sweat on her body, and each time I thrust into her, she let out a gasping, throaty sound. "Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!," was the sound that filled the room, accompanied by my own heavy, hissing breaths, as I slammed my cock into my sister, and then it happened for her. She tilted her head back, her eyes seemed to focus in the distance, and she said, "Ohh, God!! I'm cumming again, Ryan, I'm cumming again!" Her face looked like she was about to cry, but she closed her eyes, and her own pelvic thrusting became ragged, out of time with mine, her whole body shuddered, and her chest heaved once, and she let out a final, cry, "Ohh, my God, Ryan!"

That was it for me. Seeing Kelly lost in her own world of sexual release for those few moments, feeling her pussy clenching on my thrusting cock, I gave in to the inevitable, and a burst of pleasure ripped through me, and for the second time I pumped my cum into my sister, Kelly, spurting two, three, four times as I emptied my seed. Each spurt was accompanied by a bolt of pure and perfect pleasure, and I felt myself going deeper after the first spurt, as the extra lube enabled me to deliver my cum further inside her than I thought possible.

I stopped my thrusting, and looked down at Kelly, as she looked back at me. Her legs were still wrapped around me, and my softening cock remained inside her. She took a deep breath and sighed, and then said, "I haven't done that for a long time."

"Really?" I asked, still inside her.

"Except for last night, it's been while," she replied, looking up at me from the pillow, "Not since Andy went away last time. Eight months, maybe." I withdrew my flaccid cock from Kelly's pussy and sat back on the bed, without speaking, and then Kelly smiled and added, "But the drought seems to be broken now." Then her face changed, and she said, "In more ways than one. I'm really leaking down there."

I looked at her pussy, and it was still swollen, looking freshly fucked, and there was a trickle of cum running from her, and onto the sheet. I felt rather pleased with myself for getting it in that state, and I moved to lie down on Kelly's left. She made no move to stop her leakage, but she turned onto her left side, moved closer and wrapped her right leg across me. I felt warm wetness from her pussy on my right hip, and she said, "I'm shivering now. Give me some of your warmth."

"Are you cold?" I asked.

"Well, I think it's just the after-effects, but I'm all but naked and you still have your shirt on," she said, adding, "All I've got on is this bra." She looked down at herself, and it was true. The only thing she was wearing was the blue lace bra that she had loosened, but not taken off, when she offered her tits to me for some attention. I looked down too, and with my attention drawn to those beautiful breasts again, I turned onto my left, and gently fondled her right nipple with my left hand. "You can't get enough," Kelly said, smiling as she looked at my hand on her breast.

"Can you blame me?" I asked.

"Well, the kids won't be home for a few hours, so maybe if you get hard again she can take another run at it, before they get back," Kelly said, scanning me for my reaction.

"I like the way you think," I answered, as I gently tickled her right nipple with my left thumb.

"In fact, we may have to start making a habit of this," Kelly said, "if you're up for it, of course." She moved closer, embracing me with her naked body, her leg still draped across me, and added, "The way things are going, you might have to be responsible for maintaining my girly parts for a while yet." She giggled, and reached down with her right hand, gently taking hold of my flaccid cock, and she said, "I think I've made a new friend, here."

"We'd have to be careful," I said, weighing up Kelly's suggestion, "and not let the kids find out."

"Well, Lexi already knows about last night," Kelly answered, "not that she can talk."

"But if we made a habit of it, we'd still need to be careful," I said, "I'm not sure what Greta would think."

"Greta is fucking her cousin, remember," Kelly replied, "not to mention what she's getting up to with Lexi."

"We'd still need to be careful," I warned.

Kelly and I lay there for a while, basking in the glow of the hot sex we had just had, not saying much now, and we both drifted off to sleep, with our bodies intertwined on the bed. Not the wisest of moves, considering what the kids may have found if they came home before we woke up. When we did wake up in the afternoon, we took up where we had left off. This time, it was slower, more an act of lovemaking than before, with Kelly on top, offering her beautiful breasts to me for more loving attention. It was intensely satisfying, cumming hard and deep inside her again, and then we showered separately in case the kids came home a little early, and things went back to normal, or as normal as they could be after where we had gone.

Kelly and I had started something together, and we did not know where it might lead.
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