Family Vacation Part 1
It was a long car ride home to Gary, Indiana from their vacation in Portland, Oregon. The Westfeild family was in their mini van motoring along. The middle seats of the van were used to hold the bags and other stuff. Driving, is dad, Allen, in the passenger seat is his wife, Marion who is asleep. In the far back seat is, 15 year old Brooke, next to her, 14 year old brother Parker and next to him is 17 year old sister, Jessica.

"This is going to be such a long road trip." Brooke complains.

"Mom, has the right idea and sleeping." Parker says.

"Only cause she is going to be driving at night." Jessica rolls her eyes.

Later along the trip, Brooke has a soda from the cooler and is sipping it. Allen has to quickly swerve in order to avoid hitting a skunk that was crossing the road. This causes Brooke to spill her drink on herself and Parker, but mainly on Parker. Parker shivers when the cold soda hits him.

"Every one okay back there?" Allen asks.

"Yea we are fine, Brooke decided to give Parker a soda shower" Jessica teases.

Parker seeing that his clothes are sticky, strips them off, right down to his blue and white boxers. By this time, Allen had cranked up the A/C in the van making it cold. Both Brooke and Jessica's nipples started to poke out through their tank tops. Parker sees this out of the corners of his eyes and wiggles a bit.

Jessica starts to text with Brooke.

"I think Parker is staring at our boobs" Jessica texts.

Just as Brooke is about to answer, Allen hits a bump in road. This makes Brooke spill what was left of her soda, on her and Parker again. Jessica's tank top and shorts are soaked and so is Parker's boxers. Brooke cringes a bit from the cold.

"Guess you have to change huh?" Jessica says looking at her sister.

"Yea I do." Brooke says as she starts to strip out of her clothes down to her bra and thong.

"Except your suitcase is buried in the pile." Parker says.

He is making it clear he is looking at Brooke's covered 35B breasts, that are covered by a thin blue bra. Brooke groans as she leans back into her seat. The two sisters go back to texting.

"This sucks, it is cold in this van." Brooke texts.

"Yea, it is, get me a pop will you." Jessica responds.

Brooke leans over to get into the cooler, giving Parker a great view of her ass. Brooke hands Jessica a pop. When Jessica opens it though it sprays on her shirt and shorts. Parker and Brooke both get a laugh out of it.

Jessica gives them dirty looks before taking off her clothes. Her 40C breasts hugged nicely by her red bra. Parker glances down at Jessica's tiny red thong before adjusting himself a bit. He then removes his boxer shorts when he feels that there is soda on them. His rock hard 8 inch cock springs up but he covers it, a bit.

"Truth or dare?" Jessica texts Brooke.

"Dare, what are you thinking?" Brooke responds.

"Dare you to touch your pussy through your thong." Jessica giggles a bit.

Brooke reaches down and presses two fingers against her covered pussy. Parker sees this and moves hand a bit along his cock. Brooke lets out a soft sigh. Brooke then grabs her phone and texts back to Jessica.

"I dare you to touch Parker's balls." Brooke texts quickly.

Jessica sits there and thinks for a minute. She then lets out a cough that sounded real. This cough sends her leaning forward, her hand moves to the side a bit brushing against Parker's balls. Parker jumps a bit from the touch.

"I dare you to take your bra off and keep it off." Jessica texts.

Brooke glares at Jessica for a second. She leans back pretending to scratch her back. She unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the floor of the van like it was nothing. Brooke smirks over at Jessica as Parker looks over biting his lip.

"I dare you to go completly naked" Brooke texts.

"Your too easy." Jessica responds before taking off her bra and thong.

Brooke quickly removes her thong before Jessica can have a chance to dare her. Parker lets out a short whimper as he looks at both his sisters naked. Jessica giggles a bit knowing what they are doing. She smiles as she sends out a text to Brooke.

"I dare you to, touch Parker's cock." Jessica texts.

Brooke stretches out a bit, her hand comes down and rubs along Parker's hard cock. She moves her hand slowly across it as Parker groans a bit. Brooke texts Jessica.

"He is all hard." Brooke texts quickly.

"I bet he is, that perv." Jessica responds.

"I dare you to........suck his cock." Brooke sends with a smirk.

"Fine, but as I do that I dare you to have his hand rub your pussy." Jessica texts back.

Brooke rubs her hands along her breasts. Parker looks over watching as Jessica slowly moves his hands away from his cock. While he is distracted still, Jessica leans over and slides his cock into her mouth. Parker looks down gasping as the sight and feel. He watches as Jessica starts to suck his cock.

"Oh my" Parker whispers.

Brooke takes his hand and slides it along her pussy. Brooke lets out a short soft gasp as she makes Parker run his fingers along her pussy lips and clit. Brooke lets out a soft moan as does Parker. Jessica keeps sucking his cock a bit faster now, looking up at Brooke making Parker rub her pussy.

"Oh yea, right there Parker." Brooke moans softly.

Parker on his own starts to rub Brooke's clit and pussy hard and fast. Brooke bites her lip as she reaches over rubbing and squeezing Parker's balls. Parker leans over almost instantly and starts to suck on Brooke's nipples. Parker soon bites lightly on Brooke's nipple as he starts to cum down Jessica's throat. Brooke holds Parkers against her biting her lip as she cums also.

"Oh my, that was fun." Parker pants sitting up.

"I dare you to let Parker lick your pussy." Brooke texts Jessica after Jessica sits up.

"Oh, and I dare you to lick my pussy also." Jessica responds.

Brooke gets down on the floor in front of Jessica spreading her legs. She looks up at Parker. She gives him a quick wink.

"Come down here and lick your sister's pussy." Brooke says to him.

Parker just nods and slides down next to Brooke. The are now between Jessica's legs. They slides their heads down and start to lick her pussy. Jessica bites her lip and squeezes her breasts tight bucking her hips against their tongues. Jessica soon starts to cum. Brooke sucks it all up.

Parker moves back up to sit back on the seat. His cock has hardened back up again. Brooke looks at the cock, and then looks at her panting sister. She pulls Jessica down so she can whiser.

"I dare you, to have Parker fuck your asshole." Brooke whispers.

Jessica bites her lip. Brooke grabs Parker by the hips and moves him to lean over some. Parker watches as Jessica takes his cock and pushes it against her tight asshole. Both of them groan softly. Parker pushes in some more, he manages to get about 3 inches in. Brooke pushes down on Jessica's hips and force it almost all the way in.

"Ohhhh he is so big." Jessica whispers.

Brooke helps Parker move his hips to get him started. Brooke stays on the floor and watches giggling a bit. Jessica grunts a bit with each thrust into her.

"I dare you to lick his balls." Jessica grunts out softly.

Brooke moves between Parker's legs. She leans in and starts to lick his balls. Parker starts to pump his cock a bit faster into Jessica's asshole. Brooke feels his balls contract as he unleashes a big load of cum into Jessica's ass.

"Ohhh its so much." Jessica says trying to pull away.

"Umm, I'm stuck in you." Parker says trying to pull out also.

Brooke tries and pulls Parker's cock out, but it won't budge. Brooke giggles a bit. Jessica growls at her.

"Hey kids we are going to stop at the next rest stop here in about 75 miles." Allen says.

All three of them in the back all get wide eyed. Parker keeps trying to pull out, but ends up him getting hard again and he starts to fuck Jessica's asshole again. Brooke for a minute watches, before Jessica pulls her up to her.

"I dare you to grind your pussy on mine." Jessica growls.

"But its my turn." Brooke starts to complain.

Jessica grabs Brooke's leg and pulls her against her body so their pussys touch and grind. Both girls start to make out as they grind pussys and Parker fucks Jessica's asshole. Soon all three start to cum at the same time. Parker is able to pull his cock out of Jessica's asshole now.

"Hurry get dressed." Brooke whispers inbetween pants.

They all get dressed, and just in time, as their dad was pulling into the rest stop. They get out to stretch their legs and Jessica and Brooke go to the bathroom.

"Brooke, I have cum leaking out my asshole." Jessica whispers when they get in the bathroom.

Brooke just giggles swaying her hips a bit. Jessica growls at her. Brooke washes her hands and face a bit.

"Oh and Jessica." Brooke says with a smile, "I dare you to lick my pussy when we get back in the van."

"Fine, I dare you to jerk Parker off till he cums and you swallow it all." Jessica responds giving her sister a wedgie.

The two go back to the van after everyone is waiting for them. Once they start going again, Brooke is now in the middle and takes off her shorts and thong. Jessica slides down between her sister's legs and starts to lick her pussy. Brooke pulls Parker's shorts down and starts to stroke his cock.

"This again?" Parker asks.

Brooke winks as she keeps stroking his cock. Soon she leans over and starts to suck his cock. He then shoots his load down her throat. She cums on Jessica's face soon after that. Both girls look at Parker's rock hard cock a few minutes later.

"That thing is big Parker." Jessica says softly.

Both girls move over and start to lick, rub and suck on his cock. Parker lets out a soft moan before he lets out another large load of cum on his sisters' faces. They lick it all off each other.

They return to their seats now fully dressed. They arrive at a nice hotel. They get a suite room, where the kids get their own room and their parents get theirs. Their dad went to go check out all the surrounding area, while the others stayed behind.

"Parker can you come here please?" their mom asks.

Parker goes over to his mom, who closes the door partially. The girls go over to hear and see what is going on. They are shocked at what they see. Parker and their mom are making out. Marion strips naked, her massive 40EE breasts flop out of her tank top. Parker starts to suck on them.

"Mom's tits are huge." Jessica whispers.

"Forget that, what about those two fucking?" Brooke whispers back.

They watch as Parker removes his clothes then buries his cock into Marion's pussy. He starts fucking her good and hard like he knew what he was doing. Both girls gasp a bit as they watch their mom orgasm.

"That lil shit knows what he is doing huh?" Brooke whispers.

"Duh" Jessica rolls her eyes.

They then watch as Parker appears to have cum inside their mom's pussy. Parker gets up and gets dressed. The girls retreat to their room and wait for him. They see their mom walk over to the jaccuzi tub and slip in naked, after it has been filling up and getting all bubbly. Brooke smirks grabbing her black tank top from her bag.

"What are you doing?" Jessica asks.

"Watch." Brooke says grabbing another tank top.

She Jessica follows her and watches as she blindfolds Parker with one tank top. She walks over behind her mom and blindfolds her and in her best Parker impression.

"Just wait right there." Brooke then walks back to Jessica.

Brooke strips naked kissing Jessica. Brooke then walks back over to the jaccuzi and slides in. Jessica steps closer and watches as Brooke goes under water and appears to be eating out their mom. Marion starts to moan bucking her hips.

"Oh fuck, I wish I had Jessica's pussy on my face." she moans.

Jessica smirks and strips. She then gets up and straddles her mom's face. Marion starts to lick the pussy she smells in front of her. Jessica keeps grinding on her mom's face.

"Yea lick your daughter's pussy, your other daughter is eating you out!" She growls.

Marion moans loudly loving every bit of it. Soon, Marion and Jessica both cum. Marion removes the blind fold pulling Jessica down and pulling Brooke up kissing them.

"You naughty sluts, first your brother then your mom." She moans, "I love it, your father is an idiot and ignoring my needs. I've been fucking Parker for 2 years now."

Parker comes walking in, naked and without the blindfold on. He smiles and gets in the tub with his mom and sisters. They kiss him before all three start to stroke his cock in some form. Then Brooke slides down on his cock so it enters her pussy, Jessica straddles his face.

"Ohhh fuck, look at my kids fucking." Marion moans fingering herself.

They keep it up, until they all cum at the same time. Parker pushes his sisters away from him. He sits there in the tub panting.

"I don't think I can go anymore for a bit." he pants.

"You will, you have to cum inside me!" Jessica moans planting her pussy on his cock.

Parker lifts her up on the side of the tub and starts to pound her pussy hard. Marion straddles her face. Jessica starts to lick the very hole that gave birth to her. Brooke grinds her pussy on Parker's ass. Soon they all cum again, Parker filling Jessica's baby factory with hot cum.

"This is going to be a great ride home." Marion moans.
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