Family Vacation Part 2
Marion cuddles Parker against her. Parker rests his head on her breast kissing it softly. Brooke and Jessica are cuddled up on the other side of Marion. Brooke reaches over and starts to stroke Parker's cock, but Marion swats her hand away.

"Leave my baby alone you sluts," Marion says stroking Parker's head.

Brooke and Jessica turn to each other and start to make out. They stop suddenly when the door to their room opens, and their dad comes in. Marion smiles glad that all the bubbles have them all covered up. Allen walks in with a bit of a smirk on his face.

"Kids, can you go out to the pool and play and let mom and I be alone?" Allen asks, walking to the bedroom and winks at Marion.

"Go on kids, go put your suits on," Marion says.

The kids all get out of the jaccuzzi and go to their room to dry off and get dressed. The two girls come out in their skimpy bikinis and Parker comes out in his swim shorts that cut off mid thigh.

"We will be at the pool," Jessica says before they head out.

"Do you think they are going to have sex?" Brooke asks.

"No shit sherlock," Jessica says rolling her eyes as they arrive at the large outdoor pool area.

The girls push Parker into the pool and jump in after him laughing. A 16 year old girl sitting by the pool gets splashed by them looks at them. She moves her now wet red hair off her face staring at the three. Jessica giggles a bit.

"Sorry about that," Jessica says to her.

"It is alright, is that your brother?" the girl asks looking at Parker.

"Why do we look alike?" Brooke asks pressing her face against Parker's.

"My name is Becca," she says sliding into the pool and swimming up to them.

"I am Jessica, and this is Brooke and Parker," Jessica says as Becca swims up real close to her.

Becca leans in and kisses Jessica on the lips softly. Brooke giggles as Parker is not paying attention as he swims on the other side of the pool. Becca and Jessica continue to make out. Becca then moves out and starts to make out with Brooke. Jessica leans her head down and starts to kiss Becca's neck softly.

"Why don't we take this to my private cabana my parents rented," Becca winks.

The two sisters followed Becca out of the pool and off a bit to a cabana. Once inside, Becca closes the curtain. She turns around and sees, the two sisters already naked laying on the small sofa. Becca licks her lips and removes her top, her 30A breasts greating Brooke and Jessica. Becca then removes her shorts and the two teens gasp at what they see.

"Oh my god, is that real?" Jessica gasps.

"It is," Becca says.

Standing up between Becca's legs is a rock hard, throbbing 8 inch cock. Becca stands there stroking it a bit before walking over to the girls. The two girls move up and lean over and start licking and stroking it. Becca starts to moan.

"Ohhh, your mouths, so experienced," Becca moans twisting her nipples.

Soon Becca groans as she cums all over Brooke and Jessica's faces. The sisters pull Becca down on the couch stroking her cock hard again. Jessica then slides over and slides down on the cock and starts to ride Becca.

"Oh fuck, it is like Parker's!" Jessica moans.

"Oh so fucking hot, your pussy is burning up on me," Becca moans.

Becca reaches up and grabs Jessica's breasts moaning a bit loudly. Soon Jessica starts to cum, and Becca unleashes a massive load of cum into Jessica's body. Becca lays their panting, she looks over at Brooke, but all she sees, is Brooke's ass and pussy pointing at her.

"Come on fuck me, Becca!" Brooke says shaking her ass.

Becca groans a bit looking down seeing Jessica lick her cock hard again. Jessica spread's Brooke's cheeks apart and starts licking her asshole. Becca gets up on her knees and slides her cock into Brooke's pussy.

"Mmmm you are right, just like Parker's" Brooke moans.

Becca starts to pound Brooke's pussy pulling her back by her hair. Jessica plays with Brooke and Becca's breasts. Becca starts moaning and panting as her pace quickens.

"Oh shit, shit, ohhhh fuck these pussys are so hot," Becca pants as she feels herself getting close.

Becca leans forward squeezing Brooke's tits hard as she fills Brooke's pussy with her hot creamy cum. The three of them cuddle on the sofa panting hard and making out. Jessica and Brooke giggle a bit.

Meanwhile, while Parker is swimming around he catches the eye of a 14 year old girl with red hair. She just smiles at him as he swims around. A bit later he gets up and goes to the restroom, that was connected to the showers. Just as he is coming out, the girl is going into the showers.

"Hey there," the girl says winking at him again.

"Hello, what is your name?" Parker asks.

"My name is Lilly, nice to meet you" the girl says, "What is your name?"

"Parker," he says with a smile.

Lilly looks around real quick, before pulling Parker into the showers with her. Before Parker can say anything, Lilly starts to make out with him. Lilly then gets down on her knees and yanks his shorts down, his hard cock flings out to greet her.

"My, my what a cock," A voice says from the entrance to the shower stall.

"Mom! Why do you always interupt me?" Lilly whines looking at the woman standing at the door.

The woman with red hair and massive 40EE breasts closes the door and walks up to the two. The lady removes her skimpy bikini. She looks over at her daughter.

"Lilly are you going to introduce me?"

"Sorry, Parker this is my mom, Wendy." Lilly says removing her bikini and her small 20A breasts greet Parker.

Wendy walks up to Parker and pulls him against her breasts. He starts to lick and suck on them. Wendy holds him against her breasts jiggling them hard in his face as he attacks them. After a few minutes, she pushes him away and she lays down on the small bench legs spread showing her very hair pussy.

"Come on Parker, fuck this hot momma hard," She demands.

"Mom, I was going to fuck him," Lilly pouts.

"You sit next to momma and rub her breasts, you lil slut," Wendy growls, "You are just like your sister, always horny."

Parker steps between Wendy's legs and slides his cock into her pussy. He starts to fuck her as Lilly rubs her mom's large breasts. Wendy starts to moan gripping the edge of the bench.

"Oh fuck yes, Parker, you like my big milky tits don't you?" Wendy moans.

"Yes," Parker moans watching her breasts bounce.

Wendy pulls Lilly down, and makes Lilly suck on her nipples. Parker watches as it appears, Lilly is sucking milk from Wendy's breasts. Parker soon starts to cum inside Wendy, just as she starts to cum as well.

"Ohhh fuck yes, Parker." Wendy coos pushing Lilly off her breast, "Enough milk for you right now. You want his cock so bad, you are going to get it. "

Wendy switches places with Parker. Wendy takes Lilly with Lilly's back to Parker. Wendy slides her daughter down on Parker's hard cock. Parker groans a bit at the tightness of Lilly's pussy.

"Ride him, slut," Wendy growls.

"Gladly," Lilly winks as she starts to ride Parker.

Parker moans a bit loudly. Wendy moves over and starts to make out with him. Both, Lilly and Parker are getting close to cumming, Wendy holds Lilly down on his cock and kisses her hard. Both start to cum, Parker filling Lilly's young teen body up with his huge load making her body bulge a bit.

After that was done, Parker walks slowly out of the shower. He sees his sisters walk slowly out of a cabana. They meet up in the middle and look at each other all sweaty and worn out. They all giggle and cuddle up on a lounge chair together to soak in the sun to relax.

"Some vacation this is," Parker says softly.
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