Family strip poker 4 first half
My name is Amanda, I'm currently 46 and believe it or not, I married my brother Brian and have kids with him. Our baby boy we named John after our dad that passed away was not planned, but nevertheless, we had a very supportive mom and she helped us out right and left. 1 year after John was born, we had another baby, it was a girl we couldn't resist but to name her Angelina after our mom who is still alive and kicking. We lived with our mom for about 5 years after Angelina was born, why we didn't leave for so long was a mix between money and our mom not wanting us to leave. Anyway, now John is 18 and Angelina is 17 while I'm 46 and Brian is 42 and we talked for quite awhile about telling our kids that we were brother and sister and they were incestuous kids. We never told them, because we weren't sure how they would react. I still can't thank Brian enough, he suggested we play strip poker, if he didn't, we probably wouldn't be married, we wouldn't be in love, wouldn't have 2 wonderful kids, and we wouldn't have this story either. Anyway, one Saturday afternoon we decided to tell them the big news. They both thought we were about to tell them we had cancer from the looks on their faces.

"What's going on?" John asked.

"Yeah, you look like you are about to tell you are going to war with someone," Angelina added.

"Well, your dad and I have something to tell you, and it's just been on our minds for some time, we haven't been too sure if we should tell you or not," I said.

"OK, what is it?" John asked.

"First, we want you to know we love you both more than anything and this changes nothing, we mean nothing at all, we don't you too feel different about us our yourselves," Brian replied.

"OK I got $10 at the war theory," Angelina said.

"I'll take that bet," John replied.

"Smart asses," Brian said.

"Well, tell us already," Angelina replied.

We both took in deep breaths.

"Well, you are both... incest kids," I said.

"What?" They both asked.

"Your mother and I are brother and sister," Brian replied.

They were both very surprised, but that was too be expected though.

"Do you want to know how it happened?" I asked.

"We guess, but shit," Angelina replied.

"We know, we know, trust us," Brian said.

Everyone just stayed silent for a few minutes, by the looks on their faces, it looked like they preferred the war theory.

"Well, obviously over 18 years ago, we played strip poker with your grandma Angelina and-" I said.

"You what?" They both asked.

"We always did something together every Saturday, no excuses, and I suggested strip poker. Really to make a long story short, we played, we liked what we saw on each other and we all had sex," Brain replied.

"You had sex with grandma?" Angelina asked.

"Yes," I replied looking at the ground.

"We played every Saturday and then your mother and I started doing it without playing the game first and eventually we just fell in love, but not before I got her pregnant," Brian said.

They were both speechless, they didn't know
what to say to that.

"So you two 'married each other' because of me?" John asked using air quotes.

"No, I think we knew, but it was more than obvious when he proposed to me. We hadn't been sleeping together and then it happened. You should have seen me that day, I was not happy with him, let's just say there was a big scene. That was the same day i found out I was pregnant and we truly knew we loved each other. So then we kept playing whenever we could, and then a few months after John was born we got the news, I was pregnant again with my girl," I replied.

They were as stunned as they could be, they more than speechless, motionless too. We looked at them and we looked back at them, it was like that for about 5 minutes straight.

"So is there anything you wanna ask us?" I asked.

"So you don't regret getting pregnant, either time?" Angelina asked.

"Hell no, we love you more than anything else in the world, you were just unplanned, that's all," Brian replied.

"OK, so family strip poker?" Angelina asked.

"Yes," We both replied.

"Was that the first time you saw each other naked?" John asked.

"No," I replied looking at Brian.

"You mean grandma kept this a secret too?" Angelina asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Your say so, or her's?" John asked.

"Both," Brian replied.

They both leaned back on the couch and were silent once again. We weren't too sure what was going through their heads. We just let them process the huge bombshells that literally right in front of them their whole lives.

"So, who won the first game?" John asked.

"That would be me," Brian replied in a cocky tone.

"And he will never let me forget it," I added.

"Well, how long has it been since you last played?" John asked.

"With your grandma, like 10 years ago, with each other, last night," I replied.

They both nodded in what seemed like approval.

"Well, when are you playing next?" Angelina asked.

Brian and I looked at each other for a minute with confused faces.

"Why do you ask?" Brian asked.

"Well, could we play with you sometime?" Angelina asked.

Well, we certainly weren't expecting that, but it's not like we were gonna say no to that.

"You really want to?" I asked.

"Yes, do you mind if we invade your game?" Angelina asked.

"No, not at all," Brian replied.

So, just like that, we were about to play another game of family strip poker with our kids. It was nerve racking still even though it was something we liked. Anyway, we went to our dining room table with a deck of cards, we explained to them the way we played and we started. Brian dealt the cards as he always did and it was time to play our first hand ever with our kids. I ended up with 2 queens, a 6 and 2 7s, and then we placed our bets and very much too my surprise, they both got up, and stripped off their shorts and underwear, both just putting their underwear and shorts in the pot, already there was nudity, we both just bet our shirts.

"So, you two aren't too shy," Brian said.

"We guess not," Angelina replied.

We played our hand and Brian actually won with 2 pairs of kings and aces.

"Damn," Angelina said.

Then he dealt the cards again and Angelina actually took off her shirt and bra just leaving her in a hat she wore, wow, that really took me back to seeing my mom up close and personal, and she was had nice tits for being 17. Too zero surprise to Brian and I, we saw John checking her boobs out.

"Wow sis, you are one sexy young woman," John said.

"Thank you John," Angelina replied smiling and giggling a little bit.

It's not like we could say, 'Hey, stop checking out your sister.' or anything like that. We played a few more hands and as usual Brian had all the right cards and all three of us were mostly nude, including me showing off my tits.

"So, you always just ended up having sex after the game every time you played?" John asked.

"Yes," Brian replied.

"With grandma?" Angelina asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Already than," they both said.

"Are you OK with that?" I asked.

"Just weird, that's all," John replied.

Then Angelina dropped her hat, she was wearing on the floor. She bent down to pick it up and we all knew she was going for a peak at what John had to offer down there. As she brought her head back up, she smiled.

"So you liked what you saw?" I asked.

She just grinned, and we resumed playing, and before long, to no surprise, Brian was declared the winner while everyone else was naked. As Brian was show boating, John and Angelina were just checking each other out a bit more. They slowly were getting closer to each other until they were about a foot away. They were both grinning a bit, and as they were about 6 inches away from each other, they kissed each other. It was a long kiss too, they smashed their old record of 5 seconds, this one was about a minute.

"What was that for bro, you wanna do it with me?" Angelina asked.

"Maybe," John replied.

"How about another kiss for now?" Angelina asked.

Then they kissed again right in front of us, just like we did so many years in front of our mom. At this point they were still in separate chairs, but then he pulled her to his chair and she sat on his lap with her boobs pressing up against his chest. They kissed some more and they both wrapped their arms around each other. I gotta say it was different with the show being on the other foot, to see our kids making out as they were completely naked was something we truly didn't imagine happening, but yet it was happening right in front of us. Well, with us I grabbed Brain's cock and stroked it a bit and then he asked if he could kiss me, but they were up close and personal as the made out. We watched for another 5 minutes, then we started making out too, we got our chairs right next to each other and we made out very passionately. Eventually they took their lips off each other and looked at us.

"I guess we aren't the only brother and sister that likes to kiss each other bro," Angelina said.

"What do you say we move onto the couch sis?" John asked.

"You really want to John, I mean you aren't just horny?" Angelina asked.

"I think both, but more love than lust though," John replied.

"Well let's go then," Angelina said.

They both got up, but I stopped them.

"Hold it," I said as I reached into my purse.

I got out my supply of birth control and took one pill out. I took that pill and threw the rest to Angelina, I knew where this was going, and I just wanted them to be safe, for now.

"We just want you to be safe, now go ahead, we don't mind," I said.

"Thanks," Angelina replied just before she took a pill too.

Then Angelina took one of his hands and brought him to the couch. We wanted to fuck each others brains out at the table, but we couldn't help but watch them and see if it actually went where we thought it was gonna go. She laid down first and he got right on top of her. They started to make out a bit, we got a perfect view so we could watch them. They both had their eyes closed and wrapped their arms around each other quite a bit. It was just like us, only sexier it seemed.

"Can I stick it in now sis?" John asked.

"Yes," Angelina replied.

They kissed again and he very slowly stuck his cock in her pussy and it was official, they were having sex. He seemed to be quite nervous, it wasn't like this was just some other girl, this one he was on top of was quite important. He slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, and we heard her take in a deep breath.

"Kiss me big brother, I want your lips on mine," Angelina whispered.

They began making out once again and then I got up and set my hand out for Brian to take. He was the only one that wasn't naked, and that just wasn't right, he completely threw off the naked people to clothed people ratio, so he got up and stood right in front of me as I was naked making his cock as hard as a diamond.

"Are kids are making love little brother," I said.

"I can see that, you wanna get an even closer look?" Brian asked.

"Well, first we need to get you out these damn clothes you lucky son of a bitch," I replied.

"Hey, mom wasn't a bitch," Brian said.

"Smart ass," I replied just before I kissed him.

Even after so many years of an incestuous marriage, we fucked liked we were still in college. I undid his pants and they fell to the floor and of course his hard cock standing out, you'd have to be blind not to notice. I took off his shirt and then I took his hand. I brought him to the other couch and laid down first. He preceded to get on top of me and he inserted his cock into me nicely. Our kids couldn't help but notice that they weren't the only incestuous couple naked doing the nasty, or in our case, doing the beautiful.

"Oh, look sis, mom and dad know how to make each other feel good too," John said.
"Hey, down here, you are making love to me, I'm your eye candy, i have your attention, not mom and dad, got it?" I asked.

"Wow, bossy already," Brian said.

"I got it sis," John replied.

We weren't sure what that was about honestly, but we just let it go. Anyway, Brian began thrusting his huge cock in and out a little faster, his cock had certainly grown over the years, and the years were good to him, not as good to me, I don't think, but nevertheless, his cock still got very hard as i was naked right in front of him.

"Just like the old days making love on the couch, except I had a nicer body," I said.

"Hey, can that talk, you are stunning still sis, you are a perfect 10, no bullshit," Brian replied.

I just had to hug him a bit and he gave me a big kiss. Then he began pounding me as hard as he could on the couch. I couldn't help but moan a bit.

"Oh fuck yes, that's right little brother," I said as I moaned.

We were both getting sweaty and worked up as we always did, it was an added bonus that we had another incestuous couple making love in there, but they didn't seem to like it hardcore as much as we did, they were still in missionary position while decided to show them that his cock wasn't just good in my pussy. He got off me and stood up in front of me with his cock hanging out at an impressive 9 inches. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it as passionately as I could right away. I wanted him to feel good, really good, so good that he'd shoot his load way across the room. They'd see even after all these years that were still very much in and still very sexually attracted to each other. Even though I didn't think I was as hot, he still proved his attraction to me.
"Holy shit sis, you still really got it, I love you so much," Brian said.

"I love you too, and I love pleasing you," I replied.

Of course then they both checked us out and saw how much of their father's cock I could actually take, I had at least 7 inches in my mouth, I didn't always try to deep throat him, because first it was a little uncomfortable and he was always more than satisfied with 7 inches, instead of the whole 9. He put his hands on my head and I got a little sloppy. In the corner of my eye I saw Angelina looking right at me, I guess wondering just how I did it, how did I get his big and thick cock in my mouth like that? Well, I know she wouldn't wanna hear, but simply practice makes perfect. I knew her and she would wanna make him cum a river right away, she was stubborn. Anyway, I looked up at Brian and he had his head back, that was a definite sign that he was having a lot of trouble holding back his load, my river was coming soon, whether it gonna end up in my mouth, in my pussy, on the floor, or anywhere else, it was gonna be magical. I wasn't quite done sucking on his cock yet, I wanted to suck on it more, but then he brought me up with him for a minute.

"Look, John is getting his first blow job from his sister," Brian said.

I looked at them and saw it for myself, I didn't even notice honestly. She was obviously very nervous was going very slowly and not putting a lot of passion in it, but as I thought John didn't care, he was just stoked to have cock in his sister's mouth. They were both sweating up a storm too, but I think most of that was because their nerves were just shot. We just stayed in each others arms for a few minutes and watched Angelina suck on John's cock. John put his hands on her head and had take just a little more of his cock, his cock was about 7 to 8 inches long, not that I ever got to use a tape measure to measure it myself. After a couple more minutes, she had enough, she obviously couldn't take it anymore, and like I said, practice makes perfect.

"Did I at least make your cock feel good big brother?" Angelina asked.

"Of course you did, it was short and sweet," John replied.

"Maybe I'll do better next time," Angelina said.

"You wanna sex again sis?" John asked.
Angelina came up to him, kissed him and grabbed onto his cock to stroke it ever so slowly.

"Yes, I wanna do it over and over again, with you, don't you wanna keep having sex with me, just like mom and dad did? Don't you wanna get me pregnant someday? Have a boy and a girl so they can be incestuous too and have incestuous kids?" Angelina asked.

Yeah, that wasn't moving fast, they just found out that we were incestuous 2 hours ago and now she wants all that with him?
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