Fantasizing on a long trip
I recently travelled to London. In business class. I was in a good mood, looking for a few relaxing hours away from the office, unreachable. I smiled as I sat down next to a pretty blonde, early 40s, my age. She was shorter than I usually care for, but her curves were in all the right places. I had noticed her boarding and also noticed her thong under her white flowing pants. We chatted briefly. Her name, appropriately, was Sky.

Well, I am usually not the talkative type on airplanes and I settled into my flight routine, looking forward to fantasizing about her during the flight, getting a nice hard-on while half asleep during the overnight-flight.

I watched my movie, ate my dinner, drank my wine, settled down to sleep as they turn off the overhead light. Sure enough, as I was dozing off, I could feel my cock all hard. Thinking of her. I smile.

I have no idea how much time had passed, when I woke to a still hard erection. But something was different about it. It felt as if it was moving, pulsing. Looking up, I see Sky's hand under my blanket, stroking my bulge. I look at her, she smiles. I reach over, under her blanket and slip my hand in her trousers, under her black thong, feeling my way to her, cleanly shaved, moist pussy. I press my finger against her slit and see her arch her back. Discretely, no noise.

I press on her clit, let go, press, let go, I circle it, I feel her wetness spread, feel her juices soak her pants. My finger moves forward to find her entry, find her cave, that I am now fantasizing about licking, twisting my tongue in it. I rub her and slide my fingers inside her, I play her like a violin. I can tell she wants it. I want her to burn up in desire, I want her to shiver under my hand, I want her to shudder with pleasure. I work her, thinking of her beautiful tits, that I would like to kiss, lick, caress, bite and be swallowed by. They are round, firm and I want them.

I fantasize us in a hotel room, my going down on her, having full access to all her body, spoiling her, while she pulls on my cock until I can not stand it anymore.

She came with a small sigh. She kept her hand on my cock. I drifted back to sleep. Fantasizing about Sky.

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