Fantasizing with a Friend - Part II
I couldn't stop thinking about my experience with Joe and the fantasy that I had told him. One evening, Barb was in bed with the computer looking at e-mail. An instant message popped up on the screen - it was Joe. "Hey, who is on tonight?" he asked. Barb typed in response "It's your favorite gal sexy". With this, I knew this was going to be good.

Barb then asked what Joe was wearing, and they exchanged descriptions. Barb then asked Joe "Tell me one of your fantasies". Joe then started describing his fantasy to Barb, "My fantasy is that I fuck you from behind while your husband eats your pussy". "Mmmmmm", Barb purred. I moved my hand over her thigh down between her legs. She instantly reacted to the movement of my hand and spread her legs. I brushed my fingertips down the front of her white cotton panties until I reached the wet spot on her panties. I started rubbing her pussy and clit through her panties. She moaned and she typed. I glanced up to see what they were chatting about. The conversation was dirty, and I loved it! Barb was asking Joe to suck is cock while I watch.

My cock was hard and throbbing. I thrusted two fingers under Barb's panties and into her wet, swollen pussy. She was drenched in her own juices...the sheets were even wet. I was so turned on to see that Joe was turning her on. I continued to finger fuck her for a few minutes while she continued to chat. Finally she typed to Joe "We'll get together soon to play, gotta go, I need to cum".

With that, she set the laptop aside and demanded I fuck her with her favorite dildo. I commenced fucking her with her toy when she grabbed it away from me and said "I want your cock in my mouth now!" With that, I got up to the side of the bed. First, I rubbed my head on her hard nipple, moving my shaft up to her chin and finally in her wanting mouth. She had worked herself up into a real frenzy with the dildo. I slid my cock deep into her mouth, down her throat. I did this several times, until she let up a shriek. She reached her climax and was cumming. The look on her face of pure ecstasy set me over the edge and I began to let go. I plunged my cock one last time in her mouth and began to cum. "Ahhhhggg" I moaned. Barb swallowed one mouthful of my cum, and then another. I couldn't believe how much I came. I withdrew my cock and Kissed Barb. I could taste my cum on her was amazing. I then asked her "Did you mean what you said to Joe?" "Well", Barb replied, "I'm ok with it as long as you are ok with it". I told her I wanted bring the fantasy true and get a time up with Joe. She agreed and we set up a time soon after....

Part III coming soon....
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