Fantasy Fullfilled
I was delighted when the older couple next door sold their home to a young couple. Sarah and Tim were friendly and outgoing. It was nice to have them around. In the spring, the first thing they did was install a swimming pool, complete with a hot tub. As summer arrived I noticed activity by the pool as I was upstairs cleaning and looked down. Sarah was dragging a lounge chair over near the pool. I sat down in a chair, lit a smoke and pick up my glass of wine that I had carried to the room to relieve cleaning boredom. She was absolutely lovely in a red bikini, that I would never wear outside. It did show a little of her cheeks and her ample breasts were hard to hide in anything she wore. I watched her for maybe an hour, applying lotion and just moving. She did untie the bikini top while she was on her tummy. I guess she had a lot of backless outfits. As I sat there, it dawned on me I was watching a woman that made me uncomfortable because I never had any desire for a woman before.

I later prepared my little hide away for the next sunning, but unfortunately it rained. The next day was perfect, so about the same time I sat in my chair with my smoke and wine and waited. My guess was right and about the same time Sarah came out in a flesh colored bikini that made my heart jump and well as a little surge between my legs. I could not believe it. There was hardly anything being covered. Her behind was total visible with just a strip of cloth down her crack. The front was so tiny part of her mound was showing. The top only covered her nipples. I was mesmerized. The more I watched her the more excited I got, and that had never happened to me before. She did all the things she had done the day before, including the pulling the string to let the top drop to the lounge. But when she put lotion on her front, she sat up with no cover and her beautiful breasts were in complete view. I knew I had to see her closer that from an upstairs window.

I went to the kitchen and took my half full trash bag and stuffed it with newspapers, and went outside to put the trash in the bin. She saw me and gave a cheery, "Good morning!" I returned the gteeting trying to keep from staring. I said, "Great morning to let the sun make you all tanned." I thought that was the dumbest thing I had ever said. She followed with, "When you time, you should come over for a swim." I immediately replied, "Oh, my bathing suit is still packed away, but I appreciate the offer."

"Carol, you don't need a suit. Nobody is going to see you this time a day. Besides only your house has a view of the pool area. Come on live a little, it is OK."

"Well, if you wouldn't mind, but let me run inside and get ready."

Sarah just nodded an ‘of course', and I went inside to remove my clothes, looking in the mirror for my own approval. I did find my old beach coat, which was sheer but made me feel covered for the trek back to Sarah. I could not tell if she was watching me return, but it certainly was exciting for me. She just said, "Have a good swim." I went to the pool steps and took off the coat. I turned to see if I could tell she was watching me, and I was sure she was. I liked that. I waded into the water and it did feel refreshing. After a few laps, I walked up the steps and started to put on the beach coat. Sarah said, "Oh leave that off. Enjoy the sun." Surprisingly, I was not uncomfortable talking to her like this. Her top was still sitting on the lounge and the bottom had made its way into every crevasse between her legs.

After an hour of talking about everything and nothing she asked me if Jim and I ever swapped. I told her we had only talked about it but never did anything thing about it. She then asked me, "Carol are you bisexual?" I was unconsciously biting my lower lip when she continued with, "That is OK we all have fantasized about it." I just blurted out, "You make me wet!" She smiled. I continued with my confession, "I never felt this way for any woman, Sarah!" She looked at me and said, "I saw you looking at me from that upstairs window. Why do you think I wore this flesh colored thing today."

She took me by the hand and said, "Come on." She led me to the downstairs door and we went inside. When she started kissing me, I was taken back. The more she did the more I liked it and responded back. I could feel her breasts against mine and I felt woozy. She finally said, "Time for bed."

We went upstairs and went to their bedroom. I was laying on my back with my legs wide open, as Sarah used her tongue on me to get me to have an orgasm. She rolled over and I was inexperienced but did get her to have a good one. She just said to me, "I hope you enjoyed your swim!" I laughed and cuddled into her. I never swam nude again, but we always wound up in her bed after we sunned ourselves. I guess you could say a fantasy fulfilled....
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