Fantasy Taken Seriously-Revisited
Judy's moving to fast for the usual way I like to build a relationship. But then, she has a sexual spirit I'm madly in love with.

I've spent years working on my sexual inadequacies starting with premature ejaculation.

I found out that rather than fall victim to these inadequacies why not transform them into an ability to sustain sexual pleasure indefinitely.

Judy wants to hear why I have this reputation at the swing club for insatiable sexual desire. She also wants to know how I've acquired such a massive length and thickness to my cock.

It takes more than awareness of a problem. It takes effort and consistency to admit there is a problem then set out to correct or enhance it.

In the correction phase of my quest for achieving the ability for prolonging sexual pleasure I'm not sure when it actually happened but I was turned on to a level of excitement where multiple orgasms were and still are the goal.

The way my body reacts to an orgasm feels as if it's a driving force for the next and the next and the next orgasm.

It's a must having a partner who craves the same level of sexual desire. Then there's the mutual admiration for reaching that satisfaction quest. This allows exploration into regions of lust never before imagined.

As I developed an insatiable craving for more and more sexual pleasure I met a girl who wouldn't have intercourse with me unless I had a twelve inch or bigger cock.

While we immensely enjoyed oral sex for hours she would never let me fuck her. One evening she allowed me to find out why.

Our oral sex sessions gave me a hint. Her pussy lips are massively huge with a clit that's longer than my cock.

She loves the way I softly suck and gently chew her pussy lips. She goes absolutely crazy when I swallow her clit and fuck it with my throat muscles.

I swirl my tongue in random directions which startles her and keeps her from guessing what's next. Her orgasms are massive explosions of cum that overwhelm my swallowing ability but I love drinking cum that flows abundantly. It's become an addiction.

Hi, I'm Judy. I just want to reinforce what Rod's saying. He has an uncanny technique for eating my pussy and sucking my clit so that I just cum unglued.

He not only swallows my clit to it's maximum depth but he swallows my enormous pussy lips the same way. I get wet just thinking about every time we cum together.

He gives me so much pleasure I literally have this roller coaster ride of orgasms that get so intense my body quivers and spasms uncontrollably.

I love sucking his cock to orgasm. He tastes so full body sweet it's a thrill to swallow every drop of his cum.

At first he was only seven inch long by about two inches thick. My pussy is an outrageous enigma. I'm so deep and wide it's frustrating to be with a guy who I can't feel once he's inside me.

Rod's been exercising his cock intensely. He uses everything from penis pump strokers to jackoff exercises combined with supplements. He's been at it for over thirty years.

His cock is now so overwhelmingly long and thick I just crave it inside me filling every crevasse to the depth of an outrageous thirteen inch deep pussy that I can fist myself into.

Rod's cock has this huge bulge behind a flared hooded crown that reaches four inches in thickness then tapers down to a solid thirteen inch long and three inch wide shaft.

I feel his cock lengthen even further when he's really getting it on. We have to take it slow at first so he can open my cervix wide enough to get that huge bulge all the way into my uterus.

After our first couple of orgasms he starts picking up the pace. My pussy lips get drawn inside my vulva and the feeling is so outrageous that I immediately climax again and again.

My clit gets drawn inside my pussy only when it is soft enough to follow his shaft. As I get erect my clit stretches out nearly to nine inches and rests along side his shaft.

As he thrusts deep my clit lifts up along the crevasse of Rod's pelvis. He likes to rest his forearm on his thigh where my clit can slide between his shaft and pelvis then upward into his belly.

I have multiple orgasms so intense I can't tell if it's from the depths of my pussy, the length of my clit or the stimulation of thrusts my pussy lips feel being drawn inward then outward.

I crave being fucked with so much intensity I become numb with just that remnant of feel that prolongs our fuck sessions for hours.

Rod's nutrition is a big part of how he can sustain sexual pleasure. He consumes massive amounts of veggies and fruit that give his cum a sweeter than sweet taste.

I can even tell when he uses mangos and tangerines together with cherries, apricots, peaches and tangerines.

Rod's cock keeps getting bigger and I keep wanting him more and more. In my case bigger is definitely better but just how much bigger is going to be a challenge even for me.

I love being fucked senselessly and Rod really gets off when I turn him loose to just annihilate my pussy.

We get so sensitive to touch that every movement of our hips stimulates more satisfaction which leads to more thrusting. This is where we slow down and enjoy deep gentle thrusts with massive amounts of cum to lubricate our outrageous penetrations.

Our bodies get hammered with prolonged thrusts that pound our pelvic bones into each other.

Once we're both numb we keep thrusting so that my pussy swells to outrageous depths and width. His cock swells right along with my pussy.

He's actually gotten so big he can't withdraw his cock back through my cervix. That huge bulge gets so enormous it's a one way road to orgasmic bliss.

His shaft elongates to where he can thrust so deep into my uterus my belly extends below my rib cage.

My belly bulge keeps getting bigger and bigger. Last night it extended so far I could wrap my hand around the head of Rod's cock and stimulate his crown which ends him into orbit.

It's Rod again. I love the way Judy craves being fucked so deep we literally exhaust ourselves with continuous thrusts that overwhelm our senses.

We've reached a point in our exploration of prolonged sex where almost every thrust feels like another orgasm.

Hey Rod, let me tell the folks about this fantastic adventure!

O K!

Rod has worked with me and I've allowed him to destroy my pussy (In a good way). We've reached this level of orgasmic adventure where every thrust feels like another orgasm. The we wait with Rod's cock locked deep inside me until he can comfortable withdraw through my cervix.

Then we slowly and gently begin thrusting. My hips pick up the rhythm of every thrust. We take it slow because of how swollen we are. It's such a tremendous feeling because Rod's cock and my pussy are at such an explosive sensitive state of expansion we feel as if we can erupt like a volcano.

It's taken quite an effort to reach this state of continuous orgasmic release but it's so worth every minute.

Now, when we're casually playing around we can't wait to fuck ourselves into an oblivious state of ecstasy. We try to take it slow but those first few orgasms are such a thrill to experience we go for it right out the gate.

Then we slow down for the real essence of sexual pleasure. Our bodies have reached such a level of heightened sexual response it's like having an orgasm that never fades away.

Thanks Rod, for sharing your years of expertise!!!

Thanks Judy, for becoming my orgasmic treasure!!!

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